Book: Famous Quotations & Revelations II

Famous Quotations and Revelations – Book Two

Welcome to the second book of quotations & revelations; you will find this book enriching if you use it in the most practical way. You cannot sit down and try to read it like an ordinary book; you will soon get bored, because there’s a lot of the same kind of amusements. However, if you assign yourself 5 to 10 pages of meditation a day; you will find there’s a lot of insight into what’s going on in this book. Happy Epiphanies ~~

“Merciful Heavens ! Will there be no respite. I am not a loner; I need to be thrown into the flaming crucible of people.”
Jack Lemon in Under The Yum-Yum Tree

“Just because something is writ down in some book don’t make it so. Keep your wits about you and judge things so as they make sense.”
Henry Fonda in Spenser’s Mountain

Don’t Be a Coward
Victory with Honor is one of those mottoes that you pick out of a book; but which can be something a young person can be proud of his whole life through.”
Henry Fonda in Spenser’s Mountain

The Secret Combination of Women
34-26-34 is a secret code for women ! What’s that you ask ?
That’s what you’re gawking at!” Spenser’s Mountain

“When I find a chap I admire; I want to get to know him better: Exchange points of view and have a drink, you know.” Magambo

“As an inventor, I want to follow in the footsteps of other great inventors and discoverers, like Thomas Edison, Louie Pasteur, Madame Curie and
The Wizard of Oz.” Red Skelton (The Yellow Cab Man)

“My name is Cornelius, Corny for short.” Red Skelton (Texas Carnival)

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

Awk! Awk!! Buenos Noches !!!
“You’d better get me an interpreter.” Lucille Ball
The Fuller Brush Girl – 1950 ~~~~~~~~~

Rebellious Teenagers
It’s just a phase that young people go through, they seem to want to do, exactly what we don’t want them to. Just maybe they’re trying to find their own ~ identity. Claudette Colbert in Parish

“All men and women are alike; they just operate differently.”
Lucy in Parish

“Don’t look for trouble where there is none; for if there is none – you’ll be making some. We just have to learn to trust each other.” Jimmy Stuart in Wife vs Secretary

“Most things that are done today so easily, were taught by someone else in the past –who showed us how.” Christopher Columbus

“If a man is to be hanged; why should he be civil and display good manners. Under the circumstances, he would be more of a man if he appeared to be a hard headed ram, than a bleating lamb to the slaughter.” Kirk Douglas in The Devil’s Disciple

British General Brigoin Comments on Losing The American Revolutionary War:
History, sir – as usual – will tell lies The Devil’s Disciple

“Yes, you’ve heard a lot about me in idle gossip, but you can’t prove a thing!”
Mae West in She Done Him Wrong

Clark Gable Falls for Jean Harlow
You talk too much, but (smiling) You’re a cute little trick at that.”

“I treat my perspective lovers to coffee, but not a do-nut; I want them to love me for who I am, not what I can give them” Brian Keith in With Six You Get Eggroll

“Evil is one disease that can be cured !” Battle of the Brave

“Every day is a wonderful day, if you can wake up !”
John Wayne, the senior citizen.

Tales Stranger Than Fiction :
Female fish catches human man ! Esther William (Easy To Love)

“The trouble with love is someone always gets hurt.”
Esther Williams in Easy To Love

“Marry me and I’ll build you a stairway to paradise !”
Robert Taylor in Small Town Girl

“All my life I’ve seen valor fly the false flag of decency,
I don’t trust it !” Burt Lancaster in The Crimson Pirate

Meditation in the Twilight
Every-day, dies like every person; fighting for every second.”
Cary Grant as Dr. Praetorius in People Will Talk

“There never was a more wonderful perfume than an old time grocery story; now –they smell like drug stores.”
Cary Grant in People Will Talk

“Just after moonrise, men get restless and long for women like a coyote howls. I call my cayote: moon doggie. Sandra Dee as Gidget in Gidget (The Movie).

A Young Girl’s Big Romance
Moon doggie is romantic, but the great Kahuna is a hero. How can a girl decide ? Sandra Dee as Gidget in Gidget (The Movie)

“I am the biggest fraud in the Islamic World ! I am Sinbad.”
Sinbad The Sailor

“Always trust in Allah, but don’t forget to tie up your camel.”
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

Clark Gable’s Escort for Halloween
I’m looking for a gal with green hair and purple eyes !
Adventure, The Movie

The original bowie knife was made for Jim Bowie by a nationally famous blacksmith, who made this unique knife with the help of a meteorite steel from another world. He called it his Iron Mistress. (The Iron Mistress)

Humphrey Bogart Addresses His Wife, both On Screen and Off
Yea, I know a lot about you, Slim (Bogart’s pet name for his wife).
To Have and To Have Not

“What kind of a brother are you when you are a God-Brother ? You are a brother from another mother.” (who we have adopted as a Universal Spiritual Mother) Fireproof
“In Trin-i-dad, In Trinidad; the women are good, but the liquor is bad.”
Song of the Caribbean, from Romance on the High Seas

The American Plan to Get Rich
Get rich with the winners, not the losers. Whether its drugs or rubber, all you have to do is forget about your conscience and shut your eyes. Malaya

The Revelation of Modern Doctors
Well, I’m not a religious man, but all doctors know that you can’t change
the Will of God.” Splendor in the Grass

The Line between God’s Plan and Man’s Plan
Whether you go to heaven or hell, is not in God’s plan – it’s up to you. Cowboys & Aliens

“God don’t care who you were, but who you are now !”
Cowboys & Aliens

“Do not challenge the supernatural, unless you are armed with truth.”
Ancient Chinese Proverb

“To destroy a false prophet, one must first unmask him before his loyal believers.” Sidney Toler in Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

“Bad news from far away, seems to bring the end of the world; yet the very next day, local news says that the world has been born again.”
G. Julian Walker

“Guys who chicken out when faced with a fight, who panic – are in most cases trying to hide from their own feelings. Even tough guys feel that fear and yet they embrace it. Experience what is happening inside you and accept it by keep going (or face your conscience when it calls you a coward).” by Paul John Scott
from his article: How to Stand up to a Bully or
( It’s Time to Stop Worrying and Start Kicking Ass)

“The bishop has no jurisdiction over my heart, but only my soul.”
King Richard and the Crusaders

“Oh for the days when women were sold for two cows.”
The Matchmakers

“Conservative people are contented to remain at home – sitting quietly; if they need an adventure, they go to the public park.”
The Matchmakers

“When stomachs are empty; spirits are low.” W.C. Fields

Eva Gardner admires Clark Gable’s Physique
Well ! Aren’t you the fashion in short pants;
Bless your big bony knees !! Mogambo

Quotations from the movie Ghost Breakers
We must admit that there is a dividing line somewhere, between a superstition and the supernatural.” Ghost Breakers

“When lightning strikes New York; Basil Rathbone is having a party !”
Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers

“When the house is dark from a power outage; a black man is a total black-out, unless lightning strikes or you paint him white.” Bob Hope (or his teeth glow in the dark)

“Zombies are cursed corpses who are brought back to life by black magic. Their eyes are glazed over and they walk without a will of their own, controlled by a Voodoo Priestess – sort of like the Democratic National Convention.”
Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers

“When dealing with a gal or a horse; one just has to let them run the course.”
Fred Astaire in Top Hat

Cheek to Cheek (a little cheesy and a little cheeky) (Fred Astaire sings Heavenly)
Heaven, I’m in Heaven — and the cares that surround me through the week–seem to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak ~
When we’re out together, dancing cheek to cheek. Top Hat

“A lot of older girls grow up believing that Prince Charming will whisk her away, marry her and live happily ever after. But what really happens is Prince Charming snatches her up and turns into The Big Bad Wolf.” Maureen O’Hara in Miracle on 34th Street

Quotations from My Man Godfrey
The curse of rich people involves a preoccupation with money; the Frankenstein Monster that destroys Souls. My Man Godfrey

“All you need for a party in High Society is a room and the right kind of people; the same goes for an insane asylum.” My Man Godfrey

“This morning I was sitting on your bed; this evening you are sitting on my bed; but in the interest of propriety, I’ll overlook that startling coincidence.” William Powell in My Man Godfrey

“It’s amazing how far down you can go, when you won’t give up feeling
sorry for yourself.” William Powell in My Man Godfrey

“Wakey, Wakey ! Get up to the great taste of hash browns. I’m lovin’ it ”
Breakfast Promotion for McDonald’s Restaurant

“Sometimes to smoke a cigarette quiets and comforts the brain.”
Sidney Poitier in Cry the Beloved Country

“There are times when you have to concentrate, that’s when there is a war and there’s no time for women. Sometimes it’s not that easy.” John Wayne in Back to Bataan

“Faith means to believe in something that your common sense tells you not to believe in. However, it gives one comfort to know that you have a plan for dying. It is then that the ordinary way of facing reality is not worth anything and all those fuzzy intangibles are the only thing worth believing in.” Miracle on 34th Street

Here’s Adventure! Here’s Romance!
Here’s O. Henry’s famous Robin Hood of the Old West: The Cisco Kid.
One of the most popular of the early television westerns; it starred Duncan Rinaldo as Cisco and Leo Carillo as Pancho. Filmed in color, Cisco is a Mexican Adventurer, who traveled the Southwest – dressed immaculately in a highly embroidered black outfit. Endowed with an excess of Latin Charm, he usually swept the ladies off their feet, after he brought all the banditos to justice. The fun loving camaraderie between Cisco and Pancho is a hallmark of the series. After performing their good deeds, the two knights on horseback rode out into the sunset. Waving around a sweeping sombrero and a hearty laugh, it’s the end.
Timeless Television, Marathon Video Announcer

Brush Up On Your Shakespeare (A Vaudevillian Song from Kiss Me Kate)
The girls today in so-cie-ty ~ Go for Classical Po-e-try
So in their hearts, you must quote with these: Escales and Euripides
But the poet of them all, who will start them all raving
Is the poet people call: The Bard of Stratford on Avon
Brush up your Shakespeare, start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare, and the women you will Wow !
Just to claim a few lines from Othello
And they’ll think you’re a heck of a fellow
If your blond won’t respond when you’re a flat-ter-er
Tell her what Tony told Cleo-pat-terer
And if she’s still shocked and pretends to tell
Just remind her that All’s Well that Ends Well
Brush up your Shakespeare, start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare and they’ll all Cow-Tow

Brush up your Shakespeare, start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare, and the women you will Wow !
If your girl’s with the Washington Heights team
Take the kid to a Midsummer’s Night Dream
If she fights when her clothes, you are mussing
Just tell her that it’s Much Ado About Nothing
If she says your behavior is heinous, kick her right in the areo-lan-eous
Brush up your Shakespeare, and they’ll all Cow-Tow !
And they’ll all Cow-Tow ! (Pink Sow) And they’ll all Cow-Tow ! ( I trow) And they’ll all Cow-Tow ! (Odds Bodkin)
(Ha – Ha – Ha ! Gentlemen, Thou art Divine.) Prithee

Little Fly upon the Wall ~ a poem by Curly of the Three Stooges
O little fly upon the wall ain’t you got no clothes at all ?
Ain’t you got no “shimmie-shake” (or speak like William Blake)
(Ain’t you afraid of growing old ?) Little fly upon the wall: Ain’t you cold ?

“Sometimes, what people choose to put down in letters is more important than
what they say.” Skylark

“It is said that I am not good with words; but sometimes
words are not good enough for me.” Skylark

“Rasa is a Sanskrit word for relationship. The Rasa of a farmer is with creation itself. They watch both animals and plants being born and grow up before them. Similarly, the farmer’s wife can give birth to children and watch them grow up.” G. Julian Walker

“Remember the old saying, all work and no play – gathers no moss.”
Joann Blondell in Stage Struck

“The only way to see the Greek Islands is slowly, by boat; just like you would enjoy a fine painting at a museum or sipping fine wine.”
Cary Grant in That Touch of Mink

Quotations from Big Business (starring Betty Midler and Lili Tomlin)
At the hospital just before having a baby, the doctor gives you the option of drugs for pain or not. “Now, now, says the Doc,” (squirting the juice out of the top of the needle) “This will just be a little prick !” “Yea,” says the gal, “that’s just what got me into this mess !”
Country people can see right through price gouging and phony practices. That’s right and we don’t eat Sushi in small towns of America; we use it for bait. At the Plaza Hotel in downtown New York City; there are two of every person coming out of the front door – and it’s got UFO written all over it !

Where the Cowboys Bunk Out by G. Julian Walker
Last night I had a guest in my house. The next morning she woke up and thanked me for letting her “bunk-out.” She wondered though if there were any rules or regulations governing host and guest. “Why sure,” Says I. “Listen here partner.” The bunkor of the first part agrees to bunk out in the bunk house with the cowhands and not to pout. Now the bunkee of the second part agrees to this guideline and states further, that if there are any cowboys who disagree; I want to debunk that right now !

Dayton-Ohio – 1903 by Randy Newman
Let’s sing a song of long ago ~ when things were green and movin’ slow
and people would stop and say hello
or they would say Hi to you
“Would you like to come over for tea
with the Missus and me ?”
It’s a real nice way to spend a day
In Dayton, Ohio –
On a lazy Sunday afternoon in 1903

Let’s sing a song of long ago
When things could grow
and days flowed quietly

The air war clean and you could see
and folks were nice to you
“Would you like to come over for tea with the Missus and me ?”
It’s a real nice way to spend a day In Dayton, Ohio
On a lazy Sunday afternoon in Nineteen Hundred and Three.
“The principles of driving a car is based solidly on the same principles of gambling in a casino: The more you see, the safer you are. If you must take risks, take calculated risks based on necessity; as far as uncalculated risks are concerned, as your speed goes up, your chances of survival go down.” G. Julian Walker

Smoke Rings – Song Lyrics by Ned Washington
(edited by G. Julian Walker)

Where do they go – those smoke rings I blow – each night
What do they end – those smoke rings I send – on high ?
Where are they hurled, when they’ve kissed the world good-bye ?
Oh, I need in my life – to laugh at the strife down below
I’d be like a king, if I could follow each ring I blow

Puff ~ Puff ~ Puff ~ Puff your cares away

Puff ~ Puff ~ Puff ~ both night and day

Blow ~ Blow ~ blow them into the air, those silky things

Blow ~ Blow ~ blow them everywhere, give your trouble wings

What do they tell and what is the spell they cast
Some of them fall and seem to recall the past
But most of them rise – away to the skies of blue
Oh little smoke rings, I’d love for you
to take me away with you ! 1933

Quotations from Puss ‘n Boots ~ a VHS Movie by Hanna Barbera
Viva El Gato ! You saved the Commendante’s Mother
Holy Friholes ! It’s Puss ‘n Boots
He does exist !! (The Original Puss in Boots by Hallmark)

Quotations from Splitting Heirs ~ A Comedy
No gal has to worry about sexual harassment from me ! (does her ass mean that little?) No, no, I’m bi-sexual; what that means is ~
when I want sex– I buy it !!” Eric Idle

“I appreciate you fawning all over your new boss, but you can kiss ass later.” Rick Moranis

“I am your fiancee and here we are naked in bed ! Just when I thought I was a tempting morsel, when Oh-my-God ! That is the biggest thing I ever saw: That diamond is monstrous.” Splitting Heirs

“Brits were alienated by those sex crazed Hippies who did it just for fun !” from Splitting Heirs

Quotations from The Dead Pool
Opinions are like Ass-holes: Everyone’s got one !
When eating at a Chinese Restaurant, don’t forget to read your fortune cookie, yours says: You’re Shit Out of Luck ! Clint Eastwood

Quotations from Flamingo Road
Town Sheriff: We officers of the Law ain’t as forgetful of our promises like the politicians; of course, I never forget anything !
Lane (Joan Crawford): You know Sheriff, we had an elephant at the Carnival with a memory like that. He went after a keeper that he held a grudge on for 15 years. You know we had to shoot that elephant and you have no idea how difficult it is to dispose of an elephant, now let that be your lesson in politics for today, Sheriff.

The Preface to Doc Brown’s Cakewalk on the sheet music – 1899
There is probably no city or town in any county that doesn’t contain a peculiar character – one who is singled out on account of doing certain things that no one else would think of doing, or using strange language that seems senseless, but nevertheless has a meaning which is readily understood, when the listener can see the speaker, who appears in outrageous costumes or other eccentric characteristics – which make him a special object of curiosity and gossip. Now of all such characters that may exist, there is probably no one that can compare with the subject of this sketch for original mirth making (or earth shaking) like Old Doc Brown. Mr. Brown is very well known in Kansas City and vicinity for the many comical and unusual things he does, but as a Cake Walker he really shines. Old Doc Brown has been awarded the Champion Cake Walker of the County (Now if that don’t take the cake, then I’ll have a slice for myself).

“Pride’s a funny thing; some men just can’t live without it.” Barricade

“The debate goes on and on, whether it is right to do the wrong thing for the right reasons or the right thing for the wrong reasons.” National Velvet

“I’ve found a new way to avoid the inheritance tax; I’m leaving everything to the government.” The Dough-girls

“Line Dancing is white man’s wet dream!” Footloose

Quotations from The Milky Way and Beyond
(Journeys to the Edge of Creation) ~ A Christian Video
The great book called the universe stands continually open to our gaze at night, but it cannot be understood, unless one understands the language in which it was written. Galileo Throughout the centuries, we have turned our eyes to the Heavens, in an effort to fathom their complexity, meaning and design. It is a timeless quest for discovery, unfolding right before our eyes. Danny R. Faulkner
“Less than a century ago, it was commonly believed, that the Milky Way was -of itself- all that there is or was; and that there was nothing else beyond its boundaries. Then in 1924, high above Los Angeles, at the Mount Wilson Observatory, Edwin Hubble, conclusively determined, that the dust and hazy nebula in Space – long thought to be in our own Milky Way, were in reality individual galaxies ! These galaxies, he boldly proclaimed, were as large or larger than our own galaxy. For the first time in history, a correct conceptual view of the universe was in sight.” Danny R. Faulkner ~Astronomer

“With a righteous war only one side wins, but with an honorable peace, both sides win.” Alan Ladd in Drum Beat

“Your wife thinks you have a cute butt ! However, she is prejudiced. A more objective view can be obtained from the Butler; who has been trained to either kiss ass or kick butt.” Lessons from Ritchie Rich

“May the Force be with you has implications. By yoga, you can obtain mystical powers by a mechanical process. However, God’s Force can only be acquired by love, sincerity, austerity and service, under the guidance of a bona-fide guru.” G. Julian Walker

Your nickname is “Pie-Face.” Every time I smell Marion~berry Pie and see it cooling; I am tempted to draw a smiling face in it and exclaim Viva El Pie-Face.” G. Julian Walker

Paulie, The Talking Parrot has a Conversation with the Janitor
Benny, the janitor: Look Pal, You got dreams man, I respect that. I’ve got dreams. My point is …you’re not gonna find your long lost ones by singing under a sombrero. If you want something in this world, you have to do something more than dream; you’ve got to go out and do something about it. That’s the only way you’re gonna get a piece of the pie. Paulie: I like pie ! Benny: So do I !! Paulie, The Movie

“It takes a particular man to get a particular woman. Then, it seems they are both chasing a mystery and a visionary dream that they themselves have imagined.” Valmont
The Worship of Women’s Legs 1940s
There are two reasons why I’m a big star and I’m standing on both of them ! Betty Grable teaches everyone how to dance The Balboa in Pigskin Parade

“If a judge gives no mercy in this world; he can expect no mercy from Yamaraja, the judge in the underworld – for he is the enlightened judge who can judge all other judges.” G. Julian Walker

“All the men on this luxury liner at sea- are rich and extremely bored. There is only one thing that can create interest for such a jaded group of men: Women parading around mostly naked.” Juggernaut

The Male and Female Minds Meet
Male: Hey, we’ve quarreled, but now let’s kiss and make up !
Female: How about we make up and not kiss. In that way, you’ll have
something to work for ~
Male: How’s about you surrender to me !
Female: Well, I’m willing to discuss terms ~
Abbot & Costella Meet Frankenstein

“The reason why the bride of Dracula loves Bud Abbot is because he is so round, so plump and -of course – so fully packed.”
Abbot & Costella Meet Frankenstein

“Some people have secretly come to the conclusion that money is a worthy lover and they give their all to it. It isn’t that money is evil, but making it an idol, drives us crazy. Therefore, the primary task and belief is to educate the imagination to a point, where it can conceive of the infinite. Then and there, you can transcend mundane matters that are limited and temporary: Alcoholism, greed, obsessions, drugs and the hollowness of life without God. It is then, that we are in need of spiritual guidance. But we dare not entrust it to a church, for they are easily corrupted. Belief in spirituality is a subtle and mysterious thing and we cannot always count on ministers, priests, pastors or rabbis to get it right. Even a professional religious counselor can confuse faith with allegiance to a certain church or organization.” Thomas Moore

“The American Republic will endure, until the day Congress discovers, that it can bribe the Public with the Public’s Money.” Alexis de Tocqueville

“All a man can do is live an honorable life. Be kind to humans and animal alike. Thus we treat people like we, ourselves would like to be treated. This is the teachings of my teacher: Jesus Christ.” Robert Shaw in Swashbuckler
Song Lyrics from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Come and Get Your Happiness
There’s a million worth of gold in Sun-shine, that everyone can possess –
with all the trapping of success: come and get your happiness
There’s a billion worth of sales in moonbeams, enough for everyone I guess
What’s a million more or less: come and get your happiness

Among the world without your happy childhood
when you were Jill and Jack
In raggy britches, there’s a lot of ritches
All of which you pay no income tax

So get under that blue heaven
away from troubled land and distress
Just find Mother Nature’s Address
And Come and Get your Happiness ~ 1938

Alone With You
I’ve always known that three’s a crowd
Only two may dance, only two romance
So when I see you in a crowd ~ I’m not satisfied
‘Till I reach your side:

Alone with you, I don’t know the meaning of Time
Alone with you, I’m yours without reason or rhyme
I’d be content to be sent, to an island in the sea
If I had you with me, how lucky I would be

Alone with you, I have everything that I need
I always knew I’d follow, wherever you lead
So ring the bell in the steeple and tell all the people
That we are one and I’ve begun ~ to live in a Heaven ~ Alone With You ~ 1938

“It isn’t Christian to hold a long grudge.”
Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

“If you don’t go to the movies; you’re un-American.”
William Frawley

“Every prison guard who lords it over us prisoners should know this: We have two weapons that cannot be taken away, it’s in the head and in the heart.” Clark Gable in Strange Cargo

“Gals that hate hard, also can love hard.” Clark Gable in Strange Cargo

“I’m one of the most faithful husbands that ever lived.”
Cary Grant in My Favorite Wife

Krishna Speaks About The Relationship Between Mother and Son
This boy gives meaning to your life. He belongs to the future. He won’t be remembered because of his mother, but his mother will be glorified because of him. So, my dear Subhadra – you cannot beat him for being naughty, for he is under my protection (anyone who hides behind my great chair, is entitled to Sanctuary or my personal protection). Abhimanyu, you can give trouble to your mother, that is your right (but it must be done in the right spirit – with a light-hearted tease). However, remember this – a righteous son must never give so much trouble that it makes his mother cry. God doesn’t like that ! (The Mahabharata of India)

“If you are a warrior, it is easy to hate your enemy. However, it is also true that a warrior respects courage. If your enemy will risk death to fight you; he must be respected for such courage.” The Mahabharata of India

“The soldiers and even the general (just for general knowledge) want to know, what does a Scott wear under his kilt ?” The Hasty Heart

“There’s pity in every woman’s love.” Patricia Neal in The Hasty Heart

“We photographers know the right props to use for the correct scene. As far as country girls are concerned, we take the hayseed out of their mouths.”
Kirk Douglas in A Letter to Three Wives

“Don’t get your holidays mixed up. It’s Christmas when there’s peace on earth toward man. On New-Years day we go back to killing each other.”
Thelma Ritter in A Letter to Three Wives

“You can never mistake the mating call of the Elk or Whoppity.”
The Wonder of it All – A Splendid Nature Film from 1990

“There are two types of women to be cared for when they faint. The first should be carried to a seat, caressed, comforted, as well as – offered a cool drink of water. The second should also be carried to a seat and cool water thrown in her face.”
G. Julian Walker

“I want to get married and have kids. I want to bargain with the merchants and argue with the landlord. I want to celebrate life with my devoted husband and his jolly friends. I want to belong to the Human Race !” Joann Crawford in A Woman’s Face

“Friends worry about my innards because of my drinking. My only defense is that my liver rushes in, where angels fear to tread.” Van Heflin in Possessed

“If we examine the history of Psychiatry, we will find that in the Middle Ages people thought that anyone who had a mental illness were possessed by demons.” Possessed

“Nowadays, the theory of exorcism is considered superstition; but what if it were even partly true – wouldn’t divine healing be of some value ?”
G. Julian Walker

“All black witches have to show respect to the devil by kissing
his behind !” from the Sweedish silent movie Haxen
(the Sweedish word for The End is Slut)

“Paulie, the talking parrot, has a long story to tell you and
it’s the only kind he knows.” The final words to the movie Paulie

“You never can understand a person, unless you can see things
from his point of view.” Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird

“If fine speech is silver; silence is golden. But if fine speech is missing; it’s just fool’s gold, and it’s not worth a thing.” German Proverb

“A happy heart loves a cliché !” Joan Crawford in Sudden Fear

“One should always honor the request of a true lady, now the lady has requested that I go to hell; I’m on my way !” Burt Lancaster in The Professionals

“During the first half of the eighth century, the northern kingdom of Israel was riding high, so was Assyria. Assyria’s loyal vassal Israel was enjoying an economic boon under King Jeroboam II. The kingdom now had a professional army.” Karen Armstrong
Quotations from The Black Castle
You can escape the The Black Castle, deep in The Black Forest, but it is fraught with danger !” Boris Karloff
“May your weapons never fail, in a just cause.”
Count Bruno (Stephen McNally)
It’s beastly cold and “You’ll be staying at the Inn called The Green Man !
We learn a great deal about people from their possessions.

“A dark and drab Winter must pass at its own pace. As we remember the glory of Spring; we must let the light of our own soul comfort us.” G. Julian Walker

“Even for a holy man bestowed with many divine gifts, there are nightmares and warnings that need to be heeded. In this world of illusion, there’s one sure way he can be sure of what is happening: He must ask his guru.” G. Julian Walker

“When two great nations go to war; you have to weigh the scales as to which side you must take – sometimes family loyalties can complicate things. One is a bitter truth and the other truth is sweet. Thusly, you are at the crossroads of a new idea in civilization.” G. Julian Walker

Kissing and the Love Impulse by G. Julian Walker
There are little baby kisses and big sloppy sensual kisses
and yet every little bit helps. Now give me your best shot:
Right here in the red area of the target, yea ~ Right on the Kisser.

Clark Gable Shares our fascination for Marilyn Monroe
When she smiles, it’s like the sun coming up !
“You say the darnest things !” Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits

“We are all dying. Husbands are dying, wives are dying; all our loved ones are dying. Instead of being afraid of it all, shouldn’t we be finding out about our spiritual life so we’ll be ready ? (Maybe we can transcend death ). Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits

“I always play the tough guy and some guys feel challenged. Well, if you want to take a poke at me – go right ahead, but only if you’ve been taking lessons.” James Cagney in Captain of the Clouds

Quotations from Man’s Favorite Sport
“Some females have a natural talent for blackmail.” Rock Hudson
Ever since the Red Man started in the tourist business, White Man has been whispering: Red Man now speak with strange tongue !
“Yes, I’m a bastard, an accident of birth; but you ~ you are a self-made-man !”
Lee Marvin proclaims the last words in The Professionals

“We Norwegians are a sturdy people and just like you English;
we don’t break easy.” The Commandos Stride at Dawn

“We fight against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
The Commandos Strike at Dawn

Quotations from In the line of Fire
With a beautiful female agent; in a dress ~ a guy has got to wonder: “Where do you hide your fire-arm ? Don’t tell me, let me guess !” Clint Eastwood
What interests do I represent ? Why, my own – a white hetero-sexual piano player, over the age of 50. There’s not a lot of us out there; but we do have a powerful lobby ! (Where we play the piano.)
When a woman you’re courting turns around and smiles while she’s walking away; it means she’s interested. Now, you must be prepared for that moment: When she looks at you ~ smile ~ and wink your eye. Clint Eastwood
I’m a real pain-in-the-ass when I don’t get my way. Didn’t your friends ever warn you about that ? Clint Eastwood
Am I brave enough to take a bullet from Scum like you ? Well, I’ll be thinking about that when I’m pissin’ on your grave ! Clint Eastwood

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse – nothing ! In fact, it was dullsville. Hey doesn’t anybody party around here ? The Apartment

“I refuse to be in a club, where over half of the members are dead !”
The Cemetery Club

“You see honey, some people cry when they are happy and laugh
when they are sad.” Betty Davis in The Star

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

“The Chinese have a saying; before you set off for revenge; be sure to dig two graves: One for your victim and the other for yourself.”
Roger Moor in For Your Eyes Only

The Secret Life of a Butterfly in New York City
Once I wrote a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today ~ I saw one ~It got on at 42nd St. and got off at 59th St. Where did it go from there ? I assume it was going to Blumendales to buy a hat. But that will turn out to be a mistake, as almost all hats are. Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail ( the movie ).

The Democratic Mind by Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys
Some folks are workaholics and never have time to play and then there are other folks who are so lazy, they never work. However, “There’s time enough for work and play.” Roy Rogers in Spoilers of the Plains

“Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring.” Big Fish

“The Biggest fish in the river gets that way by being so clever, that he never gets caught.” Big Fish

Emotionally Charged Subject Matter from Big Fish – the Movie
“It’s dangerous to talk about politics and religion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a democracy or not; you’ll never know who you’re gonna offend.”

The Elvis Presley Wedding in Las Vegas
Thank You, Thank You Very Much: You’ve Been a fantastic Audience. Now in the words of the King: Love Each Other Tender and Don’t Be Cruel. In that way, you’ll never be All Shook Up in Heart Break Hotel. Unh-Hunh, Ung-Hunh !
Love Stinks – the Movie

“The latest statistics from the EPA are about the ocean waters around Los Angeles: At least 10, 000 people a day take a dump in the water you are now swimming in. That’s just a fun little fact to keep in mind while you’re splashing around.” Love Stinks

A Divine Vision on Cloth
Look at my painted clothes ! You cannot tell whether they are Imagination Hallucination or a Revelation ! Gopalananda Dasa, AKA Captain Beyond

“You had to be a rebel in the old days to be an artist of any kind and everybody down in Greenwich Village was a rebel. Now, today it has become a tradition.” Reds

“Don’t come off like a half-genius.” (Do your homework and make it practical)
Jack Lemmon in Save the Tiger

An Eye Toward The Eternal
What good is a hit song ? Hey, you get your picture in Life and maybe you get a new suit and a lot of hullabaloo ! Then one day ~ you’re walking down the street and around the corner comes a bolt of lightning !! Pow ! DED : you’re dead
Six to one, I’m even. That’s the way I leave this world, with lightning !!
I’ve got a song with a beautiful middle, no beginning and no end. My song goes on forever. Frank Sinatra in Young At Heart

“You are your own special creation and you always will be.”
Said of Kathryn Hepburn by Spencer Tracy in Without Love

“It looks like the whole tribe of Commanches is gonna’ attack us. Here they come ! (The Reverend) Crazy Jake: Lord, for what we are about to receive, may we be truly grateful !!” Woo ~ Woo ~ Woo ~ Woo ! The Searchers

“Don’t call me uncle, I’m not your uncle. (Yes Sir) And don’t call me Sir ! Do I look like a Sir ? And don’t call me Old Man or Mathusla.
Call me by my name ! John Wayne in The Searchers

“Everything ends badly in this world or it wouldn’t end at all.”
Tom Cruise in Cocktail

Quotations from The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
Dancing brings people closer together. Fred Astaire
When Mr. Field asks you to dance: Get up, keep your chin up, put your chest out and put your best foot forward. Walter
Ah Romance: There’s a strong smell of Honeysuckle and Roses in the air. Maggie
She can trifle with my heart; I’m not doing anything important with it !
Fred Astaire

The General Opinion of a Model T Ford in 1911
You get down out of that contraption, right now, it ain’t safe !
Walter Brennan

“When someone asks me if I’ll have chocolate or vanilla cake, I declare that I like both vanilla and chocolate cake !!” Shirley Temple in Dimples

“I’m very self-reliant !” Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

“Husbands and wives have to control their tongues and watch what they say: If you say something hurtful; you will have serious regrets later.”
Ginger Rogers in The Barklays of Broadway

How to be an Inspector General
Should I be arrogant, should I be elegant or should I be smart !
Danny Kaye in The Inspector General

“A fair percentage of people like me; I don’t cheat at cards, I pay my bills and I haven’t kicked a big dog in my entire life.” Bing Crosby in Welcome Stranger

What The Bhagavad-gita is about
Ladies and Gentlemen, of all the Vedic Scriptures, The Bhagavad-gita (The Song of God) from India is a hallmark in spirituality. That is because God, Himself is talking to all humanity, not just His Devotees. He explains in The Bhagavad-gita how best to live and how best to die, in a very practical way. He describes the Soul and claims it as His Superior Energy. He contradicts all ignorant people who say that we have no control over our destination to the next life. Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead ~ as He calls Himself ~ states categorically, that yogis do have control over their destination to the next life. He goes on to say, that of all yogis, he who practices Bhakti-yoga is the most successful. That is because Bhakti-yoga is the yoga of love and He is a loving God. Yajnapati Dasa

The Three Rules of Buck (the Weasel-Wonder from Down Under)
#1. Always listen to Buck
#2. Stay in the middle of the trail
#3. He who has gas travels at the back of the pack !
We should all have our heads examed ! Oh ~ Oh ~ Buck says #4 is Ice Age: The Dawn of the Dinosaur

“Tis a poor thing to fear the inevitable; but a very easy thing to do when you’re dying.” Tom Sellick
“God created whisky, so that the Irish would not take over the world !” Tom Sellick in the exciting Western Crossfire Trail

Cary Grant Stars in a Whacky Comedy Called Monkey Business
Hmm ! I’m beginning to wonder if being young is all it’s cracked up to be. The dream of youth we remember is a time of nightingales and valentines; but what are the
facts: maladjustments bordering on idiocy and a series of low comedy disasters. I don’t see how anyone can survive it !
“I have a new formula for being young again. Well, it doesn’t come in packages or bottles; you’re only old if you forget that you’re young. It’s a word you keep in your heart, it’s a light you have in your eyes and a certain someone you hold in your arms.” Cary Grant

“My honor is not for sale.” Arnold Swarzenegger in The Last Stand

“When two hombres meet, they invariably have a fight, then they become the best of pals, because that’s their way of getting acquainted.”
John Wayne in Dawn Rider

“I’ve always been very aware of the inner me. It has to do with a connection with nature. God in your inner being – whatever you want to call it, but it’s about being in contact with your real self and allowing God to mold you.”
Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

Instructions to her Children
A psychiatrist is a doctor you can tell anything to or about anything or anyone that bothers you. It will never be repeated and it might even help you to feel better. It is always worth a try. (Confession is good for the Soul) Lauren Bacall

“I’ll find some way to get into Heaven, even if I have to climb the fence.”
William Powell in Life with Father

“If you really think I’m beautiful, have a cocktail; it will sustain the illusion.”
Poor Little Rich Girl, starring little Shirley Temple

“I’m not married; but I have had offers.”
Cary Grant in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

“You can always tell when a guy is a prospector; they always talk to their donkeys with affection.” The Naked Spur

The Reason I Don’t Marry Without Love
I don’t like to give a good guy a bad shake.” Marlene Dietrich in Manpower

“Some people are so cheap they’re wholesale.” George Raft in Manpower

“Never trust a woman; any man can tell you that.” Susan Hayworth in Ada

“Never apologize, mister; it’s a sign of weakness.” John Wayne in The Searchers
“Marriage is an institution that no family should be without.”
Frank Sinatra in Higher and Higher

A Gentleman’s Call for Mercy from the Old World
Never hit a man who’s Down on the Ground. Old American Slogan

Fun with W.C. Fields
The Great Mcgonicle took a bad fall off the stage. On the way down, he collected a wreath of bells around his neck, then fell ten more feet into a large drum. When asked if he was all right, he replied: No, I’m fine ~ I had the presence of mind to land on my head

“I did my best and God did the rest.” Hattie McDonald (Aunt Jemima)

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stare rapt in awe, is as good as dead, for his eyes are closed.” Albert Einstein ~ 1930

“If people were completely reasonable; no one would get married in the first place.” Maurice Chevalier in Count Your Blessings

“It’s easy to break up a marriage; it’s not so easy to build one.”
Maurice Chevalier in Count Your Blessings

Party Pitfalls
I opened my mouth too wide and kept it open too long.
Fred Astaire in You Were Never Lovelier

Mr. Manjou’s Opinion of Fred Astaire
Never let that jumping jack in here again; you dribbling dim-wit !”
You Were Never Lovelier

“There’s something in my eye and I think it’s a keyhole.” Xavier Cugat in
You Were Never Lovelier

“There are some things that little boys are not in a position to know.”
Rossano Brazzi in Count Your Blessings

“A honeymoon is a romantic holiday. It is a trip taken far from known friends and relatives; in order to get to know each other better, without distractions.”
Rossano Brazzi in Count Your Blessings
“I don’t live ~ I drift. Yes, sometimes I feel like flotsam in the sea, abandoned by God and Love.” Janet Leigh in If Winter Comes

“As far as business is concerned; retirement means the same as dead.”
Ethel Barrymore in Kind Lady

“Well, I shan’t be able to keep my promises, because I’ve been very busy -word of honor- I’ve been playing an old and charming game: I’ve been day-dreaming.” Jon Boles in Curly Top (starring Shirley Temple)

“I don’t want to be worshipped; I just want to be loved.”
Grace Kelley in High Society

“Great souls have always encountered violent opposition from
mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein

“Death is not the end.” Bob Dylan

“The greatest mystery of youth is whether our mistakes can be rectified.”
Betty Davis in Mr. Skiffington

“A gentleman recites lovely poetry to many women in his life, but with infinite variety. Just remember that spooning may or may not lead to marriage.” Walter Pidgeon in Mrs. Parkington

“My grandfather spoke of a time when animals and humans used to speak to each other; when you get them alone, some of them still do.”
Johnny Depp as Tanto in The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger: Tanto, why do you call me Kemo Sabe, what does it mean ?
Tanto: Wrong Brother ! The Lone Ranger

“It’s not important to be elected captain of some mundane team; it’s better to be Captain of your Soul.” Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer

“My real identity is explorer. I’m a very special person ~ noble and splendid.” Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer

“If people loved each other more and shot each other less; this would be a better world.” Audry Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon

“I favor my father, because he had the sense enough to leave town the day that I was born.” Buster Keaton in Parlor, Bedroom and Bath

“Things are not as bad as you think; they are actually much worse.”
Danny Kaye in The Inspector General

“The real reason why people are considered great is because there are great friends who are helping in secret.” Sister Kenny

Your First Lesson in Driving an Automobile
The first idea in driving a car is to be sure of where you’re going and be able to signal other cars to that effect. G. Julian Walker

Thank You Hollywood
In the Depression, many people who were depressed and feeling lost, without hope were in desperate need of someone to give them compassion, entertainment, smiles, encouragement and advice on a national scale. They found what they needed in the form of glorious musicals, comedies, love stories, escapes to paradise and good old fashion rags to riches stories from Hollywood, California in the movies. And just to top this wonderful feast off, the desert consists of a dream that ends with and they lived happily ever after ! G. Julian Walker

“It is easy to take up the rifle; it is hard to lay it down !” Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph is the first to speak of Civil Rights to Congress
If the White Man wants to live in peace with the Indian; he can live in peace. But he must treat all men alike, give them all the same law. Give them all an even chance to live and grow. Because all people were made by The Great Spirit Chief; they are all brothers and sisters.” Chief Joseph addresses Congress, 1879

“If you see someone without a smile; give them yours.”
Dolly Parton in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

“Everybody is somebody’s fool !” Orson Wells in The Lady from Shanghai

Quotations from Dead Reckoning
I don’t trust anyone; especially women. Humphrey Bogart
Some people you feel so comfortable with that you can talk easily to; alone in a car, side by side, inspires confession. Lizabeth Scott
Dying is like jumping out of an airplane; you just hold your breath and let go !! Strangely enough; you’ll find you have a lot of ~ high class company Humphrey Bogart
Quotations from State of the Union ~ 1948
The question no politician wants to answer is “Would you lie to me?” Spenser Tracy
When you run a Hollywood star for president; you accept a candidate with corn !
(All Hail Ronald Regan) Spenser Tracey
There are moments in everyone’s life when he glimpses The Eternal !
Spenser Tracy
The White House on the outside is too bland; it needs painting ! Spenser Tracy
Behold The President (Spenser Tracy) and his wife (Katherine Hepburn)
“Katherine Hepburn does not just occupy a room; she establishes a beach-head !
(Said of the First Lady)
Mister you’re looking at a mighty dry waffle ! Katherine Hepburn
An Isolationist should be isolated (a bedroom to himself). K. Hepburn
In politics, if you want nothing; it means you want a position on the cabinet instead of money. Katherine Hepburn
Men who never dress up, even for special occasions, are showing their bad quality of laziness. Katherine Hepburn
I have a weakness for small potatoes. K. Hepburn
“If America is going to have a high tariff; I might as well get high myself !”
Katherine Hepburn

Some Americans are ambitious and want to be a politician; but most people would rather get tight instead. Van Johnson
If you figure out where a politician stands; you need a Ouija board.
Van Johnson
Politics makes strange bedfellows. Life is war to them, so don’t count the casualties, if you want to be happy. Angela Lansbury

“Thanks for offering me a mixed drink, but I seemed to have lost the habit.” Kirk Douglas in The Master’s Touch

“What else can you tell me about my rival for your affections?”
Roger Moore as James Bond in For Your Eyes Only

John Wayne Impersonation by Whoopi Goldberg
Boy ! What makes you think that you can refer to my mother that way and not piss me off ? You know something, Boy ! If I didn’t know better; I’d say you were lookin’ for a chicken-licken ! The Telephone

“Every company can happily make a profit in the glorious country called America; that is if it doesn’t fall into the crapper !” Save the Tiger, 1973
“I’ve seen these ‘do-gooders’ before; they use God as a front, while they do as much good for themselves as they can.” John Wayne in Legend of the Lost
“James Bond, you escape all the amusing deaths I arrange for you . .
Mr. Bond, you appear with a tedious irritability, speaking of an unloved season !”
Drak in the James Bond Thriller Moonraker

“Do you care for me ?” Lizabeth Powell (the gal with thick eyebrows)
“For a man, it starts with curiosity.” Dick Powell in Pitfall

“One thing women can’t understand about us business men; we can’t let amorous women interfere with our business.” Raymond Burr in Pitfall

“Contentment is the secret to happiness. Be happy with what you got !”
Dick Powell in Pitfall

“This is what dreams are, son : The mind is like a camera that is taking pictures all through your life. Now and then, one of the pictures breaks loose, because of curious possibilities. A story develops based on that picture when you’re asleep. This is called a dream.” Dick Powell in Pitfall

Quotations from Anne of Green Gables (Canadian Version)
Oh, I know I’ll improve. It’s just right now my life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. There’s a sentence I read once and I say it over and over to comfort myself in time like this; these are the times that try the teenage soul.
Canadian Actress Megan Follows stars as Anne
What would you rather be? Divinely Beautiful, Dazzlingly Clever or Angelically Good? Megan Follows as Anne of Green Gables
Anne Shirley, you have more nerve than a fox in a hen house !
Collen Dewhurst, Anne’s best friend
True friends are always together in spirit.
Tomorrow is always fresh, for there’s no mistakes in it today. Megan Follows
Anne of Green Gables was artistically filmed amidst the spectacular scenery of Prince Edward Island, Canada

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures (critters) is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.”
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

“Memories are like Moonbeams ~We do what we want with them !”
Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea
“If you claim to be civilized; you must have some gentle hobbies.”
Richard Harris as King Arthur in Camelot

“Sometimes I feel like going out into the ocean and drowning myself ! Then someone always will ask: ‘who asked you ?’ I ask myself ! And what is the answer: “ I refuse.” “I’ll die when the time comes and not a moment sooner.”
Maurice Chevalier in Fanny

“Everyone is entitled to their own mode of expression.” Mrs. Minniver

“If you’re old-fashioned; you believe in breeding – which is to say – you reserve the right to your own idea of beauty for your children.” Mrs. Minniver

“Jumpin’ Swordfish ! You’re an American !” Nelson Eddie in Maytime

The Big Nothing
Since you burned down the drapes and tried to burn down the house; you must be punished. Now, I draw a circle around you with chalk. That is the ‘inner-circle’ and a space with an ‘outer-circle.’ You will have to stay in the inner circle for half an hour to think on your sins and pray for forgiveness. If you venture into the outer circle where the good people live, before I get you; you will fall into The Big Nothing, which is like you’re in a deep sleep and can’t get out of purgatory. Angela

When a Great Medicine Man Meets a Great Doctor
It’s an eat crow; kiss-ass contest ! Sean Connery in Medicine Man

“A girl’s best friend is her Momma; at least, that’s what the greeting cards say !” Jan Fonda in Stanley & Iris

Quotations from Stanley & Iris
There are those of whom I love from the bottom of my heart and then there are my teachers, which I love from the top of my head. Robert De Niro. You may lock all the doors and we’ll have a picnic lunch afterwards. Jane Fonda

“To have a camera in some places seems out of place; like laughter at a funeral.”
David Yeadon in The Back of Beyond ~ a book

“You thing that in America, you’re the only country with secret enemies; in Russia, it is rumored that the politicians are going to make all the drivers back-up and go the other way.” Taxi Blues, a Russian film from 1990

Father as your first guru: When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark. At first, I left the light on all night; but then I couldn’t sleep. So I went to my Father and asked him how I could see without the light on and he said : “I am the light ! Anytime you
want to know about something you can’t see ask me and I’ll tell you what the things are that you can’t see. Robert De Niro
Last thing said in the movie : Concerning educated people with imagination: Anything’s Possible ! Robert De Niro in Stanley & Iris

“There comes a time in every man’s life that he has to stand up and fight for his family and everything that he believes is right !” Clint Walker in The Night of the Grizzily

“There’s a big difference between whimping and thinking.”
John Candy in The Great Outdoors

“Eat healthy, lobster is for high class educated people. Hot dogs are for low-class, ignorant people – who don’t know it’s made of lips & assholes
Dan Akroyd in The Great Outdoors

“Dying is like falling in love; you never know what it is, until it drops on top of you.” Jimmy Stewart in The Shopworn Angel

“This tree has a Latin name of Ruckus. If you grow this tree, you’ll raise
a ruckus.” Robert Deniro (Stanley & Iris)

The Gypsy In My Soul by Moe Jaffee
I have a certain way that
Makes other people say that
I lack res-on-si-bil-i-ty.
I may refuse to labor
As hard as my neighbor
But that’s the way I’m meant to be
Refrain: If I am fancy-free and love to wander
It’s just the gysy in my soul
There’s something calling me ~ from way-out-yonder
It’s just the gysy in my soul

bridge: I’ve got to give vent to my emotions -I’m only content having my way
There is no other life ~~It’s just the gypsy in my soul
no cares ~ no strings my heart ~ has wings ~If I am fancy-free and love to wander
It’s just the gypsy in my soul. 1937

“We walked the same path once; but now I have found a different place where I belong (in your long absence).” Pocahontas II

“May the Great Spirit Be Always Be with You !”
Pocahontas in Pocahontas II

“The Present and the Past are perhaps both present in the Future and the Future is perhaps contained in the Past.” T.S. Elliot

“You take the best of me and I’ll take the best of you.” Robert Taylor
“It’s hardly and equal thing.” Jean Harlow in Personal Property

“It’s immoral to marry for money, unless, of course it’s a lot of money.”
Jean Harlow in Personal Property

“There’s nothing like an orchid to give a girl prestige.”
Claudette Colbert in Without Reservations

“This is an old-fashioned bar-room brawl; the one who punches first wins.” Clark Gable in Boomtown

What Clark Gable thinks of Spencer Tracy
He’s got a lot of ham in him ! Boomtown

“It’s bad luck to wear hats inside the house.” Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim

“Though it’s tough to be a loser; it’s even harder to be a good winner.”
John L. Sullivan in Gentleman Jim

The Seven Archangels Who are Called Elohim
Personal Associates of El Shaddai : 1. Michael 2. Gabriel 3. Raphael
4. Chamuel 5. Zadkiel 6. Uriel 7. Serapis Bey

“While my eyes and nose are big enough to hold my glasses on; they are also are capable of holding a girl in each eye.” Paul Newman in The Prize

“Life in the big city is just one big surprise after another !”
Jimmy Stewart in Pot O’ Gold (Those Swinging Irish)

“Don’t scare away the Indians; we might have to give this country back to them
some day !” Can’t Help Singing (with music by Jerome Kern)
“I like a gal who is happy and gay; but she must have a serious side too. We’ve got to have both, you know.” Robert Paige in Can’t Help Singing

Are Geishas Immoral ? No ~ No ~ Everybody’s Wrong ! Let me explain: Poor man like to feel rich; rich man like to feel wiser; sad man like to feel happy. So all go to the Geisha House and tell their troubles to the Geisha Gals. She listen very politely (The Japanese are polite and honorable people). Then she say: Ohhhh, too bad. She smile very pretty for you. She make tea (with compassion). She sing and dance for
you (to make you feel better.) Pretty soon all troubles go away. Now, isn’t that worth something ? Marlon Brando in Tea House of the August Moon

“Little story now concluded; but history of the world unfinished; lovely ladies and kind gentlemen. Go home and ponder this: What was true in the beginning, remains true. Pain may make you think. Thought make man wise and wisdom make life endurable. May the August Moon bring~ gentle sleep. Sayonara.” Marlon Brando in Tea House of the August Moon

The Unusual Songs from Kismet ~ A Story of Ancient Bagdad
Fate : Fate ! Fate can be the trap in your path; the bitter cup of your tears. Your wine of wrath ! Fate can be shade in the desert blaze; sudden food in a famine found. The sound of praise ! Incomprehensible and strange. Fate can play a trick with a twine; to weave evil and good in one design ! And so my Destiny ; I look at you but cannot see ~ Is it good, is it ill ? Am I blessed, am I cursed ? Is it honey on my tongue or brine ? What fate, what fate is mine ? 1955
The Fool and The Olive Tree : A fool sat beneath an olive tree and a wondrous thought had he; so he rose and told it to the sky ! And where was I ? Behind the tree; I overheard his reverie.
“Why be content with an olive, when you could have the tree ? Why be content with nothing, when there’s nothing you couldn’t be ? Why be content with one olive tree ~ when you could have the whole olive grove? Why be content with a grove, when you could have the world ?
The fool sat beneath the olive tree. “What a wondrous thought, ” said he ~ “But alas, it is very, very deep ! ” And then he yawned and went to sleep, because you see; he was a fool ! (why be content with an olive, when you could have the tree ? ) That which has lulled you to sleep, fool; has awakened me ! Why should I sigh, that my lot is my lot and I can’t make it anything more; when this is a lie, and an excuse for a fool to snore ! I walked from behind the olive tree, with a wondrous change in me, for I walked with my eye upon a star ! (where all wishes come from by prayer). If you have heard
and do not heed, there is a word for what you are, and my friend, the word is “fool ! 1955

Pink Elephants ~ Song Lyrics by Harry Woods
Yesterday a traveling salesman came into my house
He was just as shaky and as nervous as a mouse
He said: “I was at a party and we broke up at four:
When I woke up this morning, this is what I saw:
Pink elephants on the table, Pink elephants on the chair
Pink elephants on the ceiling, Pink elephants everywhere
I hid my head right in the bed and said a prayer.

When I woke up again, what do you think was there-
Pink elephants on the ceiling, Pink elephants on the wall
A lavender alligator was running around the hall.
Now I’m through making whoopee, I raised my hand and swore
That I never intend, to ever again, see elephants anymore.

Pink elephants on the window, Pink elephants on the sill
One elephant on the sideboard was kissing a whippoorwill.
I saw a monkey dancing with a purple cow ~ just then
The cuckoo came out of the clock and said “me-ow”
Pink elephants on my trousers, Pink elephants on my coat
A polka-dot boa constrictor was shaving a billy-goat !
A lamby laid beside me and started in to snore
Oh, I never intend, to ever again, see elephants anymore. 1932

Quotations from Pocahontas II ~ An Animated story with singing
Once we walked the same path; but that was long ago; now I have a new path where I belong, with someone else (We cannot guarantee love & friendship forever to anyone in this temporary world; but if The Lord counts you as His or Her friend ~ love & friendship can be forever, along with your God-brothers & God-sisters.)* Editor

“May the Great Spirit Be Always With You !” (Pocahontas – herself- recognizes her loyalty to past lovers and a love that may defy the test of time. Any love that goes beyond death, should truly be considered a benediction from the Lord.)*

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Quotations from I’m No Angel ~ Starring Mae West
I’m a one man woman; one man at a time.
It’s sometimes hard for me to make up my mind; I have a lot of angles.
When I’m good, I’m very good; when I’m bad, I’m better !
(The Mae West Cakewalk was what they called strutting your Stuff in the Twenties)
“The business of the heart and the mind is to live.” Old French Adage

“There’s no fool like an old fool.” Young Dr. Kildare

The Blonde Bombshell from the Thirties
Before there was Marilyn; there was Harlow. When you’re a sex symbol, people think you’re not intelligent. Melanie Griffith

“A great country is not conquered outside its borders, until it has already been destroyed from within.” Will Durant

The Pitfalls of Marriage: Marriage on the Rocks
I don’t have to be romantic; I’m Married ! Frank Sinatra
I want a divorce on grounds of boredom !! Debra Kerr

“Well, I’ll be a big baboon from Borneo ! Ghost Valley 1932

Quotations from Stowaway –with Robert Young & Shirley Temple
You look so young, but you act so old (Robert Young describes the character of Shirley Temple and why we are fascinated by her)
The strongest man in the world cannot lift a heavy heart (San Lo)
Twice blessed is he who loves both bride and groom, for their happiness is his happiness. (The ancient wisdom of San Lo ~
The bride and groom have expressed toward each other only the most cordial feelings and it’s all due to macaroni (matrimony)

Rules of War # 99
In confusion there is profit (from Operation Petticoat)

“There are two ways to get money : #1 by the illegal way of stealing or #2 you can marry into it. In you want to marry into it; you have to move in the right circles. If you want to move in the right circles; you must wear the right uniform.” Tony Curtis in Operation Petticoat

“A submarine, because of its close quarters, is not designed for co-education between men and women.” Tony Curtis in Operation Petticoat

“The most wonderful part of life is when you get a second chance.”
Tyrone Power in The Razor’s Edge

Not Since Nineveh–Kismet
Bag-dad ! Don’t underestimate Bag-dad
(a city rich in romantic oriental lore !)
Aye : Bag-dad ! You must investigate Bag-dad
(and learn a few of the facts you never knew before)
Aye : Bag-dad ! Due south of the Garden of Eden
Due north of the Gulf of Aden
Where every male and maiden is laden down
With the blisses of Bag-dad ~ This irresistible town

When or where could you compare High-Life
To the life you find there ?
Not since Nin-e-ve, not since Ty-re
Not since Bab-y-lon turned to mire
For a sin of a kind, never known there !

Where or when ever again, is there Low Life
Like the life well known here ?
Not since Nin-e-ve, not since Si-don; not since Jer-i-co started slid-in’
From the din of a horn, that’s never blown here !

Our palaces are gaudier
Our alley-ways ~ bawdier
Our princes more autocratic here
Our beggars more distinctly aromatic here !
Where could you ever pursue ~ your life
With the zeal you feel here ?
Not since Bab-y-lon read that writing
Not since Jer-i-cho heard that trumpet
Not since Neb-u-chad-nezzar’s hanging garden went to Pot
Not ! since that village near Go-mor-rah got too hot !! A Lot
No, not since Nin-e-ve, not since Nin-e-ve
Eh ~ Eh — Eh ~ Ehhhh — Eh ~ Eh- Nin-e-ve
Come to Baghdad, live in Baghdad
It’ll take you back to Nineve, (shout) Nineve !!

“Gosh, all the fightin’ and fussin’ that peole do, is usually about one thing: They don’t seem to trust each other. I found this out : Don’t look for trouble where there is none, or you’ll make some. Rather than mistrust your mate; it’s better just to believe in someone” Jimmy Stewart in Wife vs Secretary”

“These aliens are as harmless as a fox in a henhouse and I’m not here to make friends with the devil; I’m here to kick some ass !” Morgan Freeman in Dreamcatcher

“Ladies and Gentlemen : Please do not panic, Do-not Panic !
But scream, Scream for your life !! Vincent Price in The Tingler..

“There’s too much shooting in the world; I’m against violence !” Audry Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon

Wild Thing
Did you ever get fascinated by a wild animal and try to take it home and keep it ? What happens then ? I’ll tell you what happens, it usually gets sick and dies, because it’s against its nature to be tamed. It’s the same with an Indian; you try to take it home and teach it to be a white person, but it just won’t work, because it’s against its nature to be tamed. Clint Walker in Yellowstone Kelly

Love, A Sacred Gift
Love cannot be taken illegally or forced; even an Indian Squaw knows that love must be given as a sacred gift. Yellowstone Kelly

The Doctor’s Prescription
If you go through life with your eyes closed, you will think the world is falling on you; but if you open your eyes, you will see things as they are. Gary Cooper in
The Hanging Tree, 1959

The Depression Philosophy
They ought to give this country back to the Indians. But if they’re smart, as I think they are — they won’t take it ! Rosalind Russell in Roughly Speaking

The WWII Blues
Every time I get my ship on an even keel : Bang ! I’m sinking !!
Jack Carson in Roughly Speaking

“If I have a weak moment and agree to marry you; I’ll send you a telegram ~Collect ! ” Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce

“Put your cheek next to mine and feel my heart beating for you.”
Mildred Pierce

“To me, it’s more important to be a good person, than a great actress.”
Elizabeth Taylor
Clint Eastwood’s Famous Speech from Dirty Harry
I know what you’re thinking, punk ! You’re thinking, did he fire 6 shots or only 5. Well, to tell you the truth, I forget myself in all this excitement. But being this is a 45-Magnum, the most powerful hand gun in the world and can blow your head clean off; you can ask yourself a question, do I feel lucky ? Well, do you Punk !!

