Quotations & Revelations – Ledger

The Ledger of Special Interest Headlines: Famous Quotations II

Don’t Be a Coward Page # 1
The Secret Combination of Women 1
Awk ! Awk ! Buenos Noches !!! 1
Rebellious Teenagers 2
British General Brigoin comments on Losing the War 2
Clark Gable Falls for Jean Harlow 2
Tales Stranger than Fiction 2
Meditation in the Twilight 3
A Young Girl’s Big Romance 3
Clark Gable’s Escort for Halloween 3
Humphrey Bogart Addresses His Wife 3
The American Plan to Get Rich 4
The Line between God’s Plan & Man’s Plan 4
Eva Gardner Admires Clark Gable’s Physique 5
Questions from the movie Ghost Breakers 5
Cheek to Cheek 5
Quotations from My Man Godfrey 5
Here’s Adventure! Here’s Romance 6
Brush Up on your Shakespeare 6
Little Fly upon the Wall ~ a Poem 7
Quotations from Big Business 8
Where the Cowboys Bunk Out 8
Dayton, Ohio ~ 1903 8
Smoke Rings 9
Quotations from Puss ’n Boots 9
Quotations from Splitting Heirs 9
Quotations from The Dead Pool 10
Quotations from Flamingo Road 10
The Preface to Doc Brown’s Cakewalk ~1899 10
Quotations from The Milky Way & Beyond 11
Paulie, The Talking Parrot 11
The Worship of Women’s Legs ~1940s 12

The Male and Female Minds Meet 12
Song Lyrics from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 13
Krishna speaks about Mother & Son 14
Quotations from The Black Castle 15
Kissing and the Love Impulse 16
Clark Gable shares our fascination for Marilyn Monroe 16
Quotations from Man’s Favorite Sport 16
Quotations from In the Line of Fire 17
The secret life of a Butterfly 18
The Democratic Mind by Roy Rogers 18
Emotionally Charged Subject Matter 18
The Elvis Presley Wedding in Las Vegas 18
A Divine Vision on Cloth 18
An Eye Toward the Eternal 19
Quotations from The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle 19
The General Opinion of a Model-T Ford 19
How to be an Inspector general 20
What the Bhagavad-gita is all about 20
The Three Rules of Buck 20
Cary Grant stars in a wackey comedy 20
Instructions to her Children 21
The Reason I Don’t Marry without Love 21
A Gentleman’s Call for Mercy 22
Fun with W.C. Fields 22
Party Pitfalls 22
Mr. Manjou’s Opinion of Fred Astaire 22
Your First Lesson in Driving 24
Thank you Hollywood 24
Chief Joseph Speaks of Civil Rights in Congress 24
Quotations from Dead Reckoning 24
Quotations from State of the Union 25
John Wayne Impersonation 25
– Quotations from Anne of Green Gables 26
The Big Nothing 27
When a Great Medicine Man meets a Great Doctor 27
Quotations from Stanley & Irene 27
The Gypsy in My Soul 28
What Clark Gable thinks of Spenser Tracy 29
The Seven Arc-Angels of Elohim 29
Are Geishas Immoral ? 30
The Unusual Songs from Kismet 30
Pink Elephants 31
Quotations from Pocahontas II 31
Quotations from I’m No Angel 31
The Blonde Bombshell from the Thirties 32
The Pitfalls of Marriage 32
Quotations from Stowaway 32
Rules for War #99 32
Not Since Nineveh from Kismet 32
Wild Things 34
Love, a Sacred Gift 34
The Doctor’s Prescription 34
The Depression Philosophy 34
The WWII Blues 34
Clint Eastwood’s Famous Speech 35
The Philadelphia Story-1940 35
The Christian Psychiatrist 35
Insanity Defined 35
What saves the drinker’s Health 35
You Can’t Take it With You 36
Audrey Hepburn’s Tribute to Fred Astaire 37
James Cagney’s Tribute to Fred Astaire 37
Ginger Roger’s Tribute to Fred Astaire 37
The Brain Surgeon’s Confession 38
