The Star of Bethlehem

The so-called Star of Bethlehem cannot be a star at or could it ?  It is described that the Star of Bethlehem moved around !  Yes, it is recorded that the star would move with Mary and Joseph on their way to the stable where Jesus was born.  I have chosen the star as the emblem of my Christianity.  It is a symbol of hope and celestial truth.  It is recorded that the star stopped over the stable and shone upon the little Jesus.  It had unusual movement, it stopped when Mary and Joseph stopped and sometimes it would move at an angle, sometimes it could back up !  Stars do not move in such unusual ways.  The star of Bethlehem has always been something of a mystery, as well as a guiding light for the 3 wise men looking for a sacred birth.  What is the mystery of this situation ?

According to the ancient histories of Srimad Bhagavatam, in the beginning of this galaxy; Lord Brahma-the engineer of this galaxy(not Jehovah) needed helpers.  The Material Sky is described as situated in one-quarter of The Spiritual Sky.  In the beginning, there was a scarcity of Gods to help get things going.  There were 4 saintly boys there called The Four Kumaras, all great holy devotees of the Lord.  It is a tradition among the Demigods to recruit holy men to help them.  Jesus, who would in another birth be called Jesus, was recruited to be the King of the Demigods.  It is also traditional, that these holy men should put up an argument; this Sanat did, but eventually he reluctantly agreed.  All the important Demigods have vimanas or spaceships with warp drive (also called star ships).  Sunat Kumara was awarded his own vimana.  Just like cars and planes, vimanas have lights too.  Thus, Sunat Kumara was an important Demigod, known as The King of the Demigods, also known as The King of Heaven.  If you search, you will find that Jesus was also known as The King of Heaven in the Bible.  Just how Lord Brahma produced more offspring without any women is a mystery, for it is recorded that he was alone.  However, in the beginning were inconceivable mysteries.  But after a long time, but a short time in celestial time; Sunat Kumara was retired and a permanent Demigod installed.  The Star of Bethlehem is actually, Jesus’s own vimana with his own crew; and represents his connection with the Demigods in the beginning of our galaxy.  Thus, Jesus has a connection, not only with God, but also with the Demigods; that is why Jesus always spoke of going to heaven.  If the Romans in Jesus’s Pastime knew that Jesus was one of their Gods; they would have worshiped him and made a statue of him.  Although we do not know what conversation went on between Pilate and Jesus before his crucifixion; it is true that Pilate said “I find no fault with him.”  This could mean that Jesus did not say that their gods were false, but true !  It is also true that bona-fide holy men are usually very humble and do not require any worship for their own self, but look to the worship of God, who is more than just a creator, but also a sustainer and a mentor (or guru) like Fathers should be.  It is  apparent that Jesus, Himself is also deserving worship.  It is also stated in John 8 that Jesus does not accept worship of himself alone, but His Father must be included with him.  That is the explanation of the star.