The Philadelphia Story ~ 1940 ~ A Comedy : You didn’t want a loving husband, but a high priest for a virgin goddess. I was shocked into this realization when I saw you rush out into the patio in the full moonlight totally nude, waving your arms at the moon and wailing like a banshee Cary Grant

“It’s amazing how one can develop a taste for martinis; however
it’s definitely an acquired taste.” Barbara Stanwich in My Reputation

“This is an important lesson for you boys; there’s always two sides to everything you hear, so await the verdict until you hear both sides.”
Barbara Stanwich in My Reputation

The Christian Psychiatrist
Sometimes the analyst has to treat psychosis just like he were an exorcist trying to relieve the mind from demons who are possessing it. In this regard, we are just like Jesus Christ. Possessed

Insanity Defined
I can’t tell what is real and what is not; I don’t know the difference anymore !
-Joan Crawford in Possessed

What saves the Drinker’s Health
My liver rushes in where angels fear to tread. Van Heflin in Possessed

“Men have the same rights in a romantic relationship as women; the right to stop loving and seek another.” Van Heflin in Possessed

“In order for little boys to be happy; you’ve got to let ’em kick up their heals, now and then.” Gregory Peck, Father & Friend of Youth) The Yearling

“Us Men-folk have to stick together, in the name of peace.”
Gregory Peck in The Yearling

“When you’re sleeping in a tree (house) at night; you hear and see things you would never see in the daylight.” The Yearling
“Now you know, Old Starvation has got a face meaner than a bear.”
Gregory Peck in The Yearling

“I declare, if I had my own well; I could dump a whole bucket of water over my head in the summer and oh what a blessing that would be.”
Jane Wyman in The Yearling

You Can’t Take it with you or can you ? A Joke
A rich old eccentric man was staring death in the face, so he asked to see his friends:
A businessman, a minister and an attorney. “Friends, he said, they say that when you’re dead, you can’t take it with you. But I’m going to prove them all wrong. At my funeral
I want you all to deposit an envelope with a quarter of a million dollars in my casket, before I am buried. Do you agree ?” They all agreed. Shortly after the old man died; his friends came with an envelope in their hands. After the ceremony, each one of them dropped their envelope in the casket. The next day they met at a tavern to gossip. I have a confession to make said the minister: ” I took out $100,000 and gave it to the poor !” The business manager also came forward : “I also had to take $200,000 out to save my business from bankruptcy.” The attorney chastised them both : “You hypocrites, how can you break your word to your friend that way ?” “I am not like you liars; I wrote the full amount and enclosed my own personal check in the envelope !”

“My dear, you’re confusing sex with sleeping; sleeping is something I do alone.”
Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give

“Listen, old man, here’s the test for a person with a weak heart; in order to have sex with Viagra : you must first climb a flight of steps, then you can have sex.”
Doctor’s advice in Something’s Gotta Give

“I’m an old dog !” Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give

“When you’re cheating opponent is holding all the aces, there’s only one thing to do : Kick over the table and run.” Dean Martin in Robin and the Seven Hoods

“The cemetery is full of guys I like, but I’m not ready to join their club yet !” Frank Sinatra in Robin and the Seven Hoods

“You either got or you haven’t got Style ~
You either got or you haven’t got Class ~
You either got or you haven’t got Charm.”
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin singing in Robin and the Seven Hoods.

“All Hail Robin Hood (Bing Crosby singing) All Hail Robin Hood ! (echo of the orphan boys singing) ~ Hip-Hip- Hooray (Bing Crosby singing) ~ Hip-Hip- Hooray ! (echo of the orphan boys singing) ~ You may turn in your tuba now ! (Bing Crosby talking) Robin and the Seven Hoods

“You can’t tell the crooks from the good guys anymore.”
Shirley McClain in Gambit

“The father of tap dancing as we know it today was Thomas Dartmouth Rice, called “Daddy” Rice. Other forms of dance – modern ballroom, with its origins in the aristocratic pavane and passacalia of Renaissance Europe, as well as the square dance, with its origins in Britain – were imports. But tap dancing came from American soil and is indigenous as poison ivy and as popular as the ice cream soda.” Bill Adler
“During the second half of the Nineteenth Century, most of the minstrel dances had adapted the heel-and-toe-technique of the clog dance and superimposed it on the levee dance. ‘Levee dancing’ became the ‘step dance’ then and finally the ‘buck and wing’ which young Fred Astaire had learned to dance in his first years of training. Eventually, the ‘soft shoe’ was applied to this mobile, eccentric ‘step dance’ in 4/4 time. (The ‘Old Soft Shoe’ of the thirties required sand to be sprinkled on the stage). It was accompanied by a kind of genteel humor in the performance, a certain delicacy and a lightness of touch. Usually danced to a smooth but leisurely cadence that sounded almost like a snare drum solo.”
Bill Adler, from his best-selling book Fred Astaire, a biography

Audrey Hepburn’s Tribute to Fred Astaire
Enchanting, fleet-footed, unique are the qualities of magical Fred. How proud I am to be among those fortunate few who knew the sweetness of this extraordinary man !

James Cagney’s Tribute to Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire is the greatest dancer I’ve ever seen in my life !

Ginger Roger’s Tribute to Fred Astaire
It certainly was fun being with Fred. When they put us together, it was a blessed event for me. I remember working with Fred and that memory I treasure. Love Always, Ginger

“Time to get wise to yourself !” Joan Blondell in Bullets & Ballots

“When a man admires a woman; he should give her gifts.”
Fernando Llamas in Dangerous When Wet

The Brain Surgeon’s Confession
This is the behavior of my patients: First, they beg me to help them. They say: ‘Save me doctor !’ Then there’s an operation and they are uncertain and confused. After four days, they laugh and tell me that they are indestructible ! I tell them no, to rest and convalesce; but they defy me and revert back to reckless behavior. Just before they die, they look up at me and say : ‘Save me doctor !’ (It is then, that I calmly reply: ‘I am a doctor, not a priest !’) Cary Grant in Crisis

“I don’t believe in astrology, crystal balls or to reading beer suds on my mug; I don’t run my life that way.” Gary Cooper in Casanova Brown

“Freedom isn’t a question of marriage or where you live. It’s a fight inside of yourself, all the time.” Spenser Tracy in Cass Timberline

“I have never found that conversing with crazy people as particularly stimulating.” Lionel Barrymore in Dark Delusion

“We are a lost battalion in a lost world.”
Errol Flynn in Objective Burma

“An umpire has no friends.” Spenser Tracy in Cass Timberline

“Justice too long postponed is justice denied.” Spenser Tracy as
Judge Timberline in the movie Cass Timberline

“You can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool Mama !” Spanky in The Little Rascals ~ 1930s

“May flights of angels sing Thee to Thy rest !” Grand Finale from
The Thin Man by William Powell

“Sometimes in life; you don’t get all that you’ve dreamed of. Maybe you just get the consolation prize. You know that you’re a second-hand rose with a second-hand life, but you try to make the best of it, because you know that you should be humble before the Lord. Then one day, the Lord works a miracle and a wondrous transformation takes place in your life : Second-Class becomes First Class.” Spring Byington in
I’ll Be Seeing You ~ 1944

“I like walking alone ! A man’s gotta be sentimental about a war. He’s gotta have a lump in his throat ~ about God & Country, Home and mother ~All the pretty things !
As for me; I have no lumps.” Robert Stack in Great Day in the Morning
“If you keep things inside of yourself too long, you forget how to share all your troubles, and that will drive you mad, don’t you see ?” (Yes, I know how it is to be lonely)
Ida Lupino in Beware My Lovely

“Death is coming; can my soul get off its knees now ? Cary Grant in
None But the Lonely Heart

“Although single men act like they love whores to their friends; privately, men only marry decent girls.” Sunday in New York 1963

Doing the Yam ! ~ The Latest Dance Sensation ~ 1940
Ginger Rogers Sings : Come on and hear the yam-man cry
And a Yam ~ today
That sweet potato that you buy
Will be a yam today
The little step that you see him do
with every yam that he feeds to you
Is something you ought to do
Come on and yam, Come on and yam
Come on and yam to-day.
Come on and get what I got
It will hit the spot !
Get yours while its sweet and hot !!
Raise your hands as if to pray
Then with one hand, hold a tray
Then you’re on your way (to)
Come on and shake; it’s the fashion
And let’s have a yam fest with passion
There’s that long note again
Every orchestra in America
I didn’t come to Ball the Jack
I didn’t come to do, the Suzy-Q
or the Boston, by the bay.
I didn’t come to do Big Apple
I didn’t come to do The Shag ~
Fred Astaire : Now, here I am, to do the Yam
Because the Yam, is in the bag ! Yea ~
Two Different Worlds ~ Song Lyrics from 1956
Two Different Worlds – We live in Two Different Worlds
For we’ve been told that a love like ours could never be.
So far apart, they say we’re, so far apart – and that
We haven’t the right to change our destiny.
When will they learn, that a heart doesn’t draw a line.
Nothing matters, if I am yours and you are mine.
Two Different Worlds – We live in Two Different Worlds
But we will show them , as walk together in the sun ~ that
Two Different Worlds, are really only One. Sid Wayne

Reflections On Two Different Worlds ~ Heads or Tails
There is a shroud of mystery, superimposed upon us in this mundane world; and it is just like the night from the day. On one hand (in the light) there is something we are proud of and want the whole world to know. On the other hand (in the dark) there is something that we are ashamed of and want nobody to know. G. Julian Walker

“According to historians; I was not without a certain charm.”
William Powell in The Emperor’s Candlesticks

“When you get married, you sigh with relief, believing that all your troubles are over; let me assure you, your troubles are not over.”
Luise Ranier in The Emperor’s Candlesticks

“Death smiles at all of us; all you can do is smile back.” Comidas, Emperor of Rome

You Gotta Have Hope
“The most wonderful thing about England right now is Bob Hope. The boys in camp stand in the rain, they crowd into halls so close you can’t breathe, just to see him. He is tireless and funny, and full of responsibility, too, although he carries it lightly and gaily. There isn’t a hospital ward that he hasn’t dropped into and given a show; there isn’t a small unit anywhere that isn’t either talking about his jokes or anticipating them. What a gift laughter is ! Hope proves it.” Burgess Meredith ~ Director of the USO in 1943

“It’s better to start with a small house and work your way up to a big house; than starting with a big house and wind up in the dog house.”
Kay Kyser in That’s Right, You’re Wrong

The Advice of Grandmother
Stand up straight and keep pulling your shoulders back. Don’t slouch or you’ll turn into a pathetic, silly old man.” That’s Right, You’re Wrong
“Now we’re gonna have a little syncopation; so I want you to toddle out here and truck around the totem pole and sashay around the stadium. What I mean is come on children and dance.” Kay Kyser in That’s Right — You’re Wrong

“A man carrying a gun around with him can’t live a relaxed life and no-one is gonna feel comfortable enough around him to be a friend.” Will Rogers

“I have always had strong legs.” Gina Lollabridgeda in Trapeze

“There’s a new product on the market from Italy; it’s a soap called ‘pope-on-a-rope’ Wash with it and go straight to heaven.”
Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam

The Problems in Vietnam
We are now going to hear from our friends in Military Intelligence (that’s a contradiction in terms). Can you tell us what you’ve found out about the enemy ? “Yes, we have found that we can’t find the enemy ! They’re out there, but we’re having a problem finding them.” What are you doing to fix that then ? “Well, we ask them : Are you the enemy ? And if they say yes; we shoot them !” In the newspaper they call the enemy Charlie, but we don’t find anyone here by that name. They have names like Lu-Yi and din-how (How’s that ?)
Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam

“Close your mouth; you’re attracting flies !”
Will Rogers in The Boy From Oklahoma

“There’s a lot of things worse than being scared and being dead is one of them.” Will Rogers in The Boy From Oklahoma

“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle

“There is a big difference between what is fact and what seems to be !”
Betty Davis in All This and Heaven Too

“An actor’s romantic attachments on the screen are sometimes suspected of being in love off the screen too. But it’s just gossip. In most cases, what is between two actors in real life is air, just air.” Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain

There’s one thing that no one can deny about Texas : “There’s an awful lot of it !” Alexis Smith in Montana
(also starring Errol Flynn as a sheep herder !)

“Every gal is entitled to make a fool of herself once.” Montana

Swing Band Movie Antics
“Now we’re gonna have a little Syncopation; so I want you to Toddle out here, Truck around the totem pole and Sashay around the Stadium !
What I mean is come on children, come on out and dance & play.”
Kay Kyser in That’s Right, You’re Wrong

Losing Weight with Jack Lemon
Here is the secret motto women have about me: Refreshing without filling !
Jack Lemon in Under the Yum-Yum Tree

“The question is : Can a man eat his weight in hot-cakes ?”
Gentle Annie 1941

“You don’t always have to go traveling to find what you’re looking for !”
Donna Reed in Gentle Annie

Elevator Boy : 18th Floor and Quick !
(On the Eighteenth floor ) If you run into my stomach on the way down; save it for me. Carefree

Psychiatric Evaluation of Ginger Rogers
She’s just another one of those dizzy, maladjusted females, who can’t make up her mind. I’ll probably find out that she doesn’t have one ! Fred Astaire in Carefree

“People that live in big cities, like Paris are trained not to trust in the truth; they would much rather have perfumed lies.” Emile Zola

“The world must be conquered, but not by the force of arms, but by ideas. Ideas can liberate us, so we can rebuild governments anew. Yes, governments rebuilt, for the humble and the honest.” Emile Zola

“I do what I’ve gotta do and I leave the rest to you.” Captain Beyond

“Katherine Hepburn is curiously famous for her laugh ~ ahh-ha, ha-ha
“There are some things between men and women that should remain implicit.” (for to speak of them out loud, destroys the spell of romance and turns ladies & gentlemen into common animals). Tony Curtis in The Great Race

Quotations from The Wind and the Lion
“What I really want is respect. Respect for human life and American property.” Theodore Roosevelt
“The American Grizzly Bear is a symbol of the American Character : Strength, intelligence, ferocity, a little blind and reckless at times, but above all lonely. The eagle is a dandified vulture and is a poor symbol for America.” Theodore Roosevelt
“Sometimes your enemies are a lot more admirable than your friends.” T. Roosevelt
The Letter to the President : To President Theodore Roosevelt
You are like the wind and I like the lion. You form the tempest, the sand stings my eyes and the ground is parched. I roar in defiance, and do you-not hear; between us there is a difference. I like the lion must remain in my place, while you, like the wind, will never know yours. Moray-Achmed-Mohahmmed-El Rassouli ~ The Magnificent

Jimmy Cagney’s Confession
I’ve always been a sucker for women. (Are there any men out there honest enough to admit it) Smart Money

Quotations from The Great American Broadcast
Don’t give me coffee; can’t you give me something to put me to sleep. Alice Faye ~ “Life sometimes is very ironical.” Jack Oakie

“The Academy Awards Ceremony is filled with nervous actors and an expectant audience. It is just like a big maternity ward.” Bob Hope

“There ain’t no use of a feller to go lookin’ for religion; it just got to come to him natural, like lightning striking.” Sargent York

“The Lord sure does move in mysterious ways.”
(and so does a woman in love). Sargent York

Bachelor’s Declaration of Independence
“I have a love for freedom – so strong – that it outshines the need for romantic love !” Cary Grant in Holiday

“The real me is a ‘sport’ who scatters sunshine wherever he goes.”
Cary Grant in Once Upon a Honeymoon

“You are invited tonight for a pleasure trip to my garden of the stars.”
Ronald Coleman in Kismet

“Where I come from, there is a lot of love-making, but no love.”
Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes

“When you travel in outer space; you see time and space bending. You feel lost and alone. Yes, you are alone and it squashes your ego.”
Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes

A Shocking Revelation
Get your dirty paws off me : You Stinking Ape !
Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes

Wisdom of the Parents
All you can do is raise them; you can’t live their life for them.
Elizabeth Taylor in Giant

“Some of the worst things were done with the best of intentions.”
Sam Neil in Jurassic Park III

“I wonder how many mealy-mouthed gossipers know me in truth.”
Rex Harrison in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

“You can’t solve an Eastern riddle with a Western mind.”
Chuck Norris in Walker : Texas Ranger

“One of the most annoying tragedies of life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a brutal gang of facts.” La Rochefoucald

“The real crime of life for women is that everything we love is either illegal, immoral or too fattening.” Irene Dunne

Loony Limericks

No Matter How Grouchy

No matter how grouchy you are feeling
You will find that a limerick is healing
It grows like a wreath
All around your front teeth
Thus preserving the face from congealing.

Too Tight 45

There was a young lady of Twick-en-hem
Whose boots were too tight to walk quick-en-em
She wore them a while
But after on a mile
She pulled them off and was sick-of-em.

Off to the Clink

There once was a sailor named Link
Whose mates rushed him off to the clink
Said he, “Yes, I have a skunk
As a pet in my bunk !
But that’s no reason to raise a stink.”

He Played the Cello

Said a cellist, a modest young fellow
When praised for the playing of his cello
“It’s the easiest thing” said he
to just butter each string
With a morsel of strawberry jello.”

A Maiden in College

A maiden in college, Miss Keyes
Was weighed down by B.A.’s & M.D.’s
She collapsed from the strain
Said the doctor : “It is plain
That you’re killing yourself by degrees.”

Phineas Fly

A fellow named Phineas Fly
Lived like a pig in a pig-sty
If you asked the reason for this
He would reply with a hiss :
“It’s none of your business, that’s why !”

The Words She Let Pass 46

I met a girl once in Savannah
Who slipped on the peel of a banana
The words she let pass
As she fell on the grass
Would not please or poppa or momma.

A Loony Young Lady

A loony young lady, Lucille (Ball)
When asked if her hair was for real
Replied with a shrug :
“Just give it a tug !
And judge by the way that I squeal.”

God’s Plan

God’s plan made a hopeful beginning
But Man spoiled it by sinning
We must trust that the story
Will end in God’s glory
But right now, the other side is winning.

A Boy Named Gustave

There once was a boy named Gustave
Who said that a chimp, he must have
But his parents said No
Because they already could show
All the ape they could stand in Gustave.

Carrying Politeness Too Far

There was a young girl from Bryn Mawr
Who carried politeness too far.
“Don’t look now,” she said
With a tilt of her head
“But someone is stealing your car !”

Sad to Relate 47

There was a young maid of Manilla
Whose favorite ice cream was vanilla
But sad to relate
Though we piled it on her plate
T’was impossible to fill her.

She Woke in Dismay

There was a young girl named Bianca
Who slept while the ship was at anca
She woke in dismay
When she heard the mate say
“Now hoist up the top-sheets & spanker !”

A Most Horrible Squint

There was a young lady of Flint
Who had a most horrible squint
She would scan the whole sky
With her uppermost eye
While the other was reading fine print.

The One that got Away

There was an old man of Cape May
Who reeled in a mermaid one day
He said, “You are my queen !
But you should have seen
The other one that got away!”

An Old Kangaroo

There once was an old kangaroo
Who painted his children sky-blue
When his wife asked, “My dear,
Don’t you think it queer ?
He said, “Quiet, or next will be you !”

Encounter by a Puma 48

A Boston boy went out to Yuma
And there he encountered a puma –
And later they found
Just a spot on the ground
And also, a puma, with a good sense of huma.

A Fatso named Flo

There once was a fatso named Flo
As fat as a capital “O”
When the people asked, “Why ?”
“It’s like this,” came the reply
“I suppose it’s the way I grow.”

A New Popular Song

There was a composer name Bong
Who composed a new popular song
It was simple to croon
About a love-sick baboon
With occasional thumps on the gong !

Slipped on a Banana

There was a young gal from Havana
Who slipped on the peel of a banana
Away went her feet ”
Then she just took a seat
In a very un-lady-like manna.

A Silly Young Ninny

A fellow who lived in New Guinea
Was known as a silly young ninny
He utterly lacked
Education, that’s a fact
As for clean socks : He ain’t got any !

A Hippo 49

A hippo from Chesapeake Bay
Decided to take up ballet
So she stood on her toes
And said, “Okay, here goes !”
Then made a big splash on Broadway.

The Hairy Mutt

A puppy whose hair was so flowing
That there was just no way of knowing
Which end was his head
When I asked him, he said
“Please sir, am I coming or going ?”

Caught in a Flood

A singer they called Miss Diana
Was caught in a flood in Montana
Ah she floated away
While her husband would play
His part on the old piana.

Caught in a Fire

There was a young girl from St. Paul
Who wore a newspaper dress to the ball
When her dress caught fire
It burned up her entire
Front page, sporting section and all !

She was Padded

There was a young lady named Jo ~
Who was padded from her head to her toe
She was hit by a truck ~
Which was very bad luck ~
And she’s still bouncing, as far as we know.

An Astronaut Named Dwight 50

There once was an astronaut named Dwight
Whose speed became faster than light
He set out one day
In a relative kind of way
And came back on the previous night.

Grape Marmalade

There once was a clever young maid
Who only ate grape marmalade
At one hundred and three
She could still say Whee
“How nicely preserved I have stayed.”

An Old Hag of Malacca

There was an old hag of Malacca
Who smoked the most attrocious tobacca
When tigers came near
They trembled with fear
And Absolutely refused to attacka

It is Easier to Toot !

A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to teach two young tooters to toot
Said the two, to the tutor
“It is easier to toot, sir
When one of the tutors plays the lute.”

A Large Nose

There was an old hooker of West Dumpet
Who possessed a large nose, like a trumpet
When she blew it loud
It astonished the crowd
And they called her a loud mouth strumpet.

The Healing Power of Salad 51

There was an old lady of Fife
Who was greatly disgusted with life
We sang her a vegetarian ballad
And fed her a tempting salad
Which cured her and now she’s my wife.

They Dropped Like Flies

That girl in the Chinese Pagoda
Ate onions from fair Minnesota
And garlic, all the way from Greece
And limburger cheese, not the least
While her friends dropped like flies from the odor.

Your Momma Was a Goat

A cheese that was aged and grey
Was walking and talking one day
Said the cheese : “Kindly note
My momma was a goat
And I’m made of curds, by the whey.”

One More Crust

A fat young actress once said
As she gobbled down slices of bread
If I eat one more crust
I surely will bust
At which point, her audience fled.

“Things do not happen for no reason, but are part of a chain of events.”
Raymond Massey in A Matter of Life and Death

“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost
For want of the shoe, the horse was lost
For want of a horse, the rider was lost
For want of a rider, the message was lost
And all for the want of a horse-shoe-nail !” Benjamin Franklin

“No poison is more deadly than ink.” Charlie Chan on Broadway
“I feel like a humble pigeon in the company of peacocks.” Charlie Chan on Broadway
“Murder case like revolving door; when one door closes, another opens.” Charlie Chan

“You have to create your life; you have to carve it out, just like a sculptor.”
William Shatner

Uphill Questions and Downhill Answers by Christina Rossetti
Does the road wind uphill all the way ? Yes, to the very end !
Will the day’s journey, take the whole long day ? From morn to night, my friend !
But is there, for the night, some resting place ? Yes, a roof for when the slow dark hours begin ! ~~~ May not the darkness, hide it from my face ? You cannot miss that Inn !
Shall I meet other wayfarers there at night ? Yea, all those who have gone before !
Then must I knock or call when it’s just in sight ? They will not keep you standing at that door !~~ Shall I find comfort for the travel sore and weary ? Yea, and for all your labors; you shall find the sum !~~ Will there be beds there for me ? And for all those who seek it !~~ Are you sure ? Yes, for sure, and for all who come in peace ! 1862

President John F. Kennedy’s Famous Space Age Speech
For the eyes of the world now look into Space, to the moon and to the planets beyond; and we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest (like the Spanish Conquistadores in Peru) but by the banner of freedom and peace. We have vowed that we shall not see Space filled with weapons of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge and understanding. May 25th1961

President John F. Kennedy’s Famous Secret Society Speech
The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, secret oaths, and secret proceedings. We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts – far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. April 1961

Who Murdered President Kennedy and Why ?
There are many theories about who killed President Kennedy and why. Richard C. Hoagland in his book Dark Mission presents his theory that Vice President Lindon Johnson with the help of Congressman Albert Thomas are suspects. During President
Kennedy’s famous Space Age Speech, he presented the plan to explore Space with the help of the Communist Russian Regime. Vice President Lindon Johnson was seen at that time with a look of hatred in his eyes. You can see this yourself in the famous photo
of The joint Session of Congress, May 25, 1961. There was an argument afterward, according to inside sources, that Johnson called Kennedy a Communist Sympathizer. After the assassination, Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president.
This is what Richard Hoagland wrote below this picture : “Looking appropriately solemn for the cameras, Lyndon Johnson takes the oath of office aboard Air Force One, only hours after the President’s assassination. Note Jacqueline Kennedy, right, Lady Bird Johnson and Vice Presidential aide Jack Valeti, kneeling, next to flowers. Between Valeti and Ladybird is Congressman Albert Thomas of Texas.” (Texas is where the president was murdered). Below that photo is a picture after the ceremony. Jacqueline Kennedy is crying unconsolingly, “while Johnson turns away from the camera and smiles at Congressman Thomas, who winks back at him and smiles broadly in return. Is this the behavior of resolute leaders who have just experienced a national tragedy, or of two conspirators who just pulled off a coup ?” Afterward, Johnson pursued a full scale war in Viet Nam against the communists (and against the wishes of President Kennedy). According to witnesses, the last words spoken by Johnson on his deathbed were “There’s blood on my hands !”

Quotes from The Little Minister
Can a man love a woman against his will ? John Beal, minister
Of course he can; that is the charm of love ! Katheryn Hepburn
The Gypsy Woman

“Those who are feigning religiousness, regard marrying any woman to be a sin and full of trouble. Those who are truly religious, regard marriage to a good woman as honorable and full of harmony.” G. Julian Walker-Extrapolated from The Little Minister

Quotations from Berkeley Square
How many of us have wished that we might escape from the dull reality of the Present and into the glamor and romance of Yesterday ? But if we could journey back into the mystery of the Past; should we find contentment or unhappiness ? John L. Balderston, Script Author
Now there is the wonder of a Hot-Air-Balloon. There is a New Age of speed and invention that we shall never live to see !
If you are drifting downstream in a boat and glance backward, there you may see an old lover in strange clothes ~ that would be the Past. You are drifting along in the Present, but cannot see around the bend of the river, for it is the Future. God is watching
from above and can see the Past, the Present and the Future; therefore Real Time is just an idea in the mind of God. Leslie Howard as Peter Standish

“Unlike here in England; America was brought forth from a vast continent, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the idea that all men were created equal. (Butler) But Sir, that idea is absurd ! It does seem a little cock-eyed, doesn’t it ?

Do you believe in Eternal Love ? If you have included God in your love, then you are not in Your Time; you are not in Your Lover’s Time; but in God’s Time! Heather Angel

“Errol Flynn had a sort of Divine Discontent about him.”
His Former Wife

“Everybody is somebody’s fool, so I guess I’ll concentrate on growing old.” Orson Wells in The Lady From Shanghai

Quotations from The Adventures of Marco Polo
In Marco Polo dwells the spirit of adventure and romance; it burns like a sacred flame. He possesses the luck of a fool and the blessings of The Goddess of Fortune.
Marco Polo was the first European to visit China in 1273 and he wrote about it. Cary Grant stars as Marco Polo in the movie.
“The smallest things have changed the world”– Marco Polo
“Food comes before philosophy” — Marco Polo
“Too much gossip is the surest way of suicide.” The King of Kaidu
“With enough of this wondrous invention called gunpowder; you could change the world.” Marco Polo

“In everyone’s life, there is a basic need for companionship.”
Eve Arden in Our Miss Brooks

“For fifteen years, professor Ehrlich worked developing his famous theory of the way Nature fights disease in the body. It became known in science as the ‘Side-Chain Theory’. It’s publication brought him great honor in the scientific world. He received the Nobel Prize. An institute was created for him in Frankfort. There he launched a series of experiments, applying his theory to the task of curing disease, by chemical molding of ‘magic-bullets.’ (or building immunity in the body by developing more antibodies). Dr. Ehlich’s Magic Bullet

The Diseases of the Body intertwined with sinful violations of Spiritual Laws : Dr. Ehrlich was a doctor who was a believer in God. All his life he worked intimately with diseases and their cures. Everyone who utters something on their death-bed, utters truth for him beyond question. Jesus on the cross, facing death, spoke of His Father as El Shaddai (not Jehovah, who he called the devil). Similarly-Dr.Ehrlich spoke of his lifelong wisdom regarding diseases of the body and mind on his death-bed.

“Magic Bullets will help cure thousands, but there can be no final victory over the diseases of the body, unless the diseases over the Soul are also overcome; for they feed on each other.” Edward G. Robinson as Dr. Ehrlich in Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet
“Kill someone and you’re a murderer; kill a million people and you’re a conqueror !” John Lithgow in Cliffhanger

Mae West Teaches Arithmetic To the Third Grade
Reading and studying is done by educated people. However, adults read and study different things. You young boys have to know arithmetic; adults have to know mathematics. Here’s your lesson in arithmetic : Addition. Addition is how to count things all together, for instance 2 + 2 = 4 and 5 will get you 10 if you’re smart. Now subtraction is how to count things taken away, for instance, if a man has 100 dollars and you give him a good time; you can leave him with only 2 dollars.
Mae West in My Little Chickadee

“A soldier knows when he is at war, that he has no Past and no Future; but for the Present – he needs a full belly.” Omar Shariff in The Last Valley

“It is hard for a warrior to live in peace (even if he’s won the war).”
Burt Lancaster as Masai in Apache

The Mad Scientist Speaks
When this car reaches the speed of 88 MPH; you’re gonna see some serious shit !! Christopher Lloyd in Back To The Future

Opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one !
Clint Eastwood as Inspector Callahan in The Dead Pool

Meeting a Gangster at the Chinese Restaurant
Clint Eastwood: “Do you believe in Chinese Fortune Cookies ?” Here’s what your cookie says : You’re Shit Out Of Luck ! (Blows him away) Clint Eastwood in
The Dead Pool

“When you travel all around the world and meet all sorts of people; you become something of a philosopher, like we all think of ourselves as philosophers ~ asking the same kind of age old questions ~ What is life ? What is this all about ? Where am I going ? Where am I going to park ?” Nat King Cole

“When truth is on the march; nothing can stop it !” Emile Zola

“There’s a fierceness in youth’s desire for sexuality. Love making is one of life’s strangest conundrums. . Sam Neil in Sirens

Quotations from Stowaway
May your shadow lengthen always in the sun of happiness -San Lo
May the bird of prosperity continue to nest under your rooftop – Shirley Temple
I will see you soon, but until then – the memory of you will bloom in the garden of my heart – San Lo
In tourist cities, everything has two prices : one for the poor and one for the foolish tourist – Shirley Temple

Charging into ye olde Bordello ~Is this some kind of bust ? Detective Comedy
Yes, yours is very impressive – Leslie Neilsen in The Naked Gun

“There’s no human problem that can’t be solved by kindness.”
John Boles in Curly Top

“The truth of the matter is, I just love your childish game. There’s nothing that makes a home happier, as the sound of children laughing.”
Curly Top (with Shirley Temple)

Quotations from Charlie Chan in Paris ~Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Young bird must learn to fly away from cage or stay as prisoner from Nine to Five. Charlie Chan: Young girl good tonic for old heart
Little turtle in pond safer than big man on horseback
(If you are so sad that you are thinking of suicide, remember this)
Joy in heart, more desirable than bullet in heart.
Kindness in heart, better than gold in bank.
Optimist see delicious donut; pessimist see only hole
Silence big sister to wisdom ~
Hasty conclusion like gunpowder, easy to explode
Good detective must investigate all possibilities
Little key-hole big friend to stupid detective
Murder suspect has pleaded innocence, but innocence must be proven
Always carry spare gun, in case of blow-out !
Strange crimes hidden underneath Paris, in the sewer.

“Lessons from the Past can help you find a Happy Ending in the Future.”
Extrapolated from The Shell Seekers

A Mystic Yogini Describes Death
Daddy — Listen : I know that you know – you’re dying and I know that you’re afraid, but you don’t have to be afraid. When I had that accident, I died — I mean just for a few minutes, but I saw it and it’s beautiful. Everyone you know that died you’ll see them
then and there. And Daddy, there’s music — bells & chimes — and you’ll begin to feel like you understand everything — and you don’t have a body anymore. And there’s this light, and it’s so bright and loving — and then you feel it reaching out to you — and pretty soon, you begin to understand, that you are made of that same light. ~
Ellen Burstyn in Resurrection

“Battle is a highly fluid situation.” John Trivolta in Broken Arrow

“Music is a wonderful way to pass the time.”
Ann Blythe in The Student Prince

“Drink to me only with thine eyes
And I will pledge with mine
If you be the kiss in the cup
I’ll not ask for the wine.” Ben Johnson in High Spirits

“There ain’t nothing in the world
Like a big-eyed girl
To make me act so funny
Make me spend my money
Make me feel real loose
Like a long-neck goose
Oh Baby, that’s a what I like !” The Big Boppa in High Spirits

Quotations from Great Balls of Fire
When it comes to playing the piano; you’re looking at the wildest one !
Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis
Don’t Be Afraid Little Girls; it’s only me Jerry Lee !
You’re a real nice girl and I like you, but for now shut up !

Quotations from Batman, the movie
What kind of world do we have, with a batman and a joker in it ?
Kim Bassinger : You’re not exactly normal, are you ?
Michael Keaton: It’s not a normal world, is it ? Batman
Quotations from the joker ~ Jack Nicholson
Gentlemen : Let’s Broaden our minds
I’m sure I can be more entertaining

The Joker’s TV Commercial
Get Joker Products with my new secret ingredient :
Let’s go over to our blind test (Love that Joker)
Oh ~ Oh, he doesn’t look happy, (that’s because)
He’s been using Brand X ~ Now, let’s go over to Joker Brand
I get a grin, again and again : Look at that luscious tan, those ruby lips
and hair color; so natural, only her undertaker knows for sure !
Ha ~ Ha ~ Ha ~ Ha ~ I know what you’re saying
Where can I get these fine, new items ?
Well, that’s the gag – chances are – you bought them already
(Love that Joker) So remember, put on a happy face (as my plastic surgeon always said : If you gotta go; go with a smile !)
Did you ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight ?
Never rub another man’s rhubarb !
(The secret why the joker is always happy is that) On the outside I may be cryin’, but on the inside; I’m laughin’ .

“God is a subtle witness, but is not malicious.” Albert Einstein

“According to religious people, everything enjoyable in the world is an invention of the devil : Pretty Women, Spring, Good Food and Good Drink. Yes, the devil made them all. What did God make ? Celibate Monks, Fasting to the Death, Bitter tea, and Ugly Women . . Pooh ! Zorba the Greek

Rabbi Jannai says : “It is beyond our power to explain either the prosperity of the wicked or the afflictions of the righteous.”

“Impersonalists say that God is in all creatures, including the tiger. Well, if you truly believe that, then why don’t you embrace the tiger when he attacks you ? The personalist says yes ! God is in all creatures, including the tiger, and if you truly believe it, then listen to God within you shouting : Get the Hell out of there !!”
Rama Krishna Dasa

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

“Everyone wants to go to heaven, yet no one wants to die. How are you going to get there then ?” Anonymous

“Each of us have to bear our own hell.” Virgil in the Aeneid

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.”
Soren Kierkegaard

“Speak your truth quietly and clearly. Listen patiently to what others say; remember even the dull and ignorant have a right to a story.” Anonymous

“Loud, aggressive persons are vexations to the spirit.” Anonymous

“The wealth of the soul is the only true wealth.” Lucian

“The establishment of truth requires at least two people; one to speak it and one to listen to it.” Henry David Thoreau

“It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see one’s own faults. One shows the faults of others like chaff winnowing in the wind, but one conceals his own faults as a cunning gambler conceals his dice.” Lord Buddha

“If you want eternal life fully realized; you must die first.” St. Francis of Assisi

“The prophet can only see a week ahead is always a popular fellow; but the one who claims to see a year ahead, can hardly make anyone believe it.” Will Rogers

“When you can sell mirrors successfully in the city of the blind; you are indeed a great salesman.” Kabir

“The kingdom of God, the Father, is spread out upon the earth, but ordinary people cannot see it.” The Gospel of Thomas

“He who loves his enemies, betrays his friends; surely this is not what Jesus meant.” William Blake

“It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death.” Thomas Mann

“Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.”
Jerome K. Jerome

“It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.” Lawrence Durrell

“The opportunity to practice brotherhood presents itself, every time you meet a fellow human being.” Jane Wyman

“Nobody can deny that religion is a comfort to the distressed, the sick and heavy laden. It gives compassionate help to the poor and restrains the wicked in all of us. Who-so-

ever would sneer at this and try to argue it out of the world, without giving us something of equal value; ought to be treated as a common enemy.” Mary Wortley Montagu

“I sometimes go to church and meditate on the sermon and sometimes find a great truth. But sometimes I find something that is definitely false, yet I cannot leave; for if I do, I find a street full of falsehoods and hardly a truth to be found.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Our scientific power has out-run our spiritual power. Just consider my proof : We have guided missiles with misguided men behind them.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“A good conscience is the palace of Christ; a temple to the Holy Ghost. It is a paradise of delight when tested, with witnesses of saints in heaven who are standing up on the Sabbath.” St. Augustine

“Every church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Happiness is like a cat. If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you; it will never come. But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you’ll find it rubbing against your leg and jumping in your lap.” William Bennett

“Happy is he who has overcome his ego; happier still is he who has attained peace; happiest of all is he who has found the truth.” Lord Buddha, 500 B.C.E.

“People lie because they need something badly and they think the truth will not get it for them.” Cary Grant in Charade

“How would you like a spanking ? Cary Grant
“How would you like a punch in the nose ? Audrey Hepburn in Charade

“Won’t you come in for a minute; I don’t bite, you know – unless it’s called for.” Audrey Hepburn in Charade

“There is a battle between the Evolutionists and the Creationists now (1955) but I believe that the whole of evolution can be reduced to a process of union with God’s plan and it has become the people’s innermost wish and the ultimate in righteous developments.” Pierre Teilhard of Chardin

“I am the genie who popped out of the bottle and I’m not going back.” Little Richard

The Simple Man Living the Simple Life
What life can compare to this ? Sitting quietly by the window, watching the leaves fall in the Fall and watching the flowers springing in the Spring. Hseu-Ton ~ 1050 A.D.

“The sun and moon shoot past like a bullet in our floating life. Only sleep affords a little extension of our span of life. Business affairs fly about like thick dust to belabor our lives, only sleep affords a little reprieve. Overindulgence of food and drink upsets the mind and body; only sleep gives us a short fast to balance us out. Contention and strife disturb our peace; only sleep restores for us the peace of a Golden Age.
Do you need a vacation, but can’t afford one; deep sleep lets us travel abroad without the expense. In addition, in dreams we can walk without legs and fly without wings : Welcome to Fairyland” Mr. Tut-Tut

“How can we be certain that God is dead ? We are not even sure about Elvis ? Anonymous

“God is not dead, but alive and well. He’s just working now with a more grateful species.” Anonymous

“The spirit came from God and will return to God; but for the Present;
life is only a moment in between.” Rumi

“They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.” Emily Dickinson

“God is within you, but we place Him outside of us and worship Him. Clever is the person who sees God, both inside and outside.” Yogaswami

“God is the greatest democratic person the world has ever known; for He leaves us unfettered to make our choice between good and evil. Therefore, it is said that our life is good sport in a circus world of illusion. Yet, we are not alone, for He is a fun lover too. So let us dance to the tune of His flute and all will be well.” Mohandas K. Gandhi

“There are two realities, the un-manifest and the manifest. Yet He is ever existent and the conscious spirit that pervades all. Without fear and without enmity, seek the timeless, the unknown and the self-existent, which is complete within Him. However, you cannot understand all of God’s qualities through the senses; therefore seek out His
True Servants, a Bona-fide Guru and then you may become fully realized by his grace.” Guru Nanak ~ Founding Father of the Siks.

Confucius say: “To know what you know and know what you do-not know is the characteristic of one who actually knows beyond a doubt.”

“The young people should be good sons (and daughters) at home, polite and respectful in society; they should be careful in their conduct and faithful to their people. They should spend their time with good and kind people. If after learning all this, they still have some energy; let them read books.” Confucius

“Happiness is an imaginary condition; when you are at a funeral, it is attributed to the dead, by the living. Sometimes it is attributed to adults by children and sometimes by children to adults.” Thomas Szasz

“We hold the following truths to be self-evident :
That all men (and women) are created equal
That they are endowed by their creator with certain, inalienable rights
And among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
Declaration of Independence ~ July 4th, 1776

“In my darkest hour I have been consoled by the thought that death at least is payment for the answer of life’s haunting secrets.”
Morris B. Abran

“When anger spreads through the breast; guard thy tongue from barking idly.” Sapho 630 B.C.E.

“When God admits you to his presence, ask nothing from Him, other than His presence. If He chooses you as a friend; you have seen all there is to see and know whatever there is to know. There is no duality in His World; so ask nothing ~ for how can you fill a cup that is full already.” Hakim Sanai ~ 12th Century

“If a man does not make any new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone.” Samuel Johnson

“A great man is one who has not lost the child’s heart.” Mencius 400 BC

“One must beware of saying what he does not mean; instead he must speak what in in his heart. Also, one must match his speech with what he believes. One must not deceive anyone.” Judah Ben Samuel ~Century12

“The fear of death is worse than death.” Robert Burton

“There is no death; only a change of worlds.” Chief Seattle

“Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.” Henry Van Dyke

“Doubt is nothing but a trivial agitation on the surface of the soul; deep down there is a calm certainty.” Francois Mauriac

“Because an atheist believes only in what his senses and mind tell him is real; he has no invisible means of support.” Fulton J. Sheen

“Look to your health; and if you have it: Praise God and value it next to a good conscience, for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of. These are the blessings that money cannot buy.” Izaak Walton 1680

“I sing the body electric. This collection of poems has empowered me with love and therefore I empower them. Yet, they will not let me be, until I respond to them and free them from mundane corruption. It is then that I charge them with the electricity of the soul.” Walt Whitman

“My mind loses itself in the deep waters of the soul.” Margaret Oliphant

“When you taste good soul food; it will take hold of your soul and hang your unsuspecting innards out to dry !” Sheila Ferguson

A Mother’s Day Tribute from her daughter
I am born connected. I am born remembering rivers flowing from my mother’s body into my body. I pray at her Fountain of Life, saturated in her milk and blood, water and honey. She passes on to me the meaning of religion, because she links me to our origin in God & Mother. Meinrad Craighead in her bestselling book The Mother Song

“A belief does not belong to the practical world of machines; nowadays a belief is not true unless it is useful for something.” Henri Amiel

“To believe in God for me is to feel that God is alive, not dead (not stuffed and hanging on a wall) but an irresistible force urging us towards more loving.” Vincent Van Gogh

“Man can believe the impossible but man can never believe in the improbable.” Oscar Wilde

“The important thing in love is not to hurry.” Maurice Chevalier
Love Me Tonight
Quotations by Alfred Hitchcock
I abhor violence. That is why I use stabbing, shooting and strangulation when it is absolutely necessary to the plot or when the whim strikes me !
Ancients used to tell the future by examining the entrails of a goat. I have here an x-ray of a goat in order to read the future. I was skeptical at first, but then I was amazed when I spotted my lost car keys there! As far as the future is concerned; it really looks bad for the next minute, while the commercial is playing.

“A man’s memory is all that stands between him and chaos.” A. Korsakoff

“We gotta stick together; it’s one for all and divided we fall. The wolf is at the door and the hand-writing is on the wall.” Jimmy Durante

The Millionaire’s Club
What are all those mummies doing sitting in there ? Shirley Temple. “Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Those aren’t mummies, Betsy; they are millionaires. They spent their whole life trying to make a million dollars and now (that they are old) they spend their time sitting around wondering why they did it !” George Murphy in Little Miss Broadway

Quotations from McClintock~ Starring John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara
You have to be a man, before you’re a gentleman. John Wayne
I’m a kind man; if you’re gonna commit suicide – I may save you the trouble ! John Wayne ~ When I pass on; I’m gonna leave most of my land ~ well ~ to the nation, really. I’m gonna found a park, so that, no trees can be cut down to build houses with leaky roofs, or for hunters to kill the beaver for hats and no murder of buffalo for robes. Now, some folks are gonna say I’m doing this so I can sit up in the hereafter and look down on a park named after me. But it’s not about me, but in the name of the love that a woman and a man have for each other. Because, all the gold in the U.S. Treasury and all the harp music in heaven can’t equal what happens between a man and a woman in love and I want all of Nature to be growing with them and around them. I can’t explain it better than that. John Wayne

“There is a place that you can touch a woman, that will drive her crazy
Her Heart !” Melanie Griffith in Milk Money

“As my Pappy used to say : There is no more deeply moving experience than cheating on a cheater.” Mel Gibson as Maverick, the movie

“How can you tell when a drill sergeant is tough enough ? When he can crack walnuts with his ass; he’s tough enough !” Lonestar
The Knight’s Code for the Divine Warriors
When you are king, remember what you have seen today and the difference between battle and butchery. Remember the Old Code* then you will be a greater king than your father.
*The Old Knight’s Code (of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table) is a remnant of the Divine Warrior and they are as follows: 1.The knight is sworn to valor. 2. His heart knows only virtue. 3. His blade defends the helpless. 4. His might upholds the weak. 5. His words know only the truth. 6. His wrath is the undoing of the wicked. 7. He serves the Father for the greater glory of His son. 8. No-one is above these codes, especially the king.

“It’s bad to believe in too much; but it’s worse to believe in too little.”
Victor Mature in The Egyptian

“With the death of every friend I have loved, a part of me has been buried, but their contribution to my happiness, strength, understanding and loyalty ~ remains to sustain me in an altered world.” Helen Keller

The Wisdom of King Solomon
If you have a loyal friend and a true lover you can trust, then
1. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. 2. Woe to one who falls, when there is another to lift him up. 3. Two can resist only one who tries to overcome him (especially, when your best friend is there to cover your back). 4. When two (lovers) lie down (in the winter) they stay warm together. 5. A cord of three strands knotted together tightly (yourself, one lover and one friend) is not quickly torn apart. Ecclesiastes 4– New American Standard Bible

Quotations from Hearts in Atlantis
When you’re young and innocent; the world is a magical place, like Atlantis is said to be. (But then older people tell you it gets better when you grow up) Then you grow up and you get your heart broken. Anthony Hopkins
Every city has got a place where your last name doesn’t matter and wine is wrapped in a brown paper bags. You can get anything you want, if there’s cash in your pocket. Anthony Hopkins
When you touch someone for the very first time, it passes into a window dimension and eventually it goes into the memory of your mind. Anthony Hopkins

“Court trials are not always about the truth; although they are supposed to be.”
(Truth can be twisted due to time, place and circumstances) Snow Falling on Cedars

Cheers ! Here’s to Good Health ! (guzzling root beer) Remember, we’re all just passing through : Kiddo, just passing through. Anthony Hopkins
Sometimes forgiveness doesn’t happen in an instant; sometimes you have to work on it over time. Anton Welchin ~~ Hearts in Atlantis

Grace Prayer by Clint Walker
Our Father, we thank Thee for this house, this food and the fellowship of each other. Please help us to live each day, as you would have us to live it.
from Night of the Grizzly

One of the Great Speeches of World War II
It is not given to us, to peer into the mysteries of the future; but it in the days to come, the British and the American people together, will – for their own safety and for the good of all, walk together with majesty, in justice and in peace. Winston Churchill’s speech given before Congress, at the White House ~ U.S.A ~ 1944

“Democracy is the only hope for the future.” Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce)

“The Capitol building in Washington is the very heart of American Democracy.” Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone)

“When you’re so entertained that you forget your troubles; it’s a tonic to ya ! Marjorie Main as Ma Kettle in Ma and Pa Kettle On Vacation

“Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence in society.” Mark Twain

“Always respect your parents, especially when they are present before you.” Mark Twain

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain

“Marriage is an institution no family should be without.”
Frank Sinatra in Higher and Higher

“Everybody’s afraid of something; that’s how we know we care about something, when we’re so afraid we’ll lose it.” Kevin Costner in Bodyguard

“When did grin and bear it substitute for forgive and forget.” Quartet

“Man is ~properly speaking~ based upon hope. He has no other possession but hope, because this world of His is emphatically only a place of hope.” Thomas Carlyle

“Clothe yourselves with humility towards one another, because God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Therefore humble yourself under God’s mighty hand, so that He may lift you up in due time.” Peter, a Disciple of Jesus Christ

“Marriage is a sacred vow or commitment that you both make before God and it is a very serious matter to break that vow (so you must have a good reason to break it and you must present it before the Lord in humility). God gives marriage to us for our happiness and I believe, with His help, we can discover what it means to build two lives together on the foundation of Christ.” Billy Graham

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door, that we do not see the other door, which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller

How Do You Know You’re in Love ?
First, your blood begins to fizz, like ginger ale. Then you’re walking on air. Strangely enough, you begin to hear peculiar noises (like castanets clicking at odd moments). Finally, the noises begin to subside and you begin to see your loved one, walking on clouds and singing a torch ballad. Jack Haley in Higher and Higher

“One thing’s for damn sure; when the tunnel is under water, you gotta take the bridge.” Sylvester Stallone in Daylight

“I think it would be diminishing to the actual intent of the film to say it is an action film, because it’s not a car chase film or a guns & bullets film. It’s about the internal combustion of fear.” Sylvester Stallone’s assessment of the movie Daylight

“Everybody wants to survive, but how do you survive when you are with emergency services; you cannot survive alone. In a catastrophe we realize that only with the co-operation of everybody in the group will we make it.”
Sylvester Stallone’s reflections on the movie Daylight

Father & Son Stage a Viking Funeral : Mike Douglas & Kirk Douglas
Crazy Old Grandpa incinerates rowboat in a mock Viking Burial Rite ablaze in the lake. (Father and Son have Delusions of Grandeur) Mother and child shamed.
It Runs in the Family

“… in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.” Plato 360 B.C.

Quotations from Bruce Almighty
My blood type is IB Positive; I be positive they ain’t- touchin’ me with no needles !
Jim Carrey
If there’s anybody on the Internet that doesn’t like me ~Mega-bite me ! Jim Carrey
I am not thinking of your breasts this morning; no, I am not talking about your breasts this morning and I am not looking at your breasts this morning; but Hey, this has been a breast morning Jim Carrey
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Jim Carrey

“Don’t count your age by the years you’ve known, but by the friends you have made and the kindness sown. For life is not measured by the years that you live, but by the deeds you do and the joys you give.” Helen Steiner Rice

“The best test of a friendship is how you say good-bye.”
Dan Haggerty in Spirit of the Eagle

The Legendary Death of Knights
Down, down, down into darkness of the grave. Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender and the kind. Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty and the brave. I know all this, but I do-not approve and it is hard to resign myself to it. Edna Vincent Millay

“Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument that will endure until the sun grows cold.” Georg Fabricius

The Case Against the Final Death of Jesus on the Cross
“It was Pilate who offered Jesus shelter and safety inside the Praetorium. He would not have done this for an ordinary criminal. It was Pilate who told the guards to ‘go lightly’ on the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus. The Gospel of Nicodemus tells us that Pilate had instructed his soldiers to ‘let Jesus be brought with gentleness.’ Jesus remained on the cross for only a few hours. (Mark 15.25 and John 19.14 ) The two men crucified with Jesus, although with broken legs were still alive when taken down from the cross; the presumption is that Jesus too was alive, whose legs were not broken. (John 19.32-33) When the side of Jesus was pierced, blood gushed out; a sure sign of life. Jesus disguised himself as a gardener (John 20.15) such a disguise would not be needed if he had risen from the dead (without healing). He was however, weak. Jesus undertook a
journey to Galilee with two of his disciples, showing his complete recovery. Even Pilate did not believe Jesus actually died in such a short time. (Mark 15.44)
Suzanne Olsson in Jesus in Kashmir
“No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.” Francois Mauriac

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
Mark Twain

“What a man says and what a man does, doesn’t always end up to be the same thing.” Charles Bronson in Chino

“I’ve got important things to think of, but I do think of women every now and then.” Charles Bronson in Chino

Know Your Horses
Boy ! That horse is only as gentle as he wants to be; that’s the way of the wild mustang. Charles Bronson in Chino

“What’s the matter, cat got your crotch ?” Mel Gibson in Payback

“I made a deal with my wife; if she stops hooking, I’ll stop killing people” Mel Gibson in Payback

Why Women Lie
You can’t tell people the truth, they think you’re lying. You have to tell a lie, then they think you’re telling the truth. Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

God Bless the Animals (God Gets the Bird)
According to Ancient Chinese philosophy, the appearance of birds at certain times is a cosmic message for you. The Native Americans believed that very same thing, and named a spirit after birds and messages from God. Here’s one from America :
What’s The Good Word, Mister Bluebird ~ 1943
Hello Mister Bluebird, who gave you my address ? They say when you come flying by, it’s a sign of happiness. ~What’s the good word, mister Bluebird ? Did you bring a song to cheer me up today. Give me your word, Mister Bluebird, Did you come to tell me everything’s okay ? I’ve been blue ~ because there was no letter ~ Seeing you, has made me feel much better ~ what’s the good word, Mister Bluebird, before you fly (fly ~ fly) away.

Prayer for the Pets
And now Dear Lord, Let us bless these animals that are a part of God’s Creation; and are also a part of our Good Stewardship. The duties of good stewardship are feeding, caring and respecting the rights of animals to live and breed. All stewards are tested
from time to time. Therefore, we begin this blessing in a world that cannot hold onto love, because it is a world limited and uncertain. For our freedom of choice, we thank you. For our self-discipline ~ we thank ourselves ~for that means we are truly yogis. We thank you Lord, for the joy they bring us, as friends and companion as well as pets. We thank Thee again for all lovable creatures and critters of God’s imagination. My friend calls his pet Francis. Lord, watch over our servants in a lower station, and I know you remember another one of your servants : St. Francis of Assisi, who loved and respected all creatures, with the same kind of gentleness and patience as Jesus Christ himself. St Francis gave praise to you for all creatures, even though some creatures are mean and to be feared. Yea, we thank you for this celebration of creatures and critters, who serve our needs, like cows who give us milk and bees who give us honey. All such animals are serving man and God at the same time. Father, I know that the Demigods & Goddesses may have pets and I know that You, Yourself may have pets. So, I say bless all the pets. Amen Extrapolated from The Goodbye Bird

“Love is the greatest teacher.” The Goodbye Bird

Something Missing ~ A Joke
Here’s this animal lover who comes into the pet store with a patch over one eye. The clerk asks him if he is blind in that eye ? Oh yes, he says I have one eye missing ! How can I help you today, sir ? Give me a 3 legged dog to go with my 3 legged cat !

“I trust everyone; I just don’t trust the devil who may be inside of them.
Mark Whalberg in The Italian Job

“There’s one thing that I know, and that is ~ to never mess with Mother-in-laws, Mother Nature, and those Mother Freakin’ Ukranians !
The Italian Job
The Funeral Eulogy for Katie Elder
Almighty God, We commend the Soul of our dear departed sister Katie Elder to your care. As we commend her body into the ground next to her husband, everyone here agrees that she was beloved by all in this town; a hard-working, honest woman. She helped in your work, Oh Lord, in a thousand ways. She was a friend to all and a comfort to the sick. She has left this world, a little better for having lived in it. Those who knew her and loved her are better for having lived under the warmth of her smile and love. Katie Elder lived here for many years and she raised four sons ; John, Tom, Matt and Bud, the youngest. She was a woman who wanted nothing for herself; wanting only to
give rather than receive. She devoted her life to helping her family and friends. Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, with the sure and certain belief in the Resur-rection into Eternal Life. Oh God, whose mercies cannot be numbered, we ask that you hear our prayers for Thy Servant, the Soul of Katie Elder and grant her entrance into the
Land of Light and Joy. We ask that she be granted fellowship with the Saints and Communion with Thy Servants, for Thy Sake. Amen

“Let there be pauses between lover’s togetherness, for in those pauses the winds of heaven are dancing and renewing your relationship.” Kahil Gibran

“There are two ways that a church sermon can help you : One ~ you can rise up afterward greatly strengthened in moral fiber or Two ~ you can rise up after your nap, greatly refreshed.” The Joyful Newsletter

“It is now proved beyond a reasonable doubt, that smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.” Fletcher Knebel

“There were two ages which were very important in history : The Bronze Age and The Iron Age. However, they don’t mention the Metal Age for Seniors, which consists of gold in the teeth, silver in the hair and lead in the pants.” Ed Fischer

“There are different stages of memory loss, chief of which is CRC or Can’t Remember Crap.” Ed Fischer

“A good laugh is like sunshine in a house.” William Makepeace Thackeray

“It takes a long time to become young.” Pablo Picasso

New Slogans ~ joke
When I was young, the gals would say ‘Look but don’t touch !’ Now that they are old, those same gals are saying ‘Touch but don’t look !’

“Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” Ingrid Bergman

“People in other countries can plainly see our trust in God, because we drive as fast as possible.” G. Julian Walker

Joke : The hungry little chick-a-dee looked around the nest for something to eat and found an orange. “Oh” she said “I see the orange-mama-laid !”

“Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; snore, and you sleep alone.” Lars Olson

“Happiness is hearing your proctologist say :
‘you can straighten up now !’ George Burns
“Straighten up and Fly right !” Your Mama

“It’s not the days of your life that count, but the life in your days.” Adlai Stevenson

“Eat, drink and be quiet.” Old Norwegian Saying

“We are living in an age of specialists and statistics; that’s why 4 out of 5 doctors, recommend some other doctor !” Ed Fischer

“Only through love can we attain communion with God.” Dr. Albert Schweitzer

“Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” Ingrid Bergman

“I am not afraid of Tomorrow, for I have seen Yesterday and I love Today.” William Allen White

“One advantage of Old Age is wisdom; I have discovered all the answers to the questions I was asking when I was young, unfortunately I can’t remember what they were.” G. Julian Walker

Joke : An old couple were trying to get spiritual. The old man said to his wife : “Do you ever think of the Hereafter, dear ?” “Oh yes,” was the reply, “Whenever and wherever I am, and especially in a private room in this house, I have to stop what I’m doing and ask : Now, what was I here after ?”

Joke : A puzzled young boy asked his father “What was it like when you were young, did you have lingo like we do ?” “Oh yes,” replied the father, “Why in my day, my favorite thing was to don a zoot suit, jump on the running board and ride in the rumble seat, happy to go cut a rug !”

Joke : A 70 year old widow went out on a date with a 90 year old man. Returning late at night, she was indignant and crying. What’s wrong, asked her concerned daughter. She said, He tried to make love to me. Oh, exclaimed the daughter. Yes, the old widow replied, I had to slap his face 3 times to wake him up !

“The Bible cannot be the ultimate book of history. We cannot ignore the authority of other books by scholars of ancient history. If you do-not agree, then show me where it mentions the dinosaurs in the Bible ?” Bill Evans

“Some people are peculiar; but that’s not crazy.” Danny Kaye in Knock on Wood
Quotations from Hannibal ~ the movie
“I don’t consider psychology a science.” Anthony Hopkins
“There is a feeling of doubt, as to the final death of Jesus on the cross, especially Biblically. However, nobody beats the Risen Jesus !” Ray Liotta Quid-quo-pro : You tell me your dream; I’ll tell you mine. “Hanging was much more common in the ancient world than crucifixion; Judas Ascariot was hanged.” Anthony Hopkins

Columbus Day
They say Columbus discovered America; but there were already people living there, so maybe the natives discovered him. Dom Deluise in Tin Soldier

Attention Boys & Girls
Talk to your dolls and toys; because some day they may come to life and wink at you. Tin Soldier

From Ordinary Science to Extra-Ordinary Science
Impossible things happen every day. People say I’m nuts but the jury is still out.
Dom Deluise in Tin Soldier

“If you’re a boy, act the part and don’t try to be something you’re not. Then you will inherit all the joys you are entitled to for your age.” G. Julian Walker

My Theory on Women’s Earrings
What women wear is a clue to who they are. Earrings that are too large, tells me she wants to be something she is not. Small earrings indicate modesty to me. Colorful earrings mean she’s exotic, like a tropical bird.” G. Julian Walker

“The greatest sin of a parent to their offspring, is to not let them testify on their own behalf.” G. Julian Walker

“A knight is bound by honor. With spirit and purpose he protects the innocent and the helpless. On the other hand are demon warriors who use war as an excuse to steal, terrorize, destroy and rape.” Tin Soldier

“If you can’t climb up from a high and dangerous place, consider knotting a rope and climbing down – with each step you get safer and safer.”
Tin Soldier

“If you want true friends; then don’t let people decide for you what friends you should have. You choose your friends; friends that you know in your heart were sent by God and are good for you.” Jon Voight in Tin Soldier
A Knight’s Defense from Tin Soldier
A Knight’s defense is called the pyramid. When your opponent tries to punch you in the face; you make a pyramid with both hands. After blocking the punch; separate the hands and smack him in the face.