Doing the Yam 39
Two Different Worlds 40
Reflections on Two Different Worlds 40
You Gotta Have Hope 40
The Advice of Grandmother 40
The Problems in Vietnam 41
Swing Band Movie Antics 42
Losing Weight with Jack Lemon 42
Elevator Boy: 18th Floor & Quick 42
Psychiatric Evaluation of Ginger Rogers 42
Quotations from The Wind and The Lion 43
James Cagney’s Confession 43
Quotations from The Great American Broadcast 43
Bachelor’s Declaration of Independence 43
A Shocking Revelation 44
Wisdom of the Parents 44
Loony Limericks 44
Uphill Questions & Downhill Answers 52
President John F. Kennedy’s Space Age Speech 52
Who murdered President Kennedy and Why ? 52
Quotes from The Little Minister 53
Quotations from Berkeley Square 53
Quotations from The Adventures of Marco Polo 54
The Diseases of the Body intertwined with Spirituality 54
Mae West teaches Arithmetic 55
The Mad Scientist Speaks 55
Swell 55
Meeting a Gangster at the Chinese Restaurant 55
Quotations from Stowaway 56
Charging into Ye Olde Bordello 56
Quotations from Charlie Chan in Paris 56
A Mystic Yogini describes Death 56
Quotations from Great Balls of Fire 57
Quotations from Batman, the movie 57
The Joker’s TV Commercial 58
The Simple Man living The Simple Life 61
A Mother’s Day Tribute from Her Daughter 63
Quotations by Alfred Hitchcock 64
The Millionaire’s Club 64
Quotations from McClintock 64
The Knight’s Code for The Divine Warrior 65
The Wisdom of King Solomon 65
Quotations from Hearts in Atlantis 65
Grace Prayers by Clint Walker 66
How you know you’re in Love 67
Father & Son stage a Viking Funeral 67
Quotations from Bruce Almighty 68
The Legendary Death of Knights 68
The Case Against the Final Death of Jesus on the Cross 68
Know Your Horses 69
Why Women Lie 69
God Bless the Animals 69
Prayer for the Pets 69
Something-Missing-a-joke 70
The Funeral Elegy for Katie Elder 70
New Slogans ~ a Joke 71
Quotations from Hannibal 73
Columbus Day 73
Attention Boys & Girls 73
From Ordinary Science to Extra-ordinary Science 73
My Theory on Women’s Earrings 73
A Knight’s Defense 74
Quotations from Pocket-full-of Miracles 74
If you’re diving into the water for the first time 75
Am I that easy to read? 75
Great Sculptors in Florence, Italy 75
Little Known Quotes of Jesus 76
The Car Alarm is Blasting at One A.M. 76
I Guess I’ll Have to Dream the Rest-Song Lyrics 77
Quotations from Come September 77
In a Country Graveyard ~ A Poem 78
John Candy’s Funeral Elegy 78
Playing the Percentages 79
Lessons in Driving into Life 80
Ye Olde Senior Moment 80
Smoking Some Serious Shit 80
Big ? No, Humungus ! 80
The Sign-Off 81
Mel Gibson Reads Women’s Minds 81
News from the 20s: Harry Houdini 81
There Comes a Time to Choose: Christian or Atheist 81
The Fascism called Communism 82
The Behavior of a Saint 82
A Curious Thing to Say 82
Confessions of a Superstar 82
The Inventor of the Industrial Assembly Line 83
A National Hero is Celebrated 83
The Most Decorated Soldier of WWII 83
-Truth-Time-Tested 83
How Creative Thought Begins 83
Funny Quotes #1-18 84
Advice for an Emergency 85
Halloween Magic 85
The Enigma that is France 85
Artistic Masterpieces 85
The Richest Man in America Speaks 86
Keep it Practical 86
Character is Power 86
President Jimmy Carter ~~The Peace-maker 86
The Advantage of being President 86
Human Nature 87
The Nobel Peace Prize 87
Doing Your History Homework 87