“The heart has reasons, reasons that reason itself knows nothing about.”

“Be Bold and mighty forces will come to your aid !” Goethe

“Whenever I need some change; I make a withdrawal from my local branch of the First National Couch.” Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

“If my wife were in trouble while I was singing; I would leave – not immediately, but between the Baba and the Lou.” Desi Arnaz in I Love Lucy

“At my age, my blood pressure has better things to do than play She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not.” William Frawley in I Love Lucy

Quotations from Pocket-full of Miracles
Glen Ford : Why do I believe that your apples give me good luck?
Betty Davis : Because the little people like you! Glen Ford : What little people ? Betty Davis : Oh, you can’t see them; they live in dreams.
Glen Ford : Why do the little people like me ? Betty Davis : Because they naturally like children, beggars, good hearted men and poets. The little people will bring you luck
As an elderly man, I’ll do my best to be a good companion, however, at my age, the labido is most unpredictable.

Quotations from High Society
If there is one thing I’ve learned about the idle rich; it is that they drive too fast ! And they’re always going to graveyards; I’m not ready ! Frank Sinatra
When the cat’s away; the mouse acts like a rat ! Franky
When a gal is drunk and acts irresponsibly; she probably won’t remember a thing the next morning, and if you’re smart, you won’t either. Bing Corsby
The problem with being put on a pedestal, is that first step – up requires sobriety.
If a gentleman has to carry a gracious lady to her bedroom, because she is too drunk to care; he must leave immediately after depositing her on the bed. There are rules for a gentleman’s behavior in such things. Frank Sinatra

“I’m not in the habit of showering with strange women.” Danny Kaye in
Knock on Wood
“You don’t really know a person until you live with him, not just sleep with him. Sex is not enough to sustain a marriage. When I was very young and inexperienced; I didn’t understand any on this.” Doris Day

“In my first movie, I instinctively understood something that was to sustain me through all the years of acting that followed : To Thine Own Self Be True. Don’t imitate. Don’t try to imagine how someone might feel. Project your honest response to your movie situation, quite the same as you would respond honestly to a life situation.” Doris Day ~ from her autobiography: Her Own Story

When you’re dead, and in your box; what I’ll spill on you, won’t pass for flowers.” The Shootist

If you’re Diving into the water for the first time
Don’t dive in until you’ve investigated under the water (for rocks and stumps) and know how deep it is.” John Wayne in The Shootist

“Put it in a nutshell ? You couldn’t put it in a barrel without a bottom. You’re the most long-winded bastard I ever met.” John Wayne /Shootist

“The temptations of life makes fools of us all.” Richard Farnsworth in Sylvester

“Death is a private affair. It doesn’t belong to anybody else but me; and don’t go pawing over my body, when I’m not there anymore.”
John Wayne in The Shootist
Am I that easy to read ?
Most people’s features are a map of their inner thoughts. Max Allan Collins

“The air out here in the country is pure and refreshing; then I hear birds singing. You never hear birds singing in Paris and the air is appalling.” Valmont

Great Sculptures in Florence, Italy
Here is the human form divine. This is a museum of the body beautiful. These sculptors considered it their sacred duty to immortalize God and His Servants, as they saw them. These artists believed they were creating for God, with God’s help and they were proud to be a part of the Divine Plan. Extrapolated from the movie Tea with Mussolini

“First love is such sweet despair !” Maggie Redford in My Week with Marilyn

“What may worry an adult; may never worry a child.” Peter Pan
“Would you like to marry; no, I would rather tarry.” Peter Pan

“Some jokes are just too obvious to be funny.” Doris Day in Pillow Talk

“A cowboy wants to get back with his gal, just as fast as a cowpoke chasing a chuck wagon.” Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk

Little Known Quotes of Jesus by G. Julian Walker
a. Whether thou cometh or whether thou goeth, means
you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.
b. Where I go, you cannot go; for the outhouse takes only one-at-a-time.
c. Love your fellow wino by diluting his wine when he’s not looking.
d. Whosoever giveth the smoking doobie is the hostess with the mostess
e. You shall know them by their fruits; my favorite is mango.

“I don’t watch horror movies that are sloppy and bloody for a large ticket price; I can go down to the slaughter house and get that for free.”
James Garner in Murphy’s Romance

“This is a true story. How often have you seen that statement at the beginning of a picture. It sometimes means that there was a man named Napoleon, but that any similarity between what he did in real life and what he’s doing in this movie is strictly miraculous – but it might have been in his mind.” Alistair Cooke Distinguished journalist and commentator ~ The Three Faces of Eve

“Statistics say that those who are laughing at the newspaper comics are more likelier to live longer than those people worrying about the headlines.” Murder at l600

“I think Washington, D.C. is drowning in a sea of bullshit !”
Leslie Snipes in Murder at 1600

“I have many statistics proving that second hand smoke does not kill innocent bystanders. Don’t believe everything you hear, especially from fanatics.”

“Don’t be afraid of modern art, it’s not so much revolutionary, as it is evolutionary.”
Max Allan Collins

The Car Alarm is Blasting at One A.M.
Hey ! It’s one o’clock in the morning; people are trying to have sex up here!!
When a Man Loves a Woman
I Guess I’ll Have To Dream the Rest ~ Mickey Stoner
I guess I’ll have to dream the rest. If you can’t remember the things that we said, those nights that my shoulder held your sleepy head. If you believe that partings best; I guess, I’ll have to dream the rest. I guess I’ll have to dream alone, of honeymoon cruises, once dear to your heart, of two room apartments, where we said we’d start. Of foolish things we planned to own. Now, I guess I’ll have to dream alone. I can see that your heart has gone astray. As for me, I’ll love you in the same old way. I guess I’ll have to dream the rest. There will be no friends waiting, to throw shoes and rice and those heavenly moments will never come twice. I’m just thankful for those hours you blessed. Now, I guess, I’ll have to dream the rest. Popular Song ~ 1941

Quotations from Come September
Why be miserable with someone you don’t know; it’s better to be miserable with someone you do know. Gina Lollabrigida
I don’t have to make sense; I’m Italian. Gina Lollabrigida
Multiplication; It’s the Name of the Game : Do-not underestimate the power of 4 young studs and 6 young girls. Such men have a genius for mathematics; especially in multiplication. Rock Hudson
The Fatherly Advice of Rock Hudson to the women : 1. It’s Respect; that’s what a girl wants from a boy. If the girl gives in too easily, a boy will never take her seriously. 2. He’ll never think in terms of engagements, marriage, having a house or children; if you don’t keep your standards high. 3. The bedroom is like a wedding gown; it’s bad luck for the groom to see you in it before the marriage. 4. Love is one product you don’t give away free samples of.
The Fatherly Advice of Rock Hudson to the boys : Do it to others, before they do it to you ! 2. Keep your kids off the streets in America; send them to Europe. 3. Thank you, just by your actions, you have reaffirmed my lack of confidence in my fellow man.
4. Man is the only animal, smart enough to build the Empire State Building and stupid enough to jump off. Come September ~

“The trouble with old age is that you just can’t defend yourself from disease, as you did when you were young.” Charlie Chaplin

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding connected with homelessness. A homeless woman is not a stray dog !” Robin Williams in Dead Again

“To be bored means you have no understanding of other dimensions; until one morning as the sun rises, the cat looks up and says good morning.” Robin Williams ~ Dead Again

“When you look through your old photo albums, newspaper clippings and souvenirs; your mind is getting reacquainted with old ghosts.” Snow Falling on Cedars
“Mellow Greetings ! Shoogie ~ Doogie !” Cary Grant in
The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

(Are your parents living ?) I don’t know; I was found, in a handbag ! (I didn’t expect that !) Oscar Wilde author of The Importance of Being Earnest

“On Christmas Eve; wise men always follow a star. A star that lights up the world and shine into men’s hearts!” Christopher Plummer in Inside Daisy Clover

“The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from a wild animal.” Sir William Osler

“By the time you hear this tape, I will be dead; yes, my hypochondria has paid off.”
Rock Hudson in Send Me No Flowers

“Ernest Hemmingway once said that this world is a fine place and worth fighting for; but I only agree with the second part, not the first.” Morgan Freeman in Seven

In A Country Graveyard by Thomas Gray
He followed the Eclipse
For Riches and Fame
And if ye would seek prosperity
Do ye the Same. ~ 1751 (Quoted in the movie Candleshoe)

John Candy’s Funeral Eulogy
Yahoo !! John Candy stumbles in (Mourners around the body look up shocked) ~ I’m sorry, see I just got lucky with a gal in the back room. Oh, but I didn’t mean it the way it sounds. What I mean is she does everybody here; she probably did that guy in that coffin too ! Oh ~ Oh, I gotta go. Only the Lonely

“Horses got less I.Q. Than a hog. They are less efficient than a bicycle and a lot more expensive than a floozy. As for me; I like a mule.” Richard Farnsworth in Sylvester

“You’re curious and you want to know all about my love life. Well, just because you’re my friend; I’m gonna give it to you straight : Shut-up and mind your own business !” John Candy in Only the Lonely

“Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave. Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind : Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave. I know, but I do not approve and I am not resigned.” Edna St. Vincent Millay

“There is a malady suffered by young men, that requires reflection, because it is baffling. It is called maturity.” Walter Pidgeon in Mrs. Miniver

“If a man takes up too much time over vanities, like women; he loses the respect of men and women.” Mrs. Miniver

“History is not a remote Olympian bar of judgement, but a controversial arena in which each generation must make its own estimate of the Past.” Allan Neven

“The soul of a vacation journey is liberty; perfect liberty, liberty to think, feel and do just as one pleases.” William Hazlitt

“Men are seldom blessed with good fortune and good sense, at the same time.”
Titus Livy

“Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants.”
Edmund Burke

“Where there is no vision; the people perish.” Proverbs 39.18 ~ The Bible

“Go West young man, Go West !” Horace Greely ~ 1838

“We go Westward as into the future, with a spirit of enterprise and adventure.”
Henry David Thoreau

Voice Commands trained into horses, mules and oxen of the Old World : Giddy-up (Go) Whoa (Stop) Back-up, Gee (Go right) Haw (Go left).

“The first suicide in the West was James Shotwell, who while taking his gun out of his wagon, accidently caught on something and fired into himself. At the funeral, his father claimed that he really didn’t shoot well at all.” David Dary

Playing the Percentages : From the movie Anne of Green Gables
(Anne) Now, I won’t apologize to Mrs. Cubbert for calling me skinny and my hair the color of carrots. Well, it is kind of true that I’m skinny and my hair is red, but it’s not nice for strangers to say so. (Mathew) Well, you don’t have to be 100% sorry, you can just be sort of sorry. (Anne) I can live with that. (The star so identified with her character that she changed her name to Anne Shirley legally).
(Anne) There’s just no more romance left in the world ! (Mathew) Now, you musn’t think like that ! There is such a thing as romance, and we need it. Don’t ever give it all up; a little bit is a good thing – not too much of course. (voluntary)
“There’s always something to miss no matter where you are !”
Jessica Lang as Sarah in Sarah, Plain and Tall (A Hallmark Production)

“Let people go on talking as they like; we’ll go on living as we think best.”
Sarah, Plain and Tall

“Hey, is that one of those new hundred dollar bills. You know, where they changed the picture of Ben Franklin. Yea, now he looks like the love child of Fred Murts and Rosie O’Donald. Yea, you should get rid of it as fast as possible. Put it up to the light, you can see the silver streak; that’s a tracking device. (Give it to me, your friendly cab driver and I’ll neutralize it for you).” Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory

“Coffee is O.K. Coffee is our friend.” Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory

“God is not the only ethereal person that we talk to; we also talk to love ones who have passed on (and hope that God will help us out by passing it on).
Peter Gallagher in to Gillian on her 37th Birthday

Lessons in Diving into Life
If you want to dive into the water for the first time; you must first investigate what is under the water for obstacles and pitfalls. John Wayne in The Shootist

Ye Olde Senior Moment
I have something very important to say and I want your complete attention ! ~
(Yes, what is it ?) I forget. John Wayne, the senior citizen

“When you’re looking for a job, neatness counts.” Jackie Gleason in Izzie & Moe
(If anyone asks you what your father does, just say entrepreneur)

Smoking Some Serious Shit
I was told not to take a big hit of this heavy stuff, but I didn’t listen. The next thing I knew; I was in a cage stretching my neck back and forth and clucking like the rest of them chickens in the cage. Chris Tucker in Friday

Big, No ~ Humungus
Big Mama ~ Well, Big Boy are we gonna kick it or not ?
Big Boy : I can’t kick that big ass of yours; I might not get my foot back ! Friday

“Old age is not for sissies !” Quartet (you must be prepared for tragedies with your body and eventual death. The only way you can stand it is by detachment)

“I know I don’t look the type, but that’s exactly what will make me a great agent. I can go where the people are and I speak a little Polish, a little German and a little Italian. I even tried my hand at acting. And to top everything off; I’m a little chubby and for some reason, nobody ever suspects a chubby person.” Jackie Gleason in Izzie & Moe

The Sign Off
If you have nothing to say, then say this ; Good-bye, Farewell, Ta-Ta and Tou-ta-lu! Jackie Gleason & Art Carney in Izzie & Moe

“Attempt the impossible, in order to improve your work.” Betty Davis

“I have been underestimated for decades. I’ve done very well that way.”
Helmut Kohl

Mel Gibson Reads Women’s Minds
I am the one guy on earth who knows what women want, how they think, and why they do those coo-coo things that they do. What Women Want – the movie

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” John Updike

News from the 20s : Harry Houdini Frees Himself of a Straightjacket Underwater
My brain is the key that sets me free ! Harry Houdini

“Laughter is wine for the Soul.” Sean O’Casey (The Luck of the Irish)

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.” Edward Abbey

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in your room.” Dr. Seuss

“I could have gone on flying through space forever.” Yuri Gagarin

“All of life is a foreign country.” Jack Kerouac

There Came a time when I had to choose between Christian and Atheist
“I once wanted to be an atheist, but I gave it up, because they have no holidays.”
Henry Youngman

“The labor of a human being is not a commodity or an article of commerce. You can’t weigh the Soul of a man with a bar of pig-iron.” Samuel Gompers
“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell

“No man is good enough to govern another man without his consent.”
Abraham Lincoln

“Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to blush.” Mark Twain

“No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.”
Robert Oppenheimer

The Fascism Called Communism
Ideas are more powerful than guns. We don’t allow our enemies to have guns, so why should we allow them to have ideas. Joseph Stalin

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”
St. Francis of Assisi

The Behavior of a Saint : Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. St. Francis of Assisi

Joke ~ Looking up from his microscope, the researcher reported that the x chromosomes were lonesome. Yes, lonesome for female companionship and they don’t know y.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one-day-at-a-time.”
Abraham Lincoln
A Curious Thing to Say
Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing right. Isaac Asimov

“Laws are silent in time of war.” Cicero

“Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise at the right time.” Theodore Roosevelt

“It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company. George Washington

Confessions of a Superstar
The easiest kind of relationship is with 10,000 people; the hardest is with one.
Joan Baez

“Society is produced by our wants, government by our wickedness.”
Thomas Paine

“Courage is the price that life asks for granting peace.” Amelia Earhart

The Inventor of the Industrial Assembly Line – Speaks
Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. Henry Ford

“What luck for the rulers when men do not think.” Adolph Hitler

A National Hero is Permanently Celebrated
A federal holiday to commemorate the slain American Civil-Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was declared and observed on January 20th, 1986

“We are not retreating – we are advancing in a different direction.”
Gen. Douglas McArthur

The Most Decorated Soldier of World War II
Audie Murphy won 37 medals and decorations. He was wounded 3 times and fought in nine major campaigns. He was credited with killing 241 Germans

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

“History is the record of an encounter between a character and a circumstance.”
Donald Creighton

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Winston Churchill

“Everyone looks on history differently. Some see trends or relationships between events over the centuries. Some look for their own personal roots in the distant Past; others may find brilliant gems of genius among the mundane, the violent and the absurd.” Nancy Cash

Truth Time Tested
I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in Reality. This is why, what is right, although temporarily defeated and evil seemingly triumphant, will not stand for all time. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How Creative Thought Begins
As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, creative thought begins. Albert Schweitzer

Funny Quote #1 The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over, and expecting different results. Benjamin Franklin

The Second Funny Quote ; One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. A.A. Milne

Funny Quote #3 : If we’d only stop trying to be happy; we’d have a pretty good time. Edith Wharton
The Fourth Funny Quote : If I had to choose, I would rather ride on a bird than an airplane. Charles Lindbergh
Funny Quote # 5 : Man is a strange animal. He generally cannot read the handwriting on the wall, until his back is up against it (or his face is rubbing up against it). Adlai Stevenson
Funny Quote #6 : Science has the first word on everything and the last word on nothing Victor Hugo
Funny Quote #7 : Some of my best leading men have been horses and dogs.
Elizabeth Taylor
Funny Quote #8 : You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Mae West
Funny Quote #9 : I would have made a good pope ! President Richard Nixon
Funny Quote 10 : If you obey all the rules; you miss all the fun.
Katherine Hepbburn
Funny Quote 11 : Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. Truman Capote
Funny Quote 12 : For three days after death, hair and fingernails continue to grow, but phone calls taper off. Johnny Carson
Funny Quote 13 : Curiosity is free-wheeling intelligence. Alistair Cooke
Funny Quote 14 : If you want to make God laugh; tell Him your future plans !
Woody Allen
Funny Quote 15 : Fancy being remembered around the world for the invention of a mouse ! Walt Disney
Funny Quote 16 : I am fond of pigs ! (Why ?) Well, dogs look up to us and cats look down on us; but pigs treat us as equals. Sir Winston Chruchill

Funny Quote 17 : If you want to know about a man; you can find out an awful lot by looking at who he married. Kirk Douglas

Funny Quote 18 : Insanity is hereditary – you get it from your children.
Sam Levenson

“Did you ever try to run away from a scream; it could follow you all through your life !” Edward G. Robinson in The Red House
“The reward for work well-done is the opportunity to do more.”
Dr. Jonas Salk (founder of the so-called cure for polio)

“The best impromptu speeches are the ones written well in advance.” Ruth Gordon

“It is easy to be popular, but it is hard to be just.” Rose Elizabeth Bird

“I don’t want to be a genius; I have enough problems just being a man.”
Albert Camus

“Nothing is too good to be true; nothing is too wonderful to happen, and nothing is too wonderful to ask.” Sir Anthony Hopkins

“One of the privileges of great and powerful people is to hear fans applauding your victories from your high terrace or witnesses to your catastrophes moaning from far below.” Extrapolated from John Giraudoux

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” John F. Kennedy

Advice for an Emergency
Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.
Robert Louis Stevenson

“If you want to avoid the mistakes of the Past, study them.” Benedict Spinoza

Halloween Magic
The monster was the best friend I ever had. Boris Karloff

“One of the nice things about problems is that a good many of them do not exist, except in our imagination.” Steve Allen

The Enigma that is France
How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 kinds of cheese. Charles de Gaulle

“Success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed.” Emily Dickinson

Artistic Masterpieces
A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind. Eugene Ionesco.
Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. Jean Voltaire. Great Art picks up where Nature ends. Marc Chagall
I am always doing things I can’t; that’s how I get to do them. Pablo Picasso
The Richest Man in America Speaks
If you can count your money; you don’t have a billion dollars ! J. Paul Getty

“If you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil.”
Max Lerner

“When you are younger, you get blamed for crimes you never committed and when you’re older, you begin to get credit for virtues you never possessed; I guess it evens itself out.” I.F. Stone

“Peace is more precious than a piece of land.” Anwar el Sadat

Keep it Practical
In baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always remember to leave room for the mouse. Saki

Character is Power ~ Booker T. Washington
Worry not that no one knows you; seek to be worth knowing. Confucius

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”
Ralph Nader

“If you’re not big enough to lose, you’re not big enough to win”
Walter Reuther

“Never insult an alligator on his own turf, wait until you’re crossed the river.”
Cordell Hullabaloo

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” Sophia Loren

President Jimmy Carter ~ The Peacemaker
President Jimmy Carter, known as the Christian President, became the peacemaker between Egypt and Israel on September 7th,1978. It is popularly known as the Camp David Accords. Thus, he endeared himself to his guru Jesus Christ. On hearing the news Jimmy Carter showed the biggest smile of his life.

“We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.”
President Jimmy Carter
The Advantages of Being President
I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.
President Woodrow Wilson
“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.” President Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Life would be so wonderful, if we only knew what to do with it.” Greta Garbo

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Power is when we have every justification to kill, but we don’t.”
Schindler (from Schindler’s List)
Human Nature
The more people tell you that you can’t do a thing; the more you kind of want to try it. Margaret Chase Smith

“If you want others to be happy; practice compassion. If you want happiness for yourself; practice compassion. The Dalai Lama

“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” Charlotte Bronte

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Nobel Peace Prize
After my death, I intend to leave a large fund for the promotion of the peace idea, but I am skeptical as to the result. Alfred Nobel

“He who laughts most, learns best.” John Cleese

“It’s easy to be independent when you’ve got money, but to be independent when you haven’t got a thing ~ that’s the Lord’s Test.” Mahalia Jackson

Doing Your History Homework
The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year. John Foster Dulles

The Death of Marilyn Monroe
August 5th,1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home in Los Angeles, California. It was a shock to see her lying nude on her bed, face down, with a telephone in her right hand. Los Angeles Police concluded that her death was caused by a self-administered overdose of sedatives. An obvious suicide. But still we all wonder.

“I don’t want to make money; I just want to be wonderful.” Marilyn Monroe
“I’ve been displayed on a calendar as big as life, but secretly I was never on time.”
Marilyn Monroe

“Boasting of glory does not make glory and singing in the dark does not dispel fear.” King Hussein

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.
Lucille Ball

“Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.” Herbert Hoover

“Always say and do things when you’re sober. What you said you would do when you were drunk doesn’t count. In that way, you’ll teach yourself to keep your big mouth shut.” Ernest Hemingway

“I’m like old wine. They don’t bring me out very often, but I’m well preserved.”
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

“The greatest mystery of all is the human heart, and that is the mystery with which all good novelists are concerned.” J.D. James

“The test of democracy is the freedom of criticism.” David ben-Gurion

“Those who are not busy being born, are busy dying.” Bob Dylan

“I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote down some Blues.”
Duke Ellington

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Alexander Pope

“I don’t know the key to success, but I do know the key to failure and it is to try and please everybody.” Bill Cosby

Luneberg in German means : Place of Madness
Heinrich Himmler, chief of Hitler’s Gestapo and the architect of the extermination of the Jews committed suicide in jail by cyanide capsules in Luneberg, Germany.

“Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.” Thor Heyerdahl

“Common looking people are the best in the world; that is why The Lord made so many of them.” Abraham Lincoln
“Age is just a case of mind over matter; and if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
Jack Benny

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Mahatma Ghandhi

“This thing that we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”
Mary Pickford

“Fiction give us a second chance, that life denied us.” Paul Theroux

“I am ~ at heart ~ a gentleman.” Marlene Deitrich

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a complete fool of yourself.”
Charlie Chaplin

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build you a bridge over a river, but they don’t tell you that the river has been dried up for years.” Nikita Kruschev

“The universe is an ocean of change, while our life is what our thoughts make it.”
Marcus Aurelius

“Money is not always the root of all evil; but if the root is evil, certainly the fruit will be evil too.” Henry Fielding

“Dwelling on the negative, simply contributes to its power.” Shirliey Mac Laine

“A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.” David Hume

Our Great Naval Hero of the Revolutionary War
September 23, 1779, John Paul Jones wins a spectacular naval victory for the Americans in the Revolutionary War, by sinking two great British men of war. It was a stroke of military strategic genius. Both warships had sandwiched Jones on both sides and preparing to blow him out of the water. They waited for him to enter their trap. When Jones’s bow showed, they opened fire prematurely; Jones pulled down all sails at once and dropped anchor. The two warships fired on each other until they sank; not being able to see through the smoke !

“Good manners will open more doors, when the best education cannot.”
Clarence Thomas
“What we think is new, may only be new to us.” Pearl S. Buck

“The first need of a free people is to define their own terms.” Kwame Ture

“There is only one step that separates the sublime from the ridiculous.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

“When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be very sane.”
Hermann Hesse

“There are no small parts, only small actors.” Ginger Rogers

“Taking joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic.” Rosland Russell

“Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of somebody else.”
Judy Garland

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Vince Lombardi

“It isn’t what they say about me that bothers me; it’s what they whisper.”
Errol Flynn

“Uncontrolled economic activity is a religion of the godless.”
Emperor Diocletion 301 A.D.

“If I’m going to be holy; I sure as hell gonna get some fun out of it.”
John Wayne in The Angel and the Badman

“The end of the world scenario was not known within the history of Christian doctrine before the middle of the Nineteenth Century and only then did it come to be elevated to the status of dogma by virtue of a carefully constructed campaign of media promotion. John Nelson Darby promoted it in seven lecture tours of the United States. Cyrus I. Scofield published a Reference Bible in 1904 which was presented in a scholarly fashion.” Jonathan Kirsch

“My spirit cannot accommodate itself to the book of Revelations in the Bible. There is one sufficient reason for the small esteem in which I hold it and that is, that Christ is neither taught in it or recognized.” Martin Luther

“Revelations in the Bible, as it turns out, is a revenge fantasy, a parade of horribles (as from a horror movie) and something of a freak show.” Jonathan Kirsch
“The Koran has a part of the Revelations in the Bible in it and echoes it’s predictions.”
Said ami Ariomand

“Revelations is a theology of despair, founded on violence. It turns Jesus into a warrior, something he was always loathe to do. It has the spirit of Yahweh and because of its violence and horror; it has excited Islam.” Jonathan Kirsch

“If you want to be happy, that is normal; if you want to be really, really happy, you gonna be in trouble.” Italian Proverb

“You can look awfully pretty when you’re mad.”
John Wayne in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

“The Law of the Old West was when the facts contradicted the Legend; print and sell the Legend.” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence

Apple Blossoms in the Rain -song lyrics from the musical Seven Days Ashore
Two silhouettes ‘neath a starry sky, lost in dreams together, so deep in their love, they weren’t aware of the sudden change in the weather :
Time to reminisce, a raindrop and a kiss
Two hearts that seem to pound like thunder
Does the mem’ry still remain ~ Apple Blossoms in the Rain
When you said good-bye, the blossoms wondered why
The rain began to fall like tear drops
Is there still an ember, do you still remember ~ Apple Blossoms in the Rain.. 1944

Space ~ The Final Frontier ~
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise
Her on-going mission is
To explore new worlds; To seek out new life forms
And new Civilizations
To Boldly go where no-one has gone before !! Star Trek

“To do what is necessary is never unwise.” Dr. Spock, the older and wiser – lectures
Dr. Spock, the younger-Star Trek 2009

Retirement Philosophy
Old Age is Not for Sissies ! Quartet, the movie. (You must be prepared for health tragedies and eventual death in old age and you won’t be contented until you detach your-self from your body and attach yourself to your-soul.)
“Don’t go out doing dangerous things that will get you in trouble; if you just be patient and wait – trouble will come to you !” Garfield, the movie

Garfield’s Dream of Paradise
Oh, the refrigerator is unlocked; it’s time for smorgasbord. Don’t worry John, I’ll eat up all that left over lasagna for you. Garfield, the movie

It’s Nice to be recognized by your Peers
Attention Canines, Felines, and Vermines; it’s Showtime ! Garfield, the movie

“OK, I owe you a favor Odie, so I’m gonna teach you how to drink out of the toilet.”
Garfield, the movie

“So much time and so little to do; I must be on vacation. Garfield, the movie

Marco Polo Teaches Chinese Maidens to Kiss from The Adventures of Marco Polo
In order to kiss, you must pull in your lips like you were tasting something. Now, put your arms around my neck and taste the sweet plums of men’s lips. Cary Grant

“When I look into your eyes, I see deep beauty and when I touch your skin; I feel warm life.” Cary Grant in The Adventures of Marco Polo

Spagett is food for Poor People
food comes before philosophy Cary Grant in The Adventures of Marco Polo

“Venice is a strange city; partly on the sea and partly in it.” Cary Grant in Marco Polo

“I don’t have time to walk my dog, so I call him by phone each day at work; when the phone rings, he’s jumping all over the house barking. Then Voila ! That is equal to his daily walk.” Doris Day in The Glass Bottom Boat

“Being a single gal in a business full of bachelors is like ringing a bell at lunch time and shouting Catnip to a gang of tomcats.” The Glass Bottom Boat

Am I Talking to an Actor or a Real Human Being ?
May I step out of character for a moment ? (Well, I wish you would ~ Do you have a license too kill ?) Yes, I do; to kill with laughter. The Man Who Knew Too Little

“Life sometimes is very ironical, ain’t it ?” Jack Oakey in
The Great American Broadcast
We’ll be singing Hiddie-Hiddie when we come & Hoodie-Hoodie when we go
Broadway’s gone Hill Billy ~ Dapper Dan and Diamond Lilly
All crave an earful of a tearful mountain song
Broadway’s getting Moody ~ that’s the reason Bing & Rudy
Get along by singing ~ Get along, little doggie, get along
In all the midnight places ~ you’ll see those tear dimed faces
Some cowboy’s heading for his last round-up
Broadway’s weeping fountains~ Going over those blue mountains
Broadway’s going hilly-billy-silly now ! (from Stand Up and Cheer)

“Women always know when a man is looking at them !” Esther Williams in
Million Dollar Mermaid
Errol Flynn’s Opinion of Maureen O’Hara
Strap Me, if you don’t seem to be a high-spirited Chick, at that!
From the Pirate Movie: Against All Flags

Known by Women in All Countries
Wolf talk is International ~ Alice Faye in Stand Up and Cheer

A Romantic Comedy by Alfred Hitchcock !
If you list all the lovers in your life on one piece of paper for a grand meditation; you will come to a strange conclusion : It seems downright indecent to do so !
The Farmer’s Wife ~ A Silent Movie

“The trouble with love is that somebody always gets hurt.” Esther Williams in
Easy to Love
Southern Hospitality Calling
Everyone needs to enjoy a vacation, soaking in the Florida Sunshine; visiting the
beautiful Cypress Gardens; meeting a special lady and maybe taking her out to the gay night life. You can live it up with entertainment in the night clubs, and by dancing in the moonlight; you know, the usual tourist stuff. Tony Martin in Easy to Love

Prayer for the Little Children from The Night of the Hunter
Lord, save the little children
You’d think the world would be ashamed to name such a day as Christmas
for only one of them and then go on in the same old way
My Soul is humbled, when I see the way
Little ones accept their lot ~ Lord, save the little children ~ when
The winds blow and the rains are cold ~ and yet they do abide ~
Behold, they do endure it. Amen (The Prayer of a True Devotee of Immanuel)

“This liquor is a fruity blend of fruits, rare herbs and spices. It is considered the intoxicant for the Gods. (It is no secret, that it has to be squeezed by blind monks)”
The Way

“Relationships are always changing, sometimes after a short while or after a long time. All your relationships have an adjustment to be made. Why, oh why, must I be tested like this ? Hearts are sometimes thrown into the crucible of turmoil by testing. Maybe it is in the name of honor, pride, faith, or true love. If you want an easy answer; you won’t get it, for it goes deep. So now, let us go deeper, even the demigods are being tested; even out there among the stars, and galaxies, changes of catastrophic proportions are possible. Now, after a sudden epiphany, you have gone so deep that you have arrived into the Spiritual World and you find that God, Himself is there testing His Devotees and testing His and Your Love. My compassion goes out to all my brethren. Oh endure like
Lot did in the Bible. And come out of the refiner’s crucible as purified gold.”
Yours Truly, G. Julian Walker

I Love a Mystery ~ Song Lyrics
Whenever I’m a little on the weary side
I like to turn the lights down low
And treat myself to a harmless program
They send you on the radio
You know the kind of show
Dark night – a knock on the door
Bang ! Bang ! There’s a body on the floor !
Oh Boy, I love a mystery
Two men are out on a boat
One guy, has a dagger at his throat !
Oh Boy, I love a mystery
Murder ! Murder ! On the air
Courses, Courses, in your hair
Stranglers, Gangsters, Maniacs : EEEK !
It’s so relaxing, and then
A new clue, There’s a hanky on the place
Ah-Ha ! There’s a woman in the case
But where ? Where doth she roam ?
There’s moaning, groaning and sirens galore
Oh how I love a mystery for a Quiet !
Quiet, Evening at home. From Something in the Wind ~ starring Deanna Durbin

Murder, Mystery and Romance
Boris Karloff starred in one of the most intriguing mysteries of classic movies : The Black Castle. This movie has its own classification, which is, Murder, Mystery and Romance. “We don’t need no wolf to remind us that death is near !” It is dark and cold this time of year, especially at night~ here in the Black Forest of Germany :
“Everyone around here is grateful for the warm sanctuary of the Green Man Inn.”

God is not afraid of New Things ! That is why He is continually surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding us in unexpected ways. Pope Francis ~ 2014

“Corsets were not universally accepted among women in the Ragtime Era. Some said the feeling was divine and made their shape more desirable to men. Others said it was like wearing a straight jacket at the looney bin.” Debbie Reynolds in Two Weeks With Love

The Forgotten Music ~ by G. Julian Walker
Two Weeks With Love presents music in The Ragtime Era; a time when creative men and women were composing wondrous music, which was admired world-wide.”

Why Marriages Fail
You can’t keep muddying up the issues with improper chemistry (the Frankenstein theory). We must all try sometimes to forget our primeval animal appetites.
Rock Hudson in Strange Bedfellows
Suicide’s Multiple Choice Solutions
I’m so sorry pal, but I don’t have a straight razor for you to slash your wrists with. I only have this electric shaver, but you can hang yourself with the chord, if you want to. Or we can go to the roof and just to show you I’m your true friend; I’ll push you off ! If that doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always a German Luger, guaranteed lethal within 20 feet. There’s also poison darts, knife to the throat and inhaling car fumes. And don’t forget, in an emergency, you can bite down hard on your molar tooth and it will release the cyanide gas. Extrapolated from Strange Bedfellows

“The world view of a country is generally not a matter of money or size, but in its spirit of generosity and compassion.’ Loretta Young

“There are certain circumstances in life that we are not expected to tolerate, much less live with, because nothing good can come from it.” The Loretta Young TV Show

“You can put me to bed; but you can’t put me to sleep.” Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers
“I hear the moon is so big in Cuba, that some nights, you can barely see Havana.”
Paulette Godard in Ghost Breakers
“Zombies are dead people who move about in the shadows in a trance. They have a glazed look in their eyes, as if they are lost to the world. Sort of like the Democratic National Convention.” Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers

“Frist love is such sweet despair ! ~ Marilyn Monroe in One Week with Marilyn

Stylized Facial Expressions
Every creative individualist seeks a stylized behavior that uniquely portrays him or her. My signature is two eyebrows that suddenly lift up twice and a see-saw motion of my ever present cigar. Extrapolated from You Bet Your Life, starring Groucho Marx

“God is the only guide. Perhaps if we talk at length and pray, He will send the wisdom to be a spokesman for the Lord, a guide or guru.” The Razor’s Edge

“There are two ways that a church sermon can help you : One ~ you can rise up after-
wards, greatly strengthened in moral fiber or Two ~ You can rise up afterwards, greatly refreshed from your afternoon nap.” The Joyful Newsletter (The Brethren Church)

The Himalayan Epiphany ~ From Atheist to Theist
Guru : Well, are you ready to start on your pilgrimage ? Isolate yourself and prepare yourself for talking with God. When you’re in the mountains, sometimes strange and wonderful things happen. (What sort of things?) Not a living soul within miles, nothing above you, except the sky and God. (Come, oh expectant moment, pregnant with possibilities). It is time to meet God again. (What then ?) That, my son, depends on you; that is why you prepare yourself. Disciple : You were right, strange things do happen up here. It was just at the mystical time, before night ends and daylight begins.
When the whole world seems to tremble in the balance. Gradually, the light began to filter through the darkness.
Then in an ethereal realm, a mysterious figure came in with the breeze. In an ecstatic moment; He was felt dancing through the trees. Then, the first rays of sun came up like the beginning of the world. I saw the mountains clearly then, while mist still weaved itself into the trees and was seen to float and fade away. I never saw anything like it. I thought I had been released from my body; that I was suspended in mid- air. All the things that confused me before, suddenly became clear to me. I felt a special kind of knowledge that was beyond human understanding. I felt that I could fly and was floating like the mist; but then I became frightened. I felt that if it lasted for another moment, I would die. I was terrified, and yet, I was willing to die in that moment, because I felt that God and me were One. Tyrone Power in The Razor’s Edge

“Never assume someone you just met is stupid, because he won’t talk. He could be a genius who knows God personally.” Extrapolated from Taxi Blues, A Russian Film
“If there is a possibility of solving problems by negotiating a peace, we should try it. If it comes down to fighting, a divine warrior should fight for what is righteous. Then and there, we are all in God’s Hands !” Extrapolated from Elizabeth Taylor, in Ivanhoe

“When you’re having a family quarrel, the ideal mom can’t be on any side. She is the judge who tries to see both sides fairly.” Meryl Streep in The River Wild

The Bad Guy Speaks of Alternate Judgements
I am a nice guy, just another kind of nice guy. Kevin Bacon in The River Wild

The Race for your Life
The Gauntlet is a narrow canyon that is considered the greatest challenge to White Water Rafting Adventures. Three rivers converge on it and then drop 2 hundred feet for a mile and a half. It is glacial water with lots of wild whirlpool vortexes. If you fall out the boat and have the misfortune of falling into a vortex; you must get back in the boat within 3 minutes or hypothermia will paralyze you; so swim, struggle and surge upward with your hands grappling wild, for your life is at risk. The River Wild

“Sean Connery is a stud ! He’s 3 hundred years old, but he’s still a stud !”
Goldie Hawn exclaims drunk in First Wives Club

Oops! My Husband is having sex in a Hotel
So ! I caught you in bed with your secretary, but it’s O.K. This is the Sexy Sixties. I was just going to have some sex myself. Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice

“It’s pretty amazing what dreams and lots of money can do.” Sandra Bullock in
Two Weeks Notice

“I know your reputation as a lady killer and there’s no way you’re getting that (pointing to her bottom).” Two Weeks Notice

“Every man must come to terms with his own contradictions.”
The Man Behind the Mask

“Every man must be tested, before he can be trusted.” Benjamin Franklin

This is as Dirty as a Coal-Miner’s Underwear from The Naked Gun/ The Smell of Fear
Do you realize that because of you; this city is being over-run by Baboons ?
“Well, it’s probably due to the voters.” Leslie Nielsen

“As far as betting on fights is concerned; never bet on a white guy.” (I swear to this, by my white face, my white hair and squarely upon my white ass !) Leslie Nielsen

Sports Bar Scene : Female Singer on the mike, sings the Blues
I’m feeling blue, just thinking of you. I get out of bed and wish I was dead. I hope you do too. So I have given up and I have thrown up (someone throw her a towel) I’ve taken all the pills that the law allows : What else can I do. I know some poison would get the job done; but I know in my heart, that I’m just screwed ! The Naked Gun 2&1/2

Wake Up ! Stop Reading that Boring Report
Everyone’s Sleeping ! This is an emergency; here read this to them instead : “Their undulating bodies were undulating with sensual rhythm, while he thrust his purple headed warrior into her quivering mound of feminine love pudding.” Now ! That everyone’s awake, proceed slowly to the nearest exit and don’t worry about that big bomb about ready to explode ! (eeek!) The Naked Gun /The Smell of Fear

“My wife says I’m drunk and the Inn-Keeper says I’m crazy. Just consider, these two things are not quite the same thing.” Glen Ford in The Green Glove

“Whatever one does for perfection will be tested at the time of death.” Bengali Proverb

Why we Accept a Spiritual Master
It is not possible in our human condition to understand the Absolute Supreme Personality of Godhead completely. A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

“Robert Stack as Commanding General of the Army, gives his opinion of John Belushi : That ! is the craziest son-of-a-bitch, I ever saw !” 1941 ~ The Movie

“Never turn your back on a jealous woman.” Sean Connery as James Bond in
From Russia with Love

“Great war strategies are based on such things as the greatest bluff since falsies.”
Yul Brenner in Cast a Giant Shadow

The Jewish Struggle for Independence
The Jews figure that The Lord is their shepherd and no one else. But the Arabs think that He’s their shepherd. Either way, there’s going to be a lot of confused sheep.”
Kirk Douglas in Cast a Giant Shadow

“The world doesn’t respect those who are slaughtered, but those who fight.”
Kirk Douglas in Cast a Giant Shadow
“Does anyone know where I can get a drink around here and I sure as hell don’t mean water.” John Wayne in Cast a Giant Shadow

The Clint Eastwood Experience ~ All Quotes by Clint Eastwood – mostly
The drinking of wine can be for pain or for pleasure; surprisingly – sometimes the two can go together. The Beguiled
“Go ahead, make my day – I got that from Clint Eastwood.” Richard Nixon
Are you gonna pull your pistols, or you just gonna whistle Dixie. Outlaw-Josie Wales
“The hardest thing in the world for an actor is to do nothing and say almost nothing; only a master like Clint Eastwood can pull it off !” Don Siegel
A Man’s got to know his limitations. Clint Eastwood
It’s a hell-of-a-thing to kill a man and take away everything he’s got or will ever have. They say he had it coming; well, we all have it coming. The Unforgiven
People don’t want to see an old man cry; and an old man doesn’t want people to see him cry either.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Clint Eastwood and I love jazz.

“If you want a friend in Washington, D.C. (someone you can trust and believe in)
Get a Dog ! Harry Truman
Mediocrity is the Elephant in Your Room
You know, I do a shit load of reading, studying and praying; and I’ve come to a few conclusions that I want to share with you. People look at politicians and celebrities on TV, Newspapers and glossy magazines; and what do they see (and secretly say)? “I’m just as good as them, I’m special, I’m different. I could be any one of them.” Well, you can’t ! You know why ? Because in reality, mediocrity is where people live. It’s the elephant in your room; it’s ubiquitous. There’s mediocrity in your schools, in your dreams and in your family. Those of us who know this and those of us who understand the disease of the dull; will do something about it. We do more, because we have to. The deck was always against us. You’re either a big leaguer or a plebian – clawing your way into the subway at rush-hour. Kevin Spacey in Casino Jack

What Women Need Men for
Well ~ Well, Scratch My Back, Honey ! Aunt Jamima

“Never pick up flowers from the ground; fallen flowers are like fallen stars, they have lost their luster.” Florence Siegfeld, Jr.

“Fortune favors the pure of heart.” Sam Neil as Merlin in Merlin’s Apprentice

“Every town in the Old West should have at least one respectable woman.”
Jane Seymour in Dr. Quinn
Dangerously Wild Movie~ starring Ursela Andress ~ Undressed
“The Islands of New Guinea are perhaps the last region of Earth, which still contains immense unexplored areas. These areas are shrouded in mystery, because life has remained there at a primordial level.” Mountain of the Cannibal God

“Old habits die hard; ain’t marriage grand.” Mel Gibson in Payback

Every Warrior has his Weakness
I just killed a car-load of Kung-Fu experts, in a head-on collision. They were so proud that they were not wearing their seatbelts. Mel Gibson in Payback

The Bad guy makes a deal with his Wife
You stop hooking and I’ll stop killing people ! Mel Gibson in Payback

(When the masher is after you) “A girl’s best friend is a looping right !”
Betty Hutton in The Perils of Pauline

The Day of Reckoning : “There is a God and He loves me ! Overboard

“Living with a cat can sometimes not be defined; it’s more of a mutual admiration society.” The Good Witch

Annnt ! Man overboard ! Annnt ! Woman overboard. Annnt! Man is now kissing woman ! Overboard

The Law of the Jungle from The Mosquito Coast
Be kind to strangers, because one day you may be one yourself- all over again.

The Exotic Land of Buddha ~ WWII
Free China’s sole access to survival now is Southward, across the Himalayas, southward to Burma. Rangoon, Mandalay and Lashio are together by raid and by road. From the port of Rangoon; supplies link China with Burma, through the all-important road called The Burma Road. On this road, hang China’s only help of life. Burma’s eastern room-mate : The independent Kingdom of Siam: Land of teak and Mangroves Land of 16,000 temples. To reach Burma and to close the Burma Road is a Japanese Objective. In other words, to isolate China completely, the Japanese must first absorb Burma. This Burma does ceremonially, on December 8th, 1941. The Emperor was glad.
Henry Salomon in Victory at Sea

“Kind thoughts add favorable weight in the balance of life and death.” Warner Oland as
Charlie Chan in Egypt
“When a man has the fever; he has strange dreams.” Donna Reed as Sacagewea in
The Far Horizons

The British Philosophy of War
In war ~ Resolute
In defeat ~ Defiance
In Victory ~ Magnanimous
In peace ~ Goodwill ~~~~~Winston Churchill

The Commando’s Creed
Plan thoroughly, execute boldly and retire quickly. Victory at Sea ~1952

Building the Great Pyramid ~ the movie
I’m shaped like a sunbeam ~ but contained in light ~ I was built by thousands ~
In the day, but sleep at night ~ I’m aligned to the stars ~ but seated on sands ~ Engineered and constructed by ancient hands ~ I’m Man’s greatest achievement
But just how and why did I get to be 480 feet high Omar Shariff

After the Great Victory at Midway ~ WWII
It was June, 1942 when the American Navy won its first major victory at Midway and, we believe, that there will be many more victories. Largely because of America’s Industrial might, which was running full speed ahead. In the 2 years following Midway
Japan built 6 new aircraft carriers; while American Shipyards turned out 17. By late 1943, Fleet Commander Admiral Chest Nimitz had new warships, 100,000 men and the most powerful Navy in history. He also had a new plan : Capture Japanese held islands in the Central Pacific, build new airfields and keep climbing the ladder that would lead to Tokyo and the heart of Japan. Henry Salomon in Victory at Sea ~1952

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin as Cowboy Chums ~ 4 for Texas
Dean : Remember what the Good Book says : Cheaters never prosper ~
Square Shooters always win !
Frank: I don’t know what good books you’ve been reading, but I suggest you change your literature, because what you’re reading ain’t doing you much good.
Dean : That’s what they told me, just before I burned the Sunday School down.

“A man who tries to con you while a gun is pointing at him, can’t be all bad.”
Dean Martin in 4 for Texas

“The greatest risk is not taking one.” Leonardo de Vinci

“I regret that my point is not an agreeable one.” Claude Rains in The Sea Hawk
An Old Saying from Jolly Olde England
He whose ship has no oars; stays on good terms with the wind.
Errol Flynn in The Sea Hawk

What are the Puritans all about
Puritans were people who were desperately afraid that somebody, somewhere might be having a good time (for they promoted strict households that were God fearing-which harkens back to the God of the Old Testament. The expression ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ came from them.) H.L. Mencken

The Etiquette for Kings & Queens
Royalty is always one hour late; an etiquette well known among the Nobles and also expected. The Affair of the Necklace

“I never shave my mustache off; it’s my little pet.” (You see, I don’t like big dogs as pets). William Powell in Gold Diggers of 1937

Women are not like Men in Real Life
Unfortunately, women aren’t just like men. They don’t talk like men; they don’t behave like men. For instance, when a woman’s in love, she’s helpless to do anything about it; until the man opens his heart first. Of course, she can scheme and get him to declare himself, but the initiative is with him. Maureen O’Hara in Immortal Sargent

Thunder & Lightning at Christmas
Pardon me Miss, Is this your umbrella ?
Pardon me Miss, It matches your eyes ~ Speakin’ of your eyes
Do they belong to this umbrella ? They should be sheltered at once
From these skies, Speakin’ of the skies; the storm is in view
(Speakin’ of the view; we can watch the storm, we two).
Speakin’ of the weather; It isn’t high humidity ~ It’s You
Come Donner, Come Blitzen, Come hither or Pan.
Speakin’ of the thunder, it’s just my heart that beats like that
Speakin’ of the weather ~ Speakin’ of the thunder ~
Speakin’ of the lightning ~ It’s frightening, dear ~ What your eyes can do.
Let the heaven’s crash; swim and swirl ~ Let it flash ~ boy meets girl
Speakin’ of the weather, good old weather ~
Ain’t it lovely weather, ! (and incidentally I love you). Gold Diggers of 1937

“Who are we to scoff at popular music; it’s the heartbeat of America.”
Gold Diggers of 1935

“Some smart men know how to turn my girlish head with their pretty flattery.”
Eve Arden in My Dream is Yours

“I like my coffee black; just the way I see my future.”
Adolphe Menjou~My Dream is Yours

“I like things that are modern and up to date; but they must be old-fashioned too.”
S.Z. Sakall in My Dream is Yours

“I don’t care to play prophet to the Twentieth Century; it’s too large an undertaking.”
Thomas Edison

“Many of H.G.Well’s predictions for the Twentieth Century have proved amazingly accurate. He saw air conditioned houses, detergents, suburbia, freeways for autos and airports for planes. Unlike other prophets; he saw the dark side too; he declared that there would always be wars.” Walter Lord in his book The Good Years

The Shocking Truth Behind the Death of President Mckinley
The death of President Mckinley was due to his doctor’s incompetence ! Two bullets had been shot at close range from a small gun. The first bullet glanced off his coat button and the cartridge fell harmlessly into his underwear. The second shot grazed his liver and kidneys and lodged itself in his backbone. The president’s doctors did nothing. This is the worst thing you can do with gunshot wounds. Gunshot is full of lead, which causes gangrene unless purified. At least, they could have poured alcohol on the wound. The president died of gangrene of the liver and kidney. Doctors now in the 21st Century are following the same lazy therapy of giving lip service instead of real service; they are also being sued all across the country. Extrapolated from The Good Years

Yes, We Will Be Very Discreet Now
I want to address the gentlemen in the audience now, to give them a warning. There will come a time when you are walking down a boulevard in Paris or strolling down the Champs-de-Elysees, with a beautiful lady on your arm. Maybe that beautiful lady is your wife; ah yes, that is fine. But maybe that lady is not your wife. Oh-0h, Well, in that case, it’s none of my business. Maurice Chevalier in Black Tights

“This is the world we live in; it is not a drawing room. If I am somewhat less of a gentlemen for living in it, I am still alive.” Charles Bronson in Master of the World

“When I was seven, I had my first big disappointment; no one came to my birthday party ~ never mind that it was raining heavy outside. I got so disgusted that I sat down and ate my whole birthday cake, including the candles.” F. Scott Fitzgerald
“We are witnessing a renaissance of public spirit, a reawakening of sober public opinion, a revival of power in the people, the beginning of an age of thoughtful reconstruction, that makes our thoughts hark back to the age in which democracy was set up in America.
Woodrow Wilson 1912
The Democratic National Convention~ 1912 ~
The Convention was convened in Baltimore, where fifteen thousand delegates and spectators were packed into the hall, but it’s safe to say that none of them heard the speaker clearly, because that electronic miracle called the public address system had yet to be invented. Anyone who wanted attention depended on megaphones, lungs of leather and endless patience. It was June and that sea of restless humanity was sweating and hot. You see, air-conditioning had also not yet been invented. To make up for these problems, were creative people with new ideas. Ideas that just had to make you smile, like Delegate Platt from New Jersey, who tossed out a whole bunch of fragrant bananas into the crowd on an invitation to eat lunch together. Also a treat was the dramatic entrance of William Jennings Bryan, who marched in behind a man with a Victrola playing “Oh, You Beautiful Doll.” Everyone cheered as he waved his purple hanky.

Sermon Masterpieces by Bhaktivedanta Swami
We prepare our next life by our actual activities in the present life. Daiva Netrena (Sanskrit) means by the supervision of the authority of the Supreme. In an ordinary sense, daiva means “destiny.” Daiva supervision gives us a body selected from 8,400,000 forms; the chance does not depend on our selection, but is awarded to us according to our destiny. (The exception to this process is bhakti-yoga or activities in Krishna Consciousness; all bona-fide activities sanctioned by the guru are called amrita or permanent. That is to say eternal, because it is connected to The Lord).

How much money do you have to possess to be Rich ?
A man who has a million dollars is as well off as if he were rich. John Jacob Astor

The Role of God in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
“It was the wrath of God for the wickedness of the city.” Said Mrs. Jessie Rudisill
Mrs. Ruisell was a visitor and not a resident of the city, but she was there and felt that she knew because of her Christian upbringing. She was quoted again in the S.F. Chronicle : “Why, they tell me that there is nothing in Paris, nothing anywhere to equal the depravity of San Francisco. It was God’s judgement, this earthquake. I believe it.”
The irrepressible San Franciscans had a ready answer for this sort of analysis, who knew their city better than the visitors. Here is the rejoiner by Charles K. Field : “If, as some say, God spanked the town for being too frisky, why did he burn the churches down and saved Hotling’s Whiskey Warehouse, full of Hootch.” The Good Years

“In 1906, the year of the S.F. Earthquake, President Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobe Peace Prize for his role in ending the Russian-Japanese War. In Panama, American engineers moved whole mountains and conquered yellow fever to achieve the age old dream of The Panama Canal.” The Good Years

Why the Sherman Anti-Trust Law was Passed ~ The Good Years
“It’s none of the public’s business what I do; I owe the public nothing.” J. P. Morgan
“In 1900 the Census listed 1,750,178 gainfully occupied children aged ten to fifteen; in 1910 the figure jumped to 1,990,225. To many, this was sadly inevitable. The average family needed $800 a year to get along, yet most unskilled jobs paid less than $500 a year. Unless general wage levels went up, the children had to fill the gap.
“The golf course lies near the mill and almost every day the laboring children are looking out and sadly watching men at play.” Sarah N. Cleghorn. Child labor reform was only one sign; there was also the minimum wage and union revolt against poverty.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Theodore Roosevelt

“All Negros can improve their life and be happy by keeping out of large cities, paying taxes promptly, keeping out of court and avoiding all forms of extravagance.”
Booker T. Washington

The Value of the New Flying Machine: “Oh Come Josephine in my Flying Machine”
“The example of the bird does not prove that man can fly. Imagine the proud possessor of an airplane darting through the air. Is it speed alone that is important ? No, it is the thought of how he is going to slow down and land safely.” Simon Newcomb ~ 1903
As late as 1907, a speaker at the International Aironautical Congress thought that at best, the flying machine might someday prove useful in explorations of otherwise inaccessible places, such as mountain tops, swamps or clearings in densely wooded areas. All agreed it had little commercial value. The Wrights themselves didn’t think anyone would fly at night or in bad weather. They all agreed also that no one could ever build a machine large enough to carry a practical payload. The chairman W.B. Daemp-ffert concluded : “The wholesale destruction of life and property which would seem obvious, when loaded with bombs and grenades, is not to be looked for.” The British heard all of this and made their own research, their conclusion was exactly opposite. They were excited about its military value. When this attitude was presented to the Wright Brothers, they were encouraged to offer it to the U.S. Military, but the war dept. was not interested. When the British offered a lot of money for it; America had another look. It was not until 1908 that America finally was convinced of its military and commercial value. This attitude change was because of the improvements made by Wilber Wright to the flying machine; he demonstrated this dramatically by flying 75 miles in 113 minutes in 1908. This event made the imagination of the people soar.
The Importance of Dignity to the Victorian Mind
No woman can choose her complete happiness; she must balance her desires with that of her moral conscience and to the public. Emily Watson in The Mill on the Floss

“Do not hate pain; it is part of life and has a purpose ~ (it may even be the barometer of your health).” The Mill on the Floss (Masterpiece Theatre)

“The Depression makes men jumpy; like how to jump out of a taxi, just before the meter jumps.” Rags Ragland in Girl Crazy

“Actors and actresses are just children, playing make believe.” Mickey Rooney

“Every actor should do what he does best.” Mickey Rooney

“The Soviet Union went under and they filed for Chapter Eleven-sky.” Dennis Miller

Let’s Play Poker
Many men put their cards on the table before me; but I’m not impressed until they take the joker out. Judy Garland in Girl Crazy

“I enjoy playing villains. It’s very difficult, though in many situations, to know who the villain and good guys depends on your point of view. People tend to think in black and white, and of course, in real life, we are all grey.” Jeremy Irons (Alfred-Batman’s Butler

Because of Hidden Secrets
Nobody really knows anybody, I guess ~ Humphrey Bogart in Across the Pacific

Quotations from Across the Pacific
There are two kinds of vessels : A ship where you are pampered and served, hand and foot and then there’s just a boat, usually a freighter, where everyone serves themselves.
Sometimes the best way to gain a confidence is to give one.

“You certainly are a girl of many colors; first your legs get blue, then your face turns green and now you’re red all over.” Humphrey Bogart in Across the Pacific

A Pioneer of Movies~ Philosophizes
Time and Place in our movie story is usually a make-believe world. Believable characters are living somewhere; strangely, it could be the Past, the Present or even the Future. Great events are happening; surprisingly, they may have never occurred. Oh, but that is our little secret. Yet, a greater truth prevails; they are always happening.
(Now, isn’t that the Moral). D. W. Griffith ~Way Down East ~ 1920
Not all Sheriffs in the Old West were Competent
Some sheriffs should only wear their badge on Halloween. Roy Rogers (Helldorado)

“A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty ‘High-O-Silver !”
The Introduction to the TV Series of the 50s : The Lone Ranger

“Sometimes a friend does wear a mask.” Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger

“Do you know the power of hate; it can fill the heart just as much as love.”
James Mason in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

“I have a way with animals, but I do better with women.” Kirk Douglas in
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea

“If I get lost; I’ll send up a rocket !” Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim (Corbett)

“People don’t throw darlings around, unless they mean something.” Errol Flynn

Too Soon ~ The wisdom of Venus, Goddess of Love
~ with the music of harp & flute
Speak low, when you speak love ~ our summer day, withers away ~Too Soon, Too Soon ~ Speak low, when you speak love ~ our moment is swift, like ships adrift. Too Soon
~ Speak low, darling ~ speak low ~ Love is a spark, lost in the dark. Too Soon, Too – Soon. I feel, wherever I go, tomorrow is near; tomorrow is here, and always too soon.
~ Time is so old and love is so new. When time appears, love is pure gold.
We’re late, darling, we’re late : The curtain descends, everything ends, Too Soon, Too Soon. I’ll wait, darling, I’ll wait. Will you speak low to me ? Will you speak love to me
Ava Gardner sings in One Touch of Venus ~ 1957
Here’s A Toast To Love ~
Here’s a toast to Venus, Goddess of Love ~
May she stay on the job and keep us happy ! Eve Arden in One Touch of Venus

Quotations from Damsel in Distress
I have always thought that behind that macabre exterior, beats a heart of gold.
Fred Astaire
I am like the Northwest Mounted Police; I always get my woman !
Fred Astaire
If I fell down and broke my neck; I wouldn’t even notice it ! Fred Astaire
Horsewhipped ? Imagine that ! Horsewhipped, in this modern day and age. Nowadays, we just run over him with an automobile. Gracie Allen
“Falling in love is like being hit by a thunder-bolt !” Joan Fontaine-Damsel in Distress
“It appears that I am no longer Queen of England; so now I would like to be the Queen of People’s Hearts !” Princess Diana

Why We Need To Hear Stories
Just because something isn’t true is no reason why we can’t believe in it. Alright, here’s my special speech. Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are just the kind of things we need to believe in the most. What kind of things ? Things like this, that people are basically good, that honor, courage and virtue mean everything and that power and money may mean nothing without these things. That good always triumphs over evil. And, I want all young people to remember this : That true love never dies. People should believe in these things, because these are the things that good people should believe in. Robert Duvall in Secondhand Lions

“No sir ! I won’t sell my dog, not for $2,000 and not for all the gold in this whole damn town. If you think I’m wrong, then you can go to hell.” Charlston Heston in
The Call of the Wild

“Try to reason with love and you’ll lose your reason.” Old French Proverb

“When a gal loses her dignity, she loses her class.” Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim

“Though it’s tough to be a loser; it’s tougher to be a good winner.” John L. Sullivan

“I love milk !” John Wayne stars in the historic old movie: In Old California

Quotations from the movie I’m Not There ~ all quotes by Bob Dylan
Home is like a naked person; if you want decency, you have to keep your curtains drawn
All I ever do is protest; I am a product of my age – an age of protest. Yes, some people will boo me, but I forgive them, for there’s a little bit of boo in all of us.

The Ragtime Revival 1974-1979
History is full of circles or cycles, like what goes around – comes around. The golden age of innocence featured 3 genres of music : Ragtime, Ragtime Era Parlor Music (which is semi-classical music) and Ragtime Songs for voice & piano. The parlor music as well as Rags were mood enhancers. Fifteen different types of songs were engineered. Just to show that it wasn’t all Christian, a pagan movement was afoot featuring outrageous animal dances, like the Grizzly Bear, which had two types ~ Man & Man or Man & Woman. The former featured wrestlers gripping each other’s shoulders and rocking from side to side. At the climax, the two men would bump tails & growl. It was usually danced by two macho men who were drunk, like the old 49ers in San Francisco. There’s a struggle between men & women too; a wrestling match.

At the climax, the two would rub tails & growl (This was like a sexual mating call).
“By the ‘teens (1916, 1917, 1918 & 1919) the bouncy Fox-Trot and the faster One Step, had taken over from the Cakewalk (the first popular dance of the Twentieth Century) and the Slow Drag, Two-Step. Animal dances were the rage: The Bunny Hug
The Lobster Glide, The Baboon Bounce, The Kangaroo Hop and The Turkey Trot.”
Trebor Jay Tichenor ~ 1974

Quotations from Summer Magic ~ A Walt Disney movie about the Ragtime Era
City Life vs Country Life : I want to go to the Big City, where there’s bright lights and lots of money. I want to go to the country, where the sun & moon are the lights and the soil is rich with possibilities. (Extrapolated from Summer Magic)
Ragtime-Era-Wisdom: In pleasure homes and palaces, wherever you may roam, be it ever so humble~~There’s no place like home. (Written on plaques all over America)
“People have a deep-seated trust in my judgement.” Burl Ives in Summer Magic
I am the pastor of a lonely country church and we feel the need for new faces, new ideas and laughter.” Summer Magic
The Ragtime School for Femininity ~ A Song from Summer Magic
Verse : To begin with, a dress should complement your body. But don’t worry too much about the dress; it’s what’s inside the dress that counts.
Song : You must walk feminine, talk feminine, smile and beguile, feminine. Utilize your femininity, that’s what every gal should know, if she wants to catch a Beau.
(I feel all giggily) You must Dance feminine, glance feminine, act shy and look feminine. Complement his masculinity, that’s what every gal should know, if she wants to catch a Beau. (Bridge) Let him do the talking, men adore good listeners. Laugh, but not loudly (ha – ha) if he should choose to tell a joke. Be radiant, but delicate, memorize the rules of etiquette. Be demure, sweet and pure. (Hide the real you) You must look feminine, dress feminine; you’re at your best, feminine : Emphasize your femininity.
That’s what every gal should know ~ femininity ~ femininity ~
That’s the way to catch a Beau. (sung by Hayley Mills) 1974

“Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits.” Carl Sandburg

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

“If you are thrown out of a house or a bar; you’d better resign yourself to it.”
Old French Proverb

“The French have such a continental way of expressing themselves.” Spring Byington

“When it’s a world war, everywhere you go there’ll be trouble.” Steve McQueen in
Hell is for Heros

“Rain mixed with snow or hail all at once is a bad omen.” Old English Proverb

“If you meet a ghost; leave him alone, they don’t liked to be touched.”
George Toles

“You cannot require love; love must be deserved.” The Road from Cooran

“You have to be willing to feel a little pain when you’re in love, or you’ll never know that ocean of joy.” Steve Martin in The Lonely Guy

“What sinner is safe from damnation ? James Mason in Lord Jim

“Some people have a natural talent for disaster; the only remedy for this problem is to keep the mouth shut.” James Mason in Lord Jim

“Deciding to forgive is the first step in the healing process.” Vanessa Redgrave in
The Locket, a Hallmark Movie

The Nile: A Meditation by Robert Ardrey ~ Script writer for the movie Khartoum
~ The sun rises and is seen between two large pyramids ~ then the Nile appears
The Nile was always there. Long before Cairo; long before the tombs of Kings. It was the reason for everything. It’s a little hard to grasp how far this river has been flowing. These are the waters drained from South African lakes, 4000 miles away to make Egypt green. The Nile has its memories. The story of Khartoum is a recent one, less than a century old. That’s yesterday in this part of the world. But, however far back you go, all of the Nile’s recollections have several things in common. It seems quite impossible to live next to this river and not have visions of eternity. Then, there’s always God, for instance, or if you prefer, the gods. With that in mind, there’s always a mystery. You always wind up with a few questions no one can answer, like how those giant statues were made. One more thing, why is it that everything outside is so big, larger than life. Is it vanity ? Vanity (?) ~ Perhaps ~ or visions. In this part of the world vanity was always mixed up with visions, but it’s the Nile that remains, the original fact that we started with, and of course, the desert. Khartoum, starring Charlston Heston

It’s Time from the Second Epic Movie of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien
You still have to taste the bitterness of mortality. Whether by sword or by slow decay of time you will die. And there will be no comfort for you, nor comfort to ease the pain of his passing. He will come to death : An image of the splendor of kings and men in
Glory; undimmed before the breaking of the world. But you, my daughter, will linger on in darkness and in doubt; as nightfall in winter comes without a star. Here you will dwell, bound to your grief, under the fading trees; until all the world is changed and the long years of your life are utterly spent. The Two Towers

“Everybody’s got a dream of what they would do if they got rich. As soon as I got rich, I knew what to do; I celebrated by hiring 3 laughing whores to bounce naked on my
King Size Bed.” Elvis Presley

Will the Real Jack Nicholson, Please Stand Up !
Come on, little lady, give me a chance. You know, Miss, I’m gonna take this opportunity to be just a little bit offended. If there’s anybody in this district who has a right to think of himself as a wholesome companion; why it’s yours truly ! Jack ~~
(Well, If you’re such a wholesome companion, what were you doing in that whore-
house !!) The Missouri Breaks

The National Proclamation that Established Mother’s Day
Let there now be a day for the public expression of love and reverence for all mothers of our nation. President Woodrow Wilson~1914

The Search for Identity
The desire for meaning is so acute, that we either consume enormous energy and time in the search for it or else we just retreat from the problem and hope we can forget it.
(But there is a quest going on deep inside us) The quest, if we pursue it, is popularly called The Search for Identity. It is simply the attempt to find meaning in our lives.
George Alder in his booklet God

I’m Living a Life of Shadows ~ Song Lyrics by William Sitol
We all can dream, love ~ think ~ and scheme
How to make fortune smile ~ but do they come true ?
Our plans that look new ~ are maybe mistakes that make you blue.
One little smile, always in style ~ One smile has made me glad
But those days are past, and others went fast, now I’m lonely & sad.
Chorus: I’m living a life of shadows, since I lost my girl ~
What I have gone through ~ All just, for you
Should have opened a heart of pearl
Just memories remain ~ like some sweet refrain
They linger, and won’t let me be ~
I’m living a life of shadows
Won’t you please bring back the sunshine to me. 1923

“When you like someone; how do you know that you love them ? First, you know that you love them, when you’re happy to see them. Secondly, you’re thinking about them when you least expect it and Thirdly, you love to be with them.” As It Is in Heaven

“I insist on auditions, even for respected artists. I would insist on an audition for my own grandmother.” Fred Astaire

New ~ Chinese Proverb
Live Wire who is Too Hot ~ Soon Short Out.

Technology as the Way of the Future
Jet airplanes are the way of the future. Whoever can utilize jet technology on commercial airplanes will win all the marbles. Howard Hughes

“If I were not sure of myself; I would tear my heart out and throw it into the fire.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

Quotations from Napoleon & Love (A PBS Production)
Napoleon Bonaparte’s parade to power was established after he murdered the Democratic Convention of France with canon fire (which he justified by labeling them rebels). Here is his speech “Those rebels failed to understand that rebellion is war, and victory without bloodshed is not possible. Those rebels failed to understand the principles of war. Yes, I fired live ammunition into the crowd, for when an angry mob knows little about firearms; it is a policy of ignorance, I merely educated them.”
“My Josephine is a miracle of nature. A revelation. Her kisses are burning my heart”
“A boor is not a gentleman, for he speaks of stirring up hatred at parties. Military boors are the worst kind of bore, for that’s all they talk about.” Josephine
“I have a recurring sexual desire, like all men.” Napoleon
Love & Friendship : There are women that are in harmony with my own heart and there are men who are in harmony with my own mind. Napoleon
Napoleon’s Consort Josephine speaks : “Men think that spending an hour in primping is a waste of time. What they don’t understand is that a woman’s face and body is a work of art and great art has always been labored over carefully.”

The Ancient Custom of Giving Quarter : One of the ways that warriors get acquainted is by fighting. The reward is respect and fear. Yet, a gentleman warrior, who has survived many campaigns should enjoy a special privilege. Gentlemen Warriors give Quarter or a requested recess from fighting upon request of either party. Thus experienced strategists can get better acquainted and learn from each other’s victories. (Oh thank you, we can fight to the death later). G. Julian Walker

Whisper Sweet and Whisper Low ~ Song Lyrics by Alfred Bryan
The night has let its curtain fall ~ The golden day has gone its way
The roses slumber by the wall ~ It’s time to love, it’s time to say ~
Whisper sweet ~ and whisper low ~And say the words “I love you”
While the shadows come and go ~Just whisper low “I love you”
Kiss me with your eyes ~
while the love-light is burning
Now, while I’m yearning ~ whisper sweet and whisper low
Stay with me and say “I love you.”
Let’s linger till the stars are gone ~ Your lips to mine ~ in love divine
Our hearts seem closer in the dawn ~ Your kisses taste like golden wine
Whisper sweet and whisper low; and say the words “I love you.” 1928

I Want to Meander in the Meadow ~ Song Lyrics by Harry Woods
Heard a bird in the morning ~ in a great big empty lot
But the song he sang, just made me feel blue.
What’s the good of pretending, when I’m happy when I’m not
Guess I’m nothing but a dreamer, that happiness forgot :
I want to meander in the meadow, see the sunbeams kissing the dew
I want to meander in the meadow, with the birds and flowers I knew
How I can remember in the meadow, when my days were happy and carefree
Up at dawn to greet the sun, singing a song,’ till the day is done.
I remember meeting my love in the meadow, when the shadows began to fall
We used to meander in the meadow, and it’s the sweetest memory of all.
I know if I had a million wishes, there would be one wish I’d say
I want to meander in the meadow ~ Be a kid again, just for a day.
Took a look from my window, on a crowded street below
Not a tree, or bird, or flower in sight
Took a look from my window, not so very long ago
And the scene was so much different ~ the scene that I love so :
I want to meander in the meadow ~ see the sunbeams kissing the dew
I want to meander in the meadow ~ with the birds and flowers I knew
How I can remember in the meadow, when my days were happy and carefree:
Up at dawn, to greet the sun, singing a song, till my day is done.
I remember meeting my love in the meadow
When the shadows began to fall
And it’s the sweetest memory of all.
I know if I had a million wishes, there would be one wish I’d say
I want to meander in the meadow ~ Be a kid again, just for show. ~ 1929

“I’m the independent type; always have been.” Kathrine Hepburn ~ Summertime

“First love is a shy bird that cannot land, unless it feels relaxed.” Venetian Adage

“You know, those miracles that people talk about do happen, but sometimes, they may need a little push.” Summertime

“People always see me as an actress; but now I speak as a mother : What growing boys need is good, nourishing food.” Kathrine Hepburn

Good Old American Pie
Why would people leave Ireland, in the grand old year of 1909 ? The rumor is that
America has the biggest, most-tastiest apple pie in the world and it’s covered with cream. Titanic ~Birth of a Legend

“I seek a merciful God; a God who could love even me.” Martin Luther

“God is a comedian ~ who is playing to a foolish audience, who are too afraid to laugh.”

The Undeniable Feminine Truth
Hearts understand in ways that minds cannot ~ Lois Wilson (from the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie When Love Is Not Enough (relating the story of Alcoholics Anonymous)

“I feel the spirit of yesterday, I touch the past, when the pipers play.”
from the documentary When the Pipers Play

“Remembering everything does not mean that you know everything.”
(a secret message from The Lord) The Bourne Identity 2016

Watching the Yacht Mary Jane & the Bikini Clad Gal on it
(looking up from binoculars) I’m just admiring her rigging. Tom Sellick in Sea Change

“If you live long enough, you’ll have regrets and the ones that nag you the most are the ones that you had multiple choices. Tom Sellick in Sea Change

The Long Lost Ship that Didn’t Come In
When you’re young, you dream such wonderful dreams, but when you become old; you realize that your dreams did not pan out. Edward G. Robinson in Scarlet Street

The Ironies of Life invade the Actors Life
In the movie Scarlet Street, Joan Bennett confessed to Edward G. Robinson that she was a movie star (but in reality, she was not a well-known actress). Edward G. Robinson
(who was a well-known actor) confessed that he was a cashier ! Switch-a-roo

“A great work of art can take a day or sometimes a year. You just can’t tell. It’s like falling in love; it has to grow on you. Every painting, if it’s any good is a love affair.”
Edward Robinson in Scarlet Street

Some people get married not because of love, but because they’re lonely. Scarlet Street

“What is it you Frenchies say : To-Shay ! You see, I’m a bit of a poet and you did not know it. So, here’s my poem : They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell; that damnable, elusive Pimpernell.
Anthony Andrews as The Scarlett Pimpernell in the movie of the same name.

Spies, Commandos and Stratagems
When your enemy has more power and men than you; you must maintain an anonymous identity and the more combatants who join you, increases the risk of a spy.
Anthony Andrews in The Scarlett Pimpernell

The Foolish Custom of Fair Play from The Scarlett Pimper-nell
I always like to give a man a sporting chance. Anthony Andrews

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” John Donne

The Ultimate Irony of Life
Everyone dies; but no one is truly dead. The Cave of the Yellow Dog (in Mongolian)

“Like most sarcasm; they contain a germ of truth.” Boomerang

Your Doctor’s Advice
Take your time, slow down. When you’re young, life is long; so relax and take it in deeper. Backbeat

“There are certain things I seriously believe in. At the top of the list is God and the United States of America.” Fred Mc Murray in The Happiest Millionaire

“I don’t understand the American sport of baseball. Here in this stadium are thousands of excited people, why do they come ? The Pride of the Yankees
Exploratory Testing at the Hospital
This place is full of routines. Why in this place, they give you the x-ray, the fluoroscope and every test known to man. Then, after all this, they say you’ve got dandruff ! Walter Brennan in The Pride of the Yankees

“Golf is for nature lovers; we call it Nature on a Leash !” The Sunshine State

The Legacy of Mary Magdalene from the movie An Unmarried Woman
Cut your wine with water; it’s a French & Spanish idea. (originally came from Jesus)

“To pray well is the better half of study.” Martin Luther

“This is your Christmas duty: if you have 2 shirts – give one the he who has none; If you have lots of food, share some with your brothers and sisters.” John the Baptist

The Cop looked at him with one eye only !
“Did you call me a great big son of a bitch ? No, I said look out for that great big ditch!
Victor Moore in Swingtime
Wilt Thou Love Her Always ?
Pastor’s Address to the Groom at a marriage ceremony : God is placing you into a position of trust. Wilt thou guide her, love her and forgive her ? Wilt thou keep her and protect her from all harm ? Sunrise, a silent movie ~ 1927

“There is no honor among thieves.” Douglas Fairbanks in The Black Pirate ~ 1926

“Roger Williams was an important holy man in the New World (America), for he believed that democracy based on religious freedom was the way to enlightenment. However, the Puritans did not agree and chased him out of Nantucket Bay. His little state was Rhode Island and it became the asylum for the oppressed. It increased and prospered until its founding principle of civil religious liberty, became the cornerstone of the American Republic.” Ellen White in her book The Great Controversy

“I may sometimes get beat-up; but I bounce back, until it is clear that I am still not beaten.” Glen Ford in The Blackboard Jungle (the first movie to feature rock ‘n roll)

“Worry is not always bad; sometimes it can save your life.” The Black Room

“At a time when Europe was exploring new lands; the captains looked to the sailors, who had a good knowledge of birds, for birds always return to their nest on dry land at sunset.” The Spanish Main ~ a book by Carl Ortwin Sauer

Watchwords for Teachers
You do-not order your students around. You dress clean and neat. You’re always polite and respectful. “We all need the same things, like patience, understanding and love. If you can give these things in your classroom; you are a good teacher. That’s why you can get through to them.” The Blackboard Jungle

“I guess everybody learns something in school; even the teachers.”
Sidney Poitier in The Blackboard Jungle

Let us Welcome the illustrious Charlie Chan (Warner Oland)
Silence ~ big sister to Wisdom ~ Silence best answer when uncertain
Hasty conclusion like gunpowder; easy to explode
Very difficult to explain hole in donut, but hole always there
A good detective must consider all possibilities ~ Thank you, so much
Little keyhole ~ big friend to stupid detective
If you want wild bird to sing; don’t put him in cage(maybe wooden cage with open door)
Like walking with candle, be ready for blow-out (carry an extra gun)
Grain of sand in eye, may hide small mountain
Many strange unsolved crimes committed underneath the city, in the sewers of Paris
It is always good fortune to give alms upon entering a city ~ Charlie Chan in Paris
Young bird fall out of tree many times before learning how to fly
Old age is defeated by young heart; but creaky joints argue with heart
Kindness in heart more valuable than gold in bank
Must turn up many stones before finding hiding place of snake
Only a foolish man waste words, when argument is lost
A good detective jots down all suspicions; what day, time and place (instructs #1 son)
Perfect case like donut, always have a hole : Pessimist only see hole; optimist see donut
Motive like knotted rope, tied in many knots and hard to unravel
The age of chivalry is not dead, as long as a maid in distress can be rescued
Holiday mood like fickle girl, privileged to change her mind
Most anxious to renew my acquaintance with honorable ancestors
Flashlight in dark is an excellent target, unless smart detective ties it to a broom !
A Case for detective is like inside of radio; many connections, but not all related.
Expectation of great speech, cause goose pimples
Old excuse like aged Billy-goat, has long whiskers
Bad alibi like aged cheese; has bad smell.
Distance no hindrance to fond thoughts.
Do-not forget your prayers upon retiring; you may need them.
Hasty conclusion like hind leg of mule, kick backward toward you !
Mirrors are good for seeing backwards. (and works well for cars).
Loving relationship with jewel among woman, reveal fortunate young man
Dock rats know how to board ship and when to leave
Foolish dog chase bird that flies away; smart cat wait for bird to land.
Long journey always start with small step ~
Good detective is good because he knows how to be invisible.
Detective uses his nose to find clues; his skin he must preserve and protect
Fast car make humble Chinaman worry he will meet ancestors before they are ready.
Frequent state on mind for detective is not lack of evidence, but too much.
Thoughts are like wild horses, if not checked ~ they run off and cause fearful smash-up !
(From 4 movies : Charlie Chan in London, in Paris, in Egypt and in Shanghai)

Bing Crosby is Laughing
When you’re a riot; you ought to be in vaudeville. From Riding High.

The Bing Crosby Credo
Ladies and Gentlemen, due to technical difficulties, the program that was originally scheduled for this time, will be heard now ! Riding High.

Blind-sighted by a Horse from Riding High
Broadway Bill is not just a race horse; he’s the fastest horse alive. His mother was stone cold blind. I think about that when I look at you, Whitey ~the blackest negro alive

“Soldiering is an honorable profession or it was.” Sean Connery in Cuba

“From birth to death is the reach of a man.” Confucius

“Confucius say greatest sage on earth cannot decipher charming woman’s smile.”
Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan

“I have fun when I see others having fun.” Walt Disney

“My favorite times of day are late at night and early in the morning.” Walt Disney

“The American legend of Star Wars and the American legend of the Fourth of July have been united in a formal rite of harmonious marriage. This rite is only complete with parades, music and fireworks at night. And here is the main attraction: May the Fourth Be Always with You America (and many more).” Eric Beckelhiede, Springfield, Or.

The Secret behind the Nixon-Breshnov Peace Accords ~ 1974
They were all high on Chocolate Chip Pot Cookies called Hello Dollies :
“Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle if these ain’t the yummiest cookies I’ve ever tasted”
President Richard Nixon in the movie called Dick
“I think your cookies have saved the world from nuclear Disaster.” Breshnov
I hope you got your cookies off ! Dick, the movie

“I want to make one thing perfectly clear; whatever she’s on, I didn’t give it to her.”
President Richard Nixon ~ Dick

“In Dublin, Ireland ~ you truly may find ~ a poet in every pub.” George Bernard Shaw

“An honest soldier will tell you that war is hell; but he doesn’t say it’s a crime.”
George Bernard Shaw
An Old Man’s Option
“I am at home in the realm of imagination and even ~at ease~ with mighty death.”
George Bernard Shaw ~ the comedian among philosophers
“Kings are not born, but are made from the popular imagination of her people.”
George Bernard Shaw
General Brigoin’s Advice to his Officers
Be a little less generous with the blood of your men and more generous with your own brains. General Brigoin in The Devil’s Disciple

“Those who cannot attack the thought, instead attack the thinker.”
Paul Valery ~1902

“What is right is written on your heart.” Ute Medicine Woman in The Shaman Sings

“Nostradamus was not only a prophet, but a healer. He cured many patients who were condemned to die from the plague; while all doctors fled the city. Nostradamus was alone throughout the epidemic working among the sick; he cured many merely by insisting on fresh air and unpolluted water. The other half of his talent as a prophet came from his study of a rare old book, known as The Mysteries of Egyptian Magic.” The Prophecies of Nostradamus

The Dedication to Disneyland Theme Park ~ Anaheim California ~ 1955
To all who come to this happy place : Welcome ! Disneyland is your land. Here, Age relives fond memories of the Past. Here, Youth may savor the challenge and the promise of the Future. Disneyland is dedicated more to ideals and dreams than the hard facts. I sincerely hope that it will be a source of joy for you, and the whole world. Walt Disney

“Only a fool laughs when there’s nothing that’s funny.” French Adage

“Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.” Michelangelo

Early Christian Scholars rejected The Old Testament’s God
Most of the Gnostics rejected the entire Old Testament, at least in any straight-forward meaning. They blamed the inferior God of the Old Testament for creating all the evil in the material world. Marcion himself posed sharper problems by listing contradictions between the Old and the New. He claimed that the Old Testament God who ordered battles and slaughter, was driven by anger rather than love; and this was incompatible with the merciful Father of Jesus Christ. The History of Christianity by David F. Wright

It’s a Shocker I am going to die some-day, but as for when;
I’d just as well have God surprise me ! Ronald Regan in Hasty Heart

“There is no challenge in that which is simply repetitive. If that’s all there is, life is a poor thing. When you have done something for the thousandth time; it stinks of repe-tition, rather than discovery, which is new and exciting.” Alan Dean Foster~The Dig

“One of the themes I explored when I was young, was presented by Paul Tillich, who said doubt is an acceptable, even a necessary aspect of faith. Faith, he continued, implies a continuing search, not necessarily a final answer.” President Jimmy Carter

“Surely, there is pity, mixed with love in every woman’s heart.” Patricia Neal
as nurse in Hasty Heart

“I wish I could know why some men want to die alone and friendless.”
Ronald Regan in Hasty Heart

“Do you know why they call it the American Dream, because it only happens when you’re asleep.” The Guru

“Yes, we are too old for war; but old men should stop wars.” John Wayne in
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

“You’re a window in the hour of my life.” Errol Flynn in Dive Bomber

A Farewell Tribute to President Obama : A Native born Hawaiian
Hawaiian culture and tradition play a big part in living with the aloha spirit, which means giving from the heart. It is a gesture of aloha to give a flower lei to show kindness. A lei is a garland or necklace; it can be made from flowers, shells, leaves or other materials. A lei is given as a symbol of affection or respect or just to acknowledge a special occasion.” Joanna Carolan

Mr. Obama is the only president who carries an Hawaiian Driver’s License on his person at all times. Quotes by President Obama : “Every year my family and I take a Christmas trip to Hawaii. When I look back on my years in Hawaii; I realize how truly lucky I was to have been raised there.” Mr. Obama admits that he is liable to go surfing anywhere and at any time : “I’m going to go bodysurfing at an undisclosed location.” “Whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist; Hawaiian culture tells us to honor our elders or grandparents.” “In growing up in Hawaii, not only do you appreciate the natural beauty, but there is an ethic of concern for the land – that dates back to Native Hawaiians.” “Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives; we are reminded today that family is the most important.” “We are not as divided as our politics suggest; the dream we share is more powerful that the differences we have.” Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address 11/20/2009 “Individual responsibility and mutual respect is the essence of the American Promise.”

Quotations from Congo Maisie ~ starring Ann Sothern
“Little girls who look and listen at keyholes; don’t go to heaven.”
“It takes a certain kind of woman to handle a certain kind of man.” Ann Sothern
“Keep doing those eye exercises on my body, Captain Bly, and pretty soon; you can throw away those eyeglasses” “Only a missionary would give a drum to a baboon !”“I don’t drink hard liquor; that’s what keeps me out of trouble.” “The magic of magicians isn’t serious or real; it’s all in fun.” Ann Sothern
The Rules of Fighting & Dancing : “Now, you know the rules, no hitting below the belt and when there’s clinches; break clean !” Ann Sothern in Ringside Maisie

“I’m a singer, in a manner of speaking.” Ann Sothern in Gold Rush Maisie

“Those who scoff at science are doomed to fail in front of their peers.” Ann Sothern in Maisie Was A Lady

“Fun is important to all warriors.” Sylvester Stallone in Expendables 3

“In the scheme of Nature; death is a brutal reality. But it takes a real artist to stage your own death and have the whole world believe it.” A Different Loyalty

The Echo Said “No” (Who Said That ?) Words & Music by Art Kassel
I spend each evening ~ just like my days ~always in memory ~ and I keep hearing somebody’s voice. It’s so familiar to me (who said that ?) Thought about you all day ~ and I can’t believe it; so I asked myself if you love me ~ but the echo said “No”

“Inconspicuous mole-hill, sometimes more important than conspicuous mountain.”
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan in Egypt
Thought I’d see you around ~ where we once used to go
Asked if you were thinking of me, but the echo said “No”
I can’t help wandering darling, where you are and how you are
And who you are alone with ~ It’s like I’m talking on the phone with myself !?
Just like this dream I had last night ~ You were whispering low
It was only a whisper, but the echo said “No” ! (who said that ?) ~~1947

“The love of a man for a woman waxes and wanes like the moon; but the love of brother for brother is steadfast as the stars. It endures like the words of the Prophet.”
Arabian Proverb

“An officer who is righteous leads his men; he doesn’t drive them and he doesn’t use them as canon-fodder.” Beau Geste

Quotations from Elizabeth (Queen of England)
The Catholic’s Greatest Fear : A Country Divided into Catholic & Protestant
England 1554 : Henry the 8th is dear. The country is divided; Henry’s eldest daughter Mary, a fervent Catholic is Queen; to celebrate this joyous occasion 3 Protestants are burned alive at the stake ! Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned until Mary’s death. Then, she is declared Queen of England. England had no army or navy and was bankrupt.
The First Declaration of Queen Elizabeth : “I was required by my sister Mary to declare all Protestants as heretics and have them killed, but I refused with this important declaration: I only do as my conscience dictates !” Other famous quotes by Elizabeth :
“Innocence is the most precious thing you possess; lose that and you lose your soul.”
“I do-not like wars; they have an uncertain outcome.” “Does not a queen sit under the same stars as other women ?”“Do not presume to know the secrets of a woman’s heart !” “I have no desire to make windows into men’s souls !” “Common sense is a most English Virtue !” “Everyone should vote on the basis of their conscience !”
(By approving Queen Elizabeth’s Measure of Uniformity; she reclaimed the Freedom of Religion, which was first guaranteed by Socrates in Greece and enlightened Roman Emperors in olden times.) After the Freedom of Religion was established by Elizabeth in England; His Holiness the Pope issued a Bull. He declared that Queen Elizabeth is a pretender and is only queen of wickedness. He declared that her subjects were absolved of their religious duty toward her and any man who undertakes her assassination would be welcomed by angels into the kingdom of heaven. “A man may confess to anything under torture, but that is not my way.” “There is one thing that prevents me from promiscuity, which is all over the court and that is ~ I am deeply religious.”
The Virgin Queen : “You may make whores of my ladies in waiting at court; but you may not count me as one of your whores; for I am a Queen and am obligated to be an example to all women of virtue. I give myself only to a husband.” “I have become a virgin, because I could not find an honorable, virtuous and religious man. Observe Lord
Burly; I have given up marriage and have accepted that I am married to England.” (She reigned for another 40 years and by the time of her death, England was the richest and most powerful country in Europe.)

Masquerade: It is an ancient custom that suitors in the courts of Europe of the 15th & 16th Century enjoyed a party called a masquerade ball, whereby everyone wore a mask; especially in front of official potentates, for courting is a private affair. Elizabeth

“I’m no tourist !” Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 3

Clint Eastwood says Grace before Lunch~ Amen !
Lord, we ask you to forgive us for our sins and I want to thank you Lord, for this great chow you’re puttin’ on here today. And we ask you to look after the young boys & girls here, so that they don’t get mixed up with hard liquor and cigarettes. Bronco Billy

“You should never kill a man unless it’s completely necessary.” Clint Eastwood

Holy Banana Cake !
It is my first participation in a ballet and I am but a child. The ballet has just ended. He (the male star) rushes off the stage in a flourish as the overture strikes up The Nutcracker Suite just beyond the drapes. I slowly rise, placing one foot in front of another, just like the prima ballerina. Stepping forward, I join the two stars at the front of the stage and begin my curtsy. Alicia senses my presence. She smiles down at me and hands me a rose “Bravo” she says and kisses me on the cheek. The audience loves this and cheers ! Goldie Hawn from her autobiography A Lotus Grows in the Mud

My Father’s Advice for living in New York
Hey Kink (Goldie’s childhood nickname) whatever you do, stay real in the big city. Show business is a fake business, so don’t let it fool you. Always look like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t; and one more thing: Don’t pick your nose in public.

“When you give up hope; you’re dead !” Ann Sothern in Gold Rush Maisie

“I’m not really ignorant; just uneducated.” Ann Sothern in Gold Rush Maisie”

“Us gals are helpless when our car breaks down and it just seems that when it happens,
we look to men to rescue us, for every man knows something about fixing cars.”
Gold Rush Maisie

“The reason one would climb a mountain is because it’s there.” Edmund Hillary

“When you’re dying, I suppose we should repent, get religion and give away all earthly goods. Anyway, it’s a nice feeling when you’re generous and remembered with love.
Myrna Loy in The Rains Came

“Violence is the last resort of a desperate man.” Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Little Boy: “How can I be sad if I don’t remember my mother ? “ ~ Deep Silence ~
Zen master : “Worldly affections lead to ties and passions, but in the end, you lose what you love. That’s why you experience pain. The way of spiritual life is to empty the mind of mundane life which is temporary and embrace a life of eternity. As soon as you do this, the sooner you will find peace. Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for The East

“I try to be mindful of the fact that my children came through me, but that I am just a vessel and I cannot claim their lives as mine. Their journey is clearly their own; and so the great circle continues ~ the circle of life.” Goldie Hawn

Quotations from Goldie Hawn’s Autobiography: A Lotus Grows in the Mud
August 1965 ~ I haven’t a clue where I’m going. I have only been in California a few months and I feel like a foreigner amid the “flower-power” and the “Anti-Vietnam War fever” preached by the Hippie Culture. The sun is shining and the radio is playing I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher. Long haired Hippies are everywhere and the wind is blowing my hair too; while I fly down the freeway in my convertible. The next number on the radio is Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan. I have never felt so free.
There’s never a happy ending for people who lose their integrity. Not just in show business, but in the fast-paced competitive world we live in. This is a world where people are tempted to put all their energy into winning at the sacrifice of their souls.
If we can cultivate compassion for those who have hurt us; we have the possibility of overcoming our anger, pain and fear. Yes, compassion is great medicine.
My agent suggested that I could get more interest if I danced topless. I laughed and pointed at my two naked eggs, sunny side up. No, I don’t do topless.
In truth, perfection is only something we can strive for. Giving back is a path to joy.
Keeping the Flame : The keys to maintaining a healthy relationship are respect, desire, forgiveness and love. Death: Death is not the end; it is merely a transformation.
Success is just a word, a relative concept; It’s how we handle success that matters.
Altered States: Exploration of the mind is the most powerful frontier of all.
Laughter: Comedy breaks down walls. It frees us for just a moment from the ugliness of this world. Although many people speak different languages; we all share the common language of laughter. It transcends every language on the face of this planet
yet it needs no translation. Where did it come from ? It came from an unknown primordial place that all humans share and it sounds like this Ha-Ha-Ha ! That is the sound of joy. Fate : You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it.
Life’s Rewards : True rewards come from the intention of living an honorable life.
Woman’s Liberation, apart from politics means something different for every woman. To me it’s laughing out loud. Elvis was introduced to me and reached out and touched my twisted hair. That man and his music made my teenage hormones rage.
Wonder: Wonder shows in the light of our eyes; without it they become dull and old.
It is the simple things in life that hold the most wonder; the color of the sea, the sand between your toes or the laughter of a child.
Prayer: Never doubt the magic of miracles. Just because we can’t see them, taste them, touch them or smell them; doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Embracing Strangers: Sometimes we feel there is nothing new under the sun and then suddenly springs a friendship like this ~ a flower. Treasures are waiting just beneath the earth, if only we look for them. One should never be closed to new friend- ships, no matter how old or tired or busy. Every relationship has its own unique gifts. Grief : Loss is part of loving; yet letting go of someone we love is the hardest thing we will ever do. Cordially Yours, Goldie Hawn

Yale’s Football Cheer ~ Ragtime Era
Bulldog ! Bulldog ! Bow-wow-wow !!
(Bulldog Mascot Barks) The Cole Porter Story in Day & Night

“Ah to be on the cool, green Rhine.” The Nibelungen ~ A silent German classic

“We Americans, in particular are a very fortunate people, with a high standard of living. A land abounding in natural beauty, and a degree of freedom rare in the world. Of course, our blessings come from God and naturally we should be grateful. That’s why Christians thank God before meals ~ at least on holidays ~ and maybe give a few dollars to charity or to our church from time to time. This is gratitude.”
President Jimmy Carter

“Lay your head on Monty’s shoulder and tell me your troubles. I admit that advice to the lovelorn is not exactly my department; it’s too dangerous, because love can be a de-light, a dilemma, a disease or a disaster.” Monty Wooley plays himself in Day & Night

A Good Gangster
I am a man of honor; I look up the dress, but I no touch ! A Comedy called
The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

“I didn’t shoot nobody; I got a good alibi. I was in the little boy’s room with all the rest of the old men.” The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

“The loving of ourselves is part of a life-long study of living and loving.” Ideal Husband
Kiddie Fun in Sunday School
The first commandment was “freedom of speech.”
2. Eve was created from an apple !
3. Noah’s Ark landed on Mt. Everest
4. Noah’s Wife was called Joan of Ark
5. Lot’s Wife was a pillar of salt by day & a ball of fire by night !
6.The Seventh Commandment is Thou Shalt Not Admit to Adultery
7.The Epistles were the wives of the Apostles
8. A Christian has only one wife. This is called Monotony.

“We gave at least tacit approval to Israel’s disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 1982, then sent in US Marines to bomb and strife villages around Beirut. We invaded and defeated Grenada. We invaded and destroyed a good portion of Panama (which was condemned by the United Nations) and on a more massive scale, we orchestrated the Persian Gulf War. In none of these cases did we first exhaust the opportunities for peaceful resolution.
Yet, with a deep and consistent commitment to peace; America could be a tremendous beneficial influence on troubled regions of the world, by resolving & preventing wars.” The Personal Beliefs of Jimmy Carter ~ A Bestselling Book

“In their hearts, people hate the littleness of their lives. They live a life meditating on mundane things; but the artist touches the soul of the world and reminds them of a higher purpose. Then the world remembers and is grateful. That is greatness.”
E. Pizarro ~ Impressionist Artist

“Most people secretly want to be something entirely different” (either for riches or fame)
Fred Astaire in Carefree

“I’m always surprised by the things women do.” Yul Brenna in Escape from Zahrain

The Feminine Mystique from The Gnostic Gospels
Unlike many of his contemporaries among the deities of the Ancient Near East; the god of Israel (Jehovah) shared his power with no female divinity, nor was he the divine husband or lover of any. Indeed, the absence of feminine symbolism for God, marks Judaism, Judaic Christianity and Islam. In striking contrast to the world’s other religious
traditions, whether in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece or Rome. Especially in the Old World of Africa, India and North America, abound in feminine symbolism. Elaine Pagel

“For me, God is not only committed to absolute purity and justice, but also filled with grace, forgiveness and love. A personal faith in Christ and a special reverence for him will help to reveal God’s transcendent love.” Jimmy Carter

Christian Joke
A Christian in name only approached the tribunal in Heaven. St. Peter and a few angels sat at the table. The supplicant confessed: “During the Depression years; I saw a starv-ing family on the street and gave them 50 cents. More recently, when my neighbor’s home burned down; I gave them a folding table worth 50 cents. Do I get into Heaven ?” The angels consulted with St. Peter and said, “What is to be done with this man, who, other than giving this dollar in charity, has been grossly sinful.”
St. Peter replied: “Give him his four bits and tell him to go to hell !”

Facing Up To Sin (Purport by Jimmy Carter)
“Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin, the Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit there is no deceit. When I kept silent, my bones wasted away and my sin weighed down on my conscience all day long. Day and night, the Lord’s Hand was heavy on me and my strength was sapped, as in the intense heat of summer. Then I confessed my sin to Him.
Yea, we need to confess our transgressions to the Lord and He forgives us. Psalm 32, 1-5 “Fortunately, God’s willingness to hear our confession and forgive us is inexhaustible. The Psalms express beautifully, the need for confession and the joy of forgiveness.”

“A successful author is not endowed especially with riches or fame, but in
an imagination of catastrophic proportions.” The Eye of the Dolphin ~ Movie

Why we need stories and movies from the movie Second Hand Lions
Just because something isn’t true; doesn’t mean we can’t believe in them. Alright, here’s my speech : Sometimes we need to believe in stories with a happy ending. What kind of things should be in these stories ? Things like this : That people are basically good and the righteous people are victorious because they have honor, courage and virtue. These are the kind of people we look for to protect us from evil. The teachings of these kind of people are that power and money mean nothing without kindness and respect. And I want all young people to take this lesson to heart : That true love never dies and that these are the kind of things good people should believe in. Robert Duvall

Quotations from Unconquered
You don’t know what freedom is worth, until you lose it. Paulette Godard
Maybe no-one has got the right to own anyone else; men and women were not meant to be sold like yards of cloth. Gary Cooper
A woman only thinks what she wants to think. Paulette Godard
Moonlight has turned your green dress into green fire and the stars are dancing in your eyes. Gary Cooper

“It is the winners who write history – their way.” Elaine Pagels in The Gnostic Gospels
“Dangerous diseases require dangerous cures.” Such a Long Journey

Quotations by Warner Oland as Charlie Chan the Detective
The horse and the cow are noble animals for they serve Mankind humbly.
To know all inhabitants of a household; you must see who’s in the backyard.
Some things in life are funny; but murder is no laughing matter.
Please excuse my silent movements; it’s a habit of my profession !

Quotations from Undercover Brother ~ A Black Man’s Comedy from the 70s
If you elect me as your black president; I will replace white man’s muzak in all elevators with Hip-Hop and Holy Funkadelic ! Knock ! Knock ! Who’s there ? (Kung !) Would that be King Kung Kong or the Kung-us Among-us? (No, It’s Kung Fu’s sister: Kung-Fu Lu-Lu & The door splits open). It’s time for your history lesson : Who first said this important message: “Aw, come on ! I’m getting too old for this shit.” Behind every great black man stands ? a. The Police b. A slow white athlete or c. Probable Cause. No, you are all wrong; it’s d. strong black woman. Whenever you see the Road Repair Sign that says Bump; remember this: We Want the Bump! We Need the Bump! and We got to have some Funk ~ Oh yea

“People misunderstand me to be a macho-tyrant; actually, I believe everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and I am all-American, as sure as my name is George Washington McClintock.” John Wayne in McClintock

Hazards of Old Age by G. Julian Walker
Life is wonderful when you’re young. Before you know it; you’re middle aged. Then you’re a Senior and before you know it; you’re elderly. Can there be any more ? Yes, comes the answer; there’s old age and elderly. It is then, that you must ask your loved ones: “Am I alive ?” The honest answer is: “I’m none too sure of that !”
Now everybody laugh; so we’ll know for sure.

“When you’re stuck on Mars and you’re a genius at technology; you’ll have to face the problem of adapting machinery to new exploratory missions. The problem is maybe your ship was not designed for such a mission. In that case there’s only one thing you can do : Science the Shit out of it ! Matt Damon in The Martian

Mark Watney : Space Pirate
I’ve been thinking about laws on Mars. There’s an International Treaty that states that no country can lay claim to anything not on planet Earth. Yet, there’s another treaty that says; if you’re in anybody’s country; Maritime Law applies. So, Mars is in International Waters. Now, NASA is an American, non-military organization that owns the rocket and

is linked to Earth. However, the second I leave my craft; I’m in International Waters. So, here’s the cool part. I’m going to the Sciaparelli Crater on Mars to commandeer a lander, that no one has given me permission to do. However, under Maritime Law it is acceptable; but that means that I’m a pirate. That’s me Mark Watney : Space Pirate !
Matt Damon in The Martian

Removing Obstacles : The only way to remove obstacles is to face them head-on, just like the buffalo who stands facing the wind ! (If you can stand the smell of buffalo poop)
Goldie Hawn

“The Iraqi War against Saddam Husain had nothing to do with terrorism, Islamic fanaticism or weapons of mass destruction; that was all propaganda. We at the CIA have looked at this for years and never found the connection. Saddam Husain and Osama Bin Laden were enemies.” Richard Clarke “Most Americans believed that Iraq had something to do with 9-11. This was the administration propaganda under President Bush. The press was bullied into promoting it. This and other lies represented something deliberate and immoral. The aftermath of the Iraqi War has established a real trauma for the American people.” Ray Mc Govern “The appeal of patriotism is the last resort of scoundrels who want to control us.” Joseph Wilson

Editor’s Note to A Lotus Grows in the Mud
It was a distinct pleasure, as an educated person to read Goldie Hawn’s autobiography:
A Lotus Grows in the Mud. It was printed on high quality paper in different colored inks for titles and ideas of special interest. There is a plethora of bright and beautiful photographs. There is also a lot of quotes from Goldie and an immense collection of wisdom, as well as quips and jokes. All toll; it is a revolutionary book in it’s conception
will certainly influence authors of all types. A quote from A Lotus Grows in the Mud
Jerusalem: When you consider the sorrow, sadness and pain of this troubled city; it is overwhelming. I think of the pity of a world where these three faiths : Judaism, Islam and Christianity, who profess a fervent love of their God, can’t live together, pray together and live in some kind of possible harmony (Saladin was one of the few leaders who achieved it.) India: I set off on a cab, swerving left & right to avoid rickshaws, children, street beggars and sacred cows. There are elephants and giant Tata Trucks; their cabs are adorned with effigies of gods, as they bounce – little bells are tinkling and vibrant garlands of marigolds swaying. Mixed with the smell of Jasmine & Frangipani is the acrid smoke of truck exhaust. Back to my cab; with little or no shock absorbers, we bounce in and out of pot holes, which are more numerous than people. After a short time; I feel like my gallbladder and liver have traded places.
When we were children, we lived entirely in the moment. We knew no greater pleasure than to jump in a pile of leaves, ride bikes through muddy puddles or make crazy faces at each other with mouths full of ice cream. Tomorrow was only tomorrow.
Somewhere along the way, we felt self-conscious, because adults around us started to tell us “Act your Age.” But what does age have to do with play ? All you have to do is unleash the child in you and watch how it unleashes the child in those around you. As Einstein said, “a person starts to live only when he can live outside himself. So dance that dance and sing that song. And don’t forget to go the park and ride the merry-go-round.” (yea, climb the monkey bars like a monkey or just play Frisbee.) Life is too short, so go-for-it ! Goldie Hawn
“By rejecting the normal Western reaction of being afraid of dying; I came to believe in India, that it is vital that we come to terms with death, especially our own.” Goldie

“Everything’s going great and suddenly the sky falls in.” Humphry Bogart in
We’re No Angels
“Keep a smile on your face and share it with those you love.” We’re No Angels

“You may have seen me skulking around the lobby of this grand hotel. My name is Dick; I’m the House Detective” Unfaithfully Yours

“Too much serious music is not good for your psyche. Sometime you need to hear some lighter, care-free music. I’d like you to go out dancing tonight.” Rex Harrison in Unfaithfully Yours

“There’s one reassuring thing about airplanes; they always have to come down sometime. All you have to do is worry about the angle.” Unfaithfully Yours

“If you want to know where you’re going; you first have to know where you’re coming from.” Chad Haushnik

“I cannot and will not make decisions based on ultimatums.” Elanor Roosevelt

“I can’t climb into that hole that you’re hiding in; because I cannot help anyone get out that way, but I can reach down and pull you up and out of there.”
Ellen Mahoney in Warm Springs

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

“A tree can bloom in the middle of a busy city; but a girl needs privacy.”
Lucille Ball in Yours, Mine and Ours

“There’s an undeclared war facing us Americans and it’s really about having more choices. Transparent choices and healthier choices. It is a health alternative dilemma. A choice between two roads going all natural or using synthetic drugs. The cost of synthetic drugs has become criminal. Just see the mark up : Lipitor (100) tablets ~ cost $272.37. Cost of ingredients $5.80. Percentage mark up 4,696 % . Zocor : Consumer price $350.2, cost of ingredients $8.63, percentage mark up 4,059%. What they don’t tell you is that prescription drug deaths are the fourth leading cause of death in the USA.
The American Medical Association came out with these statistics:
Americans killed in Viet Nam per year: 10,000 people. Americans killed in World War II per year 49,000. American deaths from pharmaceutical drugs 106,000 people. Prescription drugs treat symptoms and they certainly don’t cure anything; because there’s no profit in a cure. That’s why, given a choice of intelligent people; going all natural is always considered a better and safer alternative when it comes to health.” Lee Euler

“Just because I disagree with you, does not mean I think you’re ugly.”
Morgan Freeman in The Sum of All Fears

“To get anything out of this life, you’ve got to put something in it; from the heart.”
On Dangerous Ground

“Blame keeps wounds open; only forgiveness heals.” Jessica Lange in O Pioneers

“We come and go, but the land remains behind. (We may legally call it our own, but it survives us, therefore it must really belong to the Lord) Jessica Lange in O Pioneers

“Sometimes people who are never alone are the loneliest.” Ida Lupino in
On Dangerous Ground

A Conversation in On Dangerous Ground
Ida Lupino: How is it, being a cop ?
Robert Ryan: It’s like you don’t trust anyone !
Ida: You’re lucky; I have to trust everyone, because I’m blind.

Quotes from Silent Comedy Movies
She reminds me of that famous movie called Vera Cruz, starring that wacky movie star called Tortured Tomale. Oliver Hardy stars in Crazy to Act ~ 1927
Would a wrestler take alimony from a woman; oh, he’d have to be a wrestler !
Should Sailor’s Marry ~ 1926
She married him for love, but divorced him for a sock in the eye! Our Hero, he joined the Navy to see the world and they kept him in a submarine for Four Years. His Wedding night had wild tropic winds, wild moonlight & wild raspberries.
I won’t play with you any-more; you said a bad word !
Doctor’s Report : He’s perfectly O.K. But I should operate on him for the experience.

“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face and the stars fill my dreams; I am a traveler in both time and space to be where I have been before.” Matt Damon in Oceans 12

“I want all my checks to be good; except the one that comes after I’m dead, that one I want to bounce back.” Oceans 12

“Science advances one funeral at a time.” Max Planck

“Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which was published in 1915, implied that space is dynamic, responding to mass and energy by curving, expanding and contracting. These distortions in space-time are felt as gravity.” Barry Barish

“As soon as women get married; they lose their zing !” Ernie Kovacs in
North to Alaska

“I heard a wise man say once that there are no perfect people on earth, only perfect
intentions” Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood

“No woman’s gonna get me hog-tied and branded.” John Wayne in Tall in the Saddle

“Young people have to be protected from themselves sometimes, especially when they’re drunk.” Tall in the Saddle

“I love grumpy old-cusses; I hope I live long enough to be one.” John Wayne in
Tall in the Saddle

“There’s a big difference between the male attitude and the female attitude; men feel like they are reaching for the moon, women feel that the moon is reaching for them.”
Audry Hepburn in Sabrina

“You shouldn’t judge her by her Chassie, because she’s just as smart as Lassie.”
Dorothy Lamour sings in On Our Merry Way

“You don’t court a woman by charging her like a bull moose; women should be approached like a poker game – wait patiently for the right time and then bet heavy.”
John Wayne in North to Alaska
The Bachelor & the Bobby Soxer:
“Hi ! Mellow Greetings ! Is everything Shugee=Dugee ?” Cary Grant
Quotations from San Francisco
Introductory Statement: San Francisco, Guardian of The Golden Gate; stands today a queen among sea ports; industrious, mature and respectable. But perhaps she dreams of the city she once was: Splendid, Sensuous and magnificent. A city that suddenly perished with a cry. A cry still heard in the heads of those who knew her. A cry that happened at exactly 5:30 Am on April 18th, 1906
“I don’t believe in that hokus-pokus (that passes for Christianity). It gets hold of those who are alright and makes a monkey out of them; then it’s a sucker’s competition in paradise.” Clark Gable “I believe that people who believe in something can love even more sincerely.” Jeanette McDonald in San Francisco
“I know everyone who’s worth knowing; as far as the rest, if I knew them I would have to look in the mirror and address myself thus : Good-Night-Sucker” Clark Gable

Quotations from The Trail of the Pink Panther
Never bullshit a bull-shiter ! Miss: Arthur, Put a piece of peach in my champagne
Peter Sellers: How wonderful ! Arthur, Put a piece of peach in my champagne. Arthur, the butler: Sir, we have no peaches; might I suggest that she show us her peaches ! “Inspector Cloisseau epitomizes the 11th Commandment: Thou Shall not give up.”

Song Lyrics from the Roaring Twenties
My Pet : My pet, how I love her. My pet, speaking of her; say I bet, there’s nobody like my pet. Why pet with another. My Pet, when there is no other. That’s why I pet with nobody but my pet. Do-Do-Do-Do : Sweet & Kind. Ho-da-du-du: Perfect Gem
Oh-oh, she’s got Inn ! Da-dit-da-du: She’s got fem !
Forget-Me-Not : Forget-me-not; when the Spring Time is rustling with blossoms.
Forget-me-not, when roses break through. Forget-me-not, when the vespers are ringing at sundown. Forget-me-not, as I dream of you. So, until we meet again someday in Loveland, when paradise on earth is just for me and you. I’ll think of you as my little Forget-me-not, when Autumn Comes Through.

“The king looks upon me like I was a marble saint in the chapel. I don’t want to be worshipped as a cold stiff deity; but a warm-hearted, flesh & blood woman.”
Catherine Howard ~ Queen of England to Henry the 8th. The Six Wives of Henry the 8th

“A Sacred Song is a prayer to The Lord and a Secular Song is a prayer to Humanity.”
Hank Williams in I Saw the Light
The Gospel of the Justice of the Peace
Just because this ceiling is not vaulted and the windows are not stained does not mean that the holy sacrament of matrimony performed here is not sacred. I Saw the Light

Quotations from The Carpetbaggers : Buying and selling businesses is an art; you have to know the right time, the right place and the right person.” The Carpetbaggers
I am a daughter of Mother Nature; I have lovely hills and beautiful valleys. Martha Hyer
I am not convinced : “Don’t be ridiculous; I’m no actress.” Carroll Baker
Alan Ladd’s Cowboy Secret : When I play the bad guy; I drink liquor ~ When I play the good guy; I drink buttermilk.
Pygmalion’s Agent : “You really hit the jackpot, baby. I took a handful of, shall we say dirt and made it into a diamond ring. I took a rag of bone and a hunk of hair and presto! The Bride of Frankenstein.” The last movie of Bob Cummings
Most Accidents happen in the home: In this grand home we have a cute little room for the kiddies to play in. The bedroom is for the adults to play in.

“When you hear chimes around you; a great yogi is near.” Chandu, the Magician

Quotations from Cast a Giant Shadow ~ starring Kirk Douglas & Angie Dickenson
~ with special appearances of Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner and John Wayne
“I remember World War II. From a civilian’s point of view it was a noisy war, that one. Everyone danced a lot and drank a lot and loved a lot. Some fellas even loved their own wives.” Angie Dickenson Quotes by Kirk Douglas
“I’ve been called a Jew, but that is not correct. I am an American. That is my religion.”
“Seeing my soldier friends die makes me thirsty for booze.”(That is my way of grieving)
“Great people of power fight wars to gain money, more power and land. However, war is uncertain. When it’s all over; you might be worse off than before. You might be dead.
From a general’s point of view : The world doesn’t respect those that are slaughtered; they only respect those who fight. Kirk Douglas

“If the eyes are red; the skull is cracked.” Tyrone Power in The Black Swan

Maracaibo* is the Plum we’re after : “I’m going to need my head more than I figured.” Billy Leech, the Pirate in The Black Swan
*Maracaibo- and island famous for Hedonistic dancing gals & drunken pirates

Pirate Talk !
I warned him not to cross swords with Leech; now look at him leaking blood like a bilge pump. I don’t know what you’ve got against Jaimie Boy; I’ve been constantly by his side and I never saw him do a thing wrong, except for a little weak-mindedness, due to desire for women. The Black Swan

“If you enjoy what you’re doing; you’ll have inner peace” Johnny Carson

“Crossing over to the Spirit World is a powerful thing.” Jimmy Gambino in Black Cloud
Quotations from Billy Jack
“When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law; just a fight for survival.”
“What’s gonna happen tomorrow is gonna happen and all the worry in the world is not going to change it.” Tom Laughlin as Billy Jack
The Law of Karma : Righteousness is rewarded; evil is punishable
Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend; do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end. There won’t be any trumpet blowin’ come the judgement day. On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away.
Song Lyrics of One Tin Soldier
Rape Victim Speaks Out : When you’re raped by a gang of evildoers and you become pregnant; there’s a sickening feeling, because you don’t know who the father is – whether White, Indian, Mexican or Black.

The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi
Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

“Maybe we don’t know all that we think we know.” Jack Kerouac in Big Sur

Hard Liquor Protocol from the movie Big Sur
Any drinker knows how the process works. The first day when you get drunk is o.k. The morning after means a big head, but you can kill that easy with a few more drinks and a meal. But if you pass up the meal and go on to another night’s drunk; you’ll wake up and want to keep the drunk going. Until you continue into the fourth day, then there will come the day when drinks won’t take the effect they used to, because you are chemically overloaded and you’ll have to sleep it off, but you can’t sleep anymore, because it was the alcohol that helped you sleep. The last part of day 5 and at night delirium sets in with sleeplessness, cold sweats and trembling (called the shakes). Then suddenly you get a groaning feeling of weakness, when your arms are numb and useless. Then come the nightmares; nightmares of on-coming death. Jack Kerouac

The Poor Girl’s Confession
What you want and what you settle for (in marriage) is not always the same ~
Lauren Bacall in Confidential Agent

“Whenever I visit a city; I try to imagine how it all got started. I try to picture the way it was; just the trees and the river, before the people fouled it up !” Clint Eastwood in
Coogan’s Bluff

“What is Past is Prologue to the Future.” 13 Rue Madeleine

Wa-Ka-Tanka* Bless You ~ from the Native American movie ~ A Man Named Horse
I am Ta-Tanka Sta ~ White Buffalo Animal Spirit ~ My wisdom is to speak the truth in humility to all people. Only then can you be freed from the chains of this life.
*God of the Sioux
Quotations from Marjorie Morningstar
What does God have to do with a carefree Summer Romance?” Natalie Wood
(Maybe God wants a carefree Summer Romance too !) Marjorie Morningstar
I’m not the type to be a show-stopper or prima-donna; I’m just another girl (and that’s my appeal) Natalie Wood (the siren from across the lake)
“The worship of that ancient god Jehovah disturbs me.” Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly Honors Natalie Wood with Actor’s Etiquette : “You are entitled to all the courtesies of the acting profession; for you are my colleague.” Gene Kelly

“Whispering ain’t polite, unless you’re in church or court.” John Wayne-Marshall Cahill

Quotations from Elizabeth of the Golden Age
The Life of an ancient mariner : Can you imagine what it is like to cross an ocean ? For weeks you see nothing but the horizon, perfect and empty. You live in the grip of fear. Fear of storms, fear of sickness on board and just fear of immensity. So you must drive that fear down deep into your belly, then study your charts and watch your compass. Then you pray, pray for a fair wind. Then you hope; pure, naked, fragile hope
At first, it’s no more than a haze on the horizon, so you watch. You watch ! Then, in place of the haze is a smudge; a shadow on the far waters. For a day, for another day, a stain slowly spreads along the horizon taking form. Until the third day; you let yourself believe, you dare to whisper the word Land ~ Land ! Life ! Resurrection !! The true adventure, coming out of the vast unknown, out of the immensity; into new life. That, Your Majesty, is the New World ~ Sir Walter Raleigh’s confession to Queen Elizabeth
Angry Words of War : Queen Elizabeth: What do you know of Enterprise England Ambassador ? Two Spanish armies have landed on the coast of Norfolk and freed Mary, Queen of Scots from prison there. What should I feel about these events, should I be fascinated ? Spanish Ambassador: The Winds of War are blowing your way ! Queen Elizabeth: You will leave my presence, sir. You will go back to your rat hole. Go tell Phillip, your king, that I fear neither him, his priests, nor his armies. Tell him, if he wants to shake his fist at us; we are ready to give him such a fight that he will wish that he had kept his little fist in his own pocket !