The Death of Marilyn Monroe 87
Luneberg in German means Place of Madness 88
Our Great Naval Hero 89
Apple Blossoms in the Rain~~Song Lyrics 91
Retirement Philosophy 91
Garfield Dreams of Paradise 92
It’s nice to be recognized by your peers 92
Marco Polo teaches Chinese Maidens 92
Spagett 92
Am I Talking to An Actor ? 92
We’ll be singing Hiddie-Hiddie 93
Errol Flynn’s Opinion of Maureen O’Hara 93
Known by Women in All Countries 93
A Romantic Comedy by Alfred Hitchcock 93
Southern Hospitality Calling 93
Prayer for the Little Children 93
I Love a Mystery – Song Lyrics 94
Murder, Mystery and Romance 95
God is Not Afraid of New Things 95
The Forgotten Music 95
Why Marriages Fail 95
Suicide’s Multiple Choice Solutions 95
Stylized Facial Expressions 96
The Himalayan Epiphany 96
The Bad Guy Speaks of Alternate Judgements 97
The Race for Your Life 97
Oops! My Husband’s Having Sex in a Hotel 97
This is as Dirty as a Coal Miner’s Underwear 97
Sports Bar Scene 98
Wake Up ! Stop Reading that Boring Report 98
Why We Accept a Spiritual Master 98
The Jewish Struggle for Independence 98
The Clint Eastwood Experience 99
Mediocrity is the Elephant in the Room 99
What Women Need Men For 99
Dangerously Wild Movie ~starring Ursula Andress 100
Every Warrior has his Weakness 100
The Bad Guy makes a deal with his Wife 100
The Day of Reckoning 100
Annt ! 100
The Law of the Jungle 100
The Exotic Land of Buddha 100
The British Philosophy of War 101
The Commando’s Creed 101
Building the Great Pyramid 101
After the Great Victory at Midway—WWII 101
Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin as Cowboy Chums 101
An Old Saying from Jolly Olde England 102
What the Puritans are all about 102
The Etiquette of Kings & Queens 102
Women are not like Men in Real Life 102
Thunder & Lightning at Christmas 102
The Shocking Truth behind the Death of Pres. McKinley 102
Yes, We will be very Discreet 103
The Democratic National Convention ~~1912 104
Sermon Masterpieces of Bhaktivedanta Swami 104
How much money do you have possess to be Rich 104
The Role of God in the 1906 S.F. Earthquake 104
Why the Sherman Anti-Trust Law was Passed 105
The Value of the new Flying Machine 105
The Importance of Dignity to the Victorian Mind 106
Let’s Play Poker 106
Because of Hidden Secrets 106
Quotations from Across the Pacific 106
A Pioneer of Movies Philosophizes 106
Not all Sheriffs in the Old West were competent 107
Too Soon ~ Song Lyrics 107
Here’s a Toast to Love 107
Quotations from Damsel in Distress 107
Why we need to hear Stories 108
Quotations from Bob Dylan 108
The Ragtime Revival ~~1974 108
Quotations from Summer Magic 109
The Nile ~~ A Meditation 110
It’s Time 110
Will the Real Jack Nicholson, Please Stand Up ? 111
The National Proclamation for Mother’s Day 111
The Search for Identity 111
I’m Living a Life of Shadows ~~ Song Lyrics 111
New Chinese Proverb 112
Technology as the Way of the Future 112
Quotations from Napoleon & Love 112
The Ancient Custom of Giving Quarter 112
Whisper Sweet and Low 113
I Want to Meander in the Meadow 113
Good Old American Pie 114
The Undeniable Feminine Truth 114
Watching the Bikini Clad Girl on the Yacht Mary Jane 114
The Long Lost Ship that Didn’t Come In 114
The Ironies of Life invade the Actor’s Life 115
Spies, Commandos and Stratagems 115
The Ultimate Irony of Life 115
Your Doctor’s Advice 115