“Famous people are subject to interpretation and these interpretations become unassail-able truths through repetition over the course of time.” Mrs. Varela, Historian of Spain

“The joking way is the fun way. It is the way that brightens up our lives. Not necessarily dirty or crude, but in a way that gets the party going.” Graeme Johnstone
Quotation from The Voyage of the Vizcaina ~ a best-selling book
Samuel Eliot Morison saw Columbus, above all as a man of action and a remarkably gifted sailor. He celebrated him on those terms. Taviani, the patriotic Genoise historian viewed him as a flawed genius and visionary, whose life was a ‘wonderful adventure.’ Kirkpatrick Sale regarded Columbus as little more than a mass murderer, viewing his landing in Hispanola in 1492 as an extinction-level event. Columbus was a liar and so mistrustful of others, because he assumed they were as untruthful as he. He thought everybody was against him and he had a very tactical approach to the truth. For example, on his second voyage, he forced his crew to swear that Cuba was not an island, but part of the mainland (of America). Thus Columbus is actually not the discoverer of America, but of Cuba. Columbus was also a money-grubber, an egotist and stingy. He was always travelling and on the run, haunted by the idea that his time was running out. He switched friends whenever it seemed necessary. Columbus only took; he never gave and behaved despicably toward his lovers. He was inconsiderate and ruthless. He thirsted for fame, status, gold and power (like all conquistadors). He changed his name
to Christoferens or ‘the bearer of Christ’ and wanted to enforce Christianity on the world.
(Concerning the 4th Voyage of Columbus by Klaus Brinkbaumer & Clemens Hoges)

Time to Switch to Comedy
In my youth I was voluptuous and as I was going on stage as a dancer, the director said give it all you got ! I replied, “If I give it all I got; they couldn’t take it.”
Lucille Ball in Dance girl Dance

The Star Bright Prayer
Star Bright, Star-Light, Last star I see tonight ~
I wish I may; I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight :
Please Make me a dancer. Maureen O’Hara in Dance girl Dance

“Movie directors look for something special in a woman’s character to make a big star. It must be something beyond a good body. It was a great day for entertainment when Maureen O’Hara came to Hollywood. She was known as ‘the girl with Irish Fire in her eyes.” G. Julian Walker

Maureen O’Hara Wrestles with Lucille Ball on Stage !
The Judge said to Maureen O’Hara in court : “Now about your temper, Miss O’Brian (O’Hara). You are Irish, aren’t you ?” Dance girl Dance

“The men who do-not believe that there is anything to learn from history are the foolish ones, who are not recognizing the most important lesson of history and that is that we can learn from the mistakes of history.” Adolphus Huxley

Spanish Conquistadors Discover the Aztecs
In 1517 Francisco Fernando de Cardoba discovered the Aztecs in what was then Mexico. They were surprised to find a race of warriors, since the conquistadors were very proud warriors (who usually had the advantage of knowing all the cutting edge weapons of the times). Because Cardoba had a small army with him and had metal breast plates and hats; he decided that he would wipe out these warriors and show them just how good a conquistador can be ! Cardoba underestimated his enemy and their numbers, as they soon overpowered him and he lost his life. A handful of men survived and ran back to the ship in the harbor. In that same year -1517 – Herran Cortes went back to Mexico with 6 hundred soldiers in eleven ships. This fascist army succeeded in wiping out the Aztec race but did not give them the respect that a warrior is entitled to.
Extrapolated from The Voyage of the Vizcaina and The Mystery of Christopher Columbus’s Last Ship by Klaus Brinkbaumer & Clemens Hoges ~ 2004

Hippie Christianity Presents : The Jive Version of the Bible
Preface: Ladies & Gentlemen, Christian Churches present a gospel according to themselves only. They don’t accept any other version, because they are narrow-minded bigots, who want you to be their zombie and use you as a sacrificial lamb. But there are at least 2 ways to look at the Bible. Here is one. (Pastor) We will begin our Worship Service with this responsive question: Do you dig my Jive ? And the Congregation will say: Solid Jack ! This is my associate Pastor Mack, he watches my back; just as sure as my name is Jack. When I repeat the question: Do you dig my Jive ? The Congregation will say : Mellow Mack ! It is time for the Collection – Basket Usher’s Prayer: Now bet your money from 1 to 5 : Do You Dig My Jive ? Pastor’s Sermon: When Jive first started, there wasn’t a Hep Cat born. That was when Adam, whom at night would cry and made Eva moan. The next morning, they both were born again pagans and were speaking in a strange tongue. He said: Do you Dig My Jive ? And she said: “Solid Jack!” Do you Dig my Jive ? “Mellow Mack!” You can bet your money from 1 to 5, do you dig my jive ? Then came Noah, who was given the Jive straight from the Lord, so he could gather some of the animals on Earth and lead ’em into that old Ark. Of course you remember how Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den and jived all the lions, so that they were all great friends. And even lions know never to eat their friends. Happy Thanksgiving. Now Rip van Winkel is given as the example of not knowing how to jive. Instead of jiving Rippy, his wife just jacked him up and so he left there and drifted off into Sleepy Hollow Valley. Poor Rip van Winkel, because he didn’t know how to jive his wife is sleeping up there still. This is an example of a narrow-minded square, who cannot see the value of a Hep Cat. And finally I’m going to bring you back to Adam and Eve and how she taught Adam how to solve a jigsaw puzzle, by putting this thingy into that thingy in the dark. However, I am bound to secrecy in the Confessional. Finally, let me know this: Do you dig my Jive ? Solid Jack ! Do you dig my Jive ? Mellow Mack ! Now, pick a number from 1 to 5, Do you dig my Jive ? G. Julian Walker
Quotations from Audrie’s Rain
When you have too much on your mind; you’ve got to let some of it out. It is then you may hear a yell or a scream.
A dead parent’s spirit can be watching their children from Heaven. They have the power then to watch you, interact secretly and pray with you. You may feel their spirit all around in the cemetery or just in your room. You may feel it when the wind blows in summer or think you see them in the sunset. Some say butterflies are angels that were sent to you when you grieve, to pacify you and remind you of a love that is never lost.
Don’t you know that playing pranks on Holy Men is the quickest way to get to hell !
Sassy Mrs. Flanders: A woman has charming things to attract men, like cake (she grabs one tit) and pie (she grabs the other). Now how’s your pipes ?

“Celtic sources are the assumed origin of the Arthurian Legend. We are told that the Grail is originally a cauldron. A symbol of both fertility and immortality. It brought forth marvelous legends of revitalization and resurrection of dead armies. Further it is said that King Arthur went into the Underworld in search of the ‘cauldron of rebirth’. In the Hindu Tradition, there was a pond of magical waters; by immersing a body in it that was dead within 24 hours; he could be brought back to life to fight again. Ponce de Leon also was searching for ‘the fountain of youth’. It was the same idea. In the Underworld, there was a place called ‘the watery abyss’ just like in the Greek & Roman Tradition describes a boatman who collects coins to take you over a mystical lake to the land of the dead or the Underworld. What we are talking here about is a worm-hole, which in ancient times was available in certain rivers, lakes and wells. They were portals to other realms. Water was linked symbolically with the moon, which was in turn linked with the feminine principle of God (Moonlight is the nourishing principle of vegetables supplied at night by the mercy of The Lord ~ Bhagavad-Gita). Somewhere in that strange land called The Underworld resides The Lord of Death.”
“Ewte means ‘resplendent mind’ and ‘the tails of newts’. These are ingredients used in the Witch’s Cauldron, waiting for the evil incantation. The Hebrew letter symbol Yod, is the first letter of the god Yahweh or Jehovah. Thus the Grail had a dark side too. Jehovah was originally a god of volcanos (where he often had his enemies pushed in).
The spirit of volcanos is nasty and unpredictable; Jehovah had a bad temper too. He was associated with the Roman God Vulcan.” The Truth Behind The Holy Grail, The Philosopher’s Stone and The Elixir of Life. A book by Gary Osborn & Philip Gardiner

Comic Relief
There will be a slight delay in showing our film today. And it calls for an official announcement: Is there a Barber in the house ? If there is, please report to the projectionist booth. Our projectionist seems to have caught his long mustache into a sprocket ! Of course, it could have been worse; the popcorn machine could have been broken. Alfred Hitchcock ~ 1958
“I’ve decided to give up horse racing. The shirts are much too loud. Besides, I couldn’t go on after the touching tribute I received from all the horses I lost money on. You see, they all chipped in and bought me an automobile. Why? Because the show must go on.”
Alfred Hitchcock Presents ~ TV

“Good Night and Happy New Year ! Here’s a new one : Happy Geo-Physical year to all
Alfred Hitchcock

A Guest for Breakfast : I just happened upon this abandoned breakfast table. It was set for 2 persons and included coffee, orange juice, water and untouched entrees. It is complete right down to the morning paper, which I found lying on the floor. Inci-dentally, this paper has a bullet hole right in the middle of it. It looks as if someone’s husband missed the 820 Train this morning. In fact, he must have missed it for good; for this bullet-hole is right between the Society Section and the Want Ads. Alfred Hitchcock

“Some machines are impudent to humans, but I believe that in the future all computers will be replaced by humans.” Alfred Hitchcock Presents

“Since this program is on film and will probably be shown for many years to come; I should like to address my next remarks to people who are watching my show in the year 2000. This is 1958, write and tell me what it’s like then. I’m quite curious.”
Alfred Hitchcock
Que Frommage
Tonight’s electronic floor show takes place in France: A country famous for romantic sentiments, fine wines and provocative postcards. Alfred Hitchcock Presents ! TV

“In my stories; I explore the dark alleyways of human behavior.” Alfred Hitchcock

Good Evening Parents, Children, Baby Sitters & Sitees
Tonight’s discussion is concerned with the thorny problem that all parents face as they survey their children: Is Co-existence Possible ! The problems of the teenager are well discussed. But I would like to say a word for the father or middle-ager. The middle-ager is truly an outcast from society. Youth pays no attention to him, except to steal his hub caps (those traditional symbols of virility). He can drive down the dusky road of life and arrive at his destination with a cooled-off hot-rod : Forever doomed to be a mere spectator in the great drag race of life. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

“A good detective is a student of human behavior.” Peter Lorre

“Old excuse, like Billy-goat; it has whiskers.” Warner Oland as Charlie Chan

Preview of the movie White Noise
Now there is a new dimension in communication with the other side. Every day in America there is an average of 774 Near Death Experiences, during which a person is declared legally dead before being resuscitated. Most report seeing a blinding white light and hearing chimes. For some, a near death experience brings a spiritual awakening – for others, there is a darker side.

“My stories are more than mere entertainment, they also strive to impart a lesson or a moral; like walk softly and carry a big stick or strike first and ask questions later!”
Alfred Hitchcock Presents

“Sometimes stories are popularized for propaganda purposes.” Philip Gardiner

“The atom has seven concentric levels of electron shells. This is a metaphor for the seven esoteric shells inside your body.” Gary Osborn in The Holy Grail

“They say that every person is his own hangman. They also say that, tomorrow is another day and hope springs eternal on bald men’s heads.” Whitewash

“My snakes coat is a symbol of my Independence, my individuality and my personal freedom.” Nicholas Cage in Wild at Heart

Your Mind can Elevate or Degrade You ~ Bhagavad-Gita
An elevator shaft is something that prospectors who do mining work are charmed by. “Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen — Watch-Your-Step, please. I am certain that most of you who have wearily pushed a wheel chair into an elevator can appreciate the saving of toil and energy. I also find that elevators are quite easy to operate. It works just like a yo-yo (well, not completely) but generally, it has to use the same amount of string per floor. Now, I submit to you that the direction you choose can affect your mind. Is your mental state going down or going up ? Or, are you like me, stuck halfway between floors? Alfred Hitchcock in Alfred Hitchcock Presents ~1959

“Good Evening Partners, Cattle Rustlers, Wranglers, Desert Rats, Varmets & Hombres !
As well as, all you wild prospectors who comb the TV stations looking for something of value ! This is no mirage; no optical illusion ! I’m as real as a piece of motion picture film and authentic as a shadow.” Alfred Hitchcock

“My life is filled with unusual and unexpected results. Once a rattlesnake bit me and the snake died !” Alfred Hitchcock Presents

“My heart hums; I close my eyes and sing with my heart.” Bing Crosby
“Tonight’s late night story is about hypnosis. Good Heavens, the entire audience is fast- asleep! That last commercial must have hypnotized everyone ! Since I can’t wake you up at this late hour; I will leave you with this post-hypnotic suggestion: Tune in next week at this same time for a different story. You will remember nothing from last week’s story ~~ Good-Night ! Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Quotations from Hondo ~ an Old Western
“I have a bad habit of telling the truth bluntly!” John Wayne in Hondo
“It seems that everyone needs some-one or some-thing, there are exceptions – my dog is one.” John Wayne in Hondo
“Always keep-your -axe sticking into the wood; it preserves the axe and keeps it sharp.”
John Wayne in Hondo
Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves !
Do you understand cats? Their behavior speaks of Freedom and Independence. In their minds; they don’t belong to anyone. They are a type of pet that appeals to the democratic mind; they are only happy when they can come and go as they please. You can feed ’em and pet ’em, but you must respect their individuality. Here are some guidelines, don’t make any sudden moves; it sets off their hunting instincts, then they become angry. And speaking of hunting instincts, cats are nocturnal creatures who are obliged to go out at night and party with other cool cats! That Darn Cat ~ a Walt Disney Movie

Quotations from Valley of the Kings (starring Robert Taylor & Eleanor Parker)
An archaeologist and scholar is not just a treasure hunter or an educated grave robber. Every time you find something from the Past; you illuminate the Present and the Future. Robert Taylor
Egocentric people have noble sounding excuses for themselves. On the other hand, there are devout people who say that we are all sinners and have to carry the sins of the world on our shoulders, but that’s not my kind of Christianity. Robert Taylor

Devotional Service from the Guru
There is a warmth and comfort in sharing life’s blessings: good food, good medicine
and good friendship. There is also the privilege of sharing service to God; which is the greatest blessing of all. The Keys to the Kingdom ~1944

“You have a responsibility for living. There is no responsibility after dying, except for the living. Your body is either burned (cremated) or buried. One is not necessarily better than another, but burning is the most antiseptic; especially when there is a contagious diseased involved. The protocol for Holy Men & Women though, is to be buried with honor and thusly too inspire others to be holy.” Extrapolated from
The Keys to the Kingdom

“Reliving life’s memories is the weakness of old men and women.” Gregory Peck in
The Keys to the Kingdom

“Determinism means that there is an order in the universe. The Chance option means that there is no order and things happen by random combinations. (Professor, which do you believe?) I believe in Determinism by 95% and 5% on chance. I attribute that 5% to this important exception: Shit Happens !” Nicholas Cage in Knowing

The Miss America Pageant “Vanity, vanity ~ all is vanity” The King of Marvin Gardens
Style and grace with a pretty face: Here comes Miss Hawaii from the 50th state. Here she comes, my ideal. The dreams of a million girls, who are more than pretty; may come true in Atlantic City and there she is, walking on air she is. Song Lyrics

A Middle Age Woman Looks at Old Age
Women have their own hope chest. A hope chest of products to keep them young and beautiful. Their motto is stay as beautiful as you can. But despite all your dreams of eternal youth; old age finds you with withered sagging breasts, unwanted fat and stretch marks all over your blubbering thighs, as well as a dumpy behind. Isn’t it strange how things change? Ellen Burstyn in The King of Marvin Gardens ~1972

“In the court of Henry the VIII where gentile court dances were in vogue; a bold new dance came from Spain. It was called La Volta (a volt or a shock to the system). It involved taking one hand around the waste of your demure young lady and the other hand scooping her up by the bottom of her thighs (!) and sailing her around in the air while the maiden holds one hand on his head and the other waving high in the air. Whee!
This indeed shocked the prudish people in court; but Henry the VIII laughed lustily and instructed everyone to practice this tricky maneuver, dance on ye courtly swains !”
Extrapolated from the Walt Disney Movie: The Sword and the Rose

“Poetry is the art of mixing pleasure with truth by calling imagination to the help of reason. The essence of poetry is invention; such invention is produced by something unexpected, surprising and delightful.” Samuel Johnson

“The charm of poetry is its unpredictability and the element of surprise. The surprise is finding something strange in the familiar and something familiar in the strange. The power of poetry is the ability to express the inexpressible and express it in terms of the unforgettable.” Michael Lewis

“My Soul magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God, my Savior. A mighty blessing has been sent to me and mighty is His Name.” Gregory Peck in
The Keys to the Kingdom
Eugene O’Neil’s Drunken Toast
Here’s a toast, to Bohemians, Socialists, Poets, Writers and Artists. All are pilgrims, journeying to where ~ we don’t know. In search of ~ we don’t know what ! All trying to scrutinize the inscrutable and dreaming the impossible dream. Entertaining Angels

Suffragettes & Votes for Women
As Americans, we all need to keep an eye on politics; because that’s how you cure this country’s social injustice, by exposing it. Doris Day~ Entertaining Angels

“The Past in never dead; it isn’t even past.” William Faulkner

Illuminating the Present
Janus is the Roman God of opposites ~ of exits and entrances, of beginnings and endings. On Roman coins, he had two faces, each facing in opposite directions. His image represents the illumination of the Present, by studying the Past; and by extension, enlightening the Future. David Rose

The Andy Griffith Christmas Special
Every jail is like a school and the jailers are the teachers. Now everybody knows that school is out on Christmas; it’s a holiday. So, release all the prisoners for Christmas.
Andy Griffith

“I hate mummies; they never play fair.” The Mummy (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

“Mike Foley ran this joint on the waterfront. It is said that he died right in the middle of his beer. His wife Jessie finished it for him. She had a face like a bucket of mud and refused to talk, unless I got her drunk. She lived at the Hotel California, before the Hippies got it. Then suddenly, somebody hit me from behind with a blackjack and I slipped into a dark pool under me. Then I was half conscious and was taken to a place I have never been. Somebody made a pin cushion out of my arm. They shot me up to make me talk or to make me quiet. But soon after, I woke up ! The window was open, but it was too smoky to see clearly. I looked around and it appeared that I was caught in a giant web which a thousand spiders had woven; I then wondered how they all got to work together. I looked at my hand and worked my fingers; they appeared to be bananas moving. I had been slapped around, choked almost to death and shot up so hard, that I felt as crazy as waltzing mice. I said to myself: you’re a tough guy ~ Let’s see you do something really hard; like putting on your own pants without falling on your face.”
Dick Powell in Murder, My Sweet
Get down to business or get off the pot ! Jimmy Cagney in One, Two, Three

“Only fools risk their lives without a reason” Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger

“Bad news travels fast.” Jay Silverheels as Tonto in The Lone Ranger

“I’m a simple, unassuming person; my cards are on the table.” Dana Andrews

Quotations from Fallen Angel
“I think you ought to respect my ways as I respect your ways.” Alice Faye
Sometimes I feel like a model; softly alluring, full of grace & gowns by Scaparelli ~~
Alice Faye

“We don’t have earthy women in Cuba and what we feel for them, we call ‘aye-yi-yi-yi”
Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy

“Are you tired, listless and run-down ? Do you poop out at parties ? The answer to all your problems are in this little bottle !” Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

“Laughter shall drown the raucous shout and though these sheltering walls are thin; may they be strong enough to keep hate out and love in.” Louis Untermeyer, 1918

Quotations from A Matter of Life and Death,~ 1947
“Wisdom still flowers in Boston !” Raymond Massey
In America, the rights of the uncommon man must also be respected.
“What is the good of kissing a girl, if she doesn’t feel it.” (Keep this thought uppermost in your subconscious mind; which is the tool of Lord Yamaraja, the Lord of Death and he can witness you making love to a dead body and it will not look good for you. It is not considered divine or valid, especially since Lord Yamaraja can fast forward your subconscious mind and behold your perversion. Spiritually, the Soul is the real person (after all gross and subtle bodies are relinquished). Of Course, Lord Yama knows this, for he is a spiritually educated person and a teacher with the suma cum laude of being a mahajana or the point of transcendence for all Disciplic Successions. He told me personally that the Vaishnava & the Shivite Disciplic Successions meet in him. Thus, to be correct; as a matter of etiquette; you must pay obeisances to Lord Shiva (the destroyer) Lord Yama (the missing link) and Lord Vishnu (the maintainer) ~

“Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is a crooked line; but only in
The Twilight Zone.” Rod Serling

“Because we are subject to be tricked by illusion; seeing is not always believing, especially when you’re seeing an off corner in The Twilight Zone.” Rod Serling

“Love gives not of itself and takes not of itself. Love cannot be possessed, nor will it possess without cause; for Love is a gift unto itself.” Gahil Gebran//The Prophet

“A man has to live with himself and his conscience; even if he lives in the gutter.”
Caeser and Me in The Twilight Zone

“You can’t kill a witch; they just change into something else. You can kill a warlock, but only with a silver bullet. That’s why The Lone Ranger is hunting the Wolf-man tonight. Panther-Woman can only be killed by a silver hairpin through the heart, just like killing Dracula. When you see a shooting star; it means that a witch has died.” Extrapolated from Jess Belle in The Twilight Zone

“According to the Bible; God created the heavens and the earth. It says He created it for us. That’s mighty flattering and of course, Man can make of it ~ his own Blue Heaven or his own little hell!” Rod Serling in The Twilight Zone

Quotations from So Dear to My Heart ~ A Walt Disney Movie
All Glories to ye good ole county fair. A rural festival, honoring the beauty of man’s beastly servants: shiny horses, lambs with soft wool, fat and jolly hogs and last but not least ~ Ye ole laughing jackass! Granny’s Wisdom: “Mules should be respected; they are steady and reliable servants. They earn their living doing honest work” (but they put up a fuss if you want all their time). ~ Everyone is born in the Lord’s Good Time (so be patient) ~ “We don’t always understand critters; but they are God’s critters and their ways are the ways He gives ’em; sometimes they seem cruel and hard, but there’s a plan behind it all, for He knows when lambs are born and every sparrow that falls. (Some things are important enough to be in front of the Lord & somethings are known only from behind).” “There’s a lot worse ways to get lost, than in the woods.” ~ Beulah Bondi

The Quality of Mercy
“The quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth like gentle rain from heaven. It blesseth the giver and the receiver.” William Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice

Special Guest Star : Carol Burnett : Rod Serling, at the height of his popularity on television recognized Carol Burnett, in the height of her popularity on television. He liked her dedication to the old-time tradition of Slapstick Comedy ~ Silent Movie Variety ~ Thus Carol Burnet was the special guest star in one of Rod Serling’s programs of The Twilight Zone. She was cast as Miss Agnes Grep in an oddly funny adventure called Cavender is Coming. This is what Rod Serling said of Carol’s Character: “The Case of Miss Agnes Grep, put on earth with two left feet, an overabundance of thumbs and a propensity for falling down into manholes.”

The Angel Congress in Heaven ! ~from Cavender is Coming in The Twilight Zone
Arc~Angel : We are reclassifying you Cavender. You are the only angel in Heaven for a propensity for good cigars and dry martinis. Most angels prefer incense and fruit nectar, but we angels do not want to appear unreasonable about what is paradise; for we represent perfect democratic tolerance. Therefore Cavender, for your benefit, we are inventing a new classification. Your type of angel is now called the unrecognizable ~ !

Rules for Haunted Houses: Greetings ! I am the guru ghost, giving you a guided tour. It’s misleading to say we live here, for we just hover. I say remember your deceased and remember Double Yahtzee (haunted houses). The happiness of this house, vanished in a
moment; it’s inhabitant left because of a curse, so the sorrow must linger. What you don’t know is that periodically, the ghosts give a party here for Halloween. ~ Keyhole

Song of the Guru
Say, it’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea; but it wouldn’t be make-believe, if you believed in me. Yes, it’s only a canvas sky, hanging over a muslin tree; but it wouldn’t be make-believe, if you believed in me. Without your love, it’s a honky-tonk parade. Without your love, it’s a melody played, in a penny arcade. It’s a Barnum & Bailey world, just as phony as it can be; but it wouldn’t be make-believe, if you believed in me. Billy Rose ~ 1933

Love has its own particular point of view : It sees everything larger than life. Nothing is too ornate, too fanciful for a love of drama; because love demands the theatrical, a love for acting out a role. Gradually, it begins to transform your life; turning the grotesque into something simple and playful. Love gives the innocent child, the illusion of seeing what he wishes to see in people; without it, we see too much of what is disagreeable. Passage of the Lady Anne in The Twilight Zone

“The Twilight Zone was a series of TV that involves a well told story. A story with twists and turns, as well as the irony of life. It is a unique idea in entertainment; for its question is what if and this stretches our mind. It makes us think and consider possibilities; and best of all, it always has a surprise ending.” G. Julian Walker

“Every child must have chores; it teaches them that life has order and purpose. It gives a reward for sweat honestly given and mixes new people in your life who will admire you for your simple life of virtue.” Aunt T in The Twilight Zone

Paul Newman as a Beatnik Artist !
“Money corrupts, while; art erupts !” Paul Newman in What a Way to Go

Stick-to-it-dividend-ity from So Dear To My Heart ~ A Walt Disney Movie
Here’s a dividend of wisdom : Now, where there’s a will there’s a way to do it.
But, you’ll never get there if you don’t stick-to-it ! With stick-to-it-tivity; you get it if you got that stuff ! Called stick-to-it-tivity; you’re gonna do alright. Ole man adversity – is gonna have his bluff; but stick-to-it-tiviy never lost a fight ! Yes-sir-ri ~ Yes-sir-ri ~ You can clear the deck for op-por-tun-ity ! By applying sick-to-it-tivity (but only if you got that stuff) Oh, you’re gonna do alright. Yea, you’re gonna do al-right. (Song Lyrics)

“A good Christian should never pray for cash money; but only things of the Spirit.”
Beulah Bondi in So Dear to My Heart

Acting Like a Young Whipper-snapper !
That’s right sassy talk for an old granny ! Burl Ives in So Dear to My Heart

“Hey city boy, there ain’t no toilets out here in Nature; go pee behind a tree.”
Kevin Costner in A Perfect World

“Sheriffs get all the shit; your boss is threatening you with losin’ your job and criminals are threatening you with losin’ your life.” Clint Eastwood in A Perfect World

“Hells Bells ! This guns got no shells !” A Perfect World

“In Texas, it’s who you know and where you go !” Clint Eastwood in A Perfect World

“You want you’re steak rare; good, I’ll swipe his ass and tear off a slice; as for me, I prefer tater-tots!” Clint Eastwood in A Perfect World

We Don’t Celebrate Anything ! Extrapolated from A Perfect World
“My mom says that we are Jehovah Witnesses; therefore, we don’t celebrate Christmas, because Santa is dead, no Halloween and we should shoot the Easter Bunny on sight.”

Sex, A very hard thing to explain to a kid
Look son, adults do strange explorations on each other’s bodies; not because they’re pikers, but because if feels good. Extrapolated from A Perfect World

Astronomical Illusions from Earth
There’s no man in the moon; it’s just an illusion of shadows and valleys.
Tarzan’s Secret Treasure

“Whether you’re race is white, black, yellow or brown and whatever country you’re from; just remember, we’re all visitors here; just passing through.” Johnathan Winters
To Be Civilized, both Material & Spiritual
Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan) We are happy here in our jungle paradise, but it is late Boy, and you should sleep. Now, remember Boy, we are civilized here, so say your prayers before sleeping. Extrapolated from Tarzan’s Secret Treasure

“With a good friend, who is loyal and honest; he makes the Earth a sweeter place !”
Barry Fitzgerald, representing the Irish in Tarzan’s Secret Treasure

“Just because a guy carries a torch for a girl, doesn’t mean she has to light it !”
Shirley McClain in Some Came Running
“Anyone who doesn’t send me a Christmas Card; I don’t count as a true friend.”
Dean Martin in Some Came Running

“People say that I’m a very gifted person; but I still can’t see around corners.”
Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success
“An actor is a man with a thousand faces” (some are paid professionals, others are play-boys and stab you in the back businessmen) Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success

Follow this with Dogged Determination
“Every dog has his day” (what day will come, depends on what kind of a dog you are) Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success

The Jackson Square Sermon in New Orleans
Preacher, you say you are self-ordained and self-baptized; well I don’t recognize pastors that are not trained in the authorized way. I say, you are a preacher by illusion and hallucination. In the second place, I don’t respect you, because your clothes are dirty and there’s the smell of cheap wine about you. Now, you’re cursing me, but your God is not the True God. The True God won’t hear you, because you’re no friend of God or Man. (Jumping up and down around crowds of people and screaming insults) A True Representative of God does not holler hate to the world. That’s because God is Love. God is Mercy and Forgiveness. Try preaching that sometimes, Mr. Preacher. Teach people to love, not hate. Preach the Good Book; which is the book of the Absolute Truth
Lawrence Harvey in Walk on the Wild Side

“There are enough demons in the world, without being haunted by those in your own mind.” Ray Winstone in Sweeny Todd

“The honest poet does not take credit for poetry sent from heaven and only echoed by the poet.” Walk on the Wild Side, a provocative film that paints a fascinating emotion-packed portrait of human nature.

The Albino Strain from My Friend Flicka
In running a ranch here, our lot is to have many bills and less & less money to pay them with. A horse ranch has got to encourage good blood lines in horses; recognizing that blood lines are also inherited. That’s why I’m disgusted with the Albino Strain. They got a crazy streak in them. There’s no sense in selling them; I wouldn’t get back the cost of raising them, not for what anyone would offer. A dark side of my mind wants to shoot them and I would too; if they weren’t so dog-gone fast ! Preston Foster

Horses Have a Language All their Own
Horses know everything you’re saying to them; not with the labels called words, but by intuition. They rear us with terror and we can certainly feel their rage. We must feel the emotion of longing and hunger. They talk to you with a winny, a stamp or the flick of their ears, and if you try to understand their language; they’ll try to understand yours.
My Friend Flicka ~ 1943

Inside Secrets of Love from My Friend Flicka
Love is just a way of putting away fear for an animal. If a person or an animal feels love; it’s the same as finding safety. Love is comfort. It is friendly and helpful. Everyone longs for love and Flicka has found it, if she rejects this – then she’s loco !
Rita Johnson

Ragtime in the White House from the best-selling book: Kings of Ragtime
President Theodore Roosevelt continued to welcome Ragtime Music by sponsoring a Christmas Cakewalk Party in 1901. The President chose a partner and led the Cakewalkers strutting down the long East Room, executing fancy buck & wing steps, while other notable senators clapped, shouting ‘Juba.’ The music played was Whistling Rufus and A Hot Time in the Old Time Tonight. Edward A. Berlin

“There’s only one cure for a man who has made a vow to avoid women and that is a woman who has made a vow to avoid men.” The Light-keepers of 1912

“A righteous detective’s investigation includes a ritualistic prayer. Then the good detective expects something to reveal itself; what it could be is not known ! But if it’s the answer to his prayer, it’s enlightenment indeed.” Extrapolated from
Charlie Chan in Paris (Warner Oland as Charlie Chan)

A Shocking Transmission
The body can be compared to a vehicle and even share the same ailments sometimes. For instance : “Old people know that their transmission is shot when they can’t get into first gear.” Angela Lansbury in The Blackwater Lightship

The Enlightened Queen of England
The people of England love their queen, because she does not punish them for what they believe, but only for the bad things they do. Elizabeth in the Golden Age
“Virginity is an asset that holds its value well.” Elizabeth in the Golden Age

“The language that we use in Mexico is never to be called Spanish; it is Mexican !”
Antonio Banderas as Pancho Villa in the movie Pancho Villa ~ 2004

“In another startling development in Washington, D.C. – J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, today issued a statement denying that the Bureau was involved in recruiting psychics in the battle with Communism.” New York Times ~1959

Thank You, Sir : Some people see strange as evil; so tell no one that I am strange;
for it is a good strange ~ Anthony Hopkins in Hearts in Atlantis

Quotations from Hearts in Atlantis
I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that when I touch people, a special window opens up to me and I see into their lives. I then know things about them, secret things and yet I am afraid to reveal them; for there may be a penalty. Some think it is a gift; I see it as a burden. Yes, it’s a valuable thing, but sometimes dangerous. And this I also know; we’re all passing through, kiddo, just passing through. Anthony Hopkins
You know, when you’re young you have moments of such happiness. You think you’re living in a magical place; like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up and hearts are broken in two. Anthony Hopkins

“Honor is a delicate word; it requires a lot of heart.” Peter De Niro in
And God Created Woman

“The way to get out of jail in America is one of the following options: a – Clever Lawyer b- Lots of money c- paid liars and finally d- Mercenaries with Commando Tactics and big guns.” Extrapolated from And So It Goes

“The Amish People are misunderstood as people who don’t know how to enjoy themselves; actually, they really know how to cut-a-rug, beat a rug and make a rug.”
Kristie Alley in For Richer or Poorer

“The problem with marriage is it makes men claustrophobic; men imagine they are in prison.” (Divorce is not the answer to marriage; the answer is to take your wife out of the #1 position and put God there instead, then it’s a compromise for both) Tim Allen in
For Richer or Poorer

How Men get their Girls
Alright guys, go right on out there and get ’em. Debbie Reynolds

“The legacy Jean Kelly left us is his unique understanding of the American People and his promotion of modern dancing for normal, ever day people and how they express themselves. He’s the one that brought this to us.” Leslie Caron

Gene Kelly’s Statement for Posterity
We all thought we could create some kind of magic or joy and you know, that’s what you do up there (on the stage). You dance love. You dance joy and you dance dreams.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the Present.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” John Barrymore

The Heaven Sermon from the movie Heaven is For Real ~ 2014
Is Heaven real ? I believe that God can show you Heaven and by extension, I believe that modern miracles happen every day -as sure as- we worship a living God. Now, if Heaven is for real; wouldn’t we be leading different lives ? Would We ? Really ? Haven’t we already seen a glimpse of Heaven in the first cry of a baby, of the courage of a friend, of the hands of a caring doctor or nurse. Haven’t we felt Heaven, in the love of a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandpa or grandma ? Haven’t we, so often felt Heaven when we are given a second chance. And during a crisis, have we mistrusted Heaven and instead chose the Hell of hate and fear. And so, I ask again ~ Is Heaven Real beyond all fairy tales. The answer is Yes, I believe it. (If there are rewards for being good and penalties for doing bad in this world; why can’t there be a justice in other worlds ?) Rationally, we can say : What we believe, changes how we perceive the world. But, mistrust in a happy ending can make you a cynic. But God is Love and calls to your heart for a happy ending. Can we take this leap of faith ? Can we admit to ourselves that we all need love and want it to be returned ? Ten thousand times have I mechanically repeated the prayer that His Will Be Done, in Heaven as it is on Earth, but not believe it in my heart. My son says he saw Heaven and met Jesus ! Jesus, a name that creates so much hope in people and so much mistrust in others. How can we believe something so incredible in a little boy or a preacher if we haven’t experienced it.
I believe that the vision of a holy man is not ordinary; it is not the same as the vision of the common man. Here is my prayer : God crush my pride and open up my heart to love. Now, all that is needed is someone to share it with; it’s something you can’t do alone, love needs other people. And so I appeal to all of you who understand the need for love to create Heaven on Earth, by coming up here and giving me a hug ! Amen
Based on an incredible true story
Baby Cuisine from Bedtime for Bonzo
Who has more energy than babies and what do they eat ? Ronald Regan
(1951 and the stores are loaded with baby food, chief among them is prunes and apple sauce; a diet that increases pooping and that’s just what a housewife wants -or is it ?)
Wunderbar / Scientists must make sacrifices for science, but it’s not in a professor’s nature to give simple explanations. Dr. Newman (Uncle Hans ~ the German Immigrant)
Hollywood Antics/ In Hollywood Comedy, they are always throwing cakes and pies at each other. “You’re supposed to eat your cake; not wear it” Diana Lynn
“I can take so much insults; I’m not made of sawdust !” Ronald Regan

“Good-bye, Good-Luck and may the Good Lord take a likin’ to you.” Roy Rogers

Roy Roger’s Sign-off Song
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again ~
Happy Trails to you, Keep Smiling until then ~
The Outer Limits
There is nothing wrong with your television. Do-not attempt to adjust the picture; we are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image with crystal clarity and beyond. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits.

“Somewhere out there in a quiet city at night; a colorful pizza is smoking hot and calling my name. It cries : Eat Me !” A Stitch in Time / The Outer Limits

“Humans appear to be the only animals who are aware of their own mortality. When death comes, we console ourselves with its inevitability. But when the unthinkable happens and a child dies before the parents; the natural order is tuned upside-down; as are the lives left behind.” Regeneration ~ an episode of The Outer Limits

The Proof of the Pudding
Just as we have inherited the Earth of our forefathers; we too will bequeath our finger-prints and minds to the future, but only as long as there are children to claim that inheritance. (Are there mothers here that can sing a lullaby) The Outer Limits

“Our histories are filled with grim reminders of our inhumanity to each other. Armies are crushed, populations are ravished and so-called enemies are imprisoned behind cold, walls of stone; but the human spirit is not so easily confined.” The Outer Limits

“No one is really gone.” Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi (and yet, the infinitesimal part of us called the Soul, which is Eternal & Divine continues on)
“Of all the needs that control us, like hunger, thirst and desire; perhaps the most powerful is the need to be free.” The Outer Limits

“Those who seek to predict the Future, might first look to the Past; for the Past is a mirror and those who ignore it, sometimes get dark reflections and are doomed to repeat life’s harsh lessons.” Heart’s Desire, an episode of The Outer Limits

“Some say that the truth is only what we persuade others to believe. If so, we should be wary of false demons, who distort truth for their own selfish purposes.”
Bodies of Evidence, an episode of The Outer Limits

“If our lives are indeed the sum total of the choices we make, then we cannot change who we are; but if with every new choice we make, we can change who we’re going to be.” (This is the process of admitting our mistakes and being able to correct them in the future) from the episode In Another Life of The Outer Limits

“Sometimes success alone is its own reward.” from In the Zone of the Outer Limits

“Life’s challenges have to be met and accepted, until you can work your way through them.” In the Zone

A Pitfall in the Quest for Glory
For the Human Race, the game of life is a ceaseless game of competition for power, fame and even love. But when the desire for victory is accepted at any cost; we can only guarantee one thing: Failure.” From the episode In the Zone of The Outer Limits

“If there is Love, then there must also be hate. Hate is a part of life; it’s what you do that counts. Make hate constructive and it is the first step in turning it to love. Don’t deny love or hate; or it will fester and become poisonous to your brain.” The Outer Limits

Pitfalls in the Mind
If enough people call you crazy; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Outer Limits

“When you are fixed in the truth; you have to become steadfast and don’t listen to fools shooting their mouths off !” From the episode Joyride of The Outer Limits

Couples in Space from The Outer Limits
When you’re in orbit around the Earth; you feel so small and yet, you feel connected to something immense. This feeling is an impetus to uncloak the mysteries of Space; and beyond that is the vision of the Gods & Goddesses ~ kissing in the clouds.

“When something is truly alive; it shows an ability to think, to move and to survive. But the real test of life is the fear of dying.” The Human Operators of The Outer Limits

Public Proof of Aliens will not be Believed
You want to go public, because you saw a flying saucer. You want to tell everyone about aliens and Time Travel, that you may even have personal experience of. Now, go to the TV Stations, go to the radio stations, go to the tabloids; will they believe you ?
The sad answer is No, no-one will believe you because most people are conservative. All you can hope for is to wind up in Area 51 or institutionalized. The Outer Limits

“I am the Robot of the Future. You have been chosen to propagate your Species. Familiarize yourself with the female body. Be particularly acquainted with the parts that are different from yours; now softly follow the smooth lines, rub it, message it, explore it, kiss it and be flexible enough to rotate your body into the magic cave. Then, put together all the pieces that fit together in this cross-word puzzle, any which way you can. In order to find the ecstasy button; she will help you !” The Outer Limits

“It is said that the traits that separate us from other animals is our intelligence and language. It could be what helps us communicate with other beings in the Universe,
but only if we are able to listen.” from the episode Glyphic of The Outer Limits

“It is said that truth and falsehood go hand in hand, but if the reward is great enough; maybe we could learn to love the lie !? Father & Son in The Outer Limits

“The greatest lesson One Generation can give to the Next Generation is a reverence for The Past, if only to insure the Future.” Father & Son of The Outer Limits

Healing the Mind ~ The Outer Limits
Sometimes our greatest achievements in medicine do little to heal the sick and give hope to the weak. A doctor also must be a counselor and confidant. He must gently coax us back to life. Then, sometimes a miracle of medicine occurs and we are lead from a land of darkness, caught in a dimension without hope and without exit. Suddenly, the healer appears and leads you to a dimensional gate in the mind and gently coaxes the mind back to the body and back to the hospital. Welcome Back ! Says the good doctor; you have come back to a place of hope and happiness; a place of love and light. It is a time of second chances and a little more time to love in this life.

“Don’t worry about me dying; I’ll see you on the other side. Yes, it is possible.”
from the episode The Other Side of The Outer Limits

What the Hell is that suppose to mean ?
You may think that your senses are reliable, but given the night, the person, the time, the place and the circumstances; anyone is capable of imagining anything !
When you talk to God, it’s called prayer; when God talks to you, it’s called Paranoid Schizophrenia. From the episode Alien Radio of The Outer Limits

Rites of Passage I
Throughout history, the search for faith has lured men to search the stars for answers, but only when we look inside ourselves do we find it. The Outer Limits

Summer Pastimes ~ from the episode The Donor of The Outer Limits
Don’t be a workaholic. Just as your body needs rest and recuperation, so does your mind on a larger scale. Remember the Summer Mantra: Paid Vacation, use it or lose it.

Rites of Passage II
Throughout history, Man has been driven to seek out his origins; to determine whether He is a result of The Divine Plan or merely the sum total of all His Yesterdays. But what if; at the end of His search, He finds out that He is neither. The Outer Limits

“We may never be able to change the animal nature in all of us; but we can always try to control it with our hearts and minds.” from the episode Descend ~~ The Outer Limits

Please Stand by
Only with the realization that what we share between us can be more important than what divides us; can we avoid war and see peace won again. The Summit ~ Outer Limits

“Survival depends more and more on our cooperation with each other, than upon the machines on which we rely.” from the episode The Haven of The Outer Limits

“It is often that people can’t change the mistakes they’ve made; but they can change what will happen in the future, if they correct those mistakes.” Father & Son ~ Outer Limits

Skin Deep
They say, he was at heart a good person, but it’s not easy to see things that we do to each other. Some things don’t always show on the surface and because it takes so long to find out the real person inside, we take the easy way and judge from the outside. Although, we know that it’s so easy to misjudge people that way. The Outer Limits

“Mankind has always wanted to change his destiny and even when we have a second chance to change things; fate may still have the last word.” Breaking Point~
The Outer Limits

“Among all the gifts bestowed on Mankind; there is none so precious as the gift of loving one another.” The Bestower ~ The Outer Limits

“There is no greater loss than a parent who loses his or her child, but when that grief becomes an obsession; it is a pitfall for our life.” Simon Says ~ The Outer Limits

“Sometimes the best way to reveal the truth is to keep it in plain sight (and yourself- out of sight). Down to Earth ~ The Outer Limits

The Sin of Bearing False Witness ~The clever murderer who frames others should be forewarned that justice is a two-edged sword and can come for you on Judgement Day.

“Although I’m just a teenager; I can still be in love ~ you know ~ La-mour-tu-jour and all that kind of mushy stuff.” Hayley Mills in That Darn Cat

“I am in shape; I jog 100 miles a day, would you believe that ? (No, I would not.)
Would you believe 50 miles a day ? (No, I would not buy that either.)
How about 1 push up and 2 deep breaths ? (Sold !)” Don Adams in Get Smart Again

“I have met the President of America and I was surprised to find out that he is everything they say he is. (I’m really sorry to hear that !)” Barbara Feldon (Agent 99)
Get Smart is a series created for television by Mel Brooks

Frank Sinatra jives Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra “I suggest you change your taste in literature; the Bible ain’t doing you much good ! Dean Martin “I kinda agree with you, so does the preacher when I burned down the church during Sunday School !! 4 for Texas
“There’s nothing like a straight answer, to make a man feel secure.”
Frank Sinatra in 4 for Texas

“It takes all types of women in the world (for men to believe in the joy of variety).”
Dean Martin in 4 for Texas

The Case Against Discrimination: The Story of Jackie Robinson
Dollars are not black and white; they’re green and a business man knows that if a negro can make you money and popular with black people; he’s gonna do it. 42

“Many countries have a scary atomic bomb now. However, there are some notable exceptions. Jamaica has no atomic bomb; but they do have an atomic bong, which also can be scary.” Robin Williams Live
“Let’s get together and praise the Lord. Yes, let’s get together and we’ll feel alright.”
Bob Marley

“Generally, people do not learn the lessons of history and unfortunately, that is the most important lesson of history.” Adolphus Huxley

“I’m just a man who wants to do good; Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”
Rock Song from the 60s

“Sometimes you have to talk confidentially to someone and then sometime you have to rock out with everybody else!” Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah

“Never underestimate your enemy and never take any gifts from him.”
Sean Connery in Rising Sun
The Ragtime Warm-up for Piano Playing ~~
Rub hands together, back and forth ~~Rub the top of each hand, hand over hand
and rub up & down
Squeeze parts of one hand with the other by gently squeezing and progressing downward from under the thumb and over the 5th finger to the finger-tips (each Interlock fingers into each other and slowly turn them away from you; then gently turn the fingers out until your elbows lock
With your arms dangling at your side, gently twirl your hands in a circle
Make a fist with both hands and bring them up to your navel & squeeze gently
Turn your hands upward, bring them up close to your eyes and watch the fingers as they play piano in the air ~ This exercise will tune your brain with your fingers (Do this before playing piano and it will empower you) ~~ Ragtime Julian

“I did not graduate from Harvard; those rumors are false. My education is not that high, my education is only fair; that’s why I graduated from Fairmount High.” Bob Hope

“Mr. Hope claims to be a professional detective and a private comedian (not the reverse)
He just handed me his gun in the holster; so I don’t think he’s a very good detective. As far as a comedian is concerned, he is not funny, even if he does call me ‘cuddles.’
Extrapolated from Peter Lore in My Favorite Brunette, starring Bob Hope

“Dorothy Lamour is nuttier than a fruitcake, but oh that beautiful frosting.”
Bob Hope in My Favorite Brunette

“You don’t have to tolerate fags staring at your pee-pee in the Men’s Room. Just look at ’em and growl like a dog.” Extrapolated from Jet Li in Meltdown

The Ninth Passageway (Astral Super-Highway)
This is the major route for galactic commercial and visitation travel (Wormhole Highway to the Stars & Planets, called Hyper-Space in Star Wars). From the outer fringe of the galaxy to the central stars nearest to Alcyone, the central sun (in Orion) ~ It is the galactic version of the ancient Silk Road that traversed Asia from Central China to Europe. This was the trade route that Marco Polo trod in his famous travels recorded in his book. It was also the route that the young Jesus was believed to have traveled in his pilgrimage to India. (The theory is that Jesus was taught the fundamentals of spiritual life by The Three Wise Men, who were his initiating gurus. They must have taught him that India is the Real Holy Land, because God has visited there since ancient times, not Jerusalem). Len Kasten in his book Alien World Order

“The Holy Roman Empire is neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.” Voltaire

“Paris after midnight is a magical place.” Paris in the Evening

“I think better when I’m in the shower, you know, getting all those positive ions moving”
Paris in the Evening
It’s Wonderful ~ Song
It’s wonderful to look into your eyes and realize
That you’re an angel and I’m in Heaven
It’s wonderful to know that you love me
It’s glorious to feel I’m a part of all that I see and share happiness.
Isn’t it marvelous how lovely, love can be
Who would imagine that I’d be allowed through the doorway of Heaven
I’m drifting high on a cloud and you’re an angel and I’m in Heaven
It’s wonderful to feel your lips divine combine with mine forevermore
It’s wonderful to know that you love me. ~ From the French Comedy The Fairy

“Edgar Rice Burroughs, like H.G. Wells, was a prophet and appeared to have a similarly powerful crystal ball. According to American National Biography Online: ‘Burroughs predicted the invention of the radar, sonar, television, tele-type, radio compass, the automatic pilot, homing devices on bombs and torpedoes, genetic clones, living organ transplants, anti-gravity propulsion and many other concepts deemed totally fantastic in his time.” from the best-selling book Alien World Order by Len Kasten

“There are two dimensions in Space Travel that have to be adjusted to be efficient.
One is called three-dimensional space or outer space, an ethereal realm around planets and stars. The other dimension is called Universal Space, where there is no physical presence of matter. It is the ‘breath of the great void’ as yet unchanged or degraded to the world of physical things. Some might refer to it as ‘hyper-space’ or the fourth
dimension. For real 3-D Space, Thruster Jets are used by Star Ships, much like our rockets today. However, instead of using solid or liquid fuels to provide the push, there are light or electrical particles (ion propulsion) which increase thrusting power exponentially. The travel through Universal Space uses wormholes for deep space travel. It is an entry point to a wormhole and then you could cover millions of miles through the time domain instantaneously. Just like in Star Wars in Science Fiction; there are Star Ships in real life, that have been around for millions of years in other Star Systems. To travel through Universal Space, you generate an electro-gravitational force to pull a point in distant space, which could be millions of miles away in terms of Real Space, to the ship. The journey through hyperspace has to be carefully navigated and is limited to distances that have no obstructions.” Alien World Order by Len Kasten

“Can you keep a secret ? Yes ~ Yes ! Well, so can I ! No ~ No !
Sean Young in Cousins

Joke: A Psychic and a Medium fell in love. They got married in The Bermuda Triangle and lived happily ever after in The Twilight Zone.

“There is nothing more powerful than true love, not even death.” Dolly Parton in her autobiographical movie Coat of Many Colors

“I had to forgive God and ask Him to forgive me. Now, all through the years I can remember how He has found many ways to let me know that He does.” Dolly Parton

“In the interest of your mental health, I must advise you to Shut Up !”
Robert Stack in The Gift of Love

“One of the rules of my house is that no-one has to say anything.”
Robert Stack in The Gift of Love

This is a Red-Letter Day ~ Lauren Bacall
You reach a day in every marriage when tempers flare at each other, partners get angry and there may be some shouting; but there also will be some regrets and some apologies.” Extrapolated from The Gift of Love

“Sometimes we want things so badly that we act selfishly.” Lauren Bacall

The Education of A Nation
A college is a meeting place, where the cultured mind meets the uncultured mind. That is why it is called Higher Knowledge and that is our Great Tradition. Heaven’s Gate
The Valedictorian Speech on Graduation Day ~ Cambridge, Massachusetts 1870
Tressage: Is the rare art of disciplining and communicating to a horse by leg movements, how to move in a graceful manner. ( a.k.a. Horse Ballet).
The Long Shot

Camouflage Yourself ~ Like A Ghost from Another World
Dead men strike fear in the hearts of his enemy ~ Tanto in The Lone Ranger

“Indians know that whenever White Men build a town; Nature is out of balance.”
Tanto in The Lone Ranger

“It is reported that Indians stole things from dead bodies in the Old West; but this is not exactly true, we trade things from life and place it with his corpse. It’s a hard bargain !”
Tanto in The Lone Ranger

Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies Present
A Happy Easter Cartoon Jamboree of Bugs Bunny
Naaaa! What’s up doc ? Are you the side show around here ?” Bugs Bunny
“Pardon me sir, but is this the way to Nasty Canasta’s Gambling Casino ?” Bugs
“Yea ~ Yea ~~ Happy Easter, but don’t ever try to take 18 carrots from the Easter Bunny
Barbary Coast Bunny
“Dig this crazy beach, I’ve been running and sweating for an hour; it must be low tide.”
Sahara Hare
“America, like Great Britain has got a Royal Family. It is called the Royal Court of Jazz. Here are the red-carpet members: Duke of Ellington, Count Bassie, Earl of Hines Cab of Calloway and Sachimo of Armstrong.” Bugs Bunny
“Because I was dreamed up by the feverish brain of a human; I make mistakes and everyone knows that to Hare is Human !” Bugs Bunny
As far as doomsday is concerned: “Oh well, we almost had a romantic ending!”
Mississippi Hare
“You won’t get any presents for Christmas this year, because you’ve been a bad-bad-boidy!” Tweety
“Suffering Succatash ! There ain’t a mouse in the house !” Sylvester the Cat
“If you’re not in Heaven; you’re in the other place” Fredie, the mouse ~ Cat Feud
Very Touchy! “If you need some money; touch someone who has plenty. What do I look like, an ATM?” Daffy Duck
Porky, the Pig: “First there was Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; then there was the sequel: Twenty- Thousand Leaks Under the Ceiling.
The Aristocat Motto: If you can’t take it with you, then don’t go ! Dough Ray Meow
“An aristocat is not an ordinary cat, for he has Dough Ray Meow and here is his dream: When will the day come, when I can say: Hooray! I’m Going Away ~ On Vacation!
And here’s the finale you’ve all been waiting for: That’s All Folks !!
Movie Preview for Tall in the Saddle
Rocklin is a good man to have around and can work the range or a poker game. And since he’s played by John Wayne, that makes it even better. Packed with star-power and rough & thunder excitement, Tall in the Saddle stands tall with Western fans. Saddling up with Wayne is fellow cowpoke George “Gabby” Hayes, the best whisker-faced, gibberish-jabbering sidekick ever to fall off a buckboard or bail out a pal. ~ 1944

“Fish in sea like fleas on dog ~ always there, but hard to catch.” Warner Oland
“When all players have suspicious cards in game of poker; it is wise to have joker up your sleeve.” Charlie Chan in At the Olympics

“I am a woman of great charm and delicacy. I am considered a ripe and exotic fruit. I am relished by gourmet vegetarians as a ‘hot tomata!’ Virginia Mayo in A Song is Born

“I’m quitting my job; because of something my boss told me got my goat ! (What did he tell you?) He said: ‘You’re Fired !” Gabby Hayes in Tall in the Saddle

“I like old cusses; I hope to live long enough to be one.”
John Wayne in Tall in the Saddle

The John Wayne Attitude
You might as well know right now ~ that no woman is gonna hog-tie and brand me !
John Wayne in Tall in the Saddle

“When you’re in court, a lawyer pries into your business unashamedly. If there’s any justice in the world; the lawyer should have a turn on the stand, so I can ask him a lot of sneaky questions with nefarious intentions.” Judy Holliday in The Solid Gold Cadillac

“If you don’t understand the Alien Connection; you will never fully understand the complete truth of World History.” Werner Von Braun

“According to the Oxford Editions of Cuneiform Text of 1923; there were only 5 ancient cities in the Pre-Deluge World or before the Universal Flood of Noah. These cities were called : Eridu, Bad-Tibira, Larak, Sippar and Shuruppak. There were 10 Patriarchs that ruled these provinces according to the Bible and this is confirmed by Historians of Ancient History to be true and accurate.”
From the best-selling book: There Were Giants on the Earth by Zecharia Sitchen

“I run to death and death meets me just as fast, and then, and then– all my pleasures are like yesterday.” Sonnet 7 by John Donne

The Vaishnava Point of View
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna ~ Said : I am the source of all Spiritual and Material Worlds. Everything emanates from Me; the wise who know this perfectly, engage in My Devotional Service and worship Me with all their hearts !
The thoughts of my Pure Devotees dwell in Me; their lives are surrendered to Me and they derive great satisfaction and bliss, enlightening one another and conversing about Me. To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with Love; I give the understanding whereby they can come to Me. Out of compassion for them, I dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge, the darkness born of ignorance
Bhagavad-Gita, As It Is ~ translated and explained by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

“I believe that as much as you take; you have to give something back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” Nicole Kidman

Now Known as The Divine Miss M. ~~
“Broadway ain’t what it used to be; it’s for old broads now.” Betty Midler at 71

Quotations from Queen Christina
“There is a mystery connected to every person you meet.” Greta Garbo
“Sweden is a land of snow. In a snowstorm; you do not know who you are or where you are at !” Greta Garbo as Queen Christina (considered to be her best role)
“Life is so gloriously improbable” (when you’re a man of means who meets the one he loves while traveling) ” John Gilbert ~ the off-screen fiance of Greta Garbo
“Yes, a great love is possible, but it is not in existence. By that, I mean that a great and perfect love isn’t a normal thing in this world. It is a golden fable we all dream of, but in ordinary life, it doesn’t happen that way. In ordinary life; you have to be satisfied with a lot less.” Greta Garbo “I love a good painting.” Greta Garbo in Queen Christina

Quotations from Kim ~ A movie about ancient India
Prologue: To the government of India and to his highness, the maharaja of Jaipur and his highness, the maharaja of Bundi; we express our deep appreciation for the facilities afforded us in the filming of this picture, filmed in India. (Based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling 1865 -1936, who chose to stay in India for his entire life.) Several silent movies were written by Kipling in India, including The Vampire, 1910 and The Maid of Mandalay, 1913. Another famous Kipling movie: The Man Who Would Be King, 1975 was a great success. Bundi is the last stronghold of feudal India. The ancient city of Jaipur has multiple palaces for the poor and homeless. The Maharaja of Jaipur was so kind that he gave everyone a home in his kingdom. India is the land of the Taj Mahal and Delhi, the ancient capital of India. Delhi has been called The City of Temples. Bombay is the 2nd largest city in India, famous for The Hanging Gardens of Bombay.
“A holy man has many kinds of gifts. One of these is prophecy.” Kim
“It’s a hot day in India, so keep thy beauty in the shade, O dispenser of the Light!”

“A true man, like a true horse, runs with his own breed.” Errol Flynn in Kim
“For my fellow actors and all of humanity, I proclaim this truth: My Beard Shall Bloom again.” Errol Flynn in Kim
If you are a servant of the guru; you are a friend of all the world.” Extrapolated~Kim

The Grand Trunk Road is a broad dirt path running across India for 1500 miles. Such a river of life exists nowhere else in the world. They walk in silence, the llama, as usual, deep in meditation. There are new sights at ever stride. The drum and fife slowly are heard as the marriage procession mingles with the laughing dancing girls, as they journey to a village wedding. Of the 5 million holy men in India, none are more starling than the Sadhus with their weird antics. Kim’s eyes were bright, drinking in the sights of this endless highway. Kim and his llama rubbed elbows with all humanity. From the lowly beggar to the maharaja, they walk the grand trunk road in lordly state. Kim

Grandpa’s Observation
You can always tell a killer, even if he looks nice. Killers always tuck in their chin. (Humphrey Bogart is then shown with his chin tucked in) The Petrified Forest

“Everyone felt that when the Twentieth Century dawned that something important would happen, then Queen Elizabeth the senior died in 1901 and a new day dawned.”
The Petrified Forest

“War is like a great ship; the sailors, like the soldiers, are expertly trained to persevere with determination, in order to preserve their great ship and their great country. And yet, they are not always victorious. The storm of war is sometimes lost to the enemy, as the loss of a great ship to a great storm.” Extrapolated from The Trojan Women

“Everybody deserves a second chance.” Married to the Mob

“All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed and second it is violently opposed. Thirdly, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Shopenhauer

“Your mother is not the only one who can dish out love. I can love you too and I really would; if you weren’t such big losers.” Homer Simpson

“My hero has the eye of a tiger and the mouth of a teamster.” Homer Simpson

“You should rebuild all the waste of war & every natural disaster.” Walt Disney
“You cannot accurately judge a situation until the pieces of the puzzle are correctly put into place.” The Shunning

“What happens in one world echoes in another.” Dark Tower

“You draw with a good hand.” Dark Tower

“You can tell if a man is afraid by looking into his eyes. Don’t look at me; look at his eyes.” Dead on Arrival

Better Make it Dead on Arrival !
Someone dropped poison (Irridium) into your mixed drink at a part last night. Now, you have only a week to live. In other words; you’ve already been murdered. D.O.A

I Am No Pundit ~ Goldie Hawn ~ 2005
I have only my life experiences to go on. There may be some who criticize me for not going into intimate details, but that is my decision. I have too much respect for the people involved and some things are sacred. Some things we need to keep to ourselves.