Exploratory Testing at the Hospital 116
The Legacy of Mary Magdalene 116
The Cop looked at him with one eye only 116
Wilt Thou Love Her Always ? 116
Watchword for Teachers 117
Let us Welcome the Illustrious Charlie Chan 117
Bing Crosby is Laughing 118
The Bing Crosby Credo 118
Blind-sighted by a Horse 118
The Secret behind the Nixon-Breshnov Peace Accords 118
An Old Man’s Opinion 119
General Brigoin’s Advice to His Officers 119
The Dedication to Disneyland Theme Park ~~1955 119
Early Christian Scholars rejected the Old Testament God 120
It’s a Shocker ! 120
A Farewell Tribute to President Obama 120
Quotations from Congo Maisie 121
The Echo Said “No” (Who Said That ?) 121
Quotations from Elizabeth (Queen of England) 122
Clint Eastwood says Grace Prayers: Amen ! 122
Holy Banana Cake ! 122
My Father’s Advice in New York 122
Quotations from Goldie Hawn’s Autobiography 124

Yale’s Football Cheer ~~ Ragtime Era 125
A Good Gangster 125
Kiddie Fun in Sunday School 126
The Feminine Mystique 126
Christian Joke 127
Facing up to Sin 127
Why we need stories & Movies 127
Quotations from Unconquered 127
Quotations by Warner Oland 128
Quotations from Undercover Brother 128
Hazards of Old Age 128
Mark Watney: Space Pirate 128
Removing Obstacles 129
Editor’s Note to A Lotus Grows in the Mud 129
A Conversation in On Dangerous Ground 131
Quotes from Silent Movies of Comedy 131
Quotations from San Francisco 133
Quotations from The Trail of the Pink Panther 133
Song Lyrics from The Roaring Twenties 133
The Gospel According to The Justice of the Peace 133
Quotations from The Carpet baggers 134
Quotations from Cast a Giant Shadow 134
Maracaibo 134
Pirate Talk 134
Quotations from Billy Jack 135
The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi 135
Hard Liquor Protocol 135
The Poor Girl’s Confession 135
Wakatonka 136
Quotations from Marjorie Morning Star 136
Quotations from Elizabeth of the Golden Age 136
Quotations from The Voyage of the Vizcaina 137
Time to Switch to Comedy 137
The Star Bright Prayer 137
Maureen O’Hara wrestles with Lucille Ball on Stage ! 137
Spanish Conquistadors Discover the Aztecs 138
The Jive Version of the Bible 138
Quotations from Audrey’s Rain 139
Comic Relief 139
A Guest for Breakfast 140
Que Frommage 140
Good Evening Parents, Children and Sitters 140
Preview of the movie White Noise 141
Your Mind can Elevate or Degrade You 141
Quotations from Hondo 142
Don’t Make any Sudden Moves 142
Quotations from The Valley of the Kings 142
Devotional Service from the Guru 142
The Miss America Pageant 143
A Middle Age Woman looks at Old Age 143
Eugene O’Neil’s Drunken Toast 144
Suffragettes & Votes for Women 144
Illuminating the Present 144
The Andy Griffith Christmas Special 144
Ring-a-ding-ding ! 144
Quotations from Fallen Angel 145
Quotations from A Matter of Life and Death 145
Quotations from So Dear to My Heart 146
The Quality of Mercy 146
Special Guest Star: Carol Burnett 146
The Angel Congress in Heaven 147
Rules for Haunted Houses 147
Song of the Guru 147
Love has its own particular point of view 147
Paul Newman as a Beatnik Artist 147
Stick-to-it-dividend-ity ~~ Song Lyrics 148
Acting like a Young Whipper-Snapper 148
We Don’t Celebrate Anything 148
Sex, a very hard thing to explain to a kid 148
Astronomical Illusions from Earth 148
To Be Civilized, both Material & Spiritual 149
Follow this with Dogged Determination 149
The Jackson Square Sermon in New Orleans 149
The Albino Strain 150
Horses have a language all their own 150
Inside Secrets of Love 150
Ragtime in the White House 150
A Shocking Transmission 150
The Enlightened Queen of England 151
Thank You, Sir 151
Quotations from Hearts in Atlantis 151
How Men get their Girls 152
Gene Kelly’s Statement for Posterity 152
The Heaven Sermon 152
Baby Cuisine 153
Roy Roger’s Sign-Off Song 153
The Outer Limits 153
The Proof of the Pudding 153
A Pitfall in the Quest for Glory 154
Pitfalls in the Mind 154
Couples in Space 154
Public Proof of Aliens will not be Believed 155
Healing the Mind 155
What the Hell does that supposed to mean ? 156
Rites of Passage 156
Summer Pastimes 156
Rites of Passage II 156
Please Stand By 156
Skin Deep 156
The Sin of Bearing False Witness 157
Frank Sinatra Jives Dean Martin 157
The Case Against Discrimination 157
The Ragtime Warm-Up for Piano Playing 158
The Ninth Passageway 159
It’s Wonderful ~~Song Lyrics 159
This is a Red-Letter Day 160
The Education of a Nation 160
Tressage 161
Camouflage Yourself like a ghost from another world 161
Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies Presents 162
Movie Preview for Tall in the Saddle 162
The John Wayne Attitude 162
The Vaishnava Point of View 163
Now Known as The Divine Miss M. 163
Quotations from Queen Christine 163
Quotations from Kim 163
Grandpa’s Observation 164
Better Make It: Dead on Arrival 165
I am no Pundit 165
Something’s Wrong Somewhere 165
Whatever Happened to Human Beings 165
Quotations from Kung-Fu 165
Dulce 166
Quotations from A Perfect World 167
The Friendliest Ghost you’ll Know 167
Hokus-Pokus-Alacazam 167
Sunrise in Manhattan 168
1967 168
The Dieter’s Mantra 168
Karmic Pitfalls for Assassins 168
Karmic Pitfalls for Assassins II 168
What it feels like to Descend into the Deep Ocean 169
Big News for the S.F. Bay Area 169
The musical fun of Gold Diggers in Paris 169
The Romantical Heart of the Mafia Boss 169
Editorial Comment on the movie Beach Red 170
Quotations from Pete’s Dragon 170
Your Guardian Angel’s Song of Encouragement 170
There’s Room for Everyone in this World 170
Rambo Goes Back to Vietnam 171
I’m Used to it 171
Prologue to the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space 171
Holy Frijoles: They do exist ! 172
Rumors of Old Age 172
It’s not true; It’s just not true 172
McDonald’s Christmas Message 172
Historians of Ancient History speak of Christianity 172
Was Lemuria the Garden of Eden ? 173
The Biggest Thrill 173
Exceptions to the Stereotype 173
Die-Hard Bible Thumpers tend to be Narrow-Minded 174
Charles Boyer & Lauren Bacall 174
Childbirth Rituals 174
Quotations from Degas and the Dancer 174
Quarter-master Jones Reporting 174
Egyptian Parable 175
Sandstorm in the Holy City of Luxor, Egypt 175
The Spirit of Summer Vacation 175
Walt Disney Presents Donald Duck 175
The Wisdom of Tristan & Isolde ~~2006 176
The Duality of Godhead 176
Oregon Bumper Sticker 176
Quotations from Dreamer 176
The Sport of Kings 177
The History of Rock and Roll 177
Masterpiece Theatre Presents: The Railroad Children 177
Good Luck and God Speed 177
Can you spare that Smoke, Friend ? 178
At Least you can be “Curiously Interesting” 178
Song of The Little Travelers* 179
Ya-Ya-Rollie-Pollie! Ya-Ya-Hari-Bolli !! 179
Does Wine really get better with age? 179