Something’s Wrong Somewhere
I’ve never understood why people do things in the dark; things they would never do in the day. Diane Baker in Mirage

“This is the kind of world where people are so puffed up they that they want to play God

Whatever Happened to Human Beings ~ Gregory Peck
The way machines are taking over in modern life is alarming. But don’t worry, the machines may keep us humans around, if only for sentimental reasons. Mirage

“I can read a lot about a man by what he has in his ice-box.” Walter Mathou in Mirage

“Humpty-Dumpty was a real person; I can prove it, I’ve glued all the pieces back together again.” Gregory Peck in Mirage

Quotations from Kung-fu ~ starring David Caradine
A single blow to the base of the neck can be fatal !
“There are four spiritual lessons that a father should teach his son: How to live, how to survive, how to live with death and how to die.” The wisdom of the High Abbot

“When you’re old, you’re always worse off than you think you are.” Daisy Kenyon
“Don’t crash a party unless you’re invited and don’t kiss a gal unless she wants you to.”
Raquel Welch in Son of Paleface

“May I plead with you for the hand of your daughter in marriage; a refusal would crush me.” Tyrone Power in The Mark of Zorro

“There are secret underground bases in this country, those that are operating by extra-terrestrials, those by the government and those run by a cooperative effort, between the Secret Government and Extra-terrestrials. These bases are highly secret, but some secrets cannot be kept ! Researcher Valerian Valdman states that he knows of innumerable witnesses who have confirmed the existence of underground bases that the evil Grays use for genetic manipulation experiments on humans, mostly abductees. (If this sounds fantastic to you, just ask yourself why America is so interested all of a sudden in genetically modified foods.)” Our Galactic Visitors by Robert Siblerud

“Remember always that a wise man walks with his head bowed.”
The wisdom of the High Abbot at the Buddhist Temple in China
Kung-Fu, the Television Series

Dulce ~ One underground base that houses both the evil Grays and the the military is located near Dulce, New Mexico; where this facility is linked to many others by tunnels and high speed trains. Arthur Horn, PhD writes about this U.S. Government and Gray aliens project under Dulce, with his photographer Thomas C. who has taken many photographs of it. Thomas has witnessed huge vats with amber liquid containing human body parts floating inside it ! It seems that the Grays have a genetic disorder of their digestive system, that’s why they mutilate cattle too. This facility has multiple levels with high security, protected by the CIA and uniformed personnel. It posts a list of the board of directors, which include politicians in high positions of the government. Level 6 is described as “Nightmare Hall” as it holds genetic laboratories. Inside sources say that bizarre experimentation (like Frankenstein) has created multi-legged humans, reptilian humans, winged humanoids, Gargoyle like beings and Draco Reptoids. On Level 7 it is even worse. There are thousands of humans there and humanoid mixtures in cold storage. Some humans are in cages and are crying for help ! There are children incarcerated there too. In 1978, a small group of workers leaked out this secret and there followed The Dulce War to rescue the children. A special armed forces unit attacked the facility, but lost to high tech. weapons – 66 soldiers were killed.
Our Galactic Visitors – a best-selling book by Robert Siblerud

“The characters in this movie are all fictitious; anyone resembling these characters in the real world ~~ are better off dead !”Prologue to I’ll Never Hiel Again~The Three Stooges

Quotations from A Perfect World
You can call me Red. If you get to know me a little better; you’ll find out that I’m hell-bent on one of two things: a strong backside and a sense of humor. Clint Eastwood
“Oh yes, I do like tater-tots !” Clint Eastwood
When You’re Full of Bull: “Oh you want your steak rare ? OK, I’ll just chase that bull your way and you can just reach on out and pull off a slab. Clint Eastwood
What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Alaska: “Alaska is the last of the wild frontiers, but that’s just the up-side. The down-side is that it’s colder than hell most of the time.” Kevin Costner
A Shit Sandwich: “A tortured, unhappy life is just like being in hell, there’s no difference.” Kevin Costner
Is Jehovah God as it says in the Old Testament? “Just because it’s written down somewhere, doesn’t make it true.” Kevin Costner
“I’m not a good man or a bad man; I’m a breed apart.” Kevin Costner

The Friendliest Ghost You’ll Know!
Yamaraja, the Lord of Death is also a ghost. You have to be dead to see him usually. He is also called The Holy Ghost. It’s a benediction in itself to meet his smiling face; moon-light pours out of his eyes and mouth. His body appears to be made of Dark matter. Happy Halloween ! Yama, the friendly ghost. He’s the friendliest ghost you’ll ever know.
G. Julian Walker

Hokus-Pokus-Alacazam ~ as sung by Veronika Lake
Have you ever seen the Love-Light in a Lady’s-Eyes
And then watch it vanish away. If there’s trouble in you Love-Life
Well then, My friend, get wise ~ for as the magician would say

Now you see it, now you don’t, because
Hokus-pokus-Alacazam ~ That’s Love ~ That’s Love-Light
You try to kiss her, first she wont
Then Presto ~ Changeo ~ Fiddle-de-dee
Your hand is in her glove ~
One moment she’s making you see canaries in the air
Next moment, instead of her heart, the ace of spades is there
Now you see it, now you don’t, because
Hokus-pokus-Lo and Behold, you got blinded
By the moon up above and that’s love, that’s love ~~
Now you see it, now you don’t, because
Hokus-Pokus-Lo and Behold, you got blinded
By the moon up above and that’s love. (from the movie This Gun for Hire)

Sunrise in Manhatten
(Jason Robarts shouts through a Megaphone at an entire block of apartment houses) Neighbors ! I have an announcement for you. I have never seen such a collection of dirty windows. Now, I wanna see all of you out there on your fire escape with your Mr. Clean bottles and let’s snap it up !
Nick ! It’s 7.20 in the morning. At 7.30 you’re going to see a strange parade of a thousand clowns marching down the street. The Occasion is called People Going to Work. A Thousand Clowns

“If you feel a need for a relationship, get a dog.” Pierce Brosnan in The November Man

Before us is Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney in a 1st class seat on a commercial airline. The stewardess offers Miss Hepburn a tray of cigarettes to choose from; she buys a pack, opens it up and lights up a smoke. Ah, those were the good old days. Also a fad pastime was hitch-hiking for fun. The main characters hitch-hike all through the movie ! Extrapolated from Two for the Road

“Life’s too short to be drinking bad wine.” Spies of Warsaw

The Dieter’s Mantra : I am not hungry, you are not hungry, we are not hungry. What am I saying, I am hungry ! Audry Hepburn in Two for the Road

Karmic Pitfalls for Assassins: Editor’s Extrapolation
I love my job. I am an assassin. All my friends are assassins. Eventually, all of them get paid big money to kill me ! One of these days, one of them will get lucky. This is the occupational hazard for assassins. It’s called Rat kills Rat. The November Man

Karmic Pitfalls for Assassins II
Every time you murder someone, you have broken a commandment and sometimes you think you’re God, this is the illusion of this world. Every time you’re thinking like this remember; you are being watched by Yamaraja ~ The Holy Ghost ~ The judge of all judges. He is taking away your Good Karma and replacing it with Bad Karma. When you’re a mass murderer; you are on Yamaraja’s Most Wanted List and Hell’s Flames are waiting for you. Extrapolated from The November Man

“I love strange men; I mean, I’m very fond of them (!)” Jane Wyman in Stage Fright

“I hate rain at funerals; I do hope it doesn’t rain at mine.” (It did rain at her funeral)
Marlene Dietrich ~Stage Fright ~ 1950

“A woman in love is acting crazy; a man in love is not acting.”
Stan Laurel Slapstick Comedies ~ 1925

“The comics in the newspaper is the only thing that makes sense today. After all the bad news is sensationalized; laughter and smiles are the only things that can balance out all the horror of life.” The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

What it Feels like To Descend into The Deep Ocean
This is such a strange feeling. I feel like I’m leaving a world of untold tomorrows for a world of countless yesterdays. ! The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Big News for The S.F. Bay Area !
The monster has been reported descending into the lower Bay Area !
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

“Everybody has a secret side; by God, that’s the way it should be !” The Bear

“The Biggest Thrill is not to kill, but to let live !” J.O. Curwood

Musical Fun in The Gold Diggers in Paris
“Well put a spotlight on that goat; the band just murdered that note.”
Starring Rudy Valley sings the featured son: I Wanna Go Back to Bali ~ 1938

The Romantical Heart of the Mafia Boss
Beautiful ~ Absolutely Beautiful. You said it pal ! When I see those ballerinas dance, I feel joy in my old ticker. It gets me right here, in my solar-plexus. It’s the same kind of joy that I felt, when I attended that play, called The Face on the Bar-room floor. You remember, the boss’s hitman killed that dirty rat and his sweet face was shining through all them flowers. There, on that slimy bar-room floor ! Oh Joy !
Extrapolated from The Gold Diggers in Paris

“We are all grown up little children, acting out and making believe that we are having fun, in the roles we have created for ourselves.” Mickey Rooney

“I adore women and personally, I believe that they should be nurtured and cared for like delicate little flowers.” Mickey Rooney

“The test of a poet is that he is usually at a loss, trying to improvise a speech; but when he writes something down, it’s most impressive.” Mel Gibson in The Beaver

Editorial Comment on the movie Beach Red ~ 1967
This movie is a revolutionary movie, for it gives a view of war from both the American and the Japanese viewpoint in WWII. Filmed in the Philippines; it is unlike all movies before it in portraying each soldier as a dreamer, dreaming of his civilian life. The conclusion, that the reason for an American victory is because of massive amount of soldiers with unlimited ammunition and adaptable strategies. On the other hand, the Japanese supply ships were defeated at the Battle of Midway and thus the Japanese had no reinforcements or availability to ammunition. However, their bravery, loyalty and honor were highly respected by the American Army, contrary to propaganda to the contrary. G. Julian Walker

Quotations from Pete’s Dragon ~ A Walt Disney Production
“Not everyone who lives on the ocean is a chowder head or a bunch of superstitious Ding-Dongs.” Helen Reddy a teacher
“Government Regulation #302 states quite clearly that no dragons are allowed on the property of any government lighthouse. (We have our own breathing dragon.)
Mickey Rooney
“There comes a time when, because of your age, you are forced to say ‘when did I start losing control? Then, there surely will come a time when your eyes will (p=p)out and you’ll be seeing from outside to inside, instead of inside to outside. Jim Bachus
Yazooks ! People helping people is what the medical business is all about.

“Show me a fish and I’ll show you a fisherman. Show me a fisherman and I’ll show you a liar.” Cary Grant in Notorious

Your Guardian Angel’s Song of Encouragement ~ Song Lyrics
I’ll be your candle on the water. My love for you will always burn. I know you’re lost and drifting, but with my help, the clouds will be lifting. Don’t give up; you have somewhere to turn and someone to turn to. I’ll be your candle on the water ’til every wave is warm and bright. My Soul is there beside you; let this candle guide you. Soon you’ll see a golden stream of light. A cold and friendless tide has found you; don’t let the stormy darkness pull you down. I’ll paint a ray of hope around you, circling in the air
lighted by a prayer. I’ll be your candle on the water, this flame inside of me will grow. Keep holding on; you’ll make it, here’s my hand, so take it. Look for me, reaching out to show you the Lord’s Smiling Face, sure as the rivers flow, do-not fear, I’ll never forget you or let you go. I’ll surely let you know. (Pete’s Dragon)

There’s Room for Everyone in This World ~ Pete’s Dragon
There’s room for everyone in this world, if everyone makes some room
Won’t you move over and share this world; everyone make some room
Even a dragon deserves a place, a wide open space; with no reigns and no chains
He just wants to play games and dance with you; why don’t you give him a chance
to sing his song; he only wants to belong.
There’s room for everyone in this world; will everyone make some room
Spread out and look for pure air and water. Fly on his back and there’ll be an adventure
real soon ~ Rock him ~ Ride him ~ and light up beside him; you’ll see how quickly you’ll blend. A dragon is just one more stranger in search of a friend.
From an ant to a bird to a buffalo heard, let them walk and fly and roam. Step aside and let them live; it’s so simple to give some room; like us they just need a home.
There’s room for everyone in this world, back up and make some room. Just think how far the ocean goes and how the whirling wind blows ~ shore to shore, all the way from door to door. Think of all the valleys and mountain tops; this earth never stops ~ so deep, so high, with miles of sky. We’re all a part, so give them a chance to rise up and dance. There’s room for everyone in this world, will everyone make some room; Love given freely can spare this world, let friendly feelings bloom. Just give an inch, give a foot or give a yard; let’s all make sure that everyone has a place where they can stay, just the way God planned it, just the way God planned. (As sung by Helen Reddy)

“Women become very foolish when they see their boyfriend kissing another woman; but a brotherly kiss or a kissing cousin kiss should not be exaggerated and is no reason to be jealous. If you disagree, Elvis is gonna have to sling you over one shoulder and spank you on one cheek with one hand.” Extrapolated from Tickle Me

Rambo Goes Back to Vietnam
Sir, Do we get to win this time ? Sylvester Stallone in Rambo II

I’m Used to it
I’m not with the regular army and I’m not a mercenary. But one thing is for damn sure: I am no tourist ! Sylvester Stallone in Rambo III

Prologue to the Science Fiction Thriller: Plan 9 from Outer Space
Greetings my friends ! We are all interested in the Future, for that’s where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friends, current events, such as these will affect you in the future too. You are interested in the Unknown, the Mysterious, the Unexplainable. That is why you are here. Now, for the first time, we are bringing to you, the full story of what happened on that fateful day. We are giving you all the evidence, based on the secret testimony of the miserable souls who survived this terrible ordeal. We are revealing the incidents and the places; it cannot be kept a secret any longer. Let the guilty be punished and all innocent victims comforted. My friends, let me ask you this: Can your heart stand the shocking facts of Grave- Robbers from Outer-Space ! Winner of The Golden Turkey Award for the worst movie of 1959

“War is the sum of all evils.” Stonewall Jackson

Holy Frijoles; They Do Exist !
Bean & Cheese Burritos with Green Salsa for Dinner Tonight with a side of Hash Browns. Extrapolated from Puss in Boots, the best animated film of 2011

Rumors of Old Age
The Dreamer and his daring dreams of youth; whatever happened to that guy ?
The Voice of Anthony Banderas in Puss in Boots

It’s Not True; it’s just not true !
(screamed Puss’n Boots hanging upside-down over the Grand Canyon)
The saying that cats always land on their feet is a bad rumor spread around by mad dogs.
The Voice of Anthony Banderas in Puss in Boots

“Those who live faithfully under God will ascend to become Divine beings in Paradise. But for the unfaithful, it goes differently; the return to heaven is denied and the next life begins a series of reincarnations in the lower species. It is a vile migration, unworthy of a Holy Soul.” Asclepius, High Priest and Scribe to The Ancient Greeks

“To be alone is to be without that crazy love thing.” Mars Needs Moms (Walt Disney)

“A woman puts on lipstick for her lover, but never for her children ~ for then, she does not look like a mother.” Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style

McDonald’s Christmas Message
This Christmas give the gift of Kindness & Hope. You can be sure that it will be Re-gifted. 2017

Historians of Ancient History Speak of Christianity
By any conceivable account, Christianity represents one of the great success stories of history. Despite these triumphs, the story of Christianity can be strangely depressing, often amounting to a tale of unsavory compromises with tyranny, combined with vicious suppression of rivals. The secret strangeness is that throughout history; Christ’s essential teachings of love and forgiveness were frequently neglected or ignored.
Richard Smoley in Forbidden Faith ~ a best-selling book

“Everybody needs somebody; the question is, can you do better?” Frank Sinatra in
The Man with the Golden Arm

Was Lemuria The Garden of Eden?
Few researchers have dedicated their lives to their investigations as much as James Churchward, who has written 3 books from his 50 years of researching Mu, the lost continent. The ancient Naacal records researched by Churchward and the Tibetan manuscripts analyzed by Cerve give related stories about the continent of Mu (which could possibly be Pangea, the first conglomeration of continents). Both accounts corroborate the archaeological and geological evidence. Churchward placed Lemuria in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Evidence shows it extended north beyond Hawaii, to the south, as far as Fiji and the South Sea Islands; and then to the east, slightly beyond Easter Island. It ranged 5000 miles east to west and three thousand miles north to south. Mu was composed of three land masses, separated by narrow channels or seas. The translated writings describe Mu as beautiful, mostly tropical and with low rolling hills, shaded by lush vegetation. Vast plains covered Lemuria, with rich grazing lands and tilled fields, when it was populated. No mountain ranges were found on Mu, until the latter part of its existence. Both the Troyana and the Codex Cortesiamus refer to Mu as the land of ridges on earth. There were many broad, slow moving rivers, meandering through the rolling hills and plains. Palm trees intermingled with numerous ferns, which lined the shores of both rivers and oceans. Many of the shallow lakes were surrounded by sacred lotus flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, crickets and locusts. Also inhabiting this paradise were mastodons and elephants. There were many birds and flowers. Both Churchward and Cerve believed that at the heart of Lemuria was the ancient location of the Garden of Eden. ~~from the best-selling book of Robert Siblerud In the Beginning

“As far as sporting around with horses is concerned; you’ve got to have a Winner’s Mentality and a Winner’s Heart!” The Derby Stallion

The Biggest Thrill
The biggest thrill, say the hunters, is to go out into the forest, kill an animal and bring back the carcass. But I say, that the biggest thrill is to go into the forest, commune with Nature and bring back the memory of a wild animal smiling at you in the sunshine. In other words, the greatest thrill to me is not to kill, but to let live. The Bear

“When you get old, your joints need lubrication and my medicine is in this flask. It is an old herbal elixir with fruit liquor.”(+ hyaluronic acid) Bill Cobbs in The Derby Stallion

Exceptions to the Stereotype
Not every cow can be milked ! From A Coffee in Berlin (filmed in Germany)

“The best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at honest labor and work at something that is worth doing.” President Theodore Roosevelt
Die-Hard Bible Thumpers tend to be narrow-minded
Grown-ups say that if you don’t believe in everything in the Bible; God will damn you to hell. Yea, well Jesus said that children have a special truth before God. Since, I am just a boy; I say God is not that kind of person. Extrapolated from
The Bridge to Terabithia/ A Walt Disney Production

“Keep an open mind and a whole new world will open up to you.”
The Bridge to Terabithia

“Idealism in times of war is a dangerous luxury.” Confidential Agent

Charles Boyer & Lauren Bacall
“Assassins nowadays are modern; they use a silencer on their guns.” Charles Boyer
“How Sheik; I thought assassins were still using primitive methods like poison darts & bamboo blow guns.” Lauren Bacall in Confidential Agent ~ 1945

“Nothing raises the blood in anger, like calling someone a Lilly-livered-pip-squeak!” Blackbeard’s Ghost
Childbirth Rituals
The man always has to rest after his woman has done all the work. Old French Adage

Quotations from Degas and the Dancer
I hate it when people look over my shoulder and try to judge what I draw.
“For an artist, being as ugly as a monkey is fascinating, because such a face is strikingly interesting.” Edgar Degas
I love children, for like me, they refrain from judging art, because ~ like me ~ they claim to know nothing of art. This kind of innocence is highly prized by me, not jaded critics. Edgar Degas
Making mistakes is how we learn. Artists have to forgive themselves for their mistakes, for that’s the way to become a master.
Critics try to discourage art, but words on a page are a lot easier to do than art on a canvas. Words can be just mundane, but art can be multi=dimensional. It can turn an ordinary woman into a goddess.
A sculpture is closer to reality than a painting; especially when it’s a real person, then it is life itself in meditation. Extrapolated from Degas and the Dancer
Self-Doubt is an insidious enemy and a destroyer of creativity; never give in to it.

Quarter-master Jones Reporting
My Old Man had a great and enduring faith in rocking chairs. He used to say that he could solve all problems in his rocking chair. He even had different moods for his rocking chair: The Ocean Rocking Chair technique required rocking and rolling. The
Lazy Rock is a slow meditation. Then there’s the Horseback Rock, which is done fast in the spirit of fun; it also involved sliding the chair around a wooden floor; this sliding rock technique is something no other chair can do. Denis Morgan in
Christmas in Connecticut

“When I star in Hollywood Movies; I am presented as a dare devil doing dangerous stunts. I have a confession to make: I am afraid, I was always afraid.” Burt Reynolds in Nickelodeon (a movie about making short, comical films with lots of vaudeville slapstick and singing of Ragtime Songs with romance thrown in for good measure).

Egyptian Parable
Egypt is like a man with the wrong woman; too hot by day and too cold by night.
Robert Taylor in Valley of the Kings

Sandstorm in the Holy City of Luxor, Egypt : The wind in the desert blows indecision into men’s hearts. Perhaps you’re right, perhaps not. When it is over, you can get a goat or if you’re lucky, you can get a camel, but in the desert you’re not going find horses Americano; only Jackasses like yourself. Extrapolated from Valley of the Kings

“You shall know them by their fruits.” Jesus Christ (Mathew 7.16)

Here are the fruits of Jehovah in the Old Testament: Genocide, Slavery, Thievery and Murder of his own priests. Since there is no righteousness in these things, he cannot be said to be Devine. That is why Jesus declared to the High Priests of the Pharisee Jews: Your God Jehovah is not God, but only the Devil. John 8.44 Jesus also preached that His Father’s Law is The Ten Commandments and are not to be changed by The evil Laws of Moses, which he defied. (John 8.3-11) Only hypocrites and liars give noble sounding excuses for this evil. Such “religious” people are a traitor to their Conscience and a traitor to their religion. According to Jesus ~ El Shaddai is the True God. A God of Love (not Hate). According to the Bible; the Testimony of Jesus Christ is higher than anyone else in the Bible. (Luke 9.28-36) G. Julian Walker

The Spirit of Summer Vacation
One day, as evening was drawing neigh, Jesus (feeling the spirit of adventure) said “Let us cross over to the other side of the lake.” The disciples (feeling that boyish spirit) became excited. Thus, Jesus and his disciples left in a small sailboat, leaving a crowd of mystified followers far behind. Mark 4.35

Walt Disney Presents Donald Duck
Oh Boy ! What a Paradise ! “Am I a Surprised Duck !” Donald Duck

The Wisdom of Tristan & Isolde ~2006
Tristan: There are other things besides love to live for; things like honor and duty. James Franco as Tristan
Isolde: But Tristan, they are not life; they are only the shadows of life and in the end are empty ones, without love. For, Love is made by God; ignore it and you will suffer like you cannot imagine. Sophia Myles as Isolde

“Tristan was declared slain after the battle of Britain and Ireland. He was floated out on a raft and shot with flaming arrows. But Divine Providence had a greater plan for him, because he arrived on the beach of Ireland, where a great healer rescued him and brought him back to life with herbs. Isolde brought him back from the brink of death to a new life. After 2 months, Tristan rode into his town and was hailed as a God, for he survived the Grand Warrior Funeral Ceremony. When his family saw that Tristan was alive, they asked him how he came back to life just like Jesus of Nazareth. Tristan replied that he was Resurrected and Delivered by the Hand of God. Tristan & Isolde

“The monster was reported to be descending on the lower Bay Area, where 3rd World people live (the rumor was that they hadn’t paid their rent).
Extrapolated from The Monster from 20,000 Fathoms

“He who lives on love; lives on forever.” Swing

The Duality of Godhead
1. Vishnu, the God of work & responsibility & 2. Krishna, the God of vacations & partying. (Vishnu’s consort is Laksmi — Krishna’s consort is Radharani.) Male & Female there. The Holy Ghost is Yamaraja, the judge of all judges & 2.Paramatma, the Lord in the Heart. Spiritual Masters: 1. Diksha & Siksha Gurus (also rarely, the Lord Himself) Realms: The Spiritual World and the Material World ~~ G. Julian Walker

“Processed meats, like bacon, ham, hot dogs, lunch meats and sausage were designated -as carcinogens in 2015 by the World Health Organization. That means they are in the same category as asbestos and smoking for risk to cancer.” Reader’s Digest, Feb. 2017

Oregon Bumper Sticker
I’m a Happy Duck, because I’m High on Quack !

Quotations from Dreamer ~ Inspired by a true story
Listen to a horse and he’ll tell you how he feels !
There’s Two Sides to Every Story: A race horse with a broken leg usually can’t race again, but she can breed ! (Kill a horse for a broken leg is an old cowboy myth and it’s just as false as killing a man for a broken leg).
“They Call Horse Racing the Sport of Kings” Kris Kristofferson
“When you ran the ground shook ! The sky opened up and mere mortals parted. You are a champion now revealed and I will take you to the winner’s circle and place a blanket of flowers on your back.” Dakota Fanning in Dreamer

“Just because you’re hurt; doesn’t mean you’re broken.” Morgan Freeman in
Dolphin Tale

“Miami Beach, 20 miles of sand looking for a city.” Jill St. John in Johnny Rome

“There are wealthy people or upper middle class people and millionaires and then there’s big magnates; who hold a mortgage on a state like Florida.”
Extrapolated from Johnny Rome, starring Frank Sinatra

“It’s easier to make a baby, than to raise one. (However, if you learn how to do it from someone who is experienced, you will find that the rewards include a loving ego-boast.”
The History of Rock and Roll
“I had a sound in my head that’s wasn’t like any music that was popular then.”
Buddy Holly

“Keep your reflexes sharp while driving; it’s bad luck to kill a cat.” Sylvester Stallone in
Bullet to the Head

“A man who is lonesome is just someone who hasn’t learned to live with in harmony with himself. But wouldn’t it be a terrible mistake arrive at the end of your life and realize that you haven’t stopped along the way to smell the flowers, just because you were by yourself.” Steve Forrest in Rascal, a Walt Disney Movie

Masterpiece Theatre Presents: The Railway Children
“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies; you’ll find out soon enough.”
“Let Bygones be Bygone.” Old Adages from the Ragtime Era
I am a writer and what that means is that half the time, I am presenting light-hearted fantasy. The other half of the time, I am speaking the absolute truth ! The Trick is to discern which one I’m presenting.” Extrapolated from The Railway Children.

“A man must respect himself or no one else will do it for him.” Mr. McDonough in
Christmas Moon
Good Luck and God Speed
Sweet is the revenge of an eye for an eye; but sweeter than that is to outsmart the un-righteous. Medicine Hat Stallion
“Because of greed, you may do marathons of labor; but just you remember this, when there’s no time for relaxation and meditation, you run the risk of forgetting how to love.”
Extrapolated from Medicine Hat Stallion

“America is a car oriented society with an awesome array of paved roads and highways. There is a powerful impersonal force behind every car; but the ultimate energy is a responsible person driving that vehicle. Similarly, there is a powerful impersonal force behind these mundane worlds, with an awesome array of planets and stars, but the ultimate energy is a responsible person driving it.” G. Julian Walker

Can you Spare that Smoke, Friend ?
There’s nothing like a good smoke and a cup of coffee. You know, some men got-a- cravin’ for gold, others need lots of land and herds of cattle; and then there’s those that have the weakness for whiskey and women. But all a simple man needs is just a good smoke and a cup of coffee. Johnny Guitar

“Every man is entitled to be a boy, when he needs to be.” Joan Crawford in
Johnny Guitar

“I make friends fast, because I listen good to sad stories.” Johnny Guitar

“Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself; things can always get worse.”
Elvis Presley in At the World’s Fair

At Least you can be “Curiously Interesting”
According to the guru; the reason we have come to this world is that, at some time in our remote Past; we rejected the idea of being God’s Servant. Instead, we want to know what it feels like to be God ourselves. Thus, we come to a world where we can Lord it over the material energy and also the animals. From the Lord’s point of view (and the Demi-gods) we are merely actors playing God, but we are not the real God. The least you can do, as actors, is to attract His attention with a meditation that is ~~~
curiously interesting. G. Julian Walker

“Life has many colors; some of them are very dark.” Goya

“If you can’t be good; be good at it.” Ryan Strickland

“Honor is a luxury, only gentlemen can afford.” Louis Jourdan in An Unknown Woman

“Everything in Egypt revolves around the seasons of the Nile.” The Discovery Channel

Song of the Little Travelers* 179
We are the Little Travelers ~ Trav’ling around the world
We pack up our bags and hop on a plane & we’re coming to be your friend
We love to see your country and taste all your wonderful food
We’ll play in your parks and see all your folks
We want to learn all about you, for we are the Little Travelers ~
Trav’ling around the World ~ O.K.!?
*A program whereby parents take their children all over the world

“A dancer expresses with his body, what an actor expresses with words.”
Jean Kelly in Lets Make Love

“Actors and entertainers are always hugging and kissing each other; it’s a professional courtesy they say and is not anything personal.” Tony Randal in Let’s Make Love

“Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself; things can always get worse.”
Elvis Presley in At the World’s Fair

“Any painting that’s any good is a love affair.” Edward G. Robinson in Scarlet Street

“When you’re young, your dreams never seem to pan out; yet you go on dreaming.”
Scarlet Street

Ya ~ Ya ~ Rollie-Pollie ! Ya ~ Ya ~ Hari-Bollie !!
A masterpiece of art is a superlative moment, imbued with a touch of the Divine. As such, it is universally accepted as an eternal meditation. G. Julian Walker

“My name is Chris and my last name is Cross – that’s Chris Cross ! (It’s like you can lie with confidence, when your fingers are crossed behind your back)”
Edward G. Robinson in Scarlet Street

Does Wine really get better with Age ?
Jacques Cousteau and his crew found wine jars underwater in an ancient ship. They brought the wine jars up. This wine was 2200 years old. They toasted to the sea and tasted it ! Alas ! It was too bitter.

The Undersea World of Jacque Cousteau
“When a man lives an extraordinary life; he has no right to keep it to himself.” Jacque
“What is a scientist ? Is he not a curious person who is looking through a key-hole to Nature; trying to understand what is going on in our lives.”
“We protect what we love.”

“Mankind explores the land, longing to be free, but only when he’s underwater can he glide and fly.”
“The best way to observe a fish is to be one.”
“If we were logical, the Future would be bleak indeed. But we are more than just logical; we are highly conscious beings who have the ability to explore and work with faith, hope and enthusiasm.”

A Study of Monsters by Anne McLeod (with purports by the editor)
A monster is a distinctive creature. It may be terrifying, deadly or just bad. It could be threatening or just playfully weird. As far as Hollywood is concerned; a monster is something that gives us a serious case of the creepy=crawlies, whether it occurs in our minds or something that is stalking us nearby. For many of us, a monster is an animal that is threatening to kill us; to others, it may be beneficent. The mystery of monsters is that, the very features that startle and scare us, also can be exciting and fascinating. (Thus, it could be a cure for boredom) Like the eyes of the Ai-Ai Fish of Madagascar or the longest centipede in the world; which is much longer than that magazine you are ready to kill it with ! Some monsters are real and some are imaginary. In order to discern the real situation; we will study the facts and the statistics for all monster candidates. The Chameleon could be considered a monster; it changes color and shoots out a long tongue that sucks-small insects into his mouth fast, but that’s only a monster to the insects. The Japanese have always had a unique understanding of monsters; when the puffer fish began killing divers and seamen; they happily went out hunting them, killing most of them and then feasting on them. (After all, they’re only fish)
Many people see the spider as a monster, but only if it is poisonous or huge. Actually, some spiders are as big as a dinner plate; and yet the bite cannot kill any adult, even if provoked. Generally, our fear of Arachnids is only in our own heads (unless you’re facing an army of angry brown recluse spiders). Psychologists say that some monsters are lurking only in our sub-conscious mind, due to something we’ve experienced in ancient times or in a former life. This requires a belief in reincarnation. (in the original teaching of Jesus, He told his Disciples “You Could be Gods !” ~in your next birth !) The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had strange hybrid combinations of animals as monster Gods. (This idea was demonstrated rather dramatically in the ground-breaking movie Jason and the Arganauts, when a giant scorpion came to attack them ! This inspired all the science fiction movies of the Fifties. They just had to blow up any animal and project it on the screen. They said it was caused by Atomic Testing. Strangely enough, a scorpion can withstand radiation 200 times more than humans ! They were the only animals that survived the Atomic Bomb ! Thus, the popularity of Godzilla and King Kong was invented by Hollywood.) It could be that any animal could be considered a monster under certain conditions, like the Vampire Bat, which comes out at night to feed on blood. (The Vampire Bat became an empowered pet & Changeling Monster of Dracula- who was evil and abhorred the cross. Dracula was a real person in
ancient days, famous for his evil. He was called Vlad, The Impaler, but he never had any pet bat. Similarly, The Holy Ghost has an empowered pet too who is a changeling for God, It is a Dove ! Giant Lizards were seen as monsters in the Fifties, sci-fi fad. The Earth vs The Flying Saucers is a very good one). In real life, there are feared monsters. There is no doubt that the Komodo Dragon is a monster. He can kill a human and eat him within an hour. The Gila Monster has venom that can kill 2 men. The biggest reptiles were the Dinosaurs of ancient days. (The idea of Dinosaurs as monsters in our time was presented with great success by the movie Jurassic Park. Thus fire-breathing dragons came to life among us !) The ancient blood of Beastures depicts monsters for Christianity, which includes gargoyles and slithering snakes. The behavior of the King Cobra of India is actually based on hypnotism; if you don’t know the way of the snake charmer, you will not survive the bite of this deadly snake. A snake’s locomotion looks impossible and their renewal seems improbable, but their bite is a real danger. Along with such deadly killers as the Coral Snake and the Rattlesnake; they kill 30, 000 to 40, 00 people annually. Just to be fair, it should be noted that there are thousands of non-toxic and harmless snakes; just as there are thousands of non-toxic mushrooms to eat. So, you have to study under a teacher to discern, which mushroom to eat and which snake to trust. The Soft-Scale Viper is considered the deadliest of all snakes and carries enough venom to kill 8 people, but even reptiles & snakes have their enemies. The Hyena is a strange hybrid of wild dog and cat. It is one the most feared of all wild creatures, they usually were feared by lions and tigers; for they generally outnumber them in their pacts by 6 to one. The Hyena seems like a creature from ancient times because its laugh is eerie and its eyes glow at night, especially by fire-light. The Spotted Hyena is the most aggressive and in ancient times, it is said that, witches rode on them at night. The Hyena’s jaws are very powerful and are capable of crushing human bones and consuming them, just like the komodo dragon. In Africa, you can hear this scavenger punctuate the night with terror. It’s no wonder that they are afraid at night in Africa.
In ancient times, the oceans were considered the true home of the monsters, which includes the Giant Squid and Giant Octopus – as well as, evil mermaids. This brings to mind the Loch Ness Monster, which many believe is real, as was also reported in Nova Scotia and Greenland. The theory is that the deeper you go, the more likely it is that you will encounter these monsters. Big Foot is considered a Beneficent Monster. He is known as Yeti in Tibet and Yahweh in Australia. The legend is that he has the unusual habit of running away faster than people can see him. The evidence in America is weak.
A new shark was discovered in the 60s ! (Hence the popularity of the movie Jaws) However sensationalized in Hollywood, factually only 50 people die of sharks annually and only 3 people die per year from a Grizzly Bear. Among doctors, the greatest monster would be the mosquito, which kills 1 person every 10 seconds in Africa, because of diseases it carries, like malaria, etc. (If you get a haunted house movie, you know that danger is lurking everywhere, but in real life, the hunter sometimes becomes
the hunted and we remain the haunted) With an insatiable appetite for horror movies –Hollywood is ready to conjure up even more terrible creatures these days. Some of the aliens of Science Fiction look remarkably like us, but some do-not. Is it really fiction or fact ? The creature known as the Chuba Cabra in Central America is said to be pets left behind by aliens, who left no instructions for their care or feeding. Thus, we continue our love-hate relationship with monsters, even if we shudder or squirm; we cannot turn away. As long as evolution continues to fire our imagination; we will behold huge, freakish or fierce monsters. But the ultimate monster is born inside the feverish mind of Man; home of the impossible monster. DVD called Monsters

The Puritan Prayer for Thanksgiving
I am deeply honored to be your second governor here in Plymouth. With your permission, I now make my first proposal. That every Fall, at the close of harvest; we set aside a day of Feasting. Not a feast for gluttons or of fools; but a Feast of Thanksgiving, to honor God, for surely without Him ~ We would not Be! (Thus Thanksgiving became a national holiday, thanks to peace-loving Christians and peace-loving Indians; represented by Sachem Squanto or Squanto, the Holy Man. For it is he only that taught the dying Pilgrims how to survive the Winter.) from The Animated Hero Classic called William Bradford

“Four hands are better than two; that is when friendship becomes practical.”
William Bradford ~ Governor of the Puritans of Plymouth

For the Love of Trees
You know something; trees are the best things in the world; you can hide in them and no-one can see you, yet, you can look down and see them !” Pollyanna

“My Father always called me, my his big white cabbage.” Hayley Mills

“Sharing a smile is a great way to welcome someone you’ve just met or to make a friend or family member feel good. They are easy to give, so come on, let’s all smile.”
Ronald McDonald

Shirley Temple’s Final Film as a Child Star
Look, there’s no reason to be scared. You’ll love going out on the stage. There’s nothing to worry about, because the audience, out there, are inclined to like you. And when they do like you; a tingle goes up and down your spine, like you never felt before, and that’s the biggest thrill of all. Now, let’s go out there and wow them ! Shirley Temple
“The plot’s all twisted; girl does not get boy and boy doesn’t get girl.” Jack Oakie
Men are like ships in the night; if you miss your boat, you’ll be left on the dock, a
depressed and lonely old maid.” Charlotte Greenwood ~ from Young People~ 1940
An Old Buffalo Trick
Cleaver attackers leave a clear trail ahead of you, thus you believe that you are tracking them and they are not following you. You think you’re not in any danger; but in actu-ality, they are waiting to ambush you up ahead. Walking Thunder, starring John Denver

Think Outside the Box
With the national debt increasing now by seconds; it appears that the U.S. Government will O.K. Almost anything, if they can make some money out of it. Jeff Siegel

Ancient Mesopotamia
Oh, Hi ! I was just looking through the Bible. Have you ever wondered where civilization first began. You may not know it, but the Bible is full of clues for archaeologists and historians of ancient history, that lead us to the very beginning of civilization. By the way, I’m Arizona Smith. Archaeology means the study of beginnings, so that’s my job. My job includes the search for clues in different countries; sometimes the clues are buried really deep. In ancient Mesopotamia, that’s Greek for the land between two rivers; there are rivers called the Tigris and the Euphrates and in Genesis it is said that they flowed from the Garden of Eden. About 150 years ago, around 1889; they began to dig where the Bible said the beginning was and uncovered the ancient city of Nipur. But to our surprise; their records – called canneoform described another city that was even earlier. It was the lost city of Ur. In the Bible, Ur was described as the birthplace of Abraham. Dr. Williams, a Christian Archaeologist came to prove the Bible correct. It took him 12 years in sweltering desert heat, but he finally discovered that ancient city: Ur of Sumeria; thus proving the Bible correct. In the old tombs of Ur, they found much valuable jewelry. Sumeria is the world’s oldest civilization. The Sumerians founded the first educational system, and the first irrigation system. In 3000 B.C. Ur was thriving. The Sumerians had 3000 Gods and a temple called a Ziggurat to worship them. In ancient times, Ur had a population of 30,000 people. Most of their houses were made of thatch (mud, straw and sticks- heated in the hot sun). They made the first bread, which was actually date-bread. The first govern-ment was a council of elders. They were good inventors; they invented the wheel for pottery and later invented the wheel for travel. The first plow was made of bronze and pulled by an ox. They invented the water-wheel and they were the first to use the Arch in architecture, which was widely copied by the Romans, at a much later time. They invented writing on their tablets. Scribes were the first historians. They also told stories and poems. Later civilizations used all these gifts and adapted them to their civilization. Sumer was lost to a civil war over water rights during a drought. The same thing can happen to America when petrol becomes scarce. The Discovery Channel

“The pitfall of bring a dog is that you’re always distracted by another odor.”
(or lead around by the nose) Tim Allen in The Shaggy Dog
The Black Hole of History
For several centuries, the Mycenian Era descended into a time called “The Dark Ages.” It’s not like someone turned the lights out; we just have very few clues from this period. It’s kind of like a Black Hole in History. But think about it; isn’t it amazing how much we know about the Menoans and Mycenians (who conquered them after a disastrous earthquake with no historical records left behind ?) It took some pretty good detective work to piece together all the clues and form a picture of the first civilizations in Europe; detective work that is still going on today. Arizona Smith on Discovery ~~

What Time is it ?
It’s hard to tell what time it is; the hour hand and the minute hand are not on speaking terms with each other, for the minute hand has fallen in love with the second hand. But there is hope, because it is their fate to be in harmony again when they both are pointing together to 12 oclock. Samuel Goldwyn presents Hans Christian Andersen

“Nobody is really alone, did you know that ? In fact, I get the feeling that somebody’s coming to see me now: Look ! It’s Thumbalina ! (sing) Though, you are no bigger than my thumb ! (Than my thumb, than my thumb) Thumbalina, don’t be glum ~ Now, now, now ~ No, no, no ~ Thumbalina dance, Thumbalina sing, tiny little thing. When your heart is in love ~ you’re 9 feet tall.” Danny Kaye in Hans Christian Andersen

A Young Boy’s Perspective
Married grown-ups are so strange: First, they hug and kiss; then later, they smack each other in anger ! Farley Granger in Hans Christian Andersen

“Every man who’s in love should have his own affectionate nick-name for his mate, and thus he can warm the cockles of her heart. You know what I mean, inside the basket of my bright hot-air baloon is my little coconut macaroon !”
Extrapolated from Hans Christian Andersen

Look ! The History Book of Denmark is on the Ground
“The history of any country can stand a little fresh air; have you ever heard of the history book that went on vacation ? Why, when it came back; it was a more refreshing history, in fact, it was a much better history.” Danny Kaye as Hans Christian Andersen

“If you get in a fight and you get licked; it doesn’t count, unless you stay licked !”
Brian Keith in Those Calloways ~~ A Walt Disney Production

“Donald Duck, I can’t understand a word you’re saying ~ I need a translator !”
(who can understand a duck anyway ?) Mickey Mouse in The Three Muskateers

Proper Manners are very important for Civilized People
Just remember what your mother taught you: Elbows off the table, keep your fingers out of the food and don’t forget to offer prayers and thank God when you’re in the mood.
Hans Brinker ~~ a musical from 1979

“An honest physician confesses that he cannot perform miracles; only God can perform miracles, but if you are His servant and give Him the credit; He will bless you.”
Hans Brinker

“Even the smallest animal has feelings; so be gentle and kind.” Saint Nicholas

Amsterdam ~~ A Song
There she is and Here am I ~~there is nothing can keep us away ~~ Away from Amsterdam. Time can pass and falling sands will fall, but she is we and we are she and where she stands is in Old Amsterdam ~~
There she is (with her arms open) and Here am I (close to her side) ~~
With her rivers that pour out into everyone’s heart. We are Dutch and that’s what we are.
With a love that embraces every Dutch woman and man; forever more in Amsterdam Here we are in Old Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, Amsterdam forever more. Hans Brinker

“Good things take time; you must have patience.” Eleanor Parker in Hans Brinker

“What is given with love, should be accepted gratefully and remembered with pride.”
G. Julian Walker

Quotations from Gulliver’s Travels
A Yahoo is one believes in nothing but what his mind and senses tell him. He is a selfish brute who has no conscience or control of his mind. He eats anything and acts any way he wants. A Christian is not like that; he is one who shows kindness to others, perhaps more than an animal or a human deserves. Extrapolated ~~
I Don’t Like Strangers Touching Me ! I don’t have to have a reason, because it is related to my own personal space; it’s just something personal. Ted Danson as Gulliver
Royal Pastimes of the 18th Century: You may enter ~ Of course, we can go to the theatre; but first we will take a walk through the park and bow to all the ladies and gentlemen who like us, are wearing the finest clothes, colorful and clean. Then we will sit and take some tea. We will have some sweet treats and of course, we’ll have some chocolates ~~ for that is very fashionable.

“There is a secret that is closely guarded by actors, but is well known by supporting actresses. If there are repeated takes of kissing and hugging on the set; there will be problematic bulges in the tights !” Extrapolated from Olivia de Havillan
Keeping the Zen of Drinking (alcohol)
I’m gonna’ knock myself Out ! Im gonna’ kill myself ! Gradually, by degrees. 1937

“Life is a rainbow of different colors and moods. There are four principles that are being practiced in everyone’s life, which are dreams, lessons, meditations and obligations. And remember that life is a multiple test question with multiple answer options. The truths of this world is one of degrees, for it is a temporary world of names. The Spiritual World a the world where birth, death, old age and disease are gone.”Julian

Protecting Your Assets~ a sermon by G. Julian Walker
Dear Souls: Riches and valuable assets can be material things, but can be used in the service of the Lord. Your body is a gift from the God of Love and Generosity. In order to respect these assets; you must protect these gifts from thieves and plunders. Thus, there are eyelids on the eyes to protect them; never throw hard-cold water into your open eyes, because you will permanently injure your eyes. Also, you must not listen closely to loud music or you will injure your ears permanently. Also, do not smell something deeply, that will give you an allergy. Never let children wander alone through bad areas of the city or wild, unexplored forest alone in a storm. They must get permission, even with an adult. By extension, you must also protect your mind, steering it away from evil thoughts. There is an evil spirit trying to corrupt you, even if you are not willing. You must control your mind with intelligence and judge by your conscience. It is rightly said: “Let your conscience be your guide.” That is called yoga. The masculine test of truth is with the intelligence and the female test of truth is intuition from the heart. You must not allow the destruction of the gifts of God, like seeing, hearing, and smelling. You must instruct children, lovers, friends and family. It is also said: “We protect what we love.” We should honor these gifts and all gifts of beloved friends and family. Always be thankful to God for them. Thus, this life is a life of responsibility and there is proper etiquette involved also. Some may say that it is also considered God-Conscious-ness for the Enlightened. (Selah)

“The Wild West was full of strange new ideas: One Cowboy said: ‘Are you the One who stole my horse ?’ The other cowboy said: ‘Alright, I stole your horse; but aren’t you the One who stole my woman ?” Ironbark’s Bride, a mini-movie on TV ~~

“Benedictions from The God of Love can come from the servants of The Most High God El Shaddai & Astarte. Holy men are also servants of The Most High. Thus, sometimes Holy men & women become friends and sometimes work for the Demigods temporarily. They also receive extraordinary benedictions from them and thus they appear to be as powerful as the Demigods, but it could only happen in the wondrous family called The God of Love’s Family. All Glories to My Brothers and Sisters in the Heavenly Planets.” G. Julian Walker
The Card Trick that makes you Happy !
This is your good old Uncle Milty and I will show you the card trick that makes you happy: Take this one-eyed Jack (he can’t see you, so tear him in half) ~~Now tear him in quarters ~~ Now tear it in eighths ~~ Good – Now throw them up as high as you can = Happy New Year !! Milton Berle in Dear Charlie (The Barbara Stanwick Show- TV)

Chinese Gong Sounds ! Enter Li-Chin, a refined Chinese Gentleman: “We have been expecting you; my bright little bird and I; he has been singing all day. His heart tells him all he needs to know. Unfortunately, I need to read the daily newspaper in Chinese. (Philip Ahn in Dragon by the Tail, an episode in The Barbara Stanwick Show for TV.)
“Loving your country is never out-of-date.” Barbara Stanwick in Dragon by the Tail

“Unfortunately, there are ugly dramas in every family’s history. There are hidden rivalries, bitter animosities and deep conflicts that so often exist in the closest of family relationships.” Barbara Stanwick in Two Sisters, an episode in her TV Show.

“Interfering in other people’s lives is almost always presumptuous and frequently perilous.” Elizabeth Patterson in Big Career, an episode in The Barbara Stanwick Show

“It takes two people in order to learn the truth: One to speak it and another to listen and understand it.” Henry David Thoreau

The Elephant Love Story
If you believe only in Human Love; you are small minded, for all animals fall in love~~even the elephants. Extrapolated from My Lucky Elephant

“Life is about doing what you love to do.” The New Adventures of Pinocchio

Song of the Juggler
You never know what kind of surprises life is gonna throw you, so keep juggling.”
The New Adventures of Pinocchio
Chicken Little & The Sky is Falling
“He saw the signs ! He tried to warn us ! Now, in our darkest hour; he’s got a plan, to save us all: Run like hell ! Yes, when it come to The End of the World; it helps to be a little chicken.” Chicken Little

Frogs as Prophets !
Go out near the swamps of Louisiana and you can hear frogs. If they croak low, there’s gonna be sunshine. If they croak loud; a storm is coming. My Louisiana Sky.”

“I’m a loner, but I’m not a monk. I like people.” Clint Eastwood
Why Women Wear Sunbonnets
Well, its Summer and it’s gonna be a scorcher today; so girls, if you don’t wear your sun bonnet, you’re gonna be as freckled as a leopard by the end of the day.
My Louisiana Sky

“When girls feel abandoned by men; they re-invent themselves. That is, they buy a new dress and try out a different hair style; for it is well known in courtship that women who have the luster of joyfulness are the chosen. Men, then begin to blink and realize that they are the choosers; and that is the protocol of courtship.”
Extrapolated from My Louisiana Sky

“It’s never too late to do the right thing.” Puss in Boots

The Rules and Guidelines for Prayer
Prayer involves a compact or a covenant between two people: You and God. This means that the prayer pleader has the right to ask, because God is a democratic person who gives you rights. The first right of God is that He has the right to refuse your prayer, probably for good reasons, like it may be unfair to someone else. But God also has the right to grant your desire in a way that you didn’t expect or understand. Your desire is very important to The Lord, but if your desire gets too intense and is long lasting; you are violating God’s right to intervene righteously. Thus, you need to detach yourself from the prayer and be patient. To help you detach yourself, God has attached a slogan or mantra: “Let Go and Let God!” Detachment for material things is one of the disciplines of yoga. Thus the disciple is called upon to show detachment from material things and people and show attachment for spiritual things and people. Your guide to this is the Guru or Spiritual Master. Jesus is a bona-fide Guru, because he started a disciplic succession to preserve his teachings without changing them. The Disciplic Succession of Jesus, the Christ is called The Desposni. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami says “Everyone in this world is thinking: How do I become a master ? But that is mundane consciousness. In Spirituality; you are not Master. You are Servant. Not an ordinary servant, but a servant of eternal love.” If the pleader wants something that he is not eligible for, even by Grace; the pleader must rethink his prayer and if he believes in his heart that he should have it ~ then he is entitled to make a motion in The Mystical Courts of God called Ekadashi ! Ekadashi is like Habeas Corpus or an exception that should be made. Ekadashi is a Goddess, who is the gatekeeper to the powers of the Soul and the Super-Soul, the Lord in the heart. It is enacted by fasting. Jesus says that fasting and prayer is the most powerful thing (Mathew 17.20). Ekadashi arrives on the 11th Day of the waning or the waxing of the moon. The sun is the left eye of God and represents work, obligation, duty. The moon is the right eye and represents vacation, free-time, Love and Laughter. If you fast

Without food or water; you are entitled to a miracle! If you fast this way for 3 Ekadashis and link it by water only fasting; it is called Ekadashi Linking and it is most powerful. It takes 40 days & nights and you are entitled to a fountain of miracles. This is how Jesus got all his powers. Then the Devil comes to tempt you; this is part of the testing process. Jesus passed this test when he said, “Devil get thee, behind me.” There is a proviso in Ekadashi, that you may assign the merit you received in the fasting to someone else who needs it worse than you. Thus Satan asked Jesus to surrender to him (or assign his fasting merit to him) and he would give Jesus many favors (benedictions) like riches and power. A sincere disciple or Bhakti who is bound by the loyalty of love puts The Lord first, even the guru is second and The Holy Ghost (Yamaraja) is third. The Trinity is thus taught also by Jesus; and thus you become a member in God’s Club. a transcendental relationship with The Lord & His Consort (the female part of divinity). Then and there, you are an eternal servant of The Lord again and eternity is added to your relationships. How wonderful. Selah and Amen

“You know what a little white lie is, boy ? Don’t believe that all lies are bad; a little white lie can make people happier. In fact, that is when the creative writer is born !”
Extrapolated from Wild America

An Old Pagan-Hippie Pastime
Get this on camera, for it is a rare happening in Nature ! For the first time, in the 60s; here, on an unknown beach, strange endangered species can be observed close up ! Two Nude Hippie Women, stoned out of their minds are being chased by two drunken boys, wild and delirious. They are running heedless toward the ocean !
Extrapolated from Wild America

“Drive Safely is what love ones say when you’re leaving to go your Summer Vacation. What does that mean ? That means to drive slower for hazardous conditions, to keep your concentration on the road by at least 95%. Don’t drive drunk or nodding out.”
G. Julian Walker

“Mental trauma can sometimes be overcome by mental stimulation.”
Mckenzie Foy in Wish You Well

Quotations from Wish You Well
Funeral Oration for the Very Young: People passing is natural. The Old have to make way for the New. But when a child dies; it just turns everything upside-down. Right now, this little boy is tellin’ his story to God and God is just laughin’. That’s all we need to know about his passing. Ellen Burstyn in Wish You Well~The Little Scrap between boy & girl: Grown-up: “Now, apologize to this little boy, young lady and make up !” Little Girl: “Here it is, You can go straight to hell, you hell raiser!”
Kiddie Power: Yes, we were enemies, but we can be enemies no longer. For you are a child and I am a child and your daddy’s mean to you. Thus, as kids together; we will be a potent force to oppose adult bullies. Extrapolated from Wish You Well
Rural West Virginia in Wartime: My Pappy done taught me this: There are two things you should be proud to die for. One is friends and the other is family. Sometimes they are one and the same. The country you love is also your family. Wish You Well
“People want to change the Past; so they can remember the Past the way they want to remember it, without mistakes.” Ellen Burstyn in Wish You Well
“Every writer has to find his own voice. No writer worth his salt is a carbon copy of somebody else, even if he’s family.” Wish You Well

“When you keep a traumatic sin all bottled up inside; it starts to fester, like a dirty wound. It’s then that confession becomes important.” G. Julian Walker

“You know what a little white lie is, boy ? Don’t believe that all lies are bad; sometimes a little white lie can make people happier. (In fact, that is when the creative writer is born; and my fingers are not crossed behind my back either.) Wild America

“The secret to harmony in marriage is to keep smiling and laughing with each other.”
The Wishing Tree

“Magic sometimes takes a little extra time than you expected.” The Wishing Tree

“They say in Old Ireland it was believed that the test of true worth lay in the land.”
The Secret of the Roan-Inish ( a tale considered by many as an Irish Lad & Lassie story and just as mythical as The Leprechaun ~ a little boy living amongst the seals of a lost island in Old Ireland.)