The Undersea World of Jacque Cousteau 179
A Study of Monsters 180
The Puritan Prayer for Thanksgiving 182
For the Love of Trees 182
Shirley Temple’s Last Film as a Child Star 182
An Old Buffalo Trick 183
Think Outside the Box 183
Ancient Mesopotamia 183
The Black Hole of History 184
What Time is it ? 184
A Young Boy’s Perspective 184
Look! The History Book of Denmark is on the ground 184
Proper Manners are important to civilized people 185
Amsterdam ~~ Song Lyrics 185
Quotations from Gulliver’s Travels 185
Keeping the Zen of Drinking (alcohol) 186
Protecting Your Assets 186
The Card Trick that makes you Happy ! 187
Chinese Gong Sounds ! 187
The Elephant Love Story 187
Song of the Juggler 187
Frogs as Prophets 187
Why Women wear sunbonnets 188
The Rules and Guidelines for Prayer 188
An Old Pagan-Hippie Pastime 189
Quotations from Wish You Well 189
Kiddie Power 190
The Happy New Year Message of 2018 190
The Test of a True Christian 191
Memories of I Love Lucy 191
Gold Mine in the Sky 191
American Legends of the Pioneers 192
Wisdom from the Nut House 193
Jokes 194
The Great Divide in Early American History 194
Loving Your Country is Never Out of Date 194
Introduction to He Walked by Night 194
Introduction to Northside 777 194
Introduction to The Fighting Kentuckians 195
The Difference between a Violinist & a Fiddler 195
Whose got the Last Laugh Now ? 195
How to Succeed in Phishing 195
Old Japanese Drinking Song 196
Postwar Japan 196
Don’t Over-do it 196
WWII-1942 197
The Divinity of Mathematics 197
More Percentages 198
Oh, the flies in here are terrible 198
The New Year’s Complaint 199
She’s Alive ! She’s Alive ! 199
How Beautiful and How Dramatic 199
The Blind Man’s Prayer 199
A Toast ! A Toast ! 199
Lover’s Rights 200
The Call of the Wild 200
The Questions Transcendental 200
Quotations from a Portrait of Jennie 200
Courtship Games 201
The Art Teacher inspires the Artist 201
Tsunami 201
Dora’s Dunken’ Donuts 201
The Eyes Have It 202
The Call to Dine 202
Spiritual Food 202
Does Jesus Believe himself higher than God ? 202
The Truth about Cats 203
The Joy of Parenting 203
The Bonfire of Youth 203
Quotations from The Grass is Greener 203
The Ballad of Marshall Flag 203
The Changing Moods of Life 204
The Christian Way of Juvenile Delinquency 204
Common Sense in dealing with Horses 205
A Woman’s Wisdom for Survival 205
Gods from Heaven are Seen on Earth 205
Gay by Definition 205
Quotations from On Dangerous Ground 206
Vive La Difference 206
Prayers for Drivers II 207
The Florence Nightingale Pledge for Nurses 207
A Forbidden Gem: The Jewel Robbery of 1932 207
A Plaything of Time: A Joke for God 208
The Story of Painless Dentistry 209
The Blue Bucket Mystery 209
This is Hi-Fi 209
Quotations from Berlin Express 209
Quotations from Priscilla—Queen of the Desert 210
I’ve been to Paradise; But I’ve never been to the Spiritual 210
Cosmic Riddles for Eggheads 211
Song of the Hopefuls 212
What Shall We Do with this 70,000 Pounds ? 212
Chinese Fortune Cookie #213 213
What Shall We Do with this Heavenly Love ? 213
Tribute to Doris Day 214
Spoken of John Wayne 214
Commentary on John Wayne 214
Baseball ~~ The American Way 214
The Legend and Facts about Johnny Appleseed 215
Quotations from The House on Telegraph Hill 215
Introduction to Richard III 215
Wise Men from the East meet Wise-Guys from the West 215
Old World Credit 216
Send Flowers to her home, but not to where she works 216
The movie with Two Endings 216
The Little Joke I have with Myself(Mickey Rooney) 217
The Plea of the Peace-Maker 217
Rig the ship for Silent Running 217
War-time Nightmares heard in a Coma 217
When the Red, Red Robin goes Bob, Bob-Bobin’ along 217
Criminal Categories in the FBI 217
Mama Mia 218
The Old Man’s Wisdom 218
Investigator’s Watchwords 218
Island in the Sun ~~ Song Lyrics 218
What it takes to be a Performer 219
The Jig-saw Puzzle Effect 219
Quotations from The Fortune Cookie 220
Mr. Sandman 221
Ragtime Romance 221
Talking Chicken 221
The Tavern Maid’s Bawdy Ballad 221
The Powerful Elvis Prayer 222
Guidelines for Successful Marriages 222
The Holy Monkey Routine 222
The Ultimate Insult 222
Memorable Historic Events ~~1917 223
All of us Imagine Things 223
Beyond Our Capabilities 223
Two Pigs in a Poke 223
I’m Afraid the opposite is True 223
There Must Be Some Excitement 224
Good Luck & Bad Luck 224
Quotations from Jumbo 224
The Sexy Cakewalk 224
The Why and Wherefore of Immigration 225
Are We All Going to Die ? 225
Slobs and Snobs 225
Ragtime Era in Burns, Oregon 225
Animal Spirit Messages 225
Santa Claus Look -alikes 226
Barnyard Metaphors 226
Introduction to Merill’s Marauders 226
Thanks Awfully, Old Chap 227
Common Sense Over-ruled 227
My Favorite Fortune Cookie 227
Do You Know Much About Sex ? 227
The Beer is not Salty Enough 228
Despair, An Exceptional Movie 228
The Wife’s Complaint 229
Quotations from Fun with Dick & Jane 229
An Old World Wallet 230
The Psychology of Proposing 230
Geography Lesson from 1908 231
Yes, I’m 60 Now 231
I’m a Dead Pegeon 231
Victorian Etiquette 231
Club Cabaret, Harlem ~~1928 231
People are Searching the Sky 232
Old German Lullaby 233
One of the Highest Teachings of Jesus 233
Escape With Me 233
The “It” Girl Reveals All~1927 234
Love in the Afternoon 234
The Enchanted City 234
The Three Flapper Prima Donnas 234
An Old Western Saying 235
The History of Clothes Making 235
The History of Women’s Fashion 235
That’s Not My Concern 236
The Happiness Market 238
How James Cagney learned how to Fight 238
Irish Souflee 238
The Secret Message of the Old 49ers of California 238
Wisdom of the Ages 239
The School for Public Performance 239
Bible Truths in Hippie Christianity 239
Forbidden Hollywood 240
You Dirty Little Home Wreaker 240
Illusory Metaphors 240
The Death Scene 240
A Facial Picture of My Love 240
Old Age and Loss of Memory 241
Quotations from Other Men’s Women 241
The Shame of the City 241
Prologue to the British Film Morgan 242
Memory in Old Age 242
Coney Island designated as a Scenic Landmark 243
Her Spirit Does Walk 243
Hippie Christianity’s Bombshell 243
Love Making Questions 243
Which Sex is Superior 243
I Gotta Wear Shades 244
Friends in Low Places 244
A Message from the Ministry of Educations 244
The Studs and the Stallions 244
I’m Having Your Baby ! 245
Paris ~ 1939 245
What Language is He Using 245
Quotations from Flower Drum Song 245
Old World Lingo for Gay 247
Questions of Art 247
Musical Meditations from the 20s 247
The Original Signpost for Philadelphia 247
Quotations from Benjamin Franklin 247
Single Women’s Protocol 248
The Truth About Hitler 248
The Failure of the Russian Revolution 248
Quotations from The Shell Seekers 248
The Plaintive Blessing 248

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