The Happy New Year Message ~2018
They may say that I’m daft, because I say things that have never been said before. But what if they are true ? Is not life full of surprises; maybe not day by day, or week by week or even month by month. But now let us allow for The Great Divide ~~~
A different year is a different story !” G. Julian Walker

“Every sailor knows that their ship has deep, dark secrets ~ deep in the hold. And every true sailor knows to keep his mouth shut for the good of the ship.” Shipwrecked

“Sidney, Australia, a port very popular with sailors of the Old World. A place they say where a sailor can leave his mark: A Grand Tattoo. Shipwrecked~ A Walt Disney Movie

The Test of the True Christian
In the aftermath of war; everyone is greatly relieved and would just as soon forget than remember. Suddenly, something unexpectedly appears: Refugees ! Refugees of war, unwanted and disowned –especially from the country that lost the war. A Fascist victor will kill them. That is their evil. But a true Christian will reach out with mercy and compassion to save them. And thus, we may hear their confession:
“We are Saved ~~ Oh, Bless us ~Sweet Jesus ~~We are Saved !” ~~ G. Julian Walker

“Sooner or later, everybody loses a friend in their life.” The Angel Doll

Memories of I Love Lucy
Ethel: Lucy always gets us in trouble and it all starts with four innocent words: “I have an Idea!” Ethel: I don’t want to hear it !! Ricky: I think I’m the only person from Cuba who was naturalized as a citizen of America, because of my knowledge of History, for instance did you know that Columbus discovered Ohio in 1776 ? Ricky Ricardo

“Cowboys on the cattle trail have no mommas or poppas. Children are not allowed to travel with us; neither aunts or uncles. The closes thing to it is our cook; he’s a monkey’s uncle !” Extrapolated from Gold Mine in the Sky ~ starring Gene Autry

Gold Mine in the Sky
There’s a gold mine in the sky, far a-way
We will find it, you and I, some sweet day
There’ll be clover, just for you ~ Down the Line
Where the skies are always blue ~ Pal of Mine
Take your time ~ my old mare ~ take your time
I know you’ve grown lame; but you’ll pasture in the stars ~ where we’ll stake our claim
And we’ll sit up there and watch the world go by
When we find that long-lost-gold-mine in the sky
Far-a-way ~~ Far-a-way ~~
We will find that long-lost-gold-mine some sweet day !
And we’ll say hello again to our long-lost-friends
That we used to say good-bye and then
We will find that long-lost-Gold-Mine-in-the-Sky ~~ 1938

“It’s tough to be born anywhere.” Susan Hayward in Rawhide –1951

“Believe nothing a woman says; but everything she sings.” Richard Witmark in
Garden of Evil

“Mister, a woman has made a fool of you; but don’t think that you’re alone. Most men have been embarrassed and shamed by a woman. You just didn’t understand it, now you know.” (This is your lesson in understanding women. In the future, you must use more patience, restraint and caution; so cool those passions and your selfishness, for women require respect too.) Gary Cooper in Garden of Evil

“When seeking a female mate, a man must consider all his options, such as 1. a lovely face 2. a lovely figure (with personal preferences) 3. good character (and then there is also a special consideration, which includes lots of land and lots of money).” Editor

“When you get old; something comes over you and you see life different.”
Gregory Peck in The Gunfighter

“You ought to have some violins playing while you’re reciting that sweet romantic poetry: Stop that Sappy Talk ! Spencer Tracy in Fury

American Legends of the Pioneers
There are 4 main legends of America’s early history: They were John Henry, a super-human railroad worker, Paul Bunyan, a super-human lumberjack and Casey Jones, a super-human railroad engineer. The last one is of special interest to me: Johnny Appleseed, who taught pioneers and Indians how to be farmers. Here is what James Earl Jones said about him. “John Chapman, who became known as Johnny Appleseed was just a barefoot boy when America celebrated its Independence in 1776. In 1806, as the legend goes he was visited by his guardian angel, who directed him to go out west and plant fruit trees. And so he grew up a bearded vegetarian, who wore a coffee sack and a 10 pot hat (for cooking and beverages around the campfire at night). He lived by his own rules and killed no animals. He loved the earth and believed that all men were brothers. Using his legendary green thumb, he taught people how to feed hungry pioneers by planting fruits and vegetables. Johnny was proof that you didn’t need strength or great size to be a legend, you just have to do great deeds.” Of course, Indians knew how to survive on mushrooms, roots, berries and herbs. He taught people the value of being a farmer and he hiked all over America preaching his gospel of Christianity following in the example of Jesus Christ, also a vegetarian. Johnny Apple-seed became known as a saintly farmer. He proved that the Hunter Method of Survival was not the only option. Although some historians see him as only planting apples, others see him growing corn, vegetables and beans, as well as many other types of fruit trees. He was a Pure Christian and taught that you don’t need to kill animals in the Wild West to survive. The lesson of Jesus was, that if you couldn’t be a complete vegetarian, then go catch some fish, for no curses come from them; however many curses come

from killing the higher animals, like cows, bulls, horses and pigs. It is said that he converted many Indians to this idea. Johnny’s pastime of hiking across America was a
tradition that was followed by John Muir. Johnny travelled all over America without even a weapon. Any wild animal that he met, he would talk kindly to them and won them over with the charm of his smiling, laughing and praying. The animals knew that he represented a peace between man and animal. Some say he had a pet skunk that he travelled with ! Johnny Appleseed walked across America planting fruit trees for 40 years, planting fruit trees wherever he found fertile ground which amounted to 100 thou-sand square miles and thus he became a legend and a role model for many a pioneer. The legend concludes with the death of Johnny Appleseed, who was personally escorted to heaven by his guardian angel. It is said that Johnny would not go, until his angel promised him he could plant fruit trees in heaven too. Here is the Thanksgiving Song of Johnny Appleseed: The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord; for giving me the things I need, like sun and rain and apple seeds, yes – He is good to me. I owe the Lord so much, for everything. I’m certain because, I can see that if it wasn’t for Him; there’d be no fruit on the limbs. Oh, here, in the Wilderness, where there’s blue sky; I can do as I please, singing every day to my feathered friends and humming with the bees. I wake up every day as happy as can be, the Lord is good to me. Editor

“A forward looking strategy occurred quite surprisingly in antiquity. The Phoenicians opened up maritime trade into the cities around the Mediterranean Sea, while the Greeks opened up trade around the Black Sea. A Russian historian Karl Kautsky commented on this amazing jump forward: “Land based commerce did not allow such wide sweeps as sea based commerce, although, trading by sea presupposes a more advanced technology, especially in shipbuilding.” This involved bigger ships and more sailors, with different sized sails, as well as – net & tackle loading and unloading apparatus. G. Julian Walker

“In ancient times, every country became famous for a certain import and it became a hallmark of their country. For instance, Canaanites became famous for importing meszemuth, a dark eye pigment used as eye liner to the Egyptian Royalty and Nobles.”
Extrapolated from Foundations of Christianity by Karl Kautsky

“I was a famous performer in the Ragtime Era as a vaudeville singer. They named every thing after me: cigars, racehorses, perfume and even a battleship. It was a happy time for me; I felt the world was at my feet and my picture was on the cover of many a piece of sheet music.” Marie Dressler ~~ 1933

Wisdom from the Nut-House
Well, cracked minds play funny tricks on you, and by the same token; you can play funny tricks on cracked minds. The inspector is famous for his jokes.
Willian Powell in Song of the Thin Man
Jokes: 194
What did the calf mutter to his mother: “Give me the utter, mutter and shoot the utter-utter to me bruter.
I shoot the arrow in the air, where it lands, I do-not care ~ ’cause, I get my arrows wholesale ! The Poetry of Knuckle-head of the Three Stooges
“Darling, there’s a riot of police sirens behind us!” (Somebody must have hit the Daily Double !) William Powell in Shadow of the Thin Man
“I’ll be with you in 2 shakes of a cocktail !” Myrna Loy in Shadow of the Thin Man

The Great Divide in Early American History
Watchfulness is not a bad thing when you are at the end of the world. What you will find then are great forests and savages far away and thereby you will see: The end of the Present and the beginning of the Future. Gary Cooper in Unconquered

“So, you have come 500 miles just to tell me that stars are dancing in my eyes and you think this will win me over; a woman only thinks what she wants to think!” Paulette Godard in Unconquered ~~ “You don’t know the value of freedom, until you lose it!”
Paulette Godard in Unconquered

Loving Your Country is Never Out of Date ~ Barbara Stanwick
After WWII ~ a wave of patriotism and pride swept over America. Hollywood was quick to seize upon it and featured movies about major places in America and their glorious history. Each of these kind of movies had an introduction, because the movies were based on actual historical events. Editor

“America is an idea, not a race. Diversity is one of our strengths, not a weakness.”
Senator Lindsey Grayham ~ 2018

Introduction to He Walked By Night ~ A Detective Movie
This is Los Angeles, Our Lady ~ Queen of the Angels ~ as the Spaniards named her. It’s the fastest growing city in the nation. It’s been called a bunch of suburbs in search of a city and the glamour capitol of the world; a mecca for tourists, a stop-over for transients, a target for gangsters, a haven for those escaping harsh winters, and a home for the hard working. It’s a city that represents the hopes and dreams of 2 million people. It sprawls out horizontally over 452 square miles; over miles of valleys and upward to scenic foothills which glisten at night, as well as, extending far out to the beaches on the ocean. It’s a city representing every state in the Union. 1948

Introduction to Northside 777 ~ A Detective Movie
In the year 1871, a great fire nearly destroyed the entire city of Chicago. But out of the ashes of that catastrophe rose a new Chicago: A city of brick and brawn; or concrete

and guts. In its history is violence, beating in its very blood. That history is on record and that record is recorded in its newspapers by men who have made Chicago’s newspapers a major institution. No period in Chicago’s history is more violent than the years of prohibition. It is a story of the rise and fall of bootleggers and gangster-empires; all written in blood and bullets. In 1932, there were 365 murders in Chicago; one for every day in the year. In December of that year, 8 policemen were shot down dead, in the line of duty. 1948

Introduction to The Fighting Kentuckians
This picture is based on a little known episode in American History. After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, his officers and their families were exiled from France; as punishment for devotedly following an adored leader. Bewildered, they turned to the one country that would sympathize with their plight; and America welcomed them. By an Act of Congress, they were granted 4 townships in the state of Alabama. And in 1818, a brave band of French Officers and their families started their settlement in Denoupolis. Dejected and dispirited, they clung to their rich uniforms as reminders of their former glory. ~~ A John Wayne Production 1949

The Difference Between a Violinist and a Fiddler
The violinist tucks the violin under his chin and plays to high-brow audiences who want to listen at concerts. The fiddler tucks the violin into his shoulder and plays to common folk who want to dance at parties. The Fighting Kentuckian

Whose Got the Last Laugh Now ?
They all laughed at Christopher Columbus, when he said the world was round. They said it was gossip when Bell told them of talking on the phone. No one could believe the Wright Brothers, when they said man could fly. Who could believe in a singing wire and the rumor was that Marconi was a phony. They scoffed at progress and told me I could never fall in love, but Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’s got the last laugh now ?!
Song Lyrics from the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodger’s musical Shall We Dance

“I’m not responsible for what people imagine.” Susan Hayward in Adam Had Four Sons

“Some men arouse maternal instincts in women, but it doesn’t work after sundown, bud”
Lucille Ball in The Dark Corner

How to Succeed in Phishing: Young women are like fisherwomen, they preen, because a flashy lure usually gets a prize guy on the line. Although there’s a lot of competition;
a smart woman knows how to use her body to land the big ones: Jiggle-it!
G. Julian Walker

Old Japanese Drinking Song
Everyone come, yes everyone come and see
Grand-pa is drunk again, while he mutters
He has fallen face-down –In the stinking gutter.
Come Again, Oh Grand-ma-ma
And claim your Beloved–Even if you can’t believe
Your eyes and nose
Oh Grand-ma, be kind I say
And drag his body away ~~ Drunken Angel by Akira Kurosawa ~ 1948-

Postwar Japan : Mosquitoes and radioactivity are competing for bodies in a stupid fight. T.B. Typhoid and Cancer have dispirited and discouraged everyone. They worry about drinking water.

“In France, a man in love is said to be ‘touched by grace.’ The Heart of Winter (French)

“When you’re really old; you don’t reveal your age to anyone, even your own mother.”
I Wake Up Screaming

“The rumor is going around New York City, that there are more wolves in New York City than in Siberia.” I Wake Up Screaming

“What’s the use of living if there isn’t any hope.” Betty Grable in I Wake Up Screaming

“People suffer more from too little imagination, than of too much imagination.”
P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman

“You don’t need everyone to love you; just a few good people.” The Greatest Showman

“Acting wisely means that when you hear a good idea; you write it down and make an appointment with yourself to think about the details.” Henry Fonda in
Immortal Sergeant

Don’t Over-do it
If you want a gal to fall in love with you; don’t kiss her too much. Leave while you’re ahead and give her some time to magnify it in her mind. Immortal Sergeant

“Some men think that they got everything figured out and they proclaim a false kind of unity by stating: Men are just like Women. Yes, but Women are not just like Men.
They don’t talk like men and they don’t behave like men.

For instance, when a woman’s in love, she’s helpless to do anything about it, until the man opens his heart to her. Oh, of course, she can scheme and contrive, to make him declare himself; but the initiative is really with him, and that’s just one point for my case.” Maureen O’Hara in Immortal Sergeant

W.W.II ~ 1942
Anytime now, all hell is gonna break loose; just as fast as they can bring the big guns out. If you’re wondering what’s happening here in the Philippines in this, the Great War; it’s a world revolution – a war to the death. It’s kind of serious and yet so, so simple. In this war, we are all fighting for the same thing: Our Very Lives. Cry Havoc

“When two people can laugh their way into love; they are lucky indeed.”
William Powell in On the Avenue

“We all lose something as we grow older, but if we’re lucky, we gain a little wisdom along the way.” I See a Dark Stranger

“The ghost of Shakespeare appeared to me in a dream. He spoke with great urgency and this was his dispatch: ‘To Pee or Not to Pee; that is not even a question!”
G. Julian Walker

The Divinity of Mathematics
In Divine Mathematics 1+1 = 1 and 1-1 also equals 1.”
Swami Prabhupada’s Purport: Mundane Mathematics only applies to this dimension and this world; the Lord’s Mathematics is multi-dimensional and applies to all worlds. In other words, The Lord can replicate himself and still remain complete. He can appear from the mind and also disappear. You cannot limit the Lord by your mundane limits or expectations.
My Comments: As we grow older and older still, the probability of dying increases. Everyone around you, as well as, you-yourself secretly knows that your time is coming and the clock is ticking. The Lord of Death also notices and finally you have to warm up to the idea and prepare for it. However, death is not all that bad, sometimes it’s a relief.
Next, we address percentages: Blackmail and Bluffing has a poetic relationship and finally reveals percentages both increasing and decreasing based on circumstances and verbiage. The more you consider either, the more confusing it becomes. However, miracles happen, even if you don’t expect them to, but it is most satisfying when there doesn’t seem to be any hope. Because, miracles are intimately related to The Lord and His Energies, many miracles can happen; sometimes depending on the previous miracle!
G. Julian Walker

More Percentages
Rumors are generally concentrating on the baser part of human nature; therefore an intelligent person should not give it more credence than it deserves, some say 50%.
Because I am an optimist; I only give it 30%. An exception might be the rumor of murder, with good reason, good motive and circumstances; it might increase to 70%. In consideration of such a thing; I think, it’s time you buy a gun and hide a throwing dagger
G. Julian Walker

“Comparisons of women and flowers goes all the way back to the 19th Century. In the early 20th Century, there were many references to women in songs as roses (not-with- standing rosy cheeks and thorns). In the late Teens, women were described as Lilies (not-with-standing being tall, sleek, cool and beautiful)” Extrapolated from
Kind Hearts and Coronets ~ 1949

“A Legend is entitled to be beyond time and place.” Orpheus ~1949

“Nobody is a slave among them (the early Christians) but all are free; one working for the other. They hold that owning slaves is not only unjust and impious, but godless as well. It is a violation of the order of nature, which produces men as equals and here they are as brothers.” Philo ~ Historian of Ancient History

“Commit a crime and the Earth is made of glass.” Emerson

“She has the facts now, but she won’t accept them, because they are too horrible to accept. But, we have one ally; the subconscious. The sub-conscious knows the real truth and it is struggling with the Conscious mind to be heard.” Edward G. Robinson ~ The Stranger

“A court of inquiry is an opportunity to find the truth, beyond all illusion. If a man is good and blameless; the truth cannot affect him.” The Stranger

“People in the Public Eye Must Expect to be Caricatured; That’s the Price of Fame!”
On the Avenue ~ 1937
Oh, the Flies in Here are Terrible
Why do the people of America have a prejudice in their newspapers against their President in Office. They overlook his righteous legislation and spotlight some possible offense, almost to the point of gossip. Americans weren’t always like this; President Lincoln was treated like a God in the North. The people of England never chastise their Royalty harshly or even the Parliament. No, they have too much Class & Good Manners (Savoir Faire ~ you know). The Old American Adage applies: “The Honey-Bee goes for the Honey; but the house-fly goes for the Crap!” G. Julian Walker
The New Year’s Complaint
(Song Lyrics from On the Avenue, as sung by Alice Faye)
This year’s crop of kisses, don’t seem as sweet to me
This year’s crop just misses, what kisses used to be
This year’s New Romance, doesn’t seem to have a chance
Even helped by Mr. Moon above ~~
This year’s crop of kisses, is not for me
For I’m still wearing Last Year’s Love ~~ 1937

She’s Alive! She’s Alive !!
I am Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein made me from the dead. Food ~ good, Wine ~ good, woman ~ friend; I want friend like me. If I can’t have her I want to die. ~
(Yes, Dr. Frankenstein made you, but I Dr. Praetorious will make you a woman.)
Bride of Frankenstein

“When a boy reaches puberty, he must leave his father’s shadow.” Native American

How Beautiful and How Dramatic
The crudest and most savage exhibition rages in this storm. There are three-wild things rain, wild wind and the thunder of Jehovah. He is so angry, that he is throwing electric arrows at me. He wants my unbowed head. I am Shelley, England’s greatest poet, as well as, England’s greatest sinner. I, Shelly proclaim Mary Shelly as my guardian angel and it must be so, for I can hear all heaven applauding.” Bride of Frankenstein

The Blind Man’s Prayer
Our Father, I beg of Thee to hear my prayer. Now, in Thy Great Mercy, you have taken pity on me and relieved me of my great loneliness. Out of the darkness of night; you have sent me a friend (Frankenstein, the monster) to be a light to my blind eyes and a comfort in time of trouble. I thank you with all my heart. Amen

A Toast ~~ A Toast
To a New World of Gods & Monsters Dr. Praetorious in Bride of Frankenstein

“If someone comes and has good intentions; he or she should be treated with respect and good manners.” Extrapolated from It Happened in Brooklyn

“The way to succeed in singing is to sing from the heart; then you’ll become the people’s choice.” Jimmy Durante

“Women look beautiful when they feel that they are loved.” Joan Crawford in Possessed

“It is awful to lay down to sleep at night and not be able to sleep because of worry.”
Joan Crawford in Possessed
Lover’s Rights
Although it’s not an attractive option; nevertheless, a lover has the right to fall in love and then to fall out of love again or visa-versa. Van Heflin in Possessed

“Somehow the wide and free sage land; that spacious desert and all its creatures, needs a fitting introduction to the mountains; a contrast and yet a harmony, for it is all the natural free earth (spread out before you).” Margaret Murie, 1966

The Call of the Wild
Have you ever wandered in the wilderness, through sage-brush desolation. The bunch-grass levels where the cattle graze? Have you ever whistled bits of rag-time at the end of all creation and yearned to know the secrets of the desert’s little ways? Have you camped upon the foothills and galloped over the wide ranges? Have you roamed the arid sun-lands through and through? Have you chummed up with the mesa? Do you know its moods and changes? Then listen to the Wild ~~ it’s calling you.
Robert Service ~1907

“Everyone needs a special retreat, a secret hideaway, a favorite place. A place away from the crowds, where quietude prevails.” Alan D. S. John ~ 2007

The Questions Transcendental
Since the beginning, Man has looked into the awesome reaches of Infinity and asked the eternal questions: What is Time? What is Space? What is Life? What is Death?
Through a hundred civilizations, philosophers and scientists have come with possible answers, but the bewilderment remains; and finally it comes down to each human soul to find out these secrets by his own fate and his own mind. (But some rare souls are lucky enough to find a bona-fide guru, by The Lord’s Grace) Introduction to Portrait of Jennie

Quotations from Portrait of Jennie
This is a film about the life of a modern portrait artist, full of mystery and meta-physical questions, as well as meditations of life reflected in people’s faces. Also, behind these faces are landscapes at the same time.
There ought to be a timeless quality about a woman that transcends time, both Past and Present. This kind of meditation happens daily in the museums and makes a portrait very popular, like for instance, the Mona-Lisa.
“Where I come from nobody knows and where I’m going, anything goes.” Joseph Cotton “No-one knows more about love than an old maid” Ethel Barrymore

Courtship Games: In the business of courtship, there is a game of push and pull: Man: Where do I stand now? (Female: After a strange night of meditative yearning; I have concluded that I’m very fond of you) I do admire your charming personality and your colorful fashionable clothes. Your wavy, silky hair sends waves of passion into my mind which are growing stronger all the time. (When I look at you, I see fire in your eyes and it ignites my passion) I notice your bodily clues of magnetic surges. I ~ I ~ think I love you ! (After due meditation; I love you too). Extrapolated from –Portrait of Jenny

The Art Teacher Inspires the Artist:
“I want you to paint all the most beautiful things in the world.” Jennifer Jones
(Every landscape is a mental escape from reality; a reality that is full of complications and responsibilities. Suddenly, you’re sailing out into an unlimited sea or soaring into the clouds. In this way, the artist is a travel agent.) Portrait of Jenny

A mountain of water is like a giant wave of judgment. One should recognize the hazards of different types of water, just for your own safety. It is healthy to have a fear of the ocean, for even tough old sea-salts can lose their life in storms, hurricanes and typhoons. G. Julian Walker

“In the humdrum events of this mundane world; not all questions have to be answered.”
G. Julian Walker

“If there is stardust in your head; sure there’s a jumble in your soul.” Old Irish Adage

“Here in the new colony of Sidney, Australia is a place where England exiles her criminals in the 19th Century. However, when they are here, we don’t treat them badly. Everyone can live in peace here, if they observe this protocol and that is don’t talk about people’s past history. A man’s past is his own business here. Our Motto is Let Bygones Be Bygones ! Under Capricorn, an Alfred Hitchcock Production

Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts (A short film of 1933, starring the little Shirley Temple)
Good Morning, Ladies & Gentlemen; and now I’ll have my usual: 4 donuts and a cup of coffee. Introducing Mr. Walker and his Dunkers
Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts ~ Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts
They are the rage of the land ~ The taste is fine and dandy ~better than cake or candy ~ For, if you dunk them; you will never choke ~because Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts ~ Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts ~Are so light; they Float !
You can dunk them in your coffee or any old hot drink ~You can dunk them in the morn-ing or even at night and still, they won’t sink ~ For, if you dunk them; you’ll never choke
Because Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts ~ Yes, Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts are so light, they float !
“Every man has his weakness and it’s usually in his head.” Third Man on the Mountain

“The difference between an uncivilized cannibal and a civilized cannibal is that the latter uses salt and pepper !” Kid in Africa

The Eyes have it
The wisdom relating to dealing with women by men is this: The Soul energy is sending beams of love through the eyes. A lovely face represents paradise in heaven. To medi-tate on the breasts and lower is to bathe yourself in an ocean of lust and is presided over by a Goddess: Mother Earth. Here’s the Mother and her contract is a legal, binding contract; giving you half interest in the Great Undertaking called Repopulation and more civilization. Congratulations, you can leave a forget-me-not when you die. The boy or girl of yours has your ego trip already built in. Oh, it’s the living end! G. Julian Walker

“I’m just a little boy; I’m not old enough to marry anyone, but maybe later when I grow whiskers!” Jackie Cooper

“People are always asking me who I belong to and where I stand? I’ll tell you where I stand: Right behind the Eight Ball !!” Jean Harlow in Libeled Lady

The Call to Dine
Then Jesus said: Make the people sit down. John 6.10

Spiritual Food
Do not labor for food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life. This is the food that the Son of Man will give you; for God, The Father has set his seal upon it (for Jesus has offered it to Him). John 6.27

“There are good people who make bad decisions and bad people who make good decisions; that is one of the ironies of life.” Pastor Greg Middlestter

“The character of Jesus is an attractive one, because of his everlasting love and mercy; and Lo, to behold the aura of Jesus is to see the Love of His Father El Shaddai ~ reflecting in him.” G. Julian Walker

Does Jesus Believe Himself Higher than God ?
For I have come down from Heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him, who sent me. John 6.38 I have not come of my own initiative, but He sent me. John 8.42

“Be comforted in the fact that Time heals many wounds.” Polly Walker in Robinson Caruso (Based on the novel by Daniel Defoe)
The Truth about Cats
Cats are usually placid animals, who don’t usually want to harm humans; but if you shout at them and shine lights at them, you can make them scared and when they’re scared they go crazy. The Leopard Man
Caged animals are unpredictable when they are set free. They are just like frustrated adults, who have stored up their anger for restraining them from the spirit of freedom that they once enjoyed, roaming in Nature. Thus, they might strike out with their claws.
The Leopard Man

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It soothes the mind and gives it rest. It heals the heart and makes it whole. It flows from Heaven to the Soul.” Anonymous

The Joy of Parenting
The joy of parenting is felt when you show your child what once delighted you. Then if you find that the child’s delight is added to your own, there is now a double delight and you can see it in the glow and affection of your child’s face. Ah, this is indeed a source of true happiness. J.B. Priestley

The Bonfire of Youth
There’s no honor where there is sex ! Deborah Kerr in The Grass is Greener

Quotations from The Grass is Greener
I’m mildly amused by people who imitate me; I myself would like to imitate Rock Hudson. Extrapolated from Cary Grant
If I sing in the shower; I’m in love. Extrapolated from Cary Grant
In England, only the Queen is called Mam. –Deborah Kerr ~~In America, all beautiful women are called Mam, because they deserve the respect of a queen! Robert Mitchum
Although we share the language of English; the character of us English is not the same as you Americans; what kind of people would you say Americans are? Deborah Kerr
We Americans are simple, straight-forward people ! Robert Mitchum

The Ballad of Marshall Flagg
Our story tells of a man grown old; his blood still warm
But his heart’s grown cold ~ He thinks, he’s still, the man he was
But the young folks know and they’re makin’ jokes
Of everything, everything that he does ~
Marshall Flagg, Marshall Flagg ~ as men grow old their footsteps drag
Younger folks start to makin’ jokes
They’ll be laughin’ laughin’ at Marshall Flagg

A man recalls all his youthful day ~ when he tasted life in a million ways
He dreams, his dreams and at times, it seems
That he’s 2×10 and he’s full of fire again
Marshall Flagg, Marshall Flagg ~ as men grow old their footsteps drag
Younger folks, start makin’ jokes
They’ll be laughin’ at Marshall Flagg
Laughin’ Laughin’ at Marshall Flagg
(Theme Song from the movie The Good Guys and The Bad Guys, 1969)

“I’ve turned in my badge; I’m retired.” Robert Mitchum in The Good Guys & Bad Guys

The Changing Moods of Life
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t !
(Sometimes you feel like singin’ the Blues, so don’t Razzazz Mazzazz and
(Sometimes you feel like puttin’ on the Ritz, so put some Pazaz in it!) G. Julian Walker

“Just because we do our job alright for a long time, doesn’t mean we have to think small.
When you’re young; it’s never too late to change careers.” The Seventh Stream

The Christian Way of Juvenile Delinquency
Don’t hit your son ! We’re not dealing with wild animals here, but tough and angry teenagers. You can beat them, but they just get tougher and more angry. Send them to jail and you wreck them for good. These aren’t the answers. We shall try to understand them, for kids don’t get this way for no reason. We invite them to confess their frustration; we listen without judging them and sympathize. You can tell them to be good, but they have their own reasons to be bad. So, we become patient and we pray for them like a Christian, a psychiatrist, a mentor or a caring parent. We spend time with them, offering them possible pleasing pastimes (They must have more options; options that are civilizing, gentle enough and bring happiness). Gradually, every now and then; their mood changes to a loving, more-friendly one. You need patience, for it takes a long time to straighten out just one kid and is fraught with troublesome complications; but if it happens to be your kid; it’s worth it. John Cassavetes in Crime in the Streets ~

“Guys like me don’t come in pairs.” Richard Barthelmess in Massacre, 1934

“I know you’re just a country boy, but don’t come home anymore with frogs, turtles, snakes and worms in your lunch box.” Myrna Loy in The Red Pony

“A man is always entitled to make a fool of himself when it comes to women. (But, it’s a wise person who does it in private). Old Mexican Adage

“Feint hears never won fair ladies.” King Arthur
Common Sense is dealing with Horses
If you get in back of a horse or a mule; he will kick you, that is their instinct, so avoid it. Also if your fingers are near his mouth; he will bite it. It’s not like he’s mean or anything; it’s just that he’s got spirit. Robert Mitchum in The Red Pony

“You look very stylish dear. You know, I bought a dress from Paris, but my husband wouldn’t let me wear it ! He said, it makes me look like a wet seal or everyone could see plainly what was underneath. Then and there, I decided that there is something very funny about men: They like to see other women look sexy and semi-nude; but they want their own wife to look like Mother Hubbard ! Mandalay, 1933

A Woman’s Wisdom for Survival
Well I guess it’s no use telling you, but you’ll find out for yourself. If you’ve got any sense at all; you’ll make the best of it. You’ll just have to go on living and before you’re through, you’ll find out that it’s easier to make men do what you want them to do, then it is to fall in love and have them make a food of you. Anyway, you’re pretty enough to go a long way, if you use your head. I know, you want to get away from here, wouldn’t you? Well, make those lusty, thick-headed goats do it for you; use them while they are scheming to get you, take them for all they are worth. Then you can laugh at them, just like your former lover is laughing at you now. It’s no use lying around in bed all day; all you’ll get is a headache. Time to get back on your feet and make the most of it.
Mandalay ~~1933
Gods from Heaven are Seen on Earth
Maharaja Parikshit, after having selected Kripacarya for guidance as his spiritual master, performed three horse sacrifices on the banks of the Ganges. These sacrifices were executed with sufficient rewards for the attendants. Also at these sacrifices, even the common man could see demigods. Srimad Bhagavatam 1.16.3
Purport by Srila Prabhupada: It appears from this verse that inter-planetary travel by the denizens of higher planets was easy. In many statements in the Bhagavatam, we have observed that the demigods from heaven used to visit the earth to attend sacrifices performed by influential kings and emperors. Herein also we find that during the time of the horse sacrifices ceremonies of Maharaja Parikshit, the demigods form other planets were visible to the common man. The demigods are not generally visible to the common man, as the Lord is not visible. But, as the Lord, by His causeless mercy, descends to be visible to the common man, similarly, the demigods also become visible by their grace; due to the presence of Maharaja Parikshit.

Gay by Definition
When a straight man puts on a dress for sexual kicks; he’s a transvestite. When a man is a woman, trapped in a man’s body and has to have an operation; he’s a transsexual. When a man has too much sexuality for one gender; he’s a gay man. But you, my dear
are just a boy in a dress. When you dress up your act; you’re a drag princess. When you’re a master of disguise; you’re a drag queen. Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything

Quotations from On Dangerous Ground
“If you want something out of this life; you have to put something in it: Something from the heart.” “Not all cops are good; some of them are just gangsters with badges.”
When you’re a cop; you don’t trust anyone, but common sense tells you not to take it home with you. Aye, there’s the rub, if you don’t trust anyone at home either; it’s the path to madness. Extrapolated from On Dangerous Ground ~~ 1952
Prayer of the Blind Lady: Father, Hear My Prayer. The Soul of Danny is coming your way, forgive him for his sins, as you would forgive all your children. He was young, foolish and under the spell of passion and illusion. He didn’t know what he was doing, for he was out of touch and did not pray. Lord, give him your peace, for he searched desperately for peace on earth, but could not find it. Ida Lupino

“Loosen up Baby, this is a Fox Trot, not the Australian Crawl !” Divorcee ~

Vive La Difference
You’re a fascinating winch at that, but it’s never too late to yearn for somebody new.
The Spirit of the 20s in Divorcee ~~ 1930

“If you have just one more for the road; the road will rise up and kick your ass.” Editor

Prayers for Drivers II: The Power of Love: Our Father, who art in Heaven, in our Hearts and in every Atom: Hollowed Be Thy Name. You are the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of all these worlds. Thy Kingdom may come to us one day, but until then Thou Will Be Done; in this galaxy and in all galaxies within the material sphere. Yea, forgive our sins, for we are all sinners here, whether knowing or unknowing. Down here we are all brothers and sisters behind the wheel of a vehicle; so I ask them to forgive my trespassing of their driver’s rights, as I would forgive the trespassing of my driver’s rights, cheerfully and with good manners. For we are all sinners here, but not all sins are equal. Most driving sins are small, so please be tolerant and understanding. My fellow drivers; we have an awesome responsibility that requires at least 95% concentration and have to avoid the pitfall of drinking alcohol and driving recklessly. You may have a lot to answer for if you kill somebody when you’re drunk and there will be regrets that haunt you all through life. But, just as we are sometimes forgetful of the Lord; we can also be forgetful of our passengers. May we be victorious over evil thoughts and influences while driving. Remember the first rule of driving: When in doubt start breaking and remember the joys of driving: enjoying the passing scenery and the heavenly feeling of riding high on air over many miles with many smiles. But, lead us not into temptation of an unpredictable chance, and keep the zen of driving by being
sure where you are going and quick to signal other drivers which way you are heading. Let your running lights remind you of knowing when to have extra caution; as at night, in rain and storms, which you should avoid, for most accidents happen under those circumstances and do-not sustain high speeds, for accidents then are fatal. The common sense of driving is to pull over to a rest area when you are nodding out and take a nap. Statistics prove that those people who nap, are better adjusted psychologically and more aware of signs of danger. And lead us not into anger, but deliver us from the moods and modes of mundane life. For, as yogis, we must practice restraint and tolerance; con-trolling our bladder movements, as well as, disciplining ourselves to accentuate the joy of driving, which includes being the hero of all your passengers, thus you accentuate the positive and affirm the wonderful gift of love, for that is the power of love~ which goes hand in hand with prayer. Thus we should not drive when frustrated or depressed, but play down small mistakes and near misses, in a world of forgetfulness, quarrel and conceit, as well as, deceit. And if we are remiss, stop us in the middle of our declaration of profanity and vanity. Jog our mind Lord with the many hours of pleasant driving and the wonderful privilege of driving with the help of The Holy Ghost, our Conscience and Renewals of Faith each day. Yea, with steady intelligence and control in yoga I say Amen. As we explore history we find sin and for all time, as we observe the panorama of Geology, Flora and Fauna in Nature and the charm of friendly people in a small town. Together, as always in a temporary world, longing for our eternal pastime of driving again in the Spiritual World. Selah ~~“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil.” 1 Corinthians 13.4-6

The Florence Nightingale Pledge for Nurses
I Solemnly Pledge my-self before God and in the presence of this assembly to live my life with purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will not accept bribes or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters admitted by a doctor to my keeping. By the same token, I keep family secrets coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty and reliable endeavor; I must aid the physician in his work and dedicate myself to a relaxed time with my patients and hope that they will be patient while in my care. ~~ (Selah) ~~ from Night Nurse ~ a forbidden movie by the censors of 1931

A Forbidden Gem: The Jewel Robbery of 1932
Willian Powell: Yes, I am a calling ~~ After a very brief and informal introduction; I am now paying a formal call. Don’t worry about your honor; I have come very discreetly–up the drainpipe to the Balcony ! Next time I’ll come by air ship. (Kay Francis: Is this a hold-up ?) Yes, raise your hands ! Higher! Higher! Now, jiggle them!
(What is it that you want from me?) If it is at all possible, I would like a cup of tea and a little, shall I say small talk. I should say that the conditions are perfect: It’s midnight and all the lights are out and there’s moonlight on the terrace. All the servants are asleep and there is complete stillness outside. What shall we talk about ? (Help !)
~Even Robbers have to worry about thieves; however it takes one to know one.
(This lesson is called Bad Association) William Powell

A Plaything of Time ~ A Joke for God
I have a new and totally imaginary idea for the time of my life called birthdays! When I reach 50 years old; I shall have a gay and wonderful party called The Half-Century Birthday Bash! After that celebration (which certainly does include the Time-Honored Tradition of a scene at night with birthday cake and candles burning bright). Behold ! It is moving toward you in the dark; as well as the chorus of Happy Birthday singers to you. You can start subtracting every year from your life, instead of adding them when you reach 50. In that way you should live to be 0 ! (Awe, just forget it Lord or remember it for all time, but only if you smile) Yajnapati Dasa

“You can always tell a successful professional; he doesn’t chase dames when he’s working.” (Of course, the Acting Profession is probably an exception. What ! You don’t believe me ? Why, it’s right here in the script !) Joan Blondell in Lawyer Man

“A woman’s privilege is in changing her mind.” Loretta Young in They Call it Sin

“If anything is more curious and mysterious than one woman; it’s two women, now this one has more mystery and a little more intrigue.” George Brent in They Call it Sin

“Honey, get wise; women are good in fooling themselves. They tell themselves that they are just playing men along and are out to get whatever they can get out of it. But what they are not admitting is that slowly they’re falling in love with the same guy they vowed never to. Their excuse is that the young swain has teased her so much that he’s fired her passions.” Extrapolated from Loretta Young in They Call it Sin

“Different women are looking for different kinds of men. I’m looking for a rich loafer. In that way, he can devote all his time and all his money in me.”
Kay Francis in Man Wanted ~1932

“Freedom is one of the most important ingredients to a successful marriage, if you don’t let your imagination run away with you.” David Manners in Man Wanted

“I’m just a farmer’s daughter.” Loretta Young in They Call it Sin

“It does a person good to blow off steam now and then.” David Manners in
They Call it Sin ~1932

“I’m just a lonely gal and you know this; that’s why you want to buy me a drink. Well, if you can tell me the nationality of Lord Byron and can name the drink; you can buy me that drink ! (Give her a Scotch!) They Call it Sin

“You can’t be happy by using someone else’s unhappiness. (It’s just Bad Karma)
Loretta Young in They Call it Sin
The Story of Painless Dentistry
It does not seem to be generally understood that before there was painless dentistry; there was nothing for pain. The patient was simply strapped down and that is all !
This is the story of Dr. W.T.G. Morton of Boston, Mass. Before the efforts of this man, there was just agony; in the dentist chair, as well as in surgery. After Dr. Morton’s life, people took his contributions for granted. However, great men alone can reverse the laws of perspective and we grow smaller as we learn about them. Why this is said is the truth of this movie: Dwarfed by the magnitude of his revelation; he was reviled and berated by his fellow man. An opinion not shared by his many dental patients, who were amazed and relieved by his compassion. Unfortunately, he was forgotten, before he was remembered and his patent, dealing with the principle of anesthesia, was rejected by the government, because it was challenged by glory hounds and opportunists. To them Morton seemed very small, until the incandescent moment he ruined himself by reveal-ing his secret formula for the good of all Mankind. Prologue to The Great Moment~1944

“Beginning in the 1400s, when European explorers misnamed Native Americans as ‘Indians’; racial stereotyping, discrimination, devastation of tribal cultures and usurping of their lands, have all become a shameful part of our nation’s history. Complex misunderstandings by White Caucasians continue to the present day.” Alan D. St. John

The Blue Bucket Mystery
As one version of the story goes, while camped at a stream, children collected water in a blue bucket. Later, after the wagon train had moved some distance, someone noticed gold nuggets in the bottom of the bucket. After rescued train members eventually reached their destination, some of them unsuccessfully attempted to retrace the route and find the nugget-bearing-stream. For more than a hundred years, other gold-seekers have tried in vain to relocate the source of the famous blue-bucket-nuggets.
(The area in question is Southeast from Prineville on the Crooked River).
Oregon’s Dry Side, a book of many pictures and great merit ~ Alan D. St. John

This is Hi-Fi
It kicks ! It turns ! It curls up you belly and it’s freaky-deaky. Bucks Hype
“One of the strange ironies of life is that many people talk more to their parents when they are dead and with more heart, than when they were alive.” Angel in the Family

“In order to be fair, women have to keep some secrets, because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves ~ just as men have to have some secrets (because it makes them look bad and no one should be judged for failed experiments and mistaken ideas).”
Extrapolated from It Came from Beneath the Sea

Quotations from Berlin Express
Sometimes I think the people of Earth will never get together in peace, unless they are attacked by aliens from outer space. Then and there, people will find someone else to hate besides themselves. Sometimes I give up trying and resign myself to a flawed world, but sometimes hope shines like the sun in spring and I think someday, yes ~ Yes
Someday ~ We Will Make It ! Extrapolated from Berlin Express
Here was all that was left of one of Europe’s most beautiful thorough-fares Unter Dem Linden, with The Brandenburg Gate at its foot. Here’s Hotel Aldon, a plush retreat once, now suspended. Close at hand, the Reich-stat, redecorated as a monument to the Reich in ruins. Within the sight of that; the towering trees of the Tear-drops, which have all been borrowed for firewood. Here in Berlin, all the friends (Allies) have met and celebrated their victory; yet the aftermath of war in Europe has shown us going our separate ways and old distrust, prejudices and feuds gradually appear again.
The Finale of Berlin Express
Quotations from Priscilla ~ Queen of the Desert
Listen Ye Olde Hags: It’s time to stick dynamite up your twot and light it, ’cause it’s the only bang you’re gonna git out of life!
Listen up you Drag Queens, you won’t get any liquor here; so why don’t you go back to Ur-anus where you came from !
Nice Dog, what’s his name ? (His name is Herpes and if you pet him; he’ll bite you !)
I apologize for what I said when I was drunk and angry. Although it’s true, it’s only true when you’re meditating on the dark side of life.
The Moral of the Movie: You don’t have to fuck a drag queen and you don’t have to fuck them up, because they have entertainment value.

I’ve Been to Paradise ~ But I’ve Never Been To The Spiritual Part of Me*
Hey Lady, I know you’re cursing at your life. You’re a discontented mother and a poor and jaded wife. I’ve no doubt that you dream about, the things you never do (!) But I wish someone would talk to me, like I’m talking to you. Uh, I’ve been to Georgia and California – and anywhere I could run. I once took the hand of a preacher man and we made love in the sun ! Now, I’ve run out of beautiful places and friendly faces, because I’ve had to be free. I’ve been to Paradise, but I’ve never been to The Spiritual Part of Me. Please Lady ~~ Please Lady, don’t just walk away ~ because I’ve had this need to
tell you, why I’m all alone today. I can see so much of me, just stewing in your eyes; won’t you share a part of a weary heart that has lived a million lives. Oh, I’ve been to Niece (France) and the Isles of Greece, while I’ve sipped champagne on a yacht. I’ve moved like Harlow and teased rich men in Monte Carlo and showed off, what I’ve got !! I’ve been undressed by Kings and drunken pirates, rough and mean; and I’ve seen some things that a lady should never see. Listen now my sisters ~ Yes, I’ve been to Paradise, but I’ve never been to the Spiritual Part of Me. *A Woman’s Confession to other women.
Extrapolated from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert ~1994

“This is a little story about 4 people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. Well, it ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody, when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”
Verne Hamish

“I don’t regard women as somebody in the plural sense. (There are so many types and hair colors,) I’m Old Fashion; I regard women as singular ~ one by one. Some of them have done me right; but then, some of them have done me wrong.”
Robert Mitchum in The Fire Down Below

“Men are always trying to turn a woman’s head. If they become frustrated; they ask: ‘What are you waiting for ?’ I’ll tell you what I’m waiting for; I’m waiting for a man to touch me with kindness.” Rita Hayworth in The Fire Down Below

“Mardi-Gras is a wild and crazy costume party. It’s roots go all the way back to Louey the Fourteenth. Mardi-Gras is a pick-me-up party for the bored; however, some people are just not in the mood for it.” G. Julian Walker

Cosmic Riddles for Egg-Heads
How many Astro-Physics does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is It Cannot Be Done ! They all speak a different language.
When Albert Einstein was in the spotlight; people would always ask complicated questions. One day, a farmer appeared before him and asked a simple question. “Which Ice Cream contains all other flavors ?” Einstein was taken aback, but smiled pleasantly and replied: “Why, Tutti-Frutti, All-A-Rutti !” Extrapolated from I.Q.

“At the University, professors are always squeezing your brain; I say make some room for the heart.” Walter Mathau

“One day at Princeton University, a rumor began that Einstein was to arrive and a crowd gathered to see. Finally, Einstein did arrive, but it was on the back of a motorcycle and he looked at the crowd and screamed Wa-Who !” I.Q.

“In Maui, they have these natural slides, made from ancient volcanic flows of dried-up-Obsidian. You can go climbing up and you can go sliding down them; into what they call The One Hundred Sacred Pools. The water there is so aerated that it feels like a million kisses on your skin or like an enormous tongue licking your entire body.”
Meg Ryan in I.Q

“To talk of peace (with different peoples) is easy; to live peace is hard, very hard.”
Cochees, Chief of the Chirakawa-Apaches in Broken Arrow

“For people in love, it is good to walk up and down (if it is meant to be, thoughts of your beloved will appear.” Cochees, Chief of the Chirakawa-Apaches in Broken Arrow

“Living comfortably in the city is good for storing ugly secrets, but marching through the desert in search of water and you’ll spill your guts out. When you’re looking Death in the face; you’ll cry out your confession.” Extrapolated from They Came to Cordura

“Be careful that you don’t assert yourself in the wrong way, for that’s how
misunderstandings occur.” Don’t Knock the Rock

Song of the Hopefuls
I’m gonna be famous one day, just you wait and see. You’ve just got to have Confidence and Patience. I know that I deserve it, but hardly anyone now knows it. But everyone will know it some day; it’s just gotta happen ! My Sister Eileen

What Shall We Do with 70,000#S
You had me burn the Rocking Horse that divined the winners of Race Horses and somehow that psychic power killed your son ! He died to give you this money. Although you call it ‘blood-money’ I can’t get myself to burn it ! I’ve been poor all my life and I recognize the power of money. You can buy a house in almost any place in England, but maybe You can suggest what we can do with all this money !?
The Twilight Zone

“If you want something out of this life; you’ve got to put something into it; something like heart.” On Dangerous Ground

“Not all cops are good, some of them are just gangsters with badges.”
On Dangerous Ground
“When you’re a cop; you don’t trust anyone, but common sense tells you not to take your work home with you. Aye, there’s the rub, if you don’t trust anyone at home also; that’s the path to madness.” Extrapolated from On Dangerous Ground

“If you want to keep you peace of mind; don’t ask a man about his politics or his religion.” Yellow Sky

“A desert is an unlucky place and you’ll need all the luck you can get and all the courage you can muster to survive. A horse is a useful animal in the desert; if you want to in-crease your odds of getting out of the desert, you’d better give him some of your water.”
Yellow Sky

(What does a devoted sweetheart or wife say to her soldier boy marching off to war ?)
“These are the things women have always told their soldier boys: Tell him he’s a hero. Tell him he’s a good man. Yes and that you’ll be waiting for him till he comes back and of course; he’ll be making history.” Richard Burton in Bitter Victory

Chinese Fortune Cookie #213
Confucius say: Troubled husband find solace in his best companion:
A Sympathetic Wife

“What you say is interesting but Hey ! How about getting back to your necking with some enthusiasm ! Maureen O’Hara in The Wings of Eagles

What Shall We Do with this Heavenly Love ?
I knew not that you loved me, nor did I know that you loved me. But now my heart has revealed it to me. You came to me in the Etheric and I escaped with you into a Rose Dream; there must be a spell on us ! But what shall we do with this heavenly happiness?
Shall we let it be seen or should it be kept a secret ?
Together we will make our life a great adventure; an adventure like no other. Our Love will be a legend and we will live long in the memory of the world, for you are a princess and I a prince. But what shall we do with this extraordinary Feeling: Shall we let it be seen or should it be kept a secret ?
I, the Prince say we should do whatever is forbidden of Royalty: We will go together to the Royal Buffet and afterward, we shall smoke a pipe in secret and get high together. Then, we shall go together for Deserts at the Royal Table of Pastries. We shall stuff ourselves and laugh ! But what shall we do with all this Heavenly Joy ? Shall we let it be seen or should it be kept a secret ? I, the Princess say that life is full of such love; so we shall not do what is forbidden, for that is not dignified. We shall marry and have plenty of children and each one shall be called the greatest of all French Pastries: 1. Apple Savarain 2. Apricot Cobbler 3.Strawberry Shortcake 4. Alaskan Rum Cake
5. King’s Cream Puff 6. Walnut Delight 7. Pineapple Charlotte 8. Plum Sou-flee and the Piece d’ Resistance: #9. Love Cake !
Extrapolated from Donkey Skin ( A French Fairy Tale by Jacques Demy)

Tributes to Doris Day
“She was a tomboy; she was a cut-up ! She wore blue-jeans and had hay in her hair; but she was romantic. She was a little wild and resisted the marriage side of domesticity and many men identified with her as Calamity Jane.” Molly Haskell
“She exuded sex, but she made you smile and laugh about it.” James Garner

Spoken of John Wayne
He closed the eyes of many a hombre in his early cowboy movies and opened the eyes of many a lonesome maid. Angel and the Badman

“Circumstantial evidence has convicted and hanged many a man in the Old West; when justice was hit or miss.” John Wayne

Commentary on John Wayne
John Wayne starred in many a one-reel movie in the 1930s. John had a unique role in these movies. Instead of assuming the role of Sheriff or Hero; he appeared as a bad hombre spy and laid clever traps for them at the same time. Reassuring the innocent with anonymous notes he was a cowboy secret agent, before secret agent movies were popular. In the rare movie Randy Rides Alone he rides a big white horse and wears an outfit of black with a black hat. The traps he sets are lessons in real life. Julian Walker

“Some days are unlucky by day, but hold that thought; because you’ll probably be unlucky by night too.” William Frawley in Kill the Umpire ~ A Comedy

“There’s no place in Baseball for a dishonest player. Since it’s an All-American Game; it makes us all look bad.” William Bendix in Kill the Umpire

Baseball ~ The American Way
Controversy has occurred because of many a close call by an umpire in Baseball. I think it’s high time some new rules be instituted. It’s not fair to give so much authority to one man. Thus, there should be An Appeal to umpire calls. This could be called by a manager of either team. Then, a second opinion should be ventured by a panel of um-pires, after discussion and video review. This should be the final call. G. Julian Walker

The Legend and the Facts about Johnny Appleseed
In the movie Raintree County, which was a movie a lot like Gone With the Wind, there was a legend that Johnny Appleseed planted a rare and exotic Chinese Tree in
Raintree County. There are other legends that speak of Johnny Appleseed planting many different trees. He was a preacher and any holy man knows that you cannot limit God to One Son or One Type of Fruit Tree. Legends tend to exaggerate things, but the facts speak for themselves; Nature has fruit trees of many types, among them are pear, persimmon, and even Avocado. Johnny Appleseed had a diet like Jesus ~ vegetarian and he taught farmers and Indians how to live without killing animals. That is logical.
G. Julian Walker

“Students are always falling in love with their teachers; it’s an occupational hazard.” Montgomery Cliff in Rain-tree County

Quotations from The House on Telegraph Hill
“San Franciscans are very serious about what they like to eat.” Richard Basehart
“There are two behavioral patterns in modern life that causes friction when they collide; one is working hard and keeping to a strict schedule and the other is living a life of relaxed leisure.” William Lundigan
“When murder is in question; your conscience is the witness (and by extension the Lord of Death !)” Valentina Cortesa
“Do you think it’s easy to kill someone ? It takes time, cunning, patience and courage; and oh yea, a strong stomach !” Richard Basehart

“The best laid plans of mice and men can sometimes go astray.” Robert Burns

“There’s harm in killing seals with a club; there’s danger to your Soul. Kill a thousand seals and there be a thousand reasons, you should go to hell.” The Seventh Stream

Introduction to Richard III ~ a movie based on William Shakespeare
The story of England, like the story of any other land, is an interwoven pattern of fact and fiction. The history of the world is like letters without poetry, without flowers and without perfume, or even thoughts without imagination. It is because of these dry matters that legends are started, although many critics scorn the idea. However, many people see them as worth preserving, because they are so familiar and are possible explanations of what we see today. But the truth is that history has many mysteries.

Wise-Man from the East meets Wise-Guy from the West
A wise man from the East gave his wisdom to the assembly of wise men and said “The love of a man for a woman will wither, fade and grow old ~~
but the love of a brother for a brother will last till the sands of the desert grow cold ~~”
and then he turned to the Wise guy from the West for a commentary, but he replied
“I have nothing to say about that, all is quiet on the Western Front of WWI.”

Old World Credit 216
My mother taught me a magic trick ! You drink as many malts as you like and when they want you to pay; you just say Charge It ! Wow! Who taught you that trick ? Oh, my Mom does it to my Dad all the time. Leave it to Beaver ~ 1957

“Look ! This is modern education; teachers are not allowed to hit their students; only the coach is allowed to do that !” Wally Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver

“Every boy has to find out what he really wants to do in life and when he does; it really makes life sparkle.” Barbara Billingsly in Leave it to Beaver

“When you’re very young, you see girls being nice to you and usually they’ve got an angle. After 10 years more, the roles are reversed and it’s the men who have got an angle.” Extrapolated from Leave it to Beaver

“When you’re small, maybe you can’t beat the school bully; but you can win in the long run by never being like that yourself.” Hugh Beaumont in Leave it to Beaver

“One of the joys of having a brother is talking your heart out in the dark while laying half asleep in bed.” Jerry Mathers as the Beaver in Leave it to Beaver ~ 1958

“I know who I am; I’m not a big boy, I’m just a little squirt.” Jerry Mathers as the Beaver in Leave it To Beaver ~ 1957
Send Flowers to her Home, not to where she works
Romance is a career in itself. It requires too much time and energy for a business executive. A woman in love is a pathetic spectacle; she is either so miserable, she wants to die or so happy she’s ready to die. For some women, men are a house-hold necessity. I’m not at all domestic; I’d rather have a pet canary than a husband. Ruth Chatterton
You don’t believe in marriage and I guess you think I’m slow. Well, is it Old- Fashioned to be honest and decent ? George Brent in Female

“People die because they give up on life; this could be their confession: I’m as weary of this world as this world is weary of me.” Free Soul

The Movie with Two Endings
Alright ! You’ve seen Paramount’s ending for this movie of Casanova having his head chopped off and my ending of me killing all the bad guys and stealing away with the prettiest gal ! Now we will vote to see which is better in this movie theater: All those who want the first ending raise up your candy bar ! Now, all those who want my ending raise up your popcorn ! (What the hell, don’t they serve popcorn in this theater ?)
Bob Hope in Casanova’s Big Night
The Little Joke I have with Myself
“ I’m gonna lay it right down on the line to you now, boy !”(picking up a club) Pat- O’Brien “Take it easy, Father !” Mickey Rooney (ha-ha) “You’re blaming your failures on the wrong thing. Size has nothing to do with it ! Don’t sell yourself short. I know what the other guys are calling you: They say shorty, midget and shrimp. Little fellows make history too. What about Steinglitz in Chess and Napoleon in war or Louis Armstrong in music. I believe you can get over this fixation you have on size and find out by meditation what’s eating you down deep inside, then you can be a champion ! How do you like those apples?” Pat O’Brien “Yea, I’m loving this !” Mickey Rooney
The Fireball !

The Plea of the Peace-Maker
Why die for a piece of land when there so much of it ? Men say they have their reasons; but men always can find a reason to murder each other. I know you’re thinking that you’re doing right, but there’s no right in killing. Must everyone here die before the slaughter stops. Someone kills your brother and you kill his brother; why can’t it stop there. Well, it can’t, killing starts as a brush fire and ends up a forest fire that nobody can stop. I like to know what good it has done; it only brings on more killing; must everyone here die to prove how brave they are. Why don’t you stop and consider how to make peace, instead of trying to establish the biggest cemetery in the country. Why don’t you think about how much courage it takes to live in peace and try to live for a change. The Violent Men

Rig the Ship for Silent Running
There’s always an uncalculated risk in war, a hunch and an unknown factor; and while you’re thinking about it, keep quiet. Clark Gable in Run Silent, Run Deep

Wartime Nightmares heard in a Coma
What is it, Skipper, I can’t make it out ? (Is it mores code ?) No, it’s another sub, monitoring us : Dive ! Dive ! ~~ Run Deep ! Burt Lancaster in Run Silent, Run Deep

When the Red~Red~Robin Goes Bob~Bob~Bob-in’
“The proof of a good place is the Robin. The Robin comes in spring and sings with joy at places that are blessed. Places that are cursed only see Ravens.” Extrapolated from Jimmy Stewart in The FBI Story
Criminal Categories in the FBI
There’s a lot of variety in crime of the 1920s. There’s burglary, armed robbery, forgery, larceny, perjury and kidnapping. They will steal your watch, your wife, your house, your flashlight and your good reputation. You name it; they will steal it, in broad daylight or late at night. Now, take murder. There’s genocide, matricide, patricide, suicide and treason. There’s murder by gun, knife, poison and strangulation. We seek to
combat these things, because they are demoniac and a disturbance in society at large. You might say; we have a love for Righteousness. The FBI Story

“I was trained as a priest and I can tell you from experience; in convents they never tell you the way things really are. A holy man has to sacrifice a little, otherwise he is no use to his family, his religion or himself. In Italy, priests do-not kiss women on the lips, but only on the cheek. This means she is a respectable woman.” Two Women

“There’s an old saying in Italy; when you go to town among hungry men, keep your blouse buttoned and your dress down.” Sophia Loren in Two Women

Men cannot look at me in my eyes; they always look first at my big bosom, that’s because most men have a mind like a sewer.” Sophia Loren in Two Women

The Old Man’s Wisdom
When I was young; I was always dropping foes-pas and acting with lust in my heart. Now that my passions have cooled in old age; I act like a respectable gentleman.”
G. Julian Walker

“There’s always a time in the history of love affairs, when a person can draw back into his shell, like a turtle and avoid ~ what seems like the unavoidable.” Island in the Sun

Investigator’s Watchwords
Never have any preconceptions; keep an open mind. Be patient and make relaxed inquiries, then a bit of meditation. The best investigators are slow and methodical, but prayer is their secret weapon. What they are praying for is clues !
Island in the Sun

“I only know what I see and know; I don’t want to know about careless gossip !
Joanne Fontaine in Island in the Sun

Island in the Sun ~~ Song Lyrics written by and sung by Henry Belafonte
This is my island in the sun ~ where my people have toiled since time begun
I have sailed on many a sea ~ but her shores will always be home to me
Oh Island in the Sun ~ willed to me by my Father’s Hand
All my days I will sing its praise ~ of your harsh waters and shining sand ~~
When morning breaks with the heavens on high ~ I lift my heavy load to the sky
The sun comes down with a burning glow and mingles my sweat with the earth below
Oh Island in the Sun ~ willed to me by my Father’s Hand
All my days I will sing its praise ~ of your harsh waters and shining sand ~~
I see women on bended knee, cutting cane for their family
I see men at the water side ~ casting nets at the surging tide
Oh Island in the Sun ~ willed to me by my Father’s Hand
All my days I will sing its praise ~ of your harsh waters and shining sand ~~
There will never come a time, when I will ever miss ~ those gay colored skirts
As they turn and twist while dancing and singing or whispering with soft guitars
And Lo ~~ I hear a maiden’s voice drifting up to a thousand stars ~~ 1957

“I’m not responsible for what people think; I’m only responsible for what I am !”
Gregory Peck in The Big Country

“I can’t accept half-baked theories, formulated only to sell newspapers.”
Vincent Price in The Last Man on Earth ~ 1964

“The Lord’s Bounty is not for sale (you get what you need) – but the Devil’s Bounty is always for sale & if you can afford it (you get what you want).” Ride the High Country

“I have a strange problem; because of the way I look and the way I talk, many women think they see a sign that reads: Male Stud !” Marlon Brando in The Fugitive Kind

“Musicians like Leadbelly and Blind Boone are not only remembered fondly by the people who heard them, but their names are written in the stars with the angels.”
Marlon Brando in The Fugitive Kind
What it Takes to be a Performer
You see, if you want to be a poet or a musician, you’ve got to be an exhibitionist ! You have to be seen, heard and felt; you’ve got to be noticed ! That’s why they say that I’m always making a crazy spectacle of myself. I want people to know that I’m alive ! I used to be a church reformer and that’s like a benign exhibitionist, but that just wasn’t enough for me. Now, I’m just a lewd vagrant. Yes, that’s me, a lewd vagrant with a great big heart. Joanne Woodward in The Fugitive Kind ~ 1960

“Blondes always have more fun, because they can always find some sucker to pay for it”
Walter Mathau in The Fortune Cookie

The Jigsaw Puzzle Effect
Sometimes lovers drift apart and come back together again; because they realize that they belong together again. Just like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that were lost and are finally found; now put them back together again. Extrapolated from The Fortune Cookie

Quotations from The Fortune Cookie
Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau were a comedy team that was famous in the Sixties. Walter Mauthau played a wise cracking sports announcer, a slob and Jack Lemmon was the fall guy who was neat and clean in their TV Series: The Odd Couple; and it all started with the hilarious comedy movie called The Fortune Cookie. 1964
Jack Lemmon: What happened, where am I ? Walter Mathau: You’re in a hospital, you were tackled by Boom-Boom Jackson at a football game. Now, how many fingers do you see in front of you? Jack Lemmon: I see only one-cheap, chiseling, shyster lawyer in front of me !
Nurse: Doctor what did you find inside that boy who swallowed all the change? Doctor: I found 3 buttons, a thumb-tack and 27 cents in change; I confess, I took the change ! (Silly people keep asking me are you sure, doctor ? What do you think I am; a barber, just because I wear a white outfit ?).
Lawyer Wisdom: Every time you try to catch a mouse in court they build a better mousetrap. That’s right, the mice are smarter than you thought; they have changed their hustle, now you see before you a mouse with muscle!
What do lawyers do to each other in court? They start out with a do-nut and then they twist it and twist it, until it turns into a pretzel, then they salt it before they give it to you.
From one lawyer to another I tell you that your certificate of practice is a forgery. It cannot be respected, because you did not pass the bar exam. That’s right! Joe the bartender testified that you did not slide that whiskey down the bar to the judge at the other end. Lawyers are sometimes like blood-hounds who are barking up the wrong tree.
The New Demand for Fairies: Tinkerbell is back by popular demand. I hope you don’t mind her being on a Re-run.

“I like little dogs, because sometimes I can feel something lonely and small that is resonating with something inside of me.” Spenser Tracy in Fury

“A soldier has two sides. The side you see is a courageous, disciplined and dedicated person. The side you don’t see is one who is watchful in war, lonely and fearful and that’s what keeps him alive.” Extrapolated from Fort Courageous

“The dream of every prisoner is that God will reach a giant hand down and pick you up; then drop you off far away in a small town full of women and booze.” 100 Rifles

“The last words of Back to the Future II and the beginning words of Back to the Future III were exactly the same: Great Scott !!” G. Julian Walker

“I’m pregnant and I have a new ass ! It’s kind of like my old ass, but not as hot.”
Jennifer Lopez in Back-up Plan
Mr. Sandman ~ a favorite song of the 50s
Mr. Sand-man, send me a dream ~ make her complexion like peaches and cream
Give her two lips like roses and clover and tell her that her lonely nights are over. Sand-man I’m so alone, don’t have nobody to call my own; so please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Sandman give me a dream ~~

Ragtime Romance (It’s Delightful to be Married)~~ by G. Julian Walker
Spooning was not fully explained in the Ragtime Songs of the 20th Century, but included hugging and kissing in the interim. It remains an intermission pastime; what else you may ask ? Why, pleasing association; the comradery of loving friends (mate candidates) enjoying pastime they both enjoy, whether it be Swinging (pushing her on a swing and stealing a kiss on the cheek) or Swinging Down the Lane (holding hands and skipping together while swinging hands). There are many other pastimes together, like singing with accompaniment (usually on the piano). Then there’s wining, dining, dancing and twirling or hugging and squeezing in the moonlight, but could include gentle rubbing or healing massage, relieving pent up stress (erotic massage is reserved for marriage). Spooning means romantic endeavors, like Canoodle-oodling or caressing while the canoe is coasting. This careening should not be misunderstood; it is caressing without messing (bodily fluids). Any sex before marriage was irreligious (illicit sex) and is the behavior which separates Ladies & Gentlemen from Pirates and Roques. A girl has got to have some secrets (that is part of the magnetism of mysterious behavior). A clever man should keep secrets too (Blowing Breeze don’t tell the trees, because the trees don’t need to know). There is mystery in the glance with a smile and a wink or a raised eyebrow or a head swivel (bouncing from side to side). “Oh, Oh,” Sings the Ragtime Song. “Coax me, Come on and Coax me !” But don’t force me, tease me, please me, need me, but don’t greed me. Here is the conversation you didn’t hear: “You’ve been a bad boy today, but I’m going to let you off easy. Lighten up ‘til next time because what you want is not a flash-in-the-pan-snack, but regular-substantial-meals.”

“Rum in the morning, sailors take warning ~ Rum in the Evening, sailor’s delight.”
Anne Heywood in The Fox
Talking Chicken
Did you know that talking to chickens increases productivity ? Yes, if you smile and talk to the chicken; they will be laying eggs all over the place ! And, if they really like you; they will deliver those eggs ! How would you like them ? Raw, Scrambled or Poached ! Sandy Dennis in The Fox

The Tavern Maid’s Bawdy Ballad ~~ from The Fox
She was a maiden young and respectable. He was a rake and proud of his skin. He kissed her breast and found it delectable; softly she whispered, please do what you will

Roll it over, Roll it over, even tho’ you never did it before ~ Roll it over, Roll it over, and you’ll never be a maiden any more ~~
He had his way with her and she didn’t mind. He had his way with her, ’till he was ready to drop. She had her way with him and then, he had a surprise, although he pleaded, she wouldn’t stop ~ Roll it over, Roll it over, even tho’ you never did it before ~
Roll it over, Roll it over and you’ll never, ever be a maiden anymore ! Anne Heywood

The Powerful Elvis Prayer
O Lord, please accept my fervent and sincere prayer. I ask that through Your Great Power, you will endow me with the strength to endure all the various Elvis
Impersonators. I Beseech Thee, that I may enjoy continual Elvis Movie Re-runs and that my Old Elvis Records should never skip; and help me to always remember the King of Rock n’ Roll and all his magnificence ~~Amen

“There were many movies in the 50s showing big stars(our models) smoking cigarettes and drinking mixed drinks with hard liquor. This idea continued into the 60s, however Kirk Douglas gave guidelines for drinking in the movie Strangers When We meet (1960)
He said “I don’t drink this early in the day.” The idea is that if you don’t have guidelines and some discipline for drinking hard liquor; it’s easy to descend into alcoholism. It starts out as a malady and ends up a disease of the cursed.” G. Julian Walker

“Bullshit never flies and The Absolute Truth never dies.” Captain Beyond

Guidelines for Successful Marriages ~ from Strangers When We Meet
What husbands don’t know is that wives need to be told she’s attractive and lovely. She also needs to be hugged and kissed regularly. It’s easy to take a loyal wife for granted. A wife also needs to feel loved, sexy and fashionable. If you don’t believe these guidelines, you run the risk of divorce or extra-marital affairs. Kim Novak

“I wanna laugh; I really do !” Kim Novak in Strangers When We Meet

“The strangest thing about a soldier in war is that you’re never sure who’s killing who when everyone starts shooting at once.” Kirk Douglas in Strangers When We Meet

The Holy Monkey Routine
See no evil ~ Hear no evil ~ Speak no evil

The Ultimate Insult
I tried to shoot myself, but I missed! Fractured Flickers (jokes spoken into silent movies)

“You may give the poor food or you may give shelter; but you should never give your sacred tunic. It is the uniform of a monk or a holy man. If you give it away; you make holiness, vows and austerities cheap and this is an insult to God.” St. Francis

“Don’t break the branches to obtain fruit or flowers; a true holy man gives no pain to any living creature (unless it is attacking your body -The Manu Samhita) Spoken by Saint Francis in the Italian Movie The Flowers of St. Francis

“The Devil comes in many disguises.” (Sometimes he tells you he’s God.)
City of the Dead
Memorable Historical Events ~ 1917
The United States declared war on Germany on April 6. The first American troops landed in France in June and the first American was killed on September the 4th. Rosa & Carmella Ponselle were doing a “sister act” in vaudeville and the Prohibition Amendment was submitted to Congress in December. Two famous Americans died in this year: Admiral Dewey and Buffalo Bill. The horse that won the Kentucky Derby in this year was Omar Khayyam. Events of this year inspired George M. Cohan to write his famous Marching Song: Over There ~ another million dollar seller.

“It takes more than intellect to be an organist; you have to put your Soul into it.”
Carnival of Souls
All of us Imagine Things
Our imagination plays tricks on us. We often misinterpret what we see and hear. Take it a step forward and you have the wild imagination of a high fever or a traumatic event. The Psychiatrist speaks in Carnival of Souls

Beyond Our Capabilities
The conventional idea of an after-life is a fairy tale, and is only good for those who are afraid of the dark. Stephen Hawking (Those who don’t believe in ghosts will be amazed to find that they are one & God’s Representative is one too !) Yajnapati Dasa

Two Pigs in a Poke
The Twist represents America on the move ! Yes, all butts are gyrating, up & down and all around. Rock n’ Rollers, beatniks and hipsters are all twisting. Don’t Knock the Twist
(other dances in this movie include: Mashed Potatoes, The Continental & The Fly

I’m Afraid just the Opposite is True
The artist painted a canvas of a Royal Countess. It was a masterpiece. She looked like a queen with the highest blood. But when people sought her out, they found her to be
a leper of the lowest type. Dungeon of Harrow ~ 1962 Horror-B-Movie

There Must be some Excitement
In my youth I remember attending a party up in the hills. I remember talking to people I didn’t know. Before me were intoxicated people and there was an exchange of conversation; a testing of ideas and a comparison of personalities. Then, I remember staring out the window at the colored lights in the Bay. It was Christmas and miles below me were reds & greens. How Interesting I muttered. G. Julian Walker

Good Luck & Bad Luck
Let’s get philosophical here for a moment: I admit that I’m a gambler, well- Love is a gamble too. Come closer for my confession: You know what, I’m gonna level with you; I was so excited about gambling in casinos that I turned a hot $300 into a cool 10 cents. Oh well, you can’t win them all; if you can, it’s called cheating. That’s life and that’s love; you gotta take the good with the bad. Jumbo, the movie

Quotations from Jumbo (starring Doris Day & Jimmy Durante & Martha Raye)
Ladies and Gentlemen: the Wonder Circus takes pleasure and pride in presenting to you the mightiest monster in the whole world; stolen from the Raja of Rangood, 800 pounds of pachederm. The one, the only Jumbo ~ (Jimmy Durante)
“When other girls were playing with dolls; I was shootin’ the craps with 4 the hard way”
Doris Day ~~ “Ye Olde American Male has a touch of larceny in him, only that and nothing more.” Doris Day

“Life is full of ‘if-onlys’ and ‘what-ifs.’ After all, isn’t life a multiple choice question; make the wrong choice and pay the price, in emotional strain.” Extract from Darling

The Sexy Cakewalk (a conversation between the executive & his secretary)
Welcome to the Company-party, everyone is celebrating next door. ( Robert the Exec.)
This conference room is enormous and so is this super long table ! I give you now a champagne toast to business ! (Sexy Secretary) So, let’s talk business now, how much money will you give if I paraded down this table in my underwear, doing a sexy cakewalk ? G. Julian Walker
“If you’re a good girl, then you certainly need a good guy ~ to keep you good.”
Martha Raye in Jumbo

“Would you see that I’m buried with my full clown outfit on and be sure I have a big smile for everyone at my wake !” Jimmy Durante in Jumbo

“Psychopaths always get their come-uppance; because they don’t know when to stop.”
Tuesday Weld in Pretty Poison

The Why and Wherefore of Immigration
If they didn’t have immigration laws, America could not keep the Riff-Raff from overwhelming them. In fact, the reason there are immigration laws is because they have too much Riff-Raff already. It all started with the Statue of Liberty, with the message “Give me your poor and huddled masses who are yearning to be free!” Well, the huddled masses came in droves, bred like rabbits, spread like wild-fire and died like flies. Beyond the Fringe, English TV Comedy Program – 1960s

“Life is like a tin of sardines that can only be opened with a key. There are many frustrated people out there, crawling on the floor and who can’t find that key.” Johnathan Miller-Beyond the Fringe

“One who is intelligent should know that, what is my business and what is God’s business does not have to be the same. If you think you can punish my immortal soul, you’re mistaken priest; it’s none of your business.” World Without End

Are We All Going to Die ?
(Smiling) Of Course, we’re all going to die; the unknown part is when and where. The bottom line is no-one here lives forever. World Without Endangered

Slobs and Snobs
I was born on the wrong side of the railroad tracks and we were called slobs; of course, the people on the right side of the tracks were called snobs. Paul Newman in The Sweet Bird of Youth

“Fortunately, the American desert remains open to all, most of it is still public domain. No passports needed, no examination to undergo, no special equipment required, no experience necessary. A journey into the wilderness is the freest, cheapest, most non- privileged of pleasures. . . Open space was the fundamental heritage of America; the freedom of the wilderness may well be the central purpose of our national adventure.”
Edward Abbey, Beyond the Wall, 1984

Ragtime Era in Burns, Oregon ~ In June, 1903, the first “horseless-carriage” drove through the town. It was a 20 horsepower Winton, piloted by its owner, Dr. Horatio Jackson, on his historic quest to cross America. It was the first successful trans-continental road trip. The co-driver-mechanic was Sewell Crocker and a bulldog mascot named Bud (who, like the men, wore driving goggles). The trio travelled eastward at the blistering pace of twenty miles per hour. Roadside spectators were so impressed that they christened the contraption “the Go-Like-Hell-Machine.”
Oregon’s Dry Side ~ A book by Alan D. St. John
Animal Spirit Messages
If you see the coyote when traveling down the road; it is a sign of trouble, for he is the trickster. So, if your eyes are playing tricks on you, pull over and sleep. No, wait ! Right here is the Big Chief Motel ! Bonus !! They have cable TV& Dream Keeper I.
When traveling in the desert; you must be aware of your environment, be prepared with gas, oil and most importantly water; water for drinking and water for your vehicle.
Come to my lodge for dinner, coyote boy; my wife is a wonderful cook. (Why would you invite a scoundrel like me to visit with your wife?) I have nothing to worry about; my wife is fat and ugly ! The Chief’s Wisdom: Dreams are teachers of paths to follow ~Dream Keeper II

“Try to learn something about everything ~ and everything about something.”
T. H. Huxley
Santa Claus Look Alikes
Do I look like Santa Claus? (Damn ! You do look like Santa Claus !)
Deep Water Horizon

“When you’re dealing with women, you’ve got to be calm, cool and gentle. You can’t go around hitting them in the mouth; what’s the matter with you ?” Andy Griffith

In the Andy Griffith Show, Andy Griffith plays a small town sheriff in the South, who has a rural lingo and a common sense kind of smarts: “Courtship is a strange game, whereby you warm up to your partner and then give her some time to warm up to you- right back. Remember, don’t pick your peaches until they fuzz up good !” Editor
“According to you Andy, there are only 2 kinds of folks in little towns like this: regular folks and blabber-mouths !” Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee

Barnyard Metaphors
On special occasions, it gets more busy in this little cow town, than a swinging cow’s tail in the fly season ! Andy Griffith
Take it Easy Tiger: “I couldn’t talk, my mouth was open. I was so shocked that I swallowed my gum.” Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show

Introduction to Merrill’s Marauders ~ A True Story
January, 1943, the high-water mark of NAZI Conquest. Hitler’s armies hammered at the gateway to the Near East, as their Japanese Allies poured across Asia. They were an irresistible flood of men and weapons, trying to link-up with the German Armies to the West, crushing the world in between them. Sweeping into Burma, the Japanese captured two important air bases, Wallaboom and Mitchina. Our forces, pitifully weak, retreated along elephant trails, scattered into jungles, across rivers and mountain passes.
The Allies took sanctuary in India. General Stillwell, gave the last word on our situation in Burma: “I claim that we took a hell of a beating in Burma and it’s humiliating as hell. I think we ought to find out what caused our defeat, go back and retake that country.” Inspired by this revelation, President Roosevelt met with Prime Minister Churchill to consolidate our forces and magnify our strengths (as the Germans & Japanese had met to conquer the world). To India, they sent many soldiers for a special mission, to retake Burma. Soon, there arrived Irishmen, Scotchmen, Englishmen, New Zealanders and Australians. America sent their most experienced jungle fighters: 3,000 troops were selected for this hazardous and dangerous undertaking. Organized as the 5,300 Provisional Composite Unit and placed under the command of General Stillwell, they were ready for the boldest commando raid of WWII.
On January 4th, 1944, under Brigadier General Merrill, this army launched a landing in Burma, 2oo miles behind enemy lines. Their mission, to lead a surprise attack on Wallaboom & Michina. To do this, they had to hike into swamps, jungles, cross rivers and climb mountains, under the hazards of malaria, typhus and limited food and water. After 3 months of hiking through the cruelest jungle on earth, they spear-headed a raid on Wallaboom and soon after took Mitchina, at a terrible cost. Casualties were heavy. After Mitchina, Merrill’s Marauders were disbanded. There were only 100 soldiers left. This celebrated victory inspired the Allies to other victories. 1962

Thanks Awfully, Old Chap
Among the many secrets that the English military had to hide in WWII was the problem of morale. The morale problem in London during the Battle of Britain was crucial.”
Battle of Britain

“Only thunderbolts can be preferred over canons.” Napoleon

Common Sense Over-ruled
What is Past is over and does not have to be remembered, that is common sense. And yet, despite it being unsettling; the Past comes back like a ghost to haunt the Present. How can that be ? Yea, the mysteries of the mind defy what is common sense.
Extrapolated from The Night Porter, 1973

“A man finds the time for what he needs in business and in love.” Captains & the Kings

My Favorite Fortune Cookies: “You are creative and have a keen mind.” April ~ 2018
You are a scholar and a connoisseur of different kinds of rare beauty. May ~ 2018

“There are different types of women; some are so sensual that enjoying them is like tasting gourmet dishes at a banquet feast. Then there are women, who are just like

having a quick sandwich. Excuse me but, would you pass the condiments. Yes, I can do that, but only if you can cut the mustard !” G. Julian Walker

Do You Know Much About Sex ?
I know what goes where and why ! But if you want to really get nasty; try gardening with Nasturtiums ~~ Silver Streak

“When Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark worked their way down the Snake and Columbia drainages in 1805, their route traced Oregon’s future northeastern boundaries. These famed expedition leaders and their men became the first whites to explore the interior sections of these rivers, east of the Cascade Range. . They were struggling then to cross the snowbound Bitterroot Mountains and descend westward into the lower, warmer canyons of the Snake. If not for friendly Shoshone and Nez Perce Indians, who fed them and acted as their guides through the mountainous maze, they surely would have perished.” (Just as the Native Americans had saved the first Europeans in the East). Oregon’s Dry Side by Alan D. St. John ~ a book ~ 2007

The Beer is not Salty Enough !
Yes, I was fired at the pub, for peeing in the beer vat ! Extrapolated from Frenzy

Despair, an exceptional movie
Despair is a movie based on a classic novel of Vladmir Nabokov. It is starring Andrea Ferreol, who is a sensual German Fraulein ~ mostly seen nude. It deals with one of the most important mysteries of history: The Rise of Hitler in Germany. It was set in Berlin around 1929. Also Freud is presented to Berliners. Many people did not agree with Freud. Many Berliners said that Dr. Freud is some kind of fanatic; the only thing he cares about is sex, violence and shocking love for your mother, as well as the disgusting motives of people. He has nothing good to say about anybody. Freud’s reply “I have long observed these things.” The Pagans say that life is full of mysteries; the further back you go, the bigger the theory and the bigger the leap of faith.
When National Socialism started in Germany, they were called the brown shirts and represented the common sense of a farmer or a loyal worker. Unfortunately, it was sabotaged by an evil force; they wore black shirts and represented death. The two shirts were combined. Thus, a movement based on democracy combined with socialism was promised, but was hijacked by Fascists. Many people in Germany were uneasy about abandoning democracy; just as Americans were disappointed with democracy in 1930s.

“Good Evening ! It is a rare man who’s Past does not return to haunt him. My Past is about to catch up with me on this very show. If you are interested in watching; you’ll be treated to a macabre succession of murders, mysteries and crimes of passion. I freely

admit my guilt and I am pleased to share my guilt with you; in this program which follows immediately..” Alfred Hitchcock

The Wife’s Complaint
You’re not my husband; you’re a fink ! You’re always pulling out when I need you the most. The Family Plot ~ An Alfred Hitchcock Thriller

“The parson knows many family secrets and some murders too.” Detective: “When will you reveal these things to the proper authorities ?” “At the proper time.” “Jesus Christ !” Parson: “Of Course, when Jesus returns is the proper time.” The Family Plot

“Many people misunderstand lawyers; we are not all the same. Some lawyers won’t talk to you unless you give them 1 thousand dollars; but there’s another type of lawyer who is free to talk to and you could make a thousand dollars.” The Family Plot

Quotations from Fun with Dick & Jane~ 1976
“NO, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if you kissed me in a public place, but I would be embarrassed if you kissed me in a private place.” Jane Fonda in Fun with Dick & Jane
“Modeling is nothing but organized walking.” Fun with Dick & Jane
Bible Jokes
Bible: Man cannot live by bread alone.
“He must have peanut butter!” Brother Dave Garner
Bible: The meek shall inherit the Earth.
“Indeed, they shall inherit mountains of dirt!” George Segal
(Are you the great I-Am ?) I don’t want you to say Amen; I want you to say I-Am (What are you ?) This is a hold-up and I am a thief. George Segal
Reverend: The Cross is a Plus Sign; the more you give to me, the more you will receive. O.K. Reverend, I am robbing you; thanks for your generous support, now it’s time to go ~ because Wahoo, How the Time Flies (Song Lyrics) Wise men say all things go too fast and they just don’t last. Then they grow up and soon they get their chance; let’s face it, there’s a new way of behaving with brand new rules to break: Wahoo, How the Time Flies. Can you remember when getting’ up was easy ~ no sweat ~ and we could exist on wax and gum ~ Completely ! Things we used to think were crazy, now they seem so very sane. Wahoo, How the Time Flies. We were once ahead of the game. Wahoo, How the Time Flies. Love hit us right between the eyes; it wasn’t fun, we had no chance. But sometimes you’ve got to kick right back and laugh, because it goes so fast. Sunday morning, baby and we’re going to get a piece of the cake. Wahoo, How the Time flies. We were once ahead of the game, but now Wahoo, How the Time Flies.

“Even though 2 people are in the same room; doesn’t mean they’re from the same planet”
Margaret Sullivan
“You certainly know how to put someone on his own planet.” Jimmy Stewart The Shop around the Corner
An Old World Wallet
The new world wallet is made of artificial materials and is full of plastic credit cards
or some laminated documents. An old world wallet is made of genuine leather and when you open it; you immediately see photos of your family, your wife or girl-friend.
G. Julian Walker

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“When success goes to a dancer’s feet; he’s a success; when it goes to his head, he’s top-heavy.” Fred Astaire in Broadway Melody of 1940

“If you’re in an angry mood or singing the Blues and swearing off women; there’s one thing that will get you out of that mood, not all women are the same.” Fred Astaire in
Broadway Melody of 1940
The Psychology of Proposing
In the first stage of proposing maybe means possibly yes. In the second place of proposing maybe means no. When you’re on third base; no doesn’t mean yes, but then
Congratulations: You’re on home base and she cries and finally says Yes, but it may turn back to maybe later; so you’d better hang out with her until you can figure this thing out. That’s most definitively a maybe. G. Julian Walker

“I’m a little freaky and I know people who are sneaky. There’s old folks who are creaky, but it’s the straight folks that are creepy.” Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter

“A wise man told me that ‘revenge doesn’t work’. Since I’m a warrior, not a wise man, my reply was ‘sure it does.’” Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter

“Do you believe in Heaven and Hell ?” “Yes, of course ~ I’ve experienced both of them right here on Earth !” Extrapolated from Chinese Roulette

“Don’t mind those circling buzzards; if a buzzard took a bite of you, he would give up meat for the rest of his life!” John Wayne in Cahill, U.S. Marshall

“Don’t be afraid of your emotions; emotions is what makes us human.”
Richard Witmark in Coma

“Each of us have our own private heaven to ascend to and our own private hell to
descend to.” Paul Newman in Sweet Bird of Youth
Oregon is home to the world’s largest mushroom. It is called a Honey Mushroom and it grows mostly underground. It is estimated to be 2,400 years old and measures 3.5 miles across.

Geography Lesson from 1908
Not only had both the North Pole and the South Pole eluded Man, but vast swatches of Eastern Europe, including much of the Balkans were unexplored by outsiders. So, too, was northern Siberia, the central Asian desert, the East Indies, central Australia, three-fourths of Canada, and huge sections of the Amazonian rain forest. Even parts of the eastern United States remained practically unknown to Europeans. Jim Rasenberger

“It’s 1910, and imitation Birds feathers is fashionable on women’s hats. The most popular song of the year is The Bird on Nelly’s Hat (The bird would speak to suitors only
It said ‘you don’t know Nelly like I do’). In the movie Heaven Can Wait, the leading lady
Gene Tierney enters a mansion with 2 giant white pigeon feathers on her hat. “Are you some kind of pigeon?” Asked her Suitor. “Yes,” she replied, “I’m a mother pigeon.”

Yes, I’m 60 Now
Start your day off with a laugh; Happy Birthday ! I’m not foolin’ myself; I’m not young any more. When a man reaches 60, the blood doesn’t flow like a jumping, splashing wild mountain stream. Go, lower down and find that quiet, mountain brook.
Heaven Can Wait
I’m a Dead Pigeon
I’m a friendly ghost and I’m happy with my funeral. There was lots of crying going on, so I know everyone had a good time. Don Ameche in Heaven Can Wait

Victorian Etiquette
The schooled axioms of Victorian Etiquette was nicknamed the “no-lady” rules.
#1. No lady ever sits with her legs crossed. #2. No lady ever lets her back touch the back of the chair. #3. No lady ever goes out without a clean linen handkerchief in her purse. #4. No lady ever leaves the house until the last button of her gloves is fastened and most importantly: #5. No lady lets her bare feet touch the bare floor ! Etc.
From the best-selling book Flapper by Joshua Zeitz

Club Cabaret, Harlem ~ 1928 : In the entertainment here is a girl named Rita, who is one of the most vigorous animals that have ever been turned loose in pubic. She dis-plays no inhibitions and like the tattooed lady, is worth going miles to see. Lois Long

“You can’t expect your friends to be perfect, but you can expect them to be honest.”
Christopher Timothy in All Creatures Great and Small ~ A BBC Television Serial

“Between 1921 and 1924, America’s gross national product skyrocketed with aggregate wages rising steadily. The United States, which entered World War I a debtor nation; emerged as Europe’s largest creditor. Much of the increase in national wealth was due to fantastic jumps in manufacturing and productivity, as a result of widespread electrifi-cation and modernization in plants and factories. If the nation was rich, shouldn’t everyone have shared equally in the bounty? Not necessarily, the Bookings Institute discovered that in 1929, roughly 42% of American families lived at the minimum subsistence for a family of 5. Altogether, the income of the top 1% of families equaled the aggregate income of the bottom 42%. The United States in the 1920s might have seemed wealthy, but it’s riches were distributed unevenly. Yet, even if there were inequities in wealth and income; many ordinary Americans still shared in the general prosperity. By the mid 1920s, almost two-thirds of American households had electricity, a dramatic increase from the previous decade. The country was eating better too. Before the perfection of commercial refrigeration and packaging; the long winters used to choke off supplies of vegetables and fruits and nearly everybody would be sick, be-cause of a lack of green stuff to eat. Now, the availability of spinach, lettuce, oranges and carrots, translated into balanced meals, year round. By the end of the 1920s, more than twelve million American households had a radio and the Age of Mass Communi-cation dawned on America.” From the best-selling book: Flapper by Joshua Zeitz

“All our ideas of the justice and goodness of God revolt at the impious cruelty of the Bible. It is not God, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes. The Old Testament is so full of contradictions and wickedness that it could not be the word of God; you dishonor God by ascribing it to Him.” Thomas Paine

People are Searching the Sky !
America’s relationship with the sky, changed in the Spring of 1908. In the Past, America had been a nation of people who looked mainly downward to locate the futures; down at the soil, from which farmers hoped their crops would grow; down into creek beds, for gold nuggets that might catch their eye and increase their worth; down into mine shafts for coal and iron ore that would feed their industries. The Earth, itself was considered the greatest source of sustenance and hope. But now, at the start of the Twentieth Century, came a shift in perspective; a sensational rumor started that turned into a roar: The Wright Brothers had a flying machine and man could fly like a bird ! All of a sudden, the Future beckoned from above and people flung their heads back to catch it. From the best-selling novel 1908 by Jim Rasenberger

“Good honest work always receives its just rewards.” Old German Adage

“Everybody has their own idea of self-defense; just like different countries.”
Sands of the Kalahari
Old German Lullaby
A prop-er man, a gen-tle-man; a man of splendid poses. He cooks the soup, he rocks the child and smells of orange and roses. Buddenbrooks ~ a novel by Thomas Mann
A prop-er moth-er, a gen-tle moth-er; a woman of splendid poses. She cooks the soup, she rocks the child and smells of orange and roses. Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

“If you can’t go on vacation with a friend, then the next best thing is to bring back a souvenir from that paradise. If it be the ocean, bring back some driftwood, if it be the forest bring back a staff, if it be a creek, bring back a rock.” Extrapolated from
The Hired Hand
One of the Highest Teachings of Christ
And Jesus said: The wise who would lead you say: Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven (for it is a higher birth). (If you would go to heaven) Then the birds of Heaven will precede you (there will be a sign). If they say it’s in the seed (it means you’ll have to take another birth here on earth.) Then the fish will precede you. But the Kingdom of God is within you and without you. (God and His Planet are within you and God’s creation on earth is before you). And a disciple asked Jesus: Tell us how our end shall come? And Jesus said: If you have not discovered the beginning; how can you know the end ? For, if there is a beginning, then there will be an end. (But it is unknown) And Jesus continued: Blessed is he who stands at the beginning and knows the end (of this body only) but not taste death (for there is no death for the Soul). And a disciple asked: When will the end come? And Jesus said: It will not come by expectation; they will not say it’s here or it is there, and even upon the Earth, the Kingdom of the Father is spread out before you (but nobody who is not spiritually trained can see it).

“Fashion does not exist until it goes out into the streets. The fashion that remains in the salon has no more significance than a fashion ball.” Coco Chanel

“The notion that the chief end in life is a steadily growing savings account and that one must eliminate all pleasure from the vigorous years in order to prepare for family needs in old age is old fashion. We are living now in a New Age. It is an era of mass pro-duction and consumption. Psychologically, life is meant to live and enjoy as you go along. If self-denial is necessary; I’ll practice it more when I’m old and not try to do it all now, for who knows when you’ll die, I may never grow old.” Henry Ford ~1920s

Escape With Me
Go to a motion picture and let yourself go; before you know it, you’re living the story, laughing, loving, hating, struggling and winning. All the adventure you’ve been longing for, all the romance you feel you need, all the excitement you lack in your daily life are waiting for you at the motion picture show ! The Saturday Evening Post ~ 1926

The “It” Girl Reveals All ~ 1927
When asked how she became famous, Clara Bow ~ the “It” girl admitted to seducing Gary Cooper and frequently boasted to her friends -in the most indelicate language- of his physical attributes and sexual prowess ! Here is her famous Brooklyn Brogue :
“Well, Santa ~ If you know your onions like ya supposed-ta, you’d know that the first look I give is for the lovesick dames in the audience and the second look is for the lovesick guys, ya know, passionate stuff for boys and their Poppas. The third look, is an innocent look for the puritanical old ladies. Nobody is quiet sure about all this, so they have to come again when my next picture shows up.” from the book Flapper

Love in the Afternoon starring Gary Cooper, Audry Hepburn & Maurice Chevalier
This is the city: Paris, France. It is just like any other big city: London, New York, Tokyo. Except for two little things: One: in Paris, people eat better and Two: in Paris people make love ! Well, maybe not better, but certainly more often. They do it anytime and any place; on the left bank (of the Seine), on the right bank and in between! They do it by day and they do it by night. The butcher, the baker and the friendly undertaker. They do it in motion and they do it absolutely still; poodles do it, tourists do it and generals do it (kissing on the cheek only). Even Existentialists do it, although it shocks ’em I know. There’s young love and old love; married love and illicit love, that’s where I come in. I am what you would call the private eye. Maurice Chevalier~1957
Playboy’s Motto: He who lives to run away; lives to love another day (originally from The Merry Widow) “Once you have a winning combination with women; why mess around with it ?!” Gary Cooper

“Beware of jealousy; it will make you a monster !” Shirley McClain in Turning Point

The Enchanted City
Muslims have their Mecca, Communists have their Moscow and Movie Fans have their Hollywood ! Hollywood is a land of the future; a paradise of sunshine, orange groves, wine vineyards and palm trees. Charlie Chaplin

“When slaves love each other; it is really not love, but simply sympathetic vibrations that long for freedom.” Extrapolated from The Maids

The Three Flapper Prima Donnas: Clara Bow, Collen Moore & Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks ‘the girl in the black helmet’ showed little compunction about telling it like it was. When asked what she liked to do, she replied “I like to drink and fuck !” In a rare candid moment, Brooks estimated privately that the men she had been to bed with from a modest 17 to age 60 was somewhere around 430 (including an affair with Charlie Chaplin). From the best-selling book Flapper

An Old Western Saying
Why don’t you just let it go to the moon (don’t worry about it; someone will take care of it for you, you can go about your business). The Hired Hand

The History of Clothes Making
In 1791, the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, prepared a report on American Manufacturers. The result was that two-thirds of all American clothes was hand- made; the rest were hand crafted by dressmakers and tailors, who worked mainly for wealthy patrons. With technological advances, this fact changed. The sewing machine, first patented in 1846 was extremely popular and thereafter, ready to wear clothes was being sold for working class people, sailors, miners, lumbermen, railroad crewmen and soldiers. In 1850, Ellen Curtis Demorest, invented the paper dress pattern. Demorest made a small fortune with her line of simile, but elegant paper blueprints; which made clothes making with a sewing machine very easy.

The History of Women’s Fashion
In the Victorian Era, women were forced to wear multiple undergarments and artificial cages. Paul Poiret, a French designer was against this idea and wanted to change it. Capitalizing on his reputation in France for simple elegant designs, he set out to revolutionize women’s fashion in America. His line was called Clothing for the New Woman. His style featured high waistlines, a long-straight silhouette, V-shaped neck-lines and in place of those lackluster dark shades that dominated Victorian Era fashion; he introduced a bold palette of red, gold and yellow. Starting in 1906, his designs consciously rejected the S-curve, which was why women wore those torture devices called corsets. Corsets made the bust push out, the waist suck in and the derriere jam back; the same idea that dominated fashion in the 1890s. He observed that it made women look like they were hauling a trailer behind her. “I waged war on the corset !” added Poiret. Eventually, his revolution would triumph over the S-Curve. He said he did this in the name of Liberty and women’s rights (This was about the time that the Statue of Liberty was donated to America by the French). In 1908, there were big parades of women demanding the right to vote and to be treated with equal opportunity. Poiret sympathized with this movement and women loved him for it. In his words “I freed the bust and made the brassiere popular.” For Poiret, fashion was a mystic force that demanded constant change and innovation. Poiret also invented the Mannekin for fashion experiments. In the 1920s, Poiret was trumped by a new innovator: Coco Chanel, who had become rich selling French perfume (#5). Coco’s fashion was at first high-end dresses, chemises and accessories. Coco stated that the New Woman needed new designs for sport, work with men and leisure. Coco made a small fortune selling original models that blurred the line between masculine & feminine. She featured blue blazes and turtle neck sweaters of the variety that English sailors wore, as well as loose fitting concoctions with knit and flannel materials. She proved especially deft at jersey.
Jersey, a heavy material that was avoided by most dressmakers. Finally, Coco invented the Flapper Look. Her explanation goes like this: “One day I put on a man’s sweater because it was cold. I tied a handkerchief at the waist and was immediatetly accosted by rich, fashion conscious women at the beaches and polo grounds for more of them.” Thus, the Coco Chanel Frock was born. In the early 1920s, she had three thousand workers in her factory and was well poised to dominate feminine fashion for the coming decade. In 1923, Chanel introduced the “Garconne Look” or the “Young boy look.” This was hailed in England and America as the Flapper Look. It featured tubular dresses with dropped or invisible waistlines, high hemlines that crawled up toward the knees, tank-tops, straight-vertical lines and intricate decorative beading & fashionable buttons & holes that had no function. She topped it off with bell-shaped cloche hats (which look
like colorful shower caps today). She introduced new fabrics, like tweed and design elements. This became known as the Flapper Uniform. If Paul Poiret had unloosed women’s fashion from the tight grip of the corset; Chanel drove the revolution forward in leaps and bounds; eliminating altogether the frills and excesses of women’s couture in favor of styles that offered comfort, maneuverability and practical uses. In place of the three dimensional ruffles, edges and leg of mutton sleeves, she used complicated bead work and colored swirls that evoked some of the trends in modern art, then very much in favor in Paris. Out with the pagoda hips and tapered hems and in with the slender, elegant outline of the natural body; thus Chanel achieved a continuity between the torso and chest like never before in history. In 1925, the Washington Post commented on women’s fashion: “The hemline moveth slowly up and abideth nowhere.” This trend scandalized defenders of the old order, who were particularly alarmed by the sight of bare legs. Thus, modesty became an option and women could wear pastel stockings that quickly became a feature of the garconne look. A fashion critic for The New York Times gave us a poem about the Flapper look. “Mary had a little skirt, the latest style ~ no doubt. But every time she got inside, she was more than halfway out.” Yes, thanks to Coco Chanel; short skirts were in, dropped waistlines and straight silhouettes were here to stay, but that was just part of the changing scene of women’s fashion in different eras. Poiret was correct about that. From the best-selling documentary Flapper

That’s Not My Concern !
We, Renoirs, refuse to paint the world black; we believe a painting should be something cheerful and pleasant. Renoir

“The test for impressionistic art is not the line but the color.” Renoir
Purport: To understand Impressionism, you must squint and obscure your vision, until the feeling of color is more important than the line. G. Julian Walker

“Don’t force Fate’s hand !” Renoir ~ Purport: Some things in life are possible but also dangerous; but then again, you don’t have to choose them. G. Julian Walker
“There are tests for almost everything in life; the test of a great artist is the aftermath and meditation. Strangely, you yearn for that fruit in a still life, like never before. When you see a nude painting; you yearn for that girl, like never before. That is great art.”
G. Julian Walker

“One must go to the source of his inspiration; that’s why I go out into Nature.”
Renoir, a movie with the French point of view with English subtitles
Purport: As a Personalist and not an Impersonalist; I go into Nature and talk to the Gods & Goddesses, for they control the spirit energies, just as you the person controls the part of you that is felt on the radio, in a book or by rumor. Being empowered servants of The Lord you owe them proper respect, especially out in Nature, which is their alter. There is a special energy in Nature, where Man has never been. If you are honest and sincere; you can feel a Divine Revelation then and there ! Here is God ~ Wild & Free. G. Julian Walker

“All women, whether whore or queen, deserve respect.” Renoir
Purport: Beyond what appears before you in women; they are sacred vessels of child-birth and have the unique talent for investing Mankind and his ego ~ Into the Future.

“You really can’t explain a painting; you have to feel it.” Renoir

“All my life I’ve tried to paint like a child; of course, not an ordinary child.” Renoir

“You can start out as a model for some eccentric artist and maybe end up as a maid in the kitchen. But when you’ve got a model with a screw loose; she can end up as an old maid on the street.” Extrapolated from Renoir

“A beautiful woman can do more damage than she can conceivably know; simply because of her won vanity.” Terence Stamp in Far From the Maddening Crowd

“As you explore the possibilitys of Nature; Nature will always find a way to make you feel small, smaller and smallest.” Extrapolated from Point Break

Sheriff: Is not that woman (Lauren Bacall) a pretty brave woman? “Yea, gutsy as hell!
Paul Newman in Harper

In the movies Paul Newman appears to be cold hearted, but what is he like off the set ? “Aw, Hell ! Big dogs are always likin’ my hand.” Paul Newman in Harper

“Sometimes things don’t unravel like you planned and it’s disappointing.” Paul Newman in Harper
The Happiness Market
Often crashes without warning when Death comes; then and there all your foolish dreams for a dream vacation to paradise on a pleasure cruise is cancelled. Then, you ~~ in your ghost body laments; why couldn’t I have had my chance at La-La-Land as a rich hero? Alas, my ships never came in and I’ll have to sing this Blues Song: I’m Waiting for Ships That Never Come In. After you sing that song, you have the right to go to the ticket office and ask the Lord for a refund ticket in the next life. G. Julian Walker

“It’s the 1890s Bock Beer was sold by the bucket and a gentleman’s favorite hobby was combing and twirling his pet mustache.” Strawberry Blonde

“Something can go beyond coincidence and become poetic justice.” James Cagney in
Strawberry Blonde

How James Cagney Learned how to Fight
I’ll show you how an Irish Lad can fight. I am Mr. Grimes and You (James Cagney) are my son. I’ve licked you every which way. I might have a beer belly and a delicate constitution; but I can still lick you with one hand tied behind my back and hopping on one foot while whistling Annie Laurie. Strawberry Blonde

Irish Souffle
“Not only was my Father an O’Grady; but me Mother was an O’Flannigan !”
(which means either double trouble or double indemnity) Sweet Rosie O’Grady ~ 1941

“It’s music that soothes my loneliness and gradually, the Blues go away.”
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

“We have to enjoy the activities with your children and join them on their journey.”
Ronald McDonald

“School doesn’t last forever; it just seems that way.” Broadway Rhythm ~ 1944

“Take pleasure before business; if you want to live longer.” Gene Barry in
Those Redheads from Seattle

The Secret message of the Old 49ers of California
The way to find gold is to explore creeks. Bring your pan and collect grains in a little bag (glittering grains in your pocket will keep your spirits high and pay for expenses). Then, start exploring creeks again. Whenever you find a place where Man has never been; you will find something valuable in plain sight. But if you want to find gold-nuggets; start turning over old rocks, that’s where they hang out. G. Julian Walker
“I don’t mean to be bossy; I guess it’s the mother in me. Mothers are always trying to run their children’s lives.” Rock Around the Clock

“The Platters were one of the bands in the 50s that became popular in the Rock n’ Roll Movement; presented in the Rock n’ Roll history movie: Rock Around the Clock. The Platters inspired other musicians by their revolutionary ideas. For one, the lead singer sang poetic lyrics and for another, the title and certain words were accented by nonsense syllables in Barbershop Quartet style. This became known as Sha-na-na or Doo-Wop!”
G. Julian Walker
Wisdom of the Ages
America grows older, yet stays focused on its young. Whatever hill we try to climb, we’re “over” it by fifty, and should that hill involve entertainment or athletics, we’re finished long before. But if younger is better, it doesn’t appear that younger is best: We want teachers, doctors, generals, and presidents to have reached a certain age. In context after context, we’re more than a little conflicted about elders of the tribe; when is right to honor them, and when to say “step aside”? Nicholas Delbanco in The Art of Old Age

The School for Public Performance
When performing poetry or a dramatic reading; one must plan the most advantageous place to be; usually at center stage. You should stand up straight with your arms at your side and make a short bow to the audience with your head. Then raise your head and voice clearly and confidently, with total disregard for nervousness. Buddenbrooks

Bible Truths in Hippie Christianity
Those that sleep in church also go to Christian Heaven. Thessalonians 4.13
If you are persecuted in one city go to another. Jesus speaks in Mathew 10.22&23*
James, brother of Jesus & president of the Desposni contradicts Paul: What use is it brethren, if a man says he has faith but no works ? Can faith alone save him? Even so, faith ~ standing by itself without works is dead. James 2.15 -17
Early Christian Behavior ~ The Christian communities were connected with each other. If a comrade came in from some other place, the community got him work and found him a place to stay. If he was travelling; they gave him travelling expenses to push on. If a comrade fell sick, the community took care of him. If he died, they buried him at their expense and looked after his widow and children. If he got in jail, as was often the case; it was once more, the community that gave him comfort and help. *Suzanne Olson gives this verse as the reason Jesus left Israel after his crucifixion.
Karl Kautsky in Foundations for Christianity

Sales Clerk: I’m sorry Madame but I can see right through that dress !
Jean Harlow: Yea, that’s why I’m buying it ! Red Headed Woman

Forbidden Hollywood
In the early 1930s, before Hollywood began enforcing a self-imposed Production Code; many films allowed for extraordinary frankness, including nudity, adultery and prostitution. Some of these movies featured sirens who were brazenly sexy. They also were a vehicle for daring young actresses who put on display, behavior that was racy, riveting and shocking.

You Dirty Little Home-Wreaker
Jean Harlow: I made up my mind a long time ago that I’m not gonna spend my life living on the wrong side of the tracks; I’m gonna snag me a rich man and I don’t care if he’s married. Una Markel: Yea, be sure you don’t get hit by a train while you’re crossing the tracks ! Red Headed Woman

Illusory Metaphors
To stay alive and to stay awake are not always the same thing. The literary work imagined is not always the work achieved. Youth may be wasted on the young, but age may just as often be wasted on the elderly. Every engagement does not always result in marriage and not ever marriage lasts. Some things continue, some don’t.
Nicholas Delbanco in The Art of Old Age

The Death Scene
Last scene of all ~~ by William Shakespeare
That ends this strange eventful history
It’s a second childhood and then mere oblivion
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything ~~ As You Like It, II, vii

A Facial Picture of My Love
Your face is a landscape ~ as seen from the air
Your forehead is like a long Plain ~~ A Tropical Sanannah
Your two eyes are like high mountain lakes ~~ Greenish Brown
Your nose is like a little mountain ~~ with swanlike curves
Your mouth is like a volcano ~~ with a ring of rosy lips
When you smile, I see your teeth ~~ and when you speak mundane drivel,
They appear to be hopping frogs ~~ Croak, Croak
But when you speak of The Lord ~~ they appear to be pearls
And then you smile and ~~ Voila ! We can all smile ~ Ah ~ Perfection
Extrapolated from the French Movie Mississippi Mermaid, 1969

“A hungry mind is not in itself a guarantee of a good education.” Michael Caine
It requires a commitment of time and energy. The energy required is exercising the brain. A healthy mind, likle a healthy body– requires the same things. (Educating Rita)
Old Age & Loss of Memory
The mother of the Muses, we are taught
Is Memory; she has left me; they remain
And shake my shoulder, urging me to sing
About the summer days, my loves of old
Alas ! Alas ! Is all I can reply. Walter Savage Landor ~~Memory~~

Quotations from Other Men’s Women
Playing fair is what love means; you tell the truth to all parties involved. Regis Tomey
The best way to handle disagreements in marriage is to play with it in mock fights in words only. You’re not supposed to be on trial or get too serious, because we’re just having some fun. Regis Tomey
No ! I can’t settle down (why) because I can’t seem to get all my women together in one place. ! Regis Tomey
Scene at the Cafe: Hey Baby (waitress) give me a big slice of you on toast, with a side of French Kisses ! (Waitress) I can’t do that, because I’m strictly APO or aint puttin’ out ! Joann Blondel
The Party Fever: You’ve been partying for 2 days now; why don’t you try to get some regular sleep (that’s if you want to keep your sanity). James Cagney
Are You Game ? I remember with nostalgia the good old times, when we used to be neckin’ and then you’d get plastered. Then you’d be drunk, sentimental and sad, all at once. I remember when you got crazy and wanted to go get married. I got that Love Fever and couldn’t look at another guy for weeks. Joann Blondel

“There are star-struck lovers all over the world, both men and women who are giving great importance to the phrase I Love You ! But what they really mean is I desire you.”
Ina Balin in The Commancheros

“If you want to play Lumberjack; you have to learn to handle your side of the log.”
Clint Eastwood in The Enforcer

The Shame of the City
Mayor ! We, the Christian citizens of this town wish to thank you for closing down that place of ill repute. The Commancheros
Mayor: You’re right, it was a civic disgrace – a work of the Devil. (whispering to his partner: after I’m elected; the non-Christian men are paying me to reopen it)

“Reality doesn’t have to be real; it can just be a different point of view.” Apache Rifles

“What is in your head is a flaming mystery.” Morgan, a British Film of 1966

Prologue to the British Film Morgan
The Lola is the biggest and most powerful of Primates. This gorilla lives in the dense forests of tropical Africa, in very inaccesible places. Adult males have an armspan of 8 feet and can weigh over 600 lb. The gorilla is something of a mystery, but we do know that they roam around with their family in the day; but retire at night, to a nest made of branches and leaves in the trees. They probably sleep there because of the predatory leopard who attacks at night. Despite their large canine teeth, gorillas are strict vegetar-ians and are very fussy about what they eat. They are very fond of fresh fruit and tender, ripe berries, as well as soft young shoots of tropical plants; eating daintily while holding the meal in their right hand. The gorilla has no natural enemies and are an enemy to no-one. Young gorillas stay with their mothers for several years, remaining safe from the night leopard. An angry adult gorilla is a formidable sight; surprised by an intruder, he will tear down great branches of trees and roar in anger; beware when he beats his chest.

Memory in Old Age
The mother of the Muses, we are taught
Is Memory: but she has left me, yet somehow remains
I have to shake my shoulders, when she urges me to sing
About the summer days and loves of old, and
Alas ! Alas ! Is all I can reply. Walter Savage Landor

“Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily.” Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

Coney Island designated as Scenic Landmark
Coney Island’s boardwalk is a timeless treasure ~ Mitchell J. Silver
It was first discovered in 1609 by Henry Hudson in his ship The Half Moon. In 1860, small hotels had a booming business, but in 1880, a fire destroyed it. It soon became a popular place to walk and a wooden walkway was installed. It became a boardwalk with rides and booths in 1910. The Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone Rollercoaster were popular for summer fun from 1922 to 1941, when it was used by the Navy for the war effort. It has always been a part of the glorious history in The Ragtime Era. It’s 95th birthday party was celebrated on May 15th.

“We are all crazy about something to one degree or another.” Bunny Lake is Missing

“People who are very rich and influencial make their own laws.” Vivien Leigh in
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

“None are so ols as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” Henry David Thoreau

“The mind rules the body with the sceptor of reason.” The Bostonians
Her Spirit Still Does Walk
Georgia O’Keefe, arguably the most famous female painter of the American Twentieth Century, retired to the high desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This remote place was called Rancho de los Burros or the Ranch for Jackasses. She commented on those ancient cliffs thus: “As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it. I can’t understand people who want something badly but don’t grab it; I grabbed it !” “Living out there has just meant happiness,” she declared, at eighty-four. “Sometimes I think I’m half mad with love for this place.” Further, “When I think of death, I only regret that I will not be able to see this beautiful country anymore… unless the Indians are right and my spirit will walk here after I’m gone.” ~ The Art of Old Age by Nicholas Delbanco ~ a book

Hippie Christianity’s Bombshell
There are two ideas of God in the Bible represented by two different sets of laws, which contradict each other. Jehovah in the Old Testament is represented by Joshua for the Laws of Moses and El Shaddai is represented by Theophilus in The New Testament. The theme is the premise that the forgiveness of sin through law is the exclusive right of the True God. First we have Joshua, representing Jehovah: “Then Joshua said to the people ‘You will not be able to serve the Lord, for he is a holy god. He is a jealous god and he will not forgive your transgressions or your sin.’” Joshua 24.19. Representing
El Shaddai and Jesus is Theophilus in The New Testament: “Therefore, let it be known to you Brethren, that through Him forgiveness of sin is proclaimed and through him everyone who believes is freed from all things, from which you could not be freed through the Law of Moses.” Acts 13.38 & 39

“It is an established behavior in getting a divorce in England, that you must prove with a witness a general degeneracy in character.” Handful of Dust

Love Making Questions
The first kiss is a question: Is it possible ? The second kiss is also a question: Could it possibly happen again ? The third kiss is finally asking: Is this love or merely lust ? Bad Timing

“Excuse me, I’m just an old man dreaming out loud !” Charles Winninger in
Broadway Rhythm
Which Sex is Superior
I am a doctor. From a doctor’s point of view: Men and Women are all the same. Some are better, some are healthier, many are bad in comparison; neither of them are up to the highest standard; they all fall short. The Bostonians

“Those who want to smoke but are afraid due to cancer are cowards.” Julie Walters in
Educating Rita
“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Emerson”

“High schools are getting too mundane. Ever since they banned prayer in schools; there’s nothing uplifting, nothing spiritual and consequently, nothing worthwhile.”
Dream a Little Dream
I Gotta Wear Shades
I study nuclear science ~ I love my classes ~ I got-ta crazy teacher ~
He wears dark glasses ! Things are goin’ great and they’re only gettin’ better ~
I’m doin’ al-right ~ getting’ good grades ~ teacher’s so bright ~ I gotta wear shades ~
I got-ta job waitin’ ~ after graduation ~ 50 thou a year ~ will buy a lot of beer ~
Things are goin’ great and they’re only getting’ better ~ I’m doin’ al-right ~
Gettin’ good grades ~ My future’s so bright ~ I gotta wear shades; I gotta wear shades ~
Song Lyrics from Dream a little Dream ~ 1989

“I no longer need your services; if I need you again, I’ll know which slimy rock to look under.” Blood Simple

Friends in Low Places
You get a lot of ass-holes in a bar like this one. The bar tender sees men pickin’ up gals who come for that reason. He sees low-down transactions that are probably not legal. A sign above the bar reads: No credit and no discount for alcoholics.
Extrapolated from Blood Simple
A Message from The Ministry of Education
In the 20th Century we are seeing a dramatic increase in terrorist bombings. It’s a display of Bad-Sportsmanship. It is a ruthless minority of people who seem to forgotten certain old-fashioned virtues. They just can’t stand to see somebody else win. If these people would just play the game peacefully; they might just win sometimes and would get a lot more out of life (and much more in the next life). Brazil

“My dear friend, if God had made you as frivilous a person as I, you would find yourself waking up screaming at the hollowness of your existence. Unless, you felt that you are contributing in some small way to the most important thing for the artist: His Art !”
The Studs and the Stallions
Some men are like a wild horses, looking for someone to sow their wild oats by partying all night. Other men, who are serious Christians, find contentment by being true to their wives and thus they sleep peacefully at night. They crave respect and will not live in sin. Lost Empires

“The Booby-Hatch is full of people who believe everything is hunky-dori.”
The High and the Mighty
“I don’t write operas; I write music dramas.” Richard Wagner in Wagner, the movie

“There must be a transformation in music from small ensembles to large orchestras. There must also be a transformation in theatres too, from a large room built for squeaking mice to a majestic hall for giants.” Richard Burton as Richard Wagner

“Germany must one day have it’s place in the sun !” Richard Wagner

“I never inhale cigarettes; what do you think of that ?” James Cagney in
Strawberry Blonde

“There’s peace and contentment in knowing what is civilized behavior and staying within it’s parameters.” G. Julian Walker

I’m Having Your Baby !
That doesn’t have to be a problem; as long as your play fair with me and I play fair with you. Fatal Attraction

Paris ~ 1939
It appears that Europe will again enter a great war ! Is it possible that Europeans have forgotten the tremendous loss of life in World War One and all it’s horror.
Extrapolated from Arch of Triumph

What Language is He Using ?
Oh, she’s got a yen for him (How much is he worth ?)
No, no -pop – I mean he sends her (Where will he send her ?)
Oh Pop, that’s Bop ! (Cool it Dad-di-o) Flower Drum Song

Quotations from Flower Drum Song
I’m a Chinese American and as your president Lincoln has said: ‘You can fool half of the people, only half of the time !”
Money is like your wife; strangers should not put their hands on it.
There is Something About This Place ~ Song Lyrics
(a sensitive and cultured Chinese Girl falls in love with America)
I am going to like it here; there is something about this place
It may-be an encouraging atmosphere or the smile of a friendly face
There is something about this place ~ So care-ssing and warm it is
Like the smile of a friendly face ~ Like a boat in a stormy sea ~ So caressing and warm
Oh, the people are so sincere and like a boat in a stormy sea; I’m going to like it here ~~
(Senior Sheriff: I must give my-self up; I have entered America illegally ~ across the Rio Grande and yet my love is a wet back too; both of our backs are wet: Let’s Swim !
An Introduction to Betty Boop Cartoons
A hot cornet can go ~ Wah-wah-wah, but a hot cornet can’t Boop-Boop-Be-Doo
Like Betty Boop can do. A Saxaphone can’t go Bonk-Bonk-Bonk playing all night through; but a saxaphone can’t Boop-Boop-Be-Doo like Betty Boop can do ! This little Miss would never miss, a chance for vocal tuning and anytime and anywhere, you can hear this Lady crooning. An auto horn can go Honk-Honk-Honk (Do-Dah-Di-Dah) But an auto horn can’t Opp Boob Be Doo like Betty Boop can do ~~ Made of pen & ink ~ she can win you with a wink (Yoo-Hoo !) Ain’t she cute Opp-Boop-Be-Doo!Sweet Betty
Betty Boop appeared in the early Thirities and portrayed a cute flapper from the Twenties, with her pet dog Pudgy. Many of her cartoons feature her singing snappy little jingles in the style of the 20s. Her feminine charm and her fame lives on to this day.
Be Human ~ Be Human ~ Animals can cry ~ Be Human ~ It’s easy if you try. Don’t go around with a heart of stone or you’ll be sorry and all alone. Be Human ~ Have a tender word for every animal and bird. If we would all be Human; this world would be in Rhyme ~~ So Be Human all the time. Song Lyrics as sung by Betty Boop Everybody Ought to have a Pet ~ Everybody ought to have a pet ~ a little dog~ Bow-Wow; a little cat~ Me-ow! When you’re feelin’ terribly upset ~ you can bet, you need a pet. If you’re bored beyond control, take a look at the goldfish in the bowl. A canary bird will cheer your soul ~ with a Tweet~ Tweet~ Tweet and a Boop-Boop-Be-Doo. So, if you haven’t got a pet yet : Get a dog ~ Bow-Wow ! Get a cat ~ Me-ow ! Get a fish ~ glub-glub ! Get a bird ~ Tweet ~ Tweet ~ and then you’re set; because, everybody ought to have a pet !
I’ve Got a Toad in my Nose ! ~ Now I’m feelin’ awfully bad ~ Ka-Choo !
And what a time I’ve had ~ Just because I didn’t button up my o-ver-coat (in a storm). Now, all I do is this A-Choo ! Pass that box of hankerchiefs. What a funny feeling I’ve got in my eyes and in my throat (and in between I just moan and wheeze) then I hiss and sneeze A-Choo ! I’ve got a toad in my nose ~ Yes, I’ve got a toad in my nose. Now in his auto I did go ~ He said yes, but I said no ’cause I’ve got a toad in my nose. I went to see the doctor and I asked him what to do Oh Lordy, help the doctor ~ for this is what he said: I think I’ve got it too ! Oh, I’ve got a toad in my nose and opp-pi-doop-pi-dopey-do~~ Ah-Ah-Ah- Choo !
Keep a little song handy ~ Wherever you go ~ Keep a little song handy, wherever you go and then nothing can ever go wrong ! Opp-Boop-Be-Doo! Keep a little song handy, as soon as you know (it) Sunshine and Birds will follow you along. Any little jingle, you can sing will set the birds to mingle, so Keep a little song handy, wherever you go and nothing will ever go wrong. Opp-Boop-Be-Doo !
Go Out and Make Friends with the World ~ you gotta have some recreation-so put your-self in circulation, go out and make friends with the world. If you will only learn to
mingle-your heart with joy will tingle. Don’t be too proud to do things with the rest, join the crowd, get your troubles off your chest. You don’t have a permit to be a sad & lonely hermit ~ So go out & make friends with the world. Opp-Boop-Be-Doo !
“The ties between Mother and Son are spun on the Wheel of Fortune.”
The Ballad of Narayama ~ a Japanese Classic of 1958 ~ a Kabuki Movie !
“An old man looks back on his entire life and it all seems like a dream.” Narayama ~~

Old World lingo for Gay
All of those men are Sodomites; treat them wiith indifference and stay well clear of them ! (Hatred here is beneficial, for it represents a revulsion for the demoniac in sexual behavior. The Divine in sex is represented by marriage and male courtship of women; that is natural. The courtship ritual for the Sodomites is the same behavior except it’s directed toward you; men courting other men is unnatural and it perverts friendship.)
Extrapolated from Brideshead Revisited
Questions of Art
“The modern idea of art is that artists are giving themselves airs; a modern camera(late 1920s) is much better than any artist ! Now artist what do you say?”
“As a serious artist I deny that I am putting on airs. A camera is a mechanical device which captures a specific moment in time. However it doesn’t explain what that moment means or the emotions that are evolving inside of us; love for instance. A painting is an expression of interpretative feeling it gives subtle touches on what life is evolving into. It is a record of a time and place in history. It is not just a copy; for it has the human touch ! ~~Applause ~~ Brideshead Revisited

“Every family has it’s heirarchy; some members are under scrutiny, some are in the spotlight with applause and some are merely shadows.”Brideshead Revisited

Musical Meditations from the ’20s
The music of the Twenties seems sassy; instruments seem to be talking to each other !
This is a trait of Jazz. Although it ultimately has a tonic, as in The Ragtime Era; there is a fusion with Jazz. Dixieland Jazz is the perfect blend. Besides an overemphasis on rhythm, which is another characteristic of Jazz; there are frequent cymble clashes ~ almost like a flash ! The feeling you get from this is discomforting and exciting. It is a tease and plays on our need for adventure~ now Shall We Dance ! G. Julian Walker

The Original Signpost of Philadelphia
Welcome to Philadelphia and Let Love Abide With You ~~ 1776

Quotations of Benjamin Franklin
“Am I Benjamin Franklin ? Well now, that depends if I owe you money or if I’ve offended a woman acquaintance of yours ! From the movie Beyone the Mask ~ 2015
Anyone can remake himself in our new country called America !
“He who would give up liberty for a little security; deserves neither.” Beyond the Mask

“We all have to come to terms with our contradictions.” John Rhys Davies in
Beyond the Mask

Single Woman’s Protocol ~ Comedy
Remember that a good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find.
How To Beat the High Cost of Living

“The Emperor Hadrian died of a perforated ulcer.” The Belly of an Architect
(His theory that to repeatedly pierce an ulcer would eventually dissolve it was proved wrong, for his body would not let him do it. It just took one piercing to do himself in.)

The Truth About Hitler
From information just received from Buenos Aires, I am virtually certain that Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, the latter dressed in masculine clothes, landed in Argentina and are on an immense, German-owned estate in Patagonia. The pair reportedly landed on a lonely shore from a German submarine which supposedly returned to surrender to the Allies.” Vincent de Pascal, correspondent to the Chicago Times, July 17th 1945

“The first law of life is self-preservation.” Robert Shaw in Swashbuckler

The Failure of The Russian Revolution
Four million people died in 1919 because the Socialist Revolution was not practical. Lenin’s idea of power to the people was intellectually viable, but not in real life. The people died of starvation and disease due to poverty; not due to war or exploitation. They did not die from conspiracy; they died from a system that could not work. This is the why, the how and wherefore that Fascism can invade and take over. This particular type of fascism was called Communism. Reds

Quotations from The Shell Seekers
You can’t leave this hospital ! “It’s my life and I’ll do what I please !” Angela Lansbury. (For a Holy Man, to die in a hospital is a disgrace. The Vaishnava Tradition is to get lost in Nature ~ for The Final Send-off !! = ^ * + ~ “I’m not very religious, but God help me, I love those church bells ! Angela Lansbury “God does all the miracles; the farmer simply supervises.” “Lessons from the Past can help you find a Happy Ending in the Future.” Extrapolated from The Shell Seekers ~ by G. Julian Walker

The Plaintive Blessing
God Bless You, Child ~~ Betty Davis in The Watcher in the Woods
A Walt Disney Movie ~ 1988